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1x1 Serce2 v Acornia, and now Thaelasan v Ravencrime

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Credit to Hydrothrax.

The Human race has fallen, unfortunately, into dictatorship. Groups are vying for control as countries crumble, with everyone turning to dirty tricks.

Unknown to humans, there is a second intelligent species on Earth called the Lindor. Human-like, they prefer to stay out of sight aside from a few loners risking it all in the city. They have an incredible eye for architecture and engineering, and have indirectly created the machines of the human world. This species prefers to stay hidden and operate from the shadows. They're benevolent. Mainly.

So how does a complete populace manage to stay hidden even among the increasing government surveillance? How has the spread of terror halted in small territories?


The animating of the inanimate. Bringing life to the inorganic. Giving motion to the motionless. They have been called to come to the aid of humans, here and now.

Only things with wires and at least a basic computer system is capable of feeling and thinking, and only certain areas have been given to order to awaken. Otherwise, anything from a small toy to a skyscraper can now act on its own volition. Care is being taken to make sure dictators don't get their hands on these animate inanimate objects, but the machines themselves are getting reckless...

A quick note on the machines. Machines, as in vehicular or industrial machines, are referred to Maschinengeist(er, plural) when alive, though the term can be used generally. They may also be called Dire Machines. Household objects or things not normally electrified are Tsukumogami. Architectural entities, such as skyscrapers or bridges, are called Wolkenkratzer-geist(er). Even with these three categories, there are still some oddities. The Street's personification does not fit in these categories, as it is neither architecture nor machinery nor a common object, so it is simply referred to as the Roadhydra. Machines like Sal that have no purpose without animation are another oddity, and may be called Mimics. Cyborgs, if non-organic, are called Mechani, or informally, half-dires.

Current Information

Mid December. Early Morning.



Aaron Calvner
-A sweet kid who works at the local library, abandoned at a young age. Knows the entire starting town, and pretty smart on the streets, though not very knowledgeable about other things. Optimistic and eternally curious, his penchant for making friends could either be his greatest asset or his gravest mistake.
-Aconia's main POV character.

Joanna Graham
-The head of the Propaganda Department for the Communist-Capitalist (Capimunist or Communalist, abbreviated CP or CM depending on your choice) Party. Logical and quite uptight. She's from the violent West Coast, hoping for a break, and is done with everyone's shenanigans. Can be quite sly and once in a blue moon morally questionable.
-Serce2's main POV character.


Poster Boy
-Model for the Capimunist Party. Full of himself.

-Minor Character

Mrs. Schmitt
-Leader of the Capimunist Party. No one knows how ruthless she is under her cheery facade. Recognized as a rebel by the Government.

-Minor Character


Governmental Guards
-Your standard evil empire mooks. Can be bribed. Surprisingly young, but that's no problem to the dictatorship. Most likely have a helmet.

-Minor Characters




Katherine Harlin 
-Fifi's creator. Mission leader and possible team Mom. Really tired and has no fashion sense. Works hard to dismantle the US Dictatorship. Prefers memeing with Joanna over actual work.
-Acornia now Serce2. Major Character.

Fazlur Manko
-3455's "owner". No one seems to know where to find him. Where in the world is Fazlur Manko? Suddenly vanished from Chicago a few years back.
-Serce2. Minor Character.


-Very quiet. Very mysterious. No idea what her history is, but is most likely a Lindor Language Class 2 speaker which is why she can't conjugate those verbs right drawn to machinery, as well as something called the "Icon". The machine wolf 5A follows her around everywhere. Doesn't quite have the Lindor's sense of machinery.
-Thaelasan. Major Character. 

Nelefis Al'Mudan
-Has a cool sword. Yep. That's it. Seriously, though, he's confused and afraid, but not afraid to kick some machine butt. His sword is actually a Machinengeist/Tsukumogami, which makes it (and him) cool. Feels strongly about human morality. Considered the Guardian of his clan and of common sense.
-Thaelasan's seemingly main POV character.


Faelan Al'Mudan

-Nel's older sister. Uses a dagger named Mathe. Distant from the clan and chose to wander; disagrees with their traditions, though still attempted to save them after learning of Shul's betrayal.

-Thaelsan. Major Character.



-A Lindor from Nel's clan, who sided with the Dictatorship and renounced all his clan's ideals. Pronounced "Shool Ta Wae" and is a spoiler pun on Show The Way. Disappeared from the fight with Ashala'Nu, his creation.

-Thaelasan. Major Character. 



-A young Sana'Hakir child who survived the attack on his clan. Shows promise to be a Vue.

-Thaelsan. Minor Character.


Nel's Family/Clan, the Sana'Hakir
-Deceased (?), and the remaining members scattered. They were attack by machines, sicced on them by Shul. Specialized in swords like Tempest.

-Minor Characters



-A Lindor man often considered to be a god by some, a hero by most, and a heretic by few. Slew the original Ashala'Nu/Makina/Maschinengeist.

-Minor Character.

-Self-described "high-class beggar". Cultured, but quite reliant on his missing brothers. A Lindor raised in a human environment, and so is unaware of the whole Masquerade thing.
-Ravencrime's main POV character 
Due to real life issues, Ravencrime has dropped out and it is as if Morgan had never existed.

-Morgan's middle brother. Currently missing.

-Minor Character

-Morgan's oldest brother. Currently missing.

-Minor Character



-A toy fox given animation. Looks cute, but is really a spy and will tear you apart. She lacks emotion, only programmed with anger and shades thereof and True Happiness. It's possible to troll  get her mad by mentioning topics now taboo to the Lindor. Pratical, and is able to contact the Lindor Katherine from wherever. Also serves as a GPS! Possibly a prototype SQUIP.
-Acornia now Serce2. Major Character.

3455/the Starling
-An animate train. Strong and ready 2 fite you, me, them, everyone at once. In need of chill. Honestly, a joy to write. They're trying to find the currently-missing Fazlur Manko, though would really like to go back to New York some day. Holds skyscrapers to a higher regard than the Lindor. Likes scaring children. Proud of all of the sacrifices necessary to give them life, and that's not a good thing. They don't care much for genders, though 1) have a masculine voice, 2) were called female in the past as befitting human tradition, and 3) dislike being called 'it'.
-Serce2. Major Character.

-Short for Salvation Model 5, Letter A in Production. A Mimic, copying the form of a wolf. He's one sarcastic and witty machine wolf, packed with a chainsaw tail and steel-cutting claws. Can go McFreaking invisible. His main mission is to protect "the Icon", who is currently the Lindor Eon. Don't think that SAVIOR pun went unnoticed! Suprisingly good at detecting crushes  human/Lindor emotions. Personally, I'm still crossing my fingers for him to be secretly a Scaffwolf
-Thaelasan. Major Character

-Nel's really cool sword. It can be quite creepy, though also soft. Not a good idea to just up and grab it. Part of Nel's soul, and utterly useless without him.
-Thaelasan. Major Character.



