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ANSWERED:Name of this movie? Please help!

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Okay, this is what I told my friends but they could not find it either. I´m not 100% on most of this, but this is what I remember. It was definitely an Anime movie!


´´It was a movie about this space pollen or something, the crew all lived on a spaceship, and it started killing people when it leaked into a room on the ship I think(?).

I think it turned out not to be deadly too like 'the planet was helping us!' Or something like that...

They showed off the planet and flora a lot I believe.

It was an older movie.

It aired when Funimation was on TV.´´


I´m not sure but I believe the protagonist was a woman and a man, I believe there was also a scene where this crew member tries to take off his space suit helmet and the crew is like what's wrong?! Or something like that in the beginning-ish part of the movie.


I've been trying to find this for like 6 years ;w;

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I think..you are talking about a few of the scenes from a movie called Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. I love this movie and the story behind it. It's an old goodie. There are scenes throughout it with people in something like hazmat suits to keep from inhaling the poisonous spores from the plants/fungi. In the end these fungi were cleansing the planet from the pollution the earlier peoples filled the planet with.


The url below is to the imdb movie site thing that'll show you some stuff from the movie I spoke about.



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I think i'm going to go rewatch it too. There's one song in it that I get stuck in my head constantly it's so nice.

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