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Political Parlour Game

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Gather a group of people

Give them four choices to vote for:

- Flaming meteor,

- Nightshade ice cream,

- Sumptuous banquet,

- Pass.


Each choice had pros and cons:

* Flaming meteor:

- Con: everyone/everything dies sad.gif

- Pro: but it's so awesome! Epic annihilation! And it'll look so cool when it hits the atmosphere and sets the sky on fire! What a way to go!! poptartFINALTINY.gif


* Nightshade ice cream:

- Con: you die unsure.gif

- Pro: But it's a gentle, painless death; you eat it, lay down and go to sleep forever, and the last thing you sense is a mouthful of sweet berries and ice cream. Entirely your choice, and a compassionate one. ohmy.gif


* Sumptuous banquet

- Con: Oh my god, it's a table loaded down with death, dismemberment and suffering! Calves went hungry, a pig and several fish died, plants torn apart, grass seeds ground to powder! Just so you can eat! How cruel and selfish is that?! wacko.gif

- Pro: Oh grow up already. It's food, food is good, nobody has to die, we can all sit at the table, enjoy a nice meal and good conversation. wub.gif


* Pass

- Con: well, you aren't participating. You won't receive any benefits should the vote go to Sumptuous Banquet. dry.gif

- Pro: …but you don't have to kill anything, nor be killed. But even so, you really are participating, because you have a right to sit it out and you're still making a statement. We all respect that. wub.gif

- Too bad the Flaming Meteor doesn't… ohmy.gif


The rules:

Whichever active choice gets the most votes, is imposed on everyone actively voting…except the Flaming Meteor. That affects everyone, willing or otherwise.


Those voting for Flaming Meteor stand on one wall,

Those voting for Nightshade Ice Cream stand on another,

Those voting for Nice Banquet stand on a third,

Pass remains sitting.



[voters sort themselves]


Now the largest voting bloc splits in two, goes to the other two groups, and tries to persuade, cajole, bully, seduce, trick, shame and otherwise get them to join your faction.

You have five minutes to make your case. Go.





Flaming Meteor represents Conservatism. It's an external, looming threat to everyone/everything and implies inexorable divine judgment against a morally-wanting planet.


Nightshade Ice Cream is the other extreme: Liberalism. It's gentle death, total rejection of violence, leaves the planet to heal from an excessively greedy species. Affects some.


Nice Banquet represents Progressivism/Socialism. Nobody has to suffer/die, we can use our strengths to sustainably gather what we need to live and thrive and share the bounty. Affects only active voters.


Pass represents those of the voting populace who sat home, for whatever reasons, and didn't vote. They get nothing, good or bad, and aren't judged for their choice. Affects only those who didn't choose the other options.

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Mods, can we attach a poll to this topic?

Polls aren't allowed in this section, so we could only do this by creating a poll elsewhere and moving it here. It might be easier to use something like survey monkey or google polls. ^^

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