-Considered to be the first sapient being in the universe, a machine. Has quite a few haters denouncers. Has even fewer worshipers.

-Minor Character. 

Other Characters


The Voice/Sentinel

-A mysterious voice giving information to Joanna through a helmet. Unknown motivation. Seemingly knows everyone. Is probably a stalker. Not human.

-Serce2. Major Character.



The United States
-At the moment under a business dictator. Not a terrible place to live in, but be prepared to bargain, cheat, and swindle to get anywhere in life. Some parts are better or worse than others. Not fully taken over due to Lindor influence. Much darker than it seems under the surface.

  • The Starting Town (Knoxville?)
    -A sleepy town out in Tennessee. Aaron's home.
    • The Library
      -Aaron's job. The only one in town, and quite cozy.
    • Main Street
      -Downtown. A farmer's market sets up here.
    • Charlie's Uniques
      -A shop filled with interesting gifts, but headed by a more... interesting shopkeeper.
    • The Old House
      -On the verge of falling apart. Where Fifi was found, and on the street where 3455 utterly rekt decimated the CP Party.
    • The Hospital
      -Rather big. Quite unprofessional, but still reliable. Make sure to pay, or the big bad doctor will get you!
    • The Decrepit Highway
      -A crumbling and unused highway. Ramps are on the verge of collapse. Where Fifi, Joanna, Aaron, and 3455 met Sal, Eon, and Nel.
    • Nearby: Nel's Village
      -A Lindor settlement currently destroyed. Living swords are this town's specialty. Betrayed by Shul.
  • Louisville
    -An important industrial town. Specialty is electricity, especially the coal that it smells like everyday. Still has tall buildings, though most are falling into disrepair. Morgan's hometown. Considered a 'dead city' by 3455.
    • Coal Silo
      -A relatively new building, and does actually carry coal (looking @ you, Fifi). Joanna, Fifi, 5A, Eon, and Nel/Tempest broke in here. Actually a fully-fledged forge/android slave camp. Joanna, Fifi, 5A, Eon, and Nel met Shul here.
    • A Bridge
      -A hiding spot for 3455. Has a motivational poster of the Dictatorship in it, marking the beginning of a heavily patrolled area. Where 3455 and Aaron met Morgan.
  • Katherine's Village
    -A huge Lindor settlement, full of clans mixing and mingling. In the middle of a forest, guarded by machines. Has great food and staff, five stars out of five.
    • The Campus
      -Equivalent of a college for the Lindor, turned to a shelter. Most of the larger classrooms have been re-purposed as rooms. Open food hall in the middle.


  • The West Coast
    -Joanna's home. A turbulent and violent place.
  • New York City
    -3455's home and hometown way before his animation. Considered 'full of life' by 3455.
  • Chicago
    -Joanna's childhood home. Fazlur Manko disappeared here. Senators hang out here and occasionally get spied on.


  • The Tower
    -Currently a mystery. Sal seeks this for some strange reason. Unfortunately, not a Wolkenkratzer-geist.
  • Korea
    -A seemingly free country caught between two great armies. Supported by the Lindor.
  • Russia (Democratic)
    -A chunk of Siberia that hasn't fallen to fascism thanks to Lindor efforts.
  • The English Empire
    -A sea-faring nation back in full swing and ready for more control and power.
  • Japan
    -Another fascist country in these unfortunate times. Quite powerful.





Thael's Lindor Dictionary (Sana'Hakir clan)

*Note: adding -r to the end of any verb makes it an object. As in, Unda, which normally means To Record, becomes Undar, Recorder.


Sana - One.

Hakir - Chosen.

Shul - Heart.

Thrae - Pure/Virgin. (Also used to refer to priestesses of the Sana'Hakir.)

Yu - Of The/Of.

Kawae - Road/Way/Path.

Shihan - Forsaken/Forgotten/Lost.

Kahan - Redeemed/Discovered.

Quelu - Large Amount of Power/Storm/Tempest.

*Shul just said "Ca yu shihan ahi nae" meaning "Those of the Lost do not Speak!" This is a reference to a famous addage spoken in the Sana'Hakir "The Lost hold no more sway among our people, their words are meaningless."

Ca - Them/They/Those, but derogatory. Refers to a being that is no longer supposed to exist.

Na- They, more proper.

Ahi -  To speak/talk.

Ahimanvu - Conversation, lit. More Talking Time

Fe - Food

Sa - To be

En - To exist

Sa'en - To attend.

Ban- To eat

Unda - To record

Man - More of (Modifier)

Vi - Age

Vu - Time

Tan - Less

Hu - Fool

Calu - Days

Shan - To do/to be

Du - I

Lu - He

Li - She

Mu - You

Ha - We

Nae - added to make the sentence negative, similar to 'Pas' in French

*Ha sae fe'man na calu ban - Hopefully we may indulge in more foods such as this/ (Lit.) May we eat more in this way in the days to come.

Kawaemanhakir - A honorific for Nel's clan, akin to Elder. Literally means "More of the Chosen Path", or if you prefer, "We know the Path better than you! Ha!"

Thraeka - Holy or Pure, used as a honorific

Duman - Honorific for older people, lit. "More Honor".

Vitan - Honorific for younger people, lit. "Less Age."

Ru - Brother

Ri - Sister

Pon- Like

Ponman - Love


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Hey I could us a little practice and would love to rp as im only in one right now, and im really new to this as well. Any idea on what you would do. If you decide to let me know.

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Name: Aaron calvner

Age: 23

Gender: male

Species: human

Appearance: he is about 5’4”. He has long black hair and pale skin. His eyes are a vibrant green. Kind of like this.

Personality: very easy going and lives to be around other people, he can be very caring to those that are important to you, politely indifferent to those he doesn’t know and cruel to those that he doesn’t like.

History: at a young age he has been on his own, his parents left him when he was about11 and he spent the next 6 years in an orphanage and now he spends his time traveling.




Name: Katherine harlin

Age: 43

Gender: female

Species: lindor

Appearance: she stands about 6’4”. She has soft red hair and freckles on her face. Her eyes are a pale blue.

Personality: mostly rude, she doesn’t like people vary often and likes to take to the quiet retreats of the world if possible. She mostly makes small mecha, used for gathering intelligence and communicating with the few humans who know about them and work together with the lindo. Each of her mecha are like children to her, so far none of her mecha have ever bonded with a human so she has no need to get near humans, not that she would if she could help it.

History: growing up she started making small mecha like bugs, and birds. Later she started to make thing that where slightly bigger like cat and dog looking one that would pass off as toys. She has a really refined design about her and the mecha she makes.




Name: fifi

Age: around 10 years

Gender: mecha

Species: fox: it is a gatherer of information

Appearance: looks like a little fox that is silver and has green emerald eyes. It is made up of parts that have carved designs on them.

