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Wings of Change

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(Art used in this rp is credited to the proper makers.)


On the planet Avi, the Avian peoples are a lot like humans, only as their name suggests, they have wings. All kinds of wings, from mythical creatures to insects, mammals and of course birds.


There are two groups of Avians, the skylings and the groundlings. The skylings are high class, high society of the people living in cities built in the clouds suspended by a mixture of ancient magic and modern science. They have the most beautiful, unique wings and often pride and preen themselves on their wings.


The groundlings are the outcasts of their sky dwelling cousins from a ancient war long ago. They live in villages along the ground, divided by rivers, desert, lush forests and mountains. Here on the ground we have the ones who are scarred, have dull or muted colors of wings, odd ragged wings, ones too small to fly or two big to maneuver, and then the completely wingless or flightless. These are either born without them or had their wings mutilated to the point where flight is impossible.


Both the sky and ground worked in peace and harmony in ancient times however a Great War split the Rift between the two.

However, whispers are spreading about a second War in the making, the ones who call themselves Dark Wings are planning to take over their lost sky home growing stronger in numbers each day, and the sky King is massing his troops slowly and is planning an attack on the Ground to quench the upstart before it happens. Yet even more whispers tell of the Skyling's King's only hare illegitimate son has beautiful, but brittle looking wings lives with his mother.... a wingles ground woman unknowing of his true identity could be the one who tips the scale of peace or war.


Can this unknown Prince be swayed to war? Or would he chose peace?





1. Please be kind and respectful!

2. No one liners! I'm on kindle fire, if it looks like a one line to me then it is quite short. I expect creative writing!

3. If I say, 'that can't happen' do NOT argue with me!

4. DC rules apply

5. Third person please!

6. If you are expected to be gone for extended period, please inform me or beforehand and about your characters (please put names in pm) and I'll label then in the active sheet as inactive and inform you what happened when you get back on.

7. If you remain inactive for two months (unless said otherwise) your characters are erased from the rp. If you return, please make new ones.

8. Typical, no OP, or God mod.

9. Swearing is aloud in minor instances please ask before you create a character that curses all the time!

10) I find people using God, in vulgar ways highly offensive to me! I ask kindly to refrain from doing so in this rp, the people have multiple gods (lowercase) and I'll be keeping a list of other colorful words that can be used instead of God! doing so is an immediate expungement from the rp!


Sheets! ((semi modern. No cell phones or such. Steam punk like transportation for the ground people)


Get rid of parentheses please!

[B]Ground or Sky[/B]: 
[B]Class/occupation:[/B] (can list both. ground people are more workers then the sky people. mid Victorian in technology.))
[B]Dark Wing supporter[/B]: (Yes or no, can be on both sides [sky/ground] or know nothing about them)
[B]Appearance[/B]: (height, eyes Pictures okay but please describe too!)
[B]Personality[/B]: (DO NOT PUT TO BE RPED!)
[B]Wing appearance[/B]: ( wingspan is a must, adv. 15-25ft)
[B]History[/B]: (a little back story about them please! )
[B]Skills[/B]: (anything really, this is the "other" slot)
[B]War or peace[/B]: (pick one your character would support)



Accepted characters




Nat Clanc- Felixr2 (engineer)

Eron Lionheart-Felix(knight in kings army)

Zoey Smith -RoD (scribe)

Violari von Haspburg -esko (daughter of king's advisor)

Nadia Aurore Sartre-narvix(librarian)

Lara Aumbrine -felix (Double spy)

Cyrille Lucrèce Chevalier-backup77(Knight in training)

Elisven Lystelle