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Favorite Broadway Show (or any other play)

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I'm curious about people's favorite plays, too. Mine is The Book of Mormon. :lol:

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Phantom of the Opera.


I've also got soft spots for The Pirates of Penzance, Annie and Grease. For non-musical plays, A Midsummer Night's Dream tops the list, followed by The Tempest and The Taming of the Shrew.

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The Wizard of Oz, all of Shakespeare's plays (which were written by him, despite the unsettling fact that the misinformed are convinced a middle-class man wasn't smart enough to string words together - and indeed, his work is riddled with grammatical errors precisely because his education wasn't as good as a lord's), Phantom of the Opera, The Sound of Music, The King and I (my mom got to see Yul Brynner live in the 80s, and I am forever jealous), everything else R&H, The Producers, anything based on a Disney movie, and anything else with a traditional guy-meets-girl romance plot.


Longest sentence ever written y/n?

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My top 5 Broadway:


1. Phantom of the Opera

2. Guys and Dolls

3. 42nd street

4. Hamilton

5. Aladdin


on my list to see:

Anastasia (going Jul 2020)

Cats (going Jan 2020)

Pirates of Penzance

Les Mis


Frozen (hopefully comes to my city 2021.)

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Wishing I'd found out about this a little earlier! Well, I knew ALW was streaming his shows, one each weekend for 48 hours, but I hadn't seen that this week was Phantom of the Opera.



In celebration of the show’s 25th anniversary, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical The Phantom of the Opera took over the Royal Albert Hall back in 2011, with three performances filmed and released to the public. Now, while we’re all stuck at home under quarantine, YouTube channel The Shows Must Go On! will be streaming that epic production FREE this weekend.

The stage musical will be streaming in full and totally free of charge beginning at 2pm EST today, April 17th. It’ll then be available to watch for 48 hours in most countries.

Due to rights restrictions, however, it’ll be available for just 24 hours in the UK.

Ramin Karimloo plays the Phantom in the 25th anniversary special, with Sierra Boggess as Christine. This particular production was directed by Nick Morris and Laurence Connor.


So, for any non-UK Phans here, it'll be streaming until 2pm Cave Time on Sunday. You've got 16-1/2 hours to try to see it, which I'm doing right now. Like I said, wish I'd known sooner, as it started on Friday.

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Phantom of the Opera - seen it 3 times in London, twice in Manchester and should have been going to see the new UK Tour production back in April, but then Covid happened 😭

Les Miserables

Hamilton (saw it in London back in 2018, want to see it again)

Kinky Boots

Memphis the Musical

Saw Betrayal in London last year. Interesting play, brilliant performances despite poor acoustics in the theatre.


On my "want to see" list

Six the Musical

Come From Away

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On 10/28/2019 at 10:13 AM, Stormcaller said:

I would have loved to see Cats live. 

Cats was awesome!

Though Broadway was pretty much the only place I didn't see it. London, Toronto, Sydney, Vancouver twice.

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Just putting this out there for the next person to browse this thread - if you haven't listened to the Hadestown soundtrack yet, do that right now!!! It's awesome. I can't wait until live theatre starts up again. *sigh* It's been too long. 😢

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cats (1998) and starlight express! i have been obsessing over the two andrew lloyd webber musicals and can't get enough. they're just so??? charming??? i adore them! other plays that come up there in my favorites, have to be some of the starkid ones! 

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