Personality: bases on owner. Because it has never had an owner other than Katherine it is aloof and likes to sit in the back group, this is a big reason why it is so good at gathering information



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NOTE: These are prototype versions of the characters! They may not accurately reflect later changes to motivation, personality, or appearance. Intro Post is more up-to-date, and if anything conflicts use intro.



Name: Joanna Graham, nicknamed "Graham Cracker"

Age: 27

Gender: female

Species: Human

Appearance: She has some greying hairs, a very lanky build. Eyes are dark brown, skin is pale partly due to spending so much time out of the sun. Her face is narrow, and her cheeks are sunken giving her a cruel look

Personality: She's more introverted, but doesn't mind public speaking. Likes to look for relationships and patterns. Logic over emotion is a high priority but she tends to deny her own emotions. Tends to work out problems by herself, which can lead to problems when working in a group.

History: Works for a group looking to take over Central America. Joanna's in the propaganda department and has been shut in to work for months at a time. While she enjoys a powerful position, she's unhappy with the group's philosophy as of late.


Name: Fazlur Manko

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Species: Lindor

Appearance: Quite stocky with broad shoulders. His hair is black and has a greenish tinge, often brushed back. Round face, beady brown eyes. Very short even for his age.

Personality: He's lazy except when challenged, in which case he researches and does things very quickly. Despite being a race of engineers, Fazlur doesn't think of the mechas as anything more than servants, and prefers history more.

History: A few of his ancestors were adopted into the Inca Empire, something Faz is proud of. His lineage typically deals with creating machines for human convenience, like vehicles and computers. Supposed to be stationed in a small human village, but he keeps leaving to camp out in the woods.


Name: 3455 Starling

Age: 87 physically

Gender: mecha, so really no gender, but tends to be referred to as "he" due to voice.

Species: Mecha- Steam locomotive.

Appearance: Like this. If no picture available, take a steam train. Now imagine the front of it becomes a long, snake-like, box-like head that's more neck than a defined head. He has a singular eye which also serves as a source of light. His lower jaw juts out slightly more than his upper. Slightly being the key word. His chest looks very armor-like, with two plates, and has four arms which do not serve a dual purpose as wheels. His many cars are less mobile than his chest, being better framed and looking a lot more like an inanimate locomotive. His legs can change from wheel to claw, and carries himself with a horse-like gait when using legs. Legs are very box-like, and only has two triangular claws. He can change the number of his cars to be shorter or longer, but needs at least 2 to stay upright, like a centaur.

Personality: New to animation, so he's careful, but otherwise looks for fun things to do and to socialize. Proud of his power and is willing to take down other vehicle mechas when possible.

History: 3455 was built for human service by the Lindor, and was given basic wiring to prepare for potential animation. Serviced well for several years until replaced by electric engines, but has been kept by humans in a museum. He was called to life recently, but has been aware of everything prior to the official call.


Adding in Thaelasan's characters to have 'em in here...


Username: Thaelasan

Name: Nelefis Al'Mudan (Last name means "Of Strength.")

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Personality: Nel finds peace in solitude. He once loved to be part of groups, to fit in, but recent events have left him confused and afraid. His only certainty is that he wishes to find his family.

Appearance: Long, white hair, with unnaturally pointed ears, the traits of the Linor. He has a slightly lean build, with several scars adorning his shoulders and one across his forehead, jagged yet slightly small, as though he narrowly avoided a deadly blow. His eyes are hazel/green.

History: Nelefis was part of a clan of Linor who sought strength through honor and glory. They lived simple, happy lives, wishing war or death upon none. Yet they sparred, they fought, and they laughed together. They also possessed a secret technique - the refinement of weapons through Machinengeist abilities, a process their tribe protected the secrets to very fiercely.

The weapon would become one with the warrior. Through that, they would become of age. Upon his twenty fifth birthday, Nelefis took pieces of metal from the heads of each family, earning their respect through his actions and his words. Each piece was carefully crafted into a beautiful and long one-edged sword, made with an Eastern technique that he had learned from human books.

The elders were impressed. But still, he was to give it life. He began to work with the metal until it was truly "born." The sword took on a personality of its own, and took the name "Tempest", crafted with the fury of the storm and the heat of lightning.

But his happiness was soon cut short when a group of Machinengeists, without reason or purpose, began to assault and slaughter his entire tribe. They fought for days, but the assault was endless. The elders knew what they sought - the secrets behind their ancient weaponry.

They refused to speak, and many died for it. Nelefis fought alongside his brothers and sisters and watched them perish. The strongest and the youngest were taken prisoner by the beasts, and Nelefis was forced to do something he never wished to do. To save his people. To save his race.

He ran.

He ran through stormy water and weather, his sword flashing as he slashed through all opposition. The elder's last words echoed in his mind - Run. Run far from here... Nel.... And never look back.

When he finally awoke in the dawn, his sword was gripped in his hand and covered in shards of metal and debris. Blood soaked the earth around him from his own wounds. A fresh scar adorned his forehead from a great strike made by one of the largest beasts. He had not won. He had lost. And he had lost much.

As he wandered the wastes, he had found a survivor amongst the rubble of a destroyed human settlement. And only more questions...



Username: Thaelasan

Name: 5A-V10R, Salvation Model 5, Letter A in Production.

Age: Unknown.

Gender: Male personification.

Personality: Having discovered a personality of his own beyond his directives, 5A (or Sal from his model records) is a sarcastic and smart-witted lupine mechanoid. He refuses to speak of his past, nor who his creators were/are. He only repeats that his duty is to protect the Icon, and all other queries are meaningless to that end.

Appearance: A serrated tail with a rotor to create a chainsaw effect, claws formed for cutting through metal and flesh, and a closed jaw with unknown killing potential are just the beginning of Sal's model diagnostics. Crafted to be the "ultimate protector" according to him, he is also the only one of his line, being the A-Lpha of his production. No others were apparently made, either due to lack of funds or materials. It is uncertain.

It was entirely based on a wolf, that much IS certain. But as to how it works or what modules it uses, that still remains a mystery...

History: Unknown beyond its manufacturing number and its own story, which is that it has been guarding the Icon for three years.


Username: Thaelasan

Name: Eon.

Age: 22

Gender: Female.

Personality: Quiet and soft-spoken, she is almost mute. She knows nothing of herself beyond her name and seems to have difficulty speaking her own native language, that of the Lidor.

Appearance: Even more slender than Nel, she has a long, brown robe over most of her body. A strange tattoo marks her face, over her eye from below her cheek. Her eyes are blue. Her hair is golden-blonde and flows.

History: Eon doesn't even know her history, but she seems to have something to do with something called the Icon, if she is not the Icon herself. She only knows that she is seeking something important, and she'll know it when she sees it. For now, she is following Nel, almost attached to him. He finds this confusing.

