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Hello! My name is Destemona! I'm new here and still trying to figure everything out, so any tips and pointers are welcomed. Especially when it comes to hatching eggs. smile.gif

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Hello and welcome! We're not allowed to post links to our eggs and growing creatures on the forum, it goes agains the board rules, but you can add a link to your scroll in your signature if you want members to view your eggs. You can find the link to your scroll when you're viewing your dragons while logged in, it's in the text box on the top left under Share and will look like this:




Except the placeholder at the end is replaced with your scrollname.


I also recommend adding your dragons to fansites so they get the views they need to hatch and grow up. You shouldn't need more than three; I use Valley Sherwood, Silvi's Lair, and Allure of Neglected Dragons. Here is the list of fansites you can choose from.


Have fun!

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Welcome to DC!


I hope you enjoy the forums. For hatching eggs, it's best to way 12 - 24 hours before adding your eggs to any high-traffic sites or to multiple fansites. It can be okay to add a new egg to one, low-traffic fansite or forum. Depending on how impatient you are, 2 - 4 fansites will do fine for raising your dragons. Once they're at 4 days left or less, you can add them to a fansite ER, where they'll get extra views more quickly to hatch. An egg can't hatch and a hatchling can't grow up before it hits 4 days or less left. Finally, if you get Red Dragons, you can use them to incubate your eggs, which will allow them to hatch a day sooner. ^^

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