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From Ashes (Private RP)

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The Dragon Training Grounds was destroyed during a demon attack, the castle obliterated and the inhabitants killed. Many dragons fled across the sea, most perished. Now, in this abandoned and broken home, beasts run rampant, the defenses fallen and the creatures of the forbidden forest allowed to roam free. It's difficult, living here, most dare not try it- but some dragons and humans have found refuge in this abandoned haven. Death is a constant presence and food is scarce. 

Try to survive.


I'm still getting used to this new forum format, bear with me as I play around with it. Lato_Dato is the only other person a part of this RP at the moment.

Rules are the DC rules(though i haven't read those since '09 so time to do some reading)

let's not bother with character sheets we've been RPing together for eight years now.

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((Pfaha, yeah it has been a while. I assume we shall get started posthaste! Onwards, before we become all old and granny-like! Light a fire under them butts!))


Beneath the great shadow of the ruins of the old castle, crumbled structures stood, long abandoned houses and food stores. This part of the ruins was mostly overgrown with dense shrubbery and occasional small trees, but every now and then, one could make out the crumbled shape of what was once a home. A shuffling of leaves, the calls of birds, and the sounds of hopefully smaller, less dangerous creatures. Between the shuffling of the leaves and small shrub-land creatures, however, there was also the shuffling of... Paper? Creeping out from beneath the scraggly thorns of a dense bush, a small dragon made of paper looked balefully at the sky, overcast and threatening rain. It's feet were damp, having picked up mud and other worse things, and it's parchment mottled and spotted. Maybe this bush wouldn't be shelter enough, considering the density of the coming storm? The hatchling looked, considering the castle overshadowing the entire surrounding area for a moment before letting out an irritated grumble. The ruins were likely dangerous, precisely for the reason of the shelter they offered and the damp dragon now coveted. But, there would be rain soon, and the shelter from a thick shrub, even overshadowed by a leaning, crumbling wall, was looking to be less and less appealing by the second. With a deep sigh, it crept out of it's cover with a deep reluctance, casting it's gaze around for anything that could possibly constitute as a 'threat'.



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