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It was mid-morning and the day was going to be a frigid one. It was mid-November in the states; around this time of the year is when the world seems to give up on life. When the tree leaves start to change color and the grass losses its shine from spring. It’s the month right before the snow finds its way from the heavens to the earth. When the air has a bite all its own, if you breathe in the air freezes all the way down into your soul and when you breathe out your breath comes out in little puffs of smoke and the cool air reddens your nose and cheeks. It was days like these that Aaron hated most, not just these days but the next couple of months. He lived by himself in a little rundown apartment in the suburbs. His neighbors are not the best as they keep him up all hours of the day and night. When Aarons not working as a librarian he would spend his time walking the streets in the hopes that he may find treasures out of others trash. On this particular day he happened to pass the rundown house at the end of the road. To say that this house is rundown is an understatement. In places the roof was caved in and the siding of the house has all but fallen into dis repair. Deciding that today was the day to go and explore this house he walked down the street a little so that anyone who seen him thought that he had moved on his way. Getting to the point in the street that if he continued he would go past there yard. Looking around him, not a soul was insight. Taking a deep breath he put his hands on the fence and jumped over. If he was caught it could be possible jail time. But that was if he got caught. Usually he when goes exploring he does it in less populated areas of the chances of being caught are not so high. Something about this house was calling to him today.

With apprehension in every step he stealthily creeped his way closer to the house, making his way to the back of the house, looking around the edge, the cost was clean. No one was anywhere to be seen. Trailing his way to the back door with a little more courage he stopped for a heart shuttering breath. Placing his hand on the handle he turned the knob and pushed the door open. It creaked all the way open it leads into a large room. This must have been the entry hall, and a great one at that. Looking down at the floor though he was saddened because his journey was cut short, the floor boards had fallen out and left a large hole in their wake. As much as he wanted to go and hunt this house for all the treasure that it held he couldn’t. Not today at least, he would go home and gather his stuff like a bag and a flash light.


Turning to leave back the way he had come he stopped dead in his tracks. There at his feet sat a little fox toy. It was made of metal and it was polished to a shine. It sat about as high as maybe mid-calf. But that’s not what got him. He had just gone from that direction and it hadn’t been there a moment ago.

“hm, where did you come from little guy.”

~that’s weird I don’t remember seeing any one else and the way to here had been clear. ~

Deciding it was in his best interest to leave now he walked by the fox and back to the fence. No way was he taking a mecha fox that had appeared out of nowhere, Even if it was still nice. Once at the fence he turned to look one last time at the house and about died. There at his feet sat the little shiny fox. He knows that there was no one else so it had moved on its own. But something about it though in all of tits creepiness was calling out to him.

~this isn’t one of the best ideas that I’ve ever had but oh well~

Reaching down he picked up the fox and held it in his hand. For being all metal it was surprisingly light. Sticking it under his arm as he jumped over the fence to leave, He had to be at work at 2. When he looked at his watch though it was already 1:45.

“Dang, I’m going to be late” Aaron hisses out as he starts to jog the 10 minute walk to the library.


“Aaron where have you been, you are almost late and you are never almost late.” A little black haired girl says from the lounge area in the library.

“Oh you know nowhere important. I’m here now that’s all that matters.” Aarons says as he shrugs his coat off and walks to the counter to relieve her.

Putting the fox down under the counter Arron thinks that the day had just started for him he only had 6 more hours to go. Hopefully someone would come and keep him company for a little bit.


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The midwest at the edge of winter was no place for an open-topped car, but here Joanna was, holding onto her papers for dear life. Compared to the comfort of the sleeper car, she couldn't stop her eyes from closing against the bitter wind. So what if this town gets to see the faces of the Capimunist Party as something less than gods? That could be fixed with a few strategic posters. Looking at the town's square, the PR head didn't see anyone who looked remotely close to caring about police escort and dark car. Instead, coats were being held tightly and watches were being checked, or mugs of coffee and hot chocolate clinked together for the lucky few inside, who laughed at the low clouds and the traffic forming up ahead. All in all, a much better picture compared to the West Coast; no broken bottles fell into the empty seat, no windows smashed.

In the front seat, her boss all but stood up and smiled and waved. It was supposed to be a "treat", a vacation for Joanna to leave her office and visit a much calmer town, but as always Mr. Poster Boy and Ms. Boss Leader suggested that Joanna create a few advertisements for this town. It was supposed to be a strategic move, seeding ideas before other groups could come in. Poster Boy (she could never remember his name; Peter? Piotr? Pat? His last name was a mess, too.) certainly thought himself clever up there. In some ways, Joanna conceded, it's a good move. Up ahead, the local library stood, offering protection at last.

The car stopped, with the driver urging them to get out quickly. Doors slammed behind her as she tried to get her papers in order while PB grinned at her and held out his hand.

"You ready, 'Cracker'?" The kid said. After months of photoshoots and drawings, Joanna could bet that both of them were sick of that nickname. It was probably the only thing PB knew of her, so she let it slide.

"Not really. The speech-writing team slacked off last week." Joanna felt a rush of warm air, heat slowly chasing away the numbness of her face. "Thank goodness you're the one speaking." She turned to a man on the counter.

"Hey, excuse me, do you by chance know where the auditorium room is? Or something like an auditorium?"


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Aaron was standing behind the counter checking some books back in, looking through the books he made mental notes of some that caught his interest to get later. There wasn't a lot in the drop box so he finished them up pretty quickly; grabbing one that looked particularly interesting he walked over to the computer to check it out in his name.


“Hey, excuse me; do you by chance know where the auditorium room is? Or something like an auditorium”? A soft feminine voice asked out. Turning to look at the source of the voice Aaron was meet the pleasant face of a women who could not possible be older than 30. Behind he by a few feet stood a young man who was roughly the same age, although he couldn’t be sure. He didn’t look like anything special; he was wearing a simple pair of boot leg jeans and a red shirt peeking out from under a black jacket. He looked like your average Joe. The woman however was dressed a little nicer. She was wearing a nice pair of black form fitting dress slacks with a matching jacket. She had the look of a business lady, but the way she talked was not very professional. Although he didn’t get that kind of feel from her.

Looking the women up and down he said quietly “Sorry but we don’t have an auditorium, we have a recreational room for meeting and the likes. If you want you can post your papers in there. Although if you are posting flyers or something of that sort you would have the best luck posting them in the entrance hall, That way everyone who comes in and out of the library will see them.”





Fifi was sitting under the desk watching the young man, she though it would be best to stick with this young man back at the house and look where she was.

Signing to herself mentally she sat and listened to all the talk that was going on. Most of it was the boring chitter chatter of normal children and teens talking about books or games. Occasionally an adult would go by and say there good byes to the young man as they left. Quickly coming to the realization that this may not have been a good idea to follow him she got up ready to scamper out the door.


“Hey, excuse me; do you by chance know where the auditorium room is? Or something like an auditorium”? Came a human women’s voice, It was a little low to her ears. But she had asked about an auditorium, this had to be a sign from the gods, if the existed. What do you need an auditorium for if not for something amusing or something that would make her mistress happy?


