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Hai. Im new and kinda need help...

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So i just started using the forums and want to search up some friends. How can i do that? and also i am trying to pm some person who is willing to give n egg they have breeded and to pm them. when i click on it it says you have reached your limit of 0 messages. what?!?!?!


thanks so much for helping in advance!!!

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Welcome to DC, @bobbythetiger13!


In order to weed out spammers, who can quickly PM masses of users or post multiple spam topics, we require new users to validate their identity as a real person by posting an introduction. Before you've validated, you can't make any posts anywhere except Introductions and you can't PM anyone. Now that you've posted, you should have no troubles PM'ing other users. =)


In order to search through members, look to the upper right corner of the forum. Right above your notifications and inbox, there's a "Search" field. Click in that field. The field will expand. Click on the expansion to the left of the search field. There, you can select to search through "Members". ^^


If you have any more questions, feel free to ask us over in Help. Hope you enjoy the forums!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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