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ANSWERED:Add group name to page title

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The HTML title tag of group pages currently just says this:

<title>Dragon Cave</title>


TJ, could you please add the group name?


"Dragon Cave - Group - Group Name" would be nice, just like the existing "Dragon Cave - Lineage - Dragon name" and "Dragon Cave - Viewing Dragon - Dragon name".


(Thanks for adding the dragon name on the lineage page a while ago btw. smile.gif )

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I know not everybody has their browser store the history of visited pages, and not everybody is on the same computer all the time, but there have to be some people who would find this useful, too...


If the group names were in the page title, I could just start typing the group name in my browser address bar and select the group from the dropdown (the list that shows pages I visited that match what I'm typing), instead of going to the /group page and searching for the group name every time I want to view one of my groups.


Alternatively, I can try to memorize the group IDs and type "group/2169". But group names would really be more convenient. :D


(I do this all the time for finding dragons, because typing the dragon's name brings up its view or lineage page as long as I have visited it before. It's so fast and useful!)

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