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Joanna's face dropped slightly and her cheeks flushed up. She glanced briefly at the man beside her, offering an apologetic look. It wasn't her fault if her contacts didn't research this town thoroughly. A smaller-than-expected library? It was quite the setback, and something completely unexpected after working with and in a good research team. They might have gotten the wrong town or the library; this trip was hastily put together. Still, the address matched, and their chauffeur had no reason to spite them. The woman took a deep breath, blinked and turned to Poster Boy.

"Could you... check if anyone's on the PR groupchat on my phone?" She asked, handing her fellow Party member her device and unlocking it with a quick swipe. Hopefully they aren't out partying, she thought as she heard her phone's keyboard click. And if they are, I better get to see them getting chewed out.

Now for the librarian. He was confirmation that the town had at least a small portion of the target demographic. "Hm. Do you perhaps know if there's another library in this town? These papers match the address outside, but you know this place better than I do." She held up the front half of a speech paper, careful to keep any actual paragraph hidden. She's always been slightly embarrassed about her party affiliation, after mom and dad calling her immoral and her friends calling her a sellout.

While attempting to maintain eye contact and also keep an ear out for her phone buzzing, Joanna unfurled a few of her posters and took out a box of pins, fully intending to take advantage of the information the librarian boy told her. Auditorium or no auditorium, small library or big library, it seemed like they weren't unwanted here. Plus, the cold finally left her body. She wasn't going out there quite yet.



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Seeing her face drop and flush he had to wonder why. wasn’t she just posting up signs for some group of something. I couldn’t be that bad, or maybe if was the fact that this place wasn’t that big and didn’t have a lot of people in it.

"Hm. Do you perhaps know if there's another library in this town? These papers match the address outside, but you know this place better than I do." She asked in a disheartened way. Her voice almost sounded broken and severely disappointed.

“unfortunately not, this town has a high population count but for some reason it doesn’t sprawl out like one would think it would. If you looking for some other places to post them at I would suggest the local Walmart and McDonald, those places tend to have a lot of people coming and going. But if you don’t mind me asking, what is the poster for.” Noticing how she had kept the bottom part of the poster hidden, he just couldn’t help but ask. He had a really open mind about most things seeing as how he wouldn’t have survived this long without an open mind.

Besides even though she looked dishearten and slightly aggregated and embarrassed he got that impression that she could be nice and wasn’t your stereotypical blue collar worker. She seemed willing to talk a little bit and he could be charismatic, it would be just a little bit of time before he had her talking. Besides it’s not like she was unpleasant to look at even though she was a little older than him.

Having time to kill because it was almost time to go on break he decided to leave and go with her and the other young man.

“do you mind if I walk with you and help you post them up. I know you have him to help but I have some time to kill.” Hoping to talk about something that would liven his day.



Seeing as the humans are getting ready to walk off, fifi edges out behind the counter. Keeping an eye out she watched as Aaron walked closer to the women and her companion. This was a good spot to watch and to listen as to what was going on, she would have to be careful that no little children see her because they would want to play and that would be a disaster.


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She paused and thought out her next words carefully. PB beside her seemed to be texting furiously in some conversation. A centralized town was good news, from what dinner talks she caught back at her Party's HQ. Something about self reliance? Joanna made a mental note to herself to tell Boss later. As for the demand to talk about the speech...

"Walmart's still operating? I'll have to go in and see it for myself. They- well, all stores, suffered quite the blow out West." She stalled, trying to ignore the librarian's clear curiosity. "It's been a while since I've actually gone shopping." The lady chuckled a little, and ripped her phone out of PB's hand. She didn't even bother to look up at the indignation. Reading through the conversations, Joanna quickly typed out a quick message.

Closing her phone, she looked at her fellow Party member. "We might not be able to give out the speech, but our driver doesn't return for at least an hour. I'll meet you here then. Do whatever, I'm going out and putting some Props up."

The librarian kid's curiosity was a little unnerving to her. After years of hushed whispers, the Midwest's alleged charm looked like a facade. Compared to life inside the Capi. Party, though, it would be... nice, to get a feel for the town.

"I know how to put up posters," she snapped at the librarian kid. "I'll probably even find out the best place to put them. But," her voice softened now, almost hushed, "this kid beside me thinks himself far above everyone else. And you know where Walmart is."


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“I know how to put up posters, I’ll probably even find out the best place to put them.” Came the snappy reply. Her voice coming out softly after this point.

” But this kid beside me thinks himself far above everyone else. And you know where Walmart is.”


She looked a little flustered and a little excited at the mention of Walmart still being open. Like most large businesses it had yet to fall, as long as it pays its tolls to the dictator they can continue to operate. But many have fallen, not being able keep all Walmart’s open, they had become far and few between. With the closing of a lot of Walmart’s and other small businesses the ones still open thrived.


“thanks, Walmart’s still open but this one is now the only one open for miles. McDonald's not like it used to be. It is more like a place to go that you chip in and you get back. I think some people from a church took over and is helping the ones that need it.”


Looking about he seen a young librarian out and about. Turning back to the lady, “excuse me …... i'm sorry, I didn’t catch your name. But give me a minute to run over and talk to the other librarian so we can leave.” Turning back around and walking a few feet to the other woman he stood there for a few minutes to talk. Meandering back to the lady “so I can take the rest of the day off, I’ll show you around town. And maybe you can tell me where you’re from and what you’re doing here in our little town.”


Smiling he held his hand out to her as a greeting that is long overdue. “by the way I’m Aaron.” Giving her his best smile he leaned down to grab the fox toy that had somehow moved to the edge of the counter, but he didn’t question it, he felt that if he left it would just follow him anyway. Save it the trouble and take it, standing back up he pointed to the entrance hall.

“you first, I’ll help as best I can, and if you have any questions feel free to ask, I don’t bite.” Aaron says with a smile, and a twinkle in his eye.


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"Huh. I thought the Midwest would have more." She said, glancing at a distant map on the wall. "But, it's nice to see that this country in political ruins still hasn't given up human kindness." Though the Party had it's own cooks, Joanna missed junk food. Something about the salt and fat and in general unhealthiness made her nostalgic. I must look like a newcomer to America, she thought, smiling while watching the librarian kid run off, not even letting her respond.

Having a day off was nice. Best part of it all was that she won't get in trouble for it. "My name's Joanna Graham," she said as the kid- Aaron returned. "I'm from LA, though I haven't been there in a while. Nice to meet you." She took Aaron's hand and gave her oft-practiced perfect business handshake. Despite the genuine look of friendliness in Aaron's eyes, Joanna still kept a distance, keeping a formal facade up.

She noticed that the kid picked up a toy, almost in the same way you would pick up a moving cat. She didn't notice it before, but Aaron picked it up too fast to recognize.

