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Looking for a 2g Marrow from Male Gold Tinsel bloodswap, or for a 2g Gold Tin from mate of your choice.

1075 Water Walkers and counting!

I own a CB Gold Tinsel ♂, please check my profile for breeding. I accept IOU


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    I have a CB Gold Tinsel ♂, 'Triforce of the Gods'. At this time, I am able to breed him with nearly anything.
    I am currently only interested in Neglected offers for an egg from anything of your choice.
    If you are another CB Prize owner looking for a bloodswap, please message me. I am happy to oblige.
    If you are seeking a prizefail, please message me. I am happy to give out prizefails.

    I am open to all other polite and reasonable offers and requests involving my Tinsel, but please understand they may be declined.

    I am still seeking CB Silvers, CB Golds and Neglecteds via large IOUS of commons. If you are interested in taking an IOU of commons from me please let me know.