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hi im new!

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can someone help me get started i already im brand new and only around a week old i may need some stuff to help me start off my lovely dragon flock thanks to my friends i got help on my first dragon so i have some hatchlings and a adult dragon <3 please if you could give me some info and im open to hatchling or unwanted adult dragon gifts (i already have to many eggs) it would be so much help to me blink.gifxd.png

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Hello and welcome to the DC forum.


To add your scroll or Incubator link to your signature. The link is on the Top of your scroll it says

"If you would like to show this page to others, give them the following link":

and Your Controls are at the top of this page.


Board rules Please read. ~If you find something listed you don't understand, always feel free to pm a Mod.~



Frequently Asked Questions, READ BEFORE POSTING A NEW TOPIC

~This topic is very large, just bookmark it for later and refer to it first when you have a question.~



~This link is Site Help. Its a easy run-down on how to's. ~



Dragcave actions. ~ How to use the action options on your scroll and what they do.~



Egg Limits.



Forum Help files.~ Help, how to's for the forum.~



Places to post your eggs.

~This is the link to the pinned topic, It gives basic info on the sites available, to post your eggs/hatchlings.~


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Welcome to the Dragon Cave Forums!


If there's anything you don't understand from _Z_'s informative post, then head on over to The Mentoring Project, you can get a mentor there to help answer all your questions about Dragon Cave.

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Welcome to DC!


Adults can't be traded. ^^

You can post your dragons on a high traffic forum (against the rules here), a few mid-traffic forums, on 2 - 4 fansites (depending on how impatient you are), or a mix of those. If your dragon gets to one day left and hasn't hatched, then you need to use another forum/fansite. =)

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