"I'll just put up a few posters, but then we'll be on our way. I have quite a bit of money, so tea or something is on me." Joanna said, rifling through her wallet and checking exactly how much she had. Over $200, meant in case of an emergency stay. She most likely had more on her cards, but at least one or two were invalidated by their respective bank closing.

As she walked toward the hall and held a poster open, she felt a swooping feeling in her stomach. What would her new companion say or do if he knew that Joanna was a member of a political party? One that's caused quite a few clashes with the police?

"I guess I should tell you this much." She began, her voice low and eyes looking forward. "My boss sent me here to extend her influence."

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“huh. I thought the Midwest would have more.” She said eyeing the map on the far wall. The way she had said it was kind of funny, but Aaron wouldn’t be caught died laughing at her. He seen the way she had looked at him with a bit of caution, given they had just meet so he wasn’t to surprised. It still aggravated him a little to know that his charm hadn’t gotten she to open up a little. But at least he got a little of his wish and was going to get to accompany her around town, showing her some of the places still left standing in times like these. They only stood because of the people in the town, when people come together they can do great things, that’s part of the reason that the town did so well.


Coming back to the woman he was greeted with a friendlier face, a mixture of being somewhat relieved and maybe a hint of loneliness. “my names Joanna graham, I’m from Chicago, though I haven’t been there in a while. Nice to meet you.” She said in a warm voice while taking Aarons hand in a strong hand shake. He was slightly taken aback at how strong and firm her hand was, with a touch of delicateness. Pulling his hand back after a couple of seconds, he waited till the feeling faded from his hand. “I’ll just put up a few posters, but then we’ll have to be on our way. I have quite a bit of money, so tea or something is on me.” upon hearing this his eyes got real bug and he turned slightly pale. Walking in front of her so as on one else could see what they were doing, he whispered a little harshly with panic thick in his voice “are you crazy, this is a good town, given the circumstances of the world today. We don’t have as much crime as we should, and we are well off compared to the rest of the world. But It is not a good idea to walk around with that much money on you. There has been people here killed for less.” Waiting till she had closed her wallet and started to put away, he rubbed a hand across his face and gave a heavy sign. “you may need a body guard if you’re going to walk around looking fancy and with that much doe on you. Just try to take it careful, I would hate to see something happen to you.” He gave with a Leery smile and a watchful eye. “if your offer still stands for tea ill help you and then we can go get a cup of earl grey. A friend of mine make fantastic tea.” She looked a little taken aback and possibly frightened but continued on as nothing had happened. Smart girl, he thought to himself, he may not have known her long but he sure as wouldn’t want to see her hurt. Watching as she walked out to the entrance hall he noticed her pausing. “I guess I should tell you this much. My boss sent me here to extend her influence”. Giving her a critical eye he wasn’t sure if in a public place was a good spot to discuss something important. But he decided to hear what she had to say anyway, she seemed smart and most of the town was good people. Not all though were and if something happened he would be there to help, and so was the other young gentleman.


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((What time of day is it?))


She was taken aback slightly at Aaron's outburst, freezing and instinctively putting her fists up. "I-I didn't know that?" The corners of her mouth turned down and opened a little, teeth clenched. Has it been that long being cooped up in her office? Had she forgotten all street smarts? "Ah- well, what's done is done."

At the kid's insistence at a bodyguard, Joanna narrowed her eyes a little, longing to spit I already have one! but that would raise more questions from him, especially considering her bodyguard wasn't currently present. His grin did not help, seeming more predatory than friendly. Joanna began to have second thoughts about the kid himself, though Aaron had what she would call connections. Not much compared to what she's seen in the field of politics, but amusing all the same. "A friend that makes tea? How lucky must you be. As for Earl Grey... I prefer green tea."

As she hurriedly put up a small propaganda poster, trying to block as much of it with her body from Aaron's view, Joanna began to regret saying anything. In fact, she began to regret choosing Aaron over PB. For all of Poster Boy's many flaws, at least he was analyzed and predictable to the point of harmlessness. The feeling in her gut warned her that this librarian kid, if she let him get close, will turn out like all the rest. I'll never see him today after today. It's okay if he knows, he can't say anything you haven't heard already.

She stuffed the rest of her papers into her bag. There was no turning back after admitting her allegiance. "I work for a political party." She began in a whisper. "Sent for an ulterior motive. If we're spending the day together, let me get that out of the way, while you can leave."

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(( I would think around 2 or 3))




Seeing her go into a protective stance he backed up to give her space. He didnt want to frighten her, although it looks like that is exactly what he has done.


He took a second to look at her face and ponder, was it worth continuing to accompany her. The only problem was that if they got out into town and he left she could be in real trouble, the town's people know him, know not really to mess with him,but she was fair game.


He was lossing what little trust he had gained with her to, not pushing the subject he shut his mouth and followed her.


Thinking on her comment about how she likes green tea, his face scrunch up. He didnt like plain green tea, it was to bland for his taste, it had nothing that made it standout to him.



Being drown back to the present she started with a whisper "I work for a political party." Getting a look at the poster that she was trying so hard to hide the bottom half of he staired.


~a political party, I dont really care but it may not be taken well by others of the town.~

Thinking to himself, turning his face back to joanna he smiled. It was a genuine smile, maybe another party could help out. Whats the worst that could happen,they could not be any worst off than the dictator.


"Well, that sounds kind off interesting. How about we walk down to mainstreet, where the shops and stalls are and you can tell me what you guys stand for. What you guys hope to accomplish, because you cant be any worse than what we have now leading us."



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"Interesting is a mild way of putting it. If you're into analysis, that is. Must seem boring to you." She started, relaxing her shoulders in a sigh. Joanna finally began to take her mind of off politics for the first time this entire trip, going into 'vacation' mode instead. Aaron reminded her a bit of the tour guides back in Florida. Somewhere she would rather be, if it wasn't for the poor health over there. Oranges came from Florida. They made any room brighter if the Capumist Party got their hands on some- illegally, of course. Trains never go past the desert in an effort to conserve fuel. The Midwest, on the other hand, here she might run into some color.

"Main street, huh. Is it lit up nice this time around?"

She opened the door, letting air rush in. It was November, but she forgot it inside the building. I just got warmed up, she whined mentally. After embarrassment and a conversation, it was easy to forget about such things.

Compared to the hushed, but still present, atmosphere of the library, outside was silent aside from the wind whistling to itself as it weaved through the buildings. Clouds were still stacked up on the horizon, and the sun was low as expected for the winter months. In Joanna's mind, her mind instinctively thought of snow and hot chocolate. Childhoods spent braving the Great Lakes winter cautioned her to be wary of temperature swings or sudden bursts of wind.

"How much does chocolate go for the pound these days?" She asked of the town native. "I know the Dictator knows their military trades, and we have sea control in the California Territories to Alaska, but I don't think America controls any tropical islands for the moment."


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"interesting is a mild way of putting it. If you're into analysis,that is. Must seem boring to you". She let out with a sigh, relaxing a little.


