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Ahh hi !

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Hello ! my name is Spoff and I'm a dragon loving female ^^

I just got Dragon cave since a friend suggested  , but honestly  I hardly have any Idea what I'm doing ;;

I Find the Click/views receiving for the dragon to hatch and grow confusing , so any help is appreciated ! Still getting the hang of this..

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Welcome to DC, @Spoffs!


I hope you enjoy the forums. ^^

You receive a view anytime someone loads a page with your dragons image on it, such as your scroll, a fansite, or a forum page where you've posted and have your eggs in your signature. You receive unique views the same way but those are only given once per IP address. You receive a click anytime someone actually clicks your creature and is taken to its view page, where you can see all its stats and its timer and its description. Does that help?

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Welcome to DC forum! Hope you enjoy!


As sock already mentioned, fansites are one of way to get some views. I use AoND :)

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