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Give Holiday Dragons names in Encyclopedia

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Following on from a discussion in Tiny Little Questions and with Sock's okay to make a new thread:


I think it's very odd that we have unique names and descriptions for our Valentines and Halloween dragons, and not for our Christmas dragons. While I understand they're all the 'spirits of winter', I'm pretty sure every dragon since the Snow Angel has had an 'official' name from their artist, and a little bit of info about them personality wise.


It seems a shame that the name and information about these dragons given to us by artists on the News Thread is just lost afterwards. I also think it would benefit new users going onto the forums - if they see people talking about dragons like the Wrapping Wing or Aegis and they can't see those names on their Encyclopedia, it could be very confusing. At the very least, I feel that the dragons with confirmed 'official' names from their artists should have this on the Encyclopedia, and any information on them also. For someone who missed out on the Aegis release, or who do not use the forums or wiki, they'd have no idea why they have the Enrage/Pacify BSA. That seems huge to me. That's a big part of that dragon's concept completely unexplained on site.


I think it would also be good, for any dragons whose artists we could reach, to perhaps add a small description under the standard 'Spirits of Winter' one. The eggs and hatchies have unique descriptions, which is then totally lost when they mature.


The only snag here would really be the Holly, as that was never an official name by any means and one created by the users. I was also not around for the Yulebuck so I'm not sure if that was ever a name given by the artists. However, I think by this point these two dragons have been around long enough that any issues with their names would have been raised, and I think they can safely be called that officially. Even if we cannot reach artists to get descriptions, we certainly have names for everyone. Yulebuck is also the only name that really references Christmas by name, and even then Yule is also a name for the Winter Solstice and Midwinter festivals as I understand. I don't think that would conflict with DC's lore too much.




Give Christmas Dragons their proper names in Encyclopedia

Also add information there from the news threads

Give them a small unique description under the shared one

It's super silly for this not to be a thing.

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I'm almost entirely sure that Yulebuck is the official name from the artists. Holly is the only one that doesn't have an official name, but it still has a name that everyone uses.

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