This woman was giving Aaron whip lash. He couldnt tell if she was ok with him, afraid of him, or what. It interested him though, the fast changes in her body posture and attitude.


Frowning he followed her out into the crisp afternoon air. Surprisingly it was still bright and sunny out. The air had a fresh clean scent that stuck to your noise. It gave him a clam and peaceful feeling.


Relaxing his shoulders and raising his face to the sky he walked blindly following joanna. Looking back at her form in front of him she held herself and walked like a model.


Quickening his pace he walked beside her, taking the lead a little. Meandering his way down the street, looking occasionally back to see if she was still following.


For the most part she was quite and she had still skipped around the question of what political part she was with. Although at this point he didnt really care. She seemed for the most part someone who would be interesting to hang around, waiting see what happens.


Making some sharp turns they made their way deeper into the heart of the town. The sidewalks becoming a little more crowded, with people jostling them here and there occasionally. Continuing on their way without a word.


The buildings that where farther part now slowly started to drift closer and closer together. Giving less room to run if the need should arise.


Car exhuast was all that could be smelled until they got to the point that the houses where almost together. The smell of food and smoke overwhelmed the sence and the noise echoing off of the building was fantastic.


Rounding the last corner they walked out of a side road onto mainstreet. The hustle and bustle of life was evident everywhere . people where milling about in the street and sidewalks.Some where shouting what little wears they had at passing people ,while others were shopping and rummaging through trash or other things that were of slight interest.


"It's not a bad place to be this time a day. Just watch for pick pockets, other than that, if you come up to a stall and they dont take money, dont fret. A few do that, being as objects are worth more to these people than money. If you see something you want at one let me know. I'll work it out for you. And dont let anyone con you out of your money either". Smiling he stepped back and let her take a look around.


Later he would take her to get tea, and maybe buy her some Coco that she had mentioned. Although that was likely to burn a hole in his pocket.to bad he couldnt steal it, not with her here anyway.

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Joanna noticed that her "guide" took the lead. I can take care of myself. She took bolder steps and swung her arms out more, all but stomping as she tried to catch up. Meanwhile, Aaron kept a more open walk; he winded and seemed cocky. To be fair, this was his hometown, and it was to be predicted that he would be nonchalant visiting downtown.

They turned left, then right, then left again. At this point, she had no idea how to get back to the library without sneaking a peek in her phone. Joanna fell a little behind just so her companion wouldn't notice that she marked her location and set it to track. GPS didn't work most of the time on her hand-me-down potato, but it still kept track of what direction she walked.

Buildings began to cluster more tightly, some that slowly turned their lights on. They stood, further reminding Joanna of how shut out she was from normal town life. When was the last time I got to see a skyscraper? Boss said to stay as far away from downtown cores as much as possible, the conspiracy theorist she is, she thought.

The smell of gasoline lingered in the air. Despite the wind and solar advancements made, oil remained profitable according to Joanna's chauffeur. She never bothered to think about prices of supplies and all that, but it made sense that the people were calm in the Midwest if they could come together. No protests in this downtown, no one fighting as far as she could see. It was just food, shouting, and gasoline.

"It is nice. When I was younger, there would always be a Christmas market. People came over from Europe to show off their goods, some of which went up for... thousands, which I have no idea how much it would be today. Never saw anyone buy them." Joanna briefly broke away to see what a farmer was selling. No oranges. "So," she retorted to Aaron's warning. "This town has pickpockets and con men. Anything that a big city doesn't have?"

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"so, this town has pickpockets and con men. Anything that a big city doesnt have?" Came her reply to the market.


He could tell that she must have thought it was nice, the expression on her face was of joy laced with a little bit of wonder.


"So back when you were younger, what did they sell in the christmas market that was worth a couple of 1000." He just couldn't image anyone spending that much on anything for Christmas. But people will do stupid things.


Walking a little ahead of her he scanned the shops and stalls around the area. He was looking for something specific, hoping to find it easily.


In-between to larger buildings sat a little beige 1story shop. The window frames and door stood out, being a light weathered and chipped paint. The Windows themselves where dirty, there were curtains on the inside blocking out sight of what mystery lay within the store. In old red scroll writting was written 'charles unique's.'


Looking back to see if joanna was still there he spotted her standing near a farmer stall. She stood out, compared to every other citizen in the market who was walking in old jeans and a thick jacket, she was without a doubt a target.


At least she looked like she was enjoying herself. He wondered when the last time she had gotten away from her life was. Did she do nothing but work, it almost seemed like she never let go, never cut loose.


Hopefully this would be different for her. When she goes back to were she came from she would have some great stories to tell, and he would just be some librarian kid she used to know. But that was ok with him.


His heart sank a little, thinking that after this she probably wouldn't even remember his name, to many times people he has come to care for has left. Coming back it would be as if they had never meet him.


"Hey if your ok, do you mind staying here for a second while I go into Charlie's." He asked witha sollen face. Plastering a fake smile on he waited for her reply.


He was hoping he could run in and get the gift and be back out before anything happened. But he also know that he could end up being in there for a little bit depending on payment.

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"They sold... I can't remember much anymore. German goods."


Joanna suddenly took a brisk pace, trying to keep up with Aaron. He was focused, and glanced at stalls every few seconds. They began to pull away from the town square, moving instead to the sides where buildings rose. In specific, the two headed toward a gap in the tall buildings where a tan shop stood.

It was an older building, built long before the takeover of dictatorships. The curtains covered much, giving the impression of being contraband. Aaron glanced at her, as if checking if the coast was clear before walking back. His face was serious for a second, then gained a grin as he asked her to wait. Joanna nodded, but looked toward the store as she did so.

Now she noticed the crowd. Kids were staring at her, a girl pointed with a smile at her clothes. They were alright, compared to the corner-of-eye looks the adults closest to her had. There wasn't a hostile air, and they looked away when caught, but it made her feel uneasy. After dealing with other radical groups, Joanna and her party learned to tell who was there to gain influence. How much did the Midwest know? While the town was calm, she couldn't help but feel worried that an extremist might try something soon.


Bzzt! She took out her phone to a message from her boss. Quickly reading through it, she cursed under her breath and looked at the sun. Evening and consequentially sunset commenced in half an hour. Calculating in her head, Joanna estimated she had less than 10 minutes with Aaron before having to return to the library. Don't worry, I'll be there soon, she texted on her phone.

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Aaron walked quickly to the little beige shop. Even walking at a brisk pace, he still noticed how some small kids were playing and standing around the front of the shop.


They must have been pointing at joanna seeing as how most looks and pointed fingers was directed past him, in her general direction. As long as she stayed there she would be ok, aaron could see her if he looked out the window, and most people know she was with him.


Reaching the door he pulled on the round brass knob to open it. It creaked a Erie sound as the jingle of the little bell rang, letting the shop keeper know he was there.


