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Mandatory Introudction

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I'm obionesherry. I've been an on and off active member of dragcave since about 2009, and ever since I've been collecting dragons. I have about 70~ dragons (not super sure, haven't counted them all by hand and tbh not interested in handcounting haha)


Anyway thanks for reading,



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Hello and welcome! If you select the Custom Sort option for your dragons on your scroll, you can see how many you have. You can select Account in the header, then select Change Sort Order, then select Custom Sort. I have way too many dragons to handcount laugh.gif .

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Welcome to DC!


There's just two days left to the Valentine's event, so don't forget to play if you want to play. You get a badge just for participating: there is no change to the badge upon completion. You can play the game as many times as you want until it closes, so if you do want to replay, get it in now while you can! ^^


I also use custom sort to count my dragons, so I second that tip!

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