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Plume Dragon

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Plume dragons are swift flyers with a keen eye, capable of spotting prey on the ground from high in the clouds. Their white and blue coloring lets them easily blend in with the sky and their wings make almost no noise. Plume dragons make their nests on high mountain peaks so they can watch everything from above. In mating season, males will perform tricks in the air and screech for potential mates. 


Egg: This egg reminds you of a cloudy sky.


Hatchling description: Aww... it's a cute baby dragon. It's always looking at the sky.


Hatchling 2: Aww... It's a cute baby dragon. It's always looking at the sky. And look! It's grown wings! It must be close to maturing.


Appearance: Mostly white or light blue with different shades of blue plume feathers that come out of their head and butt. They have two feathered wings and small green eyes. Their build is sturdy yet slender which allows them to glide through the air easily. They have a lighter patch on their chest to their belly, stopping near the back legs.


Here's a concept drawing I came up with. I don't have a scanner right now, so so had to take a picture of it on my phone. I'm not sure how to make the picture show up besides going to the link. https://ibb.co/foYHEk


Dragon name: Plume Dragon

Biome: Alpine

Element: Air

Rarity: Common


I think I have everything I need on here, so here it is!

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Hello! Normally, suggestions for dragons go in the Dragon Requests section: https://forums.dragcave.net/forum/15-dragon-requests/ It looks like you saw this section, as it looks like you at least skimmed over the requirements for required description information. However, unfortunately, you couldn't find a post button because the Dragon Requests section is actually closed to new suggestions right now: https://forums.dragcave.net/topic/179885-dr-section-updates-list-new-final-crit-7-25-update/#comment-9530339 This is due to the sheer number of topics we have in there. In the post I linked, you'll see the restrictions we set for re-opening DR. In the meantime, while you cannot post your own suggestion, you can get to know the section and get some practice for how to look at requests. Even if you cannot draw, e are always in need of critiquers in DR. This would be an excellent time to go lurk in some threads, read critiques, and get an eye for anatomy and shading and lining basics yourself. You can help proofread descriptions, as well as help provide insight on how to correct working sketches and sprites. And if you do feel like submitting sketches or learning how to sprite, we can always use more artists as well! This will also benefit you, as it will help complete topics in DR so that there is less going on and the section can be re-opened. ^^

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