The room was small as to be expected, but that didnt stop the shop from having rows upon rows of shelves. Above the rows where old signs that marked what that isle held. They where label "stones/gems", "leather works" and so one. Each containing something unique and special.


Running his hand along the shelf as he made his way down the isle of leather works, occasionally he would stop to look at a bag. A couple of peices caught his eye but none were enough to hold his interest. Coming to the end of the shelf he spotted a particular piece. It was made of black leather that was soft and delicate to the touch. On the front flap it had a large white symbol engraved on the front. It looked like a large white sinister bird.


Deciding to get the shoulder bag he picked it up and slipped it over his shoulder. Continuing to the counter he stopped to give the man behind the counter a look. He was large, muscles pushed at the seems of his clothes. His red hair was unkeeped and hung limply down to his shoulder. He had Stearn beady black eyes, they seemed to follow you around, no matter where you were in the store.


His gruff voice rang out through the shop, vibrating off of the walls. "Just the bag".


A couple of seconds of silents followed. Waiting til the air in the room stood still. Giving the man a stearn look, with a smile on his face he clenched his fist.


"Yes, do you happen to have any Coco or oranges. I have a friend who would love some." Aarons voice came out in a whisper. He was afraid of this man and what his possible form of payment was. He had heard about him and his odd attraction to young men. He had never bought anything from him because of this.


"Yes, I have 1/4 lb of Coco and I have a bushel of orange. I also have, just for you and at a reduced price some chocolate covered mixed fruits and nuts." He gave a smile dripping with mal intent.


Not saying anything and just giving a slight nod of his head the man walked away. Aaron could hear some muffled rustling making its way from the back. Seconds later the man poured through the door. Putting 2 small brown bags and 2 oranges on the counter he looked at Aaron.


After much bartering they finally came to a form of payment that they agreed on. Aaron bowed his head and put his stuff in his bag along with the little metal fox he had been carrying, and started making his way back up front. Taking one last look at the man over his shoulder he walked out the door with a pale face.





~well that was interesting, i think i may stick with is human. Specially if he stays in touch with the other human~. Fifi looked out from under the flap of aarons bag. Watching as he draw closer to the other human.


In a couple of days she would have to make her way back to her mistress. Report on her findings, because it looks like trouble may be starting. Trouble that her mistress may have been waiting for.



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The door opened beside her, startling Joanna out of her slouch. Ah! Aaron's finally back. She exhaled in relief and turned her attention away from the crowd that's been eyeing her these past few minutes. A person in rather rural clothes was beginning to walk toward her, though he turned quickly after waving to Aaron.

Her companion seemed shocked as he came out of the door. Glancing through the door, Joanna caught a glimpse of a ragged, red face staring intently. Though she couldn't make out details, as the door closed quickly, the glint in this shopkeepers eyes sent a shiver down her spine. Was this "Charlie" nice to Aaron at all? Judging from the face and the closed fist- oh! He was holding a bag. Dark, made for laptops, with a white symbol she couldn't see very well. Computers of any kind were expensive, though it would make a great gift to a businesswomen like her...

"So..." she trailed, a little unsure of how to continue. "Anything good there? Hello?" She waved her hands up and down in front of Aaron's face. "It seems like my group is staying in the town for the night."

She scowled a little, looking at her phone to confirm. Her boss was even coming over to this town. What a turn of events for a failed project!

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"it seems like my group is staying in town for the night". Came a disgruntled voice, bringing him back to the present.


"Hm, well I can walk you back to the library so you can get your car. I've got to come back later anyway, so I'll walk you to the library, then make my way back." He watched her face for a second catching her eyeing his bag.


Smiling he pulled the bag around so it was in front of him and flipped the flap around, pulling it open to reveal what was inside.


"I hustled up some oranges and Coco. Cost me a bit, but.... nevermind. I got them for you sence you seemed interested in them."


He let her look in and take one if she wanted. Closing the bag back up he gestured infront of him, turning slightly waiting for her to go first so he could fall into step behind her.


"So are you going to be at the library tomorrow again. Or is today the last I'll see of you." He ask in a somewhat solemn voice.


Walking a little while in silence and they where stairing at the front for the small library. Is entrance now stood like mawl ready to eat all that enter. In the dusk or the afternoon is was sinister and no longer inviting.


Keeping a small distance from the building Aaron turned back to look at joanna, giving her a small nod of his head and a smile to reflect how he felt. Sad, sad that he would no longer be in her presence.


"Well I guess this is good bye for now, I hope to see you here tomorrow." Taking the black bag from his shoulder he held it out to joanna. " I like the bag, but you may need it to carry the stuff I got you. And it gives me a excuse to see you again".


Aaron backed up a little and held his hand out. Giving another small inclination of his head he smiled again with the hopes of seeing her tomorrow.

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It looks something like a- ah, drat. Joanna rolled her eyes to herself as Aaron turned the bag over. Compared to the elegant design on front- she could quickly see it was something curled up, like the proverbial Ouroboros snake and detailed in silver- the back was a simple flap. A single button would fasten the cover if it was closed. She took a peek inside before shielding her eyes against some bright oranges.

"How much?" She asked, and reached in to grab a tin of cocoa. Relatively plain, with a faded brand name written across. All of these things were in insanely low supply while demand stays high. Not only that, but the oranges were (relatively) fresh! Dried a little, sure, but no mold to cut away, no blemishes or soft parts. Whoever supplies these must be rich. "How much did this cost for you?" She lowered her voice to a whisper, going back to Aaron's warning earlier. "I have the money, I can reimburse you."

Aaron motioned to her to step first. Joanna paused for a second, unsure of why she was going to lead, before gritting her teeth and walking just a little in front.

She looked downward, preparing to confess. "I'm... it's a little complicated. I might see you later this night, hopefully. My boss... she's a little crazy and thinks we should be searching at night for something. Something that requires trained shooters apparently. She hasn't told me anything, which is a little maddening."

The library loomed. Inside she could see P.B. noticing her and hooting. Making kissy faces and pointing, too. Now, her routine life contrasted with this much more interesting day. Aaron was a superior replacement, though she had to wonder if even he would get monotonous if he was placed in her routine.

She felt soft leather as the bag was pressed against her hands. Out of instinct, she turned the bag over to see the design. It was a wicked bird, with the proportions of a snake and rigid wings. Very odd, but she had a feeling her boss would want to see it. Another feeling inside of her told her to hide it. She closed her mouth- haven't even realized she was gaping in the first place- and gave a small smile to Aaron. This wasn't goodbye, not if she was in his debt.

Joanna opened her phone, but kept her finger hovering. "If you've got nothing else to do tonight and/or need protection from someone, I could make it seem like you're interested in joining. My boss likes to be very hands-on, you see, with new recruits. But I have to stress, you would be volunteering. Not being paid and all that."

She turned away and started to walk slowly to the door. Joanna turned her head slightly to give the indication of listening, but ultimately avoided looking at her soon-to-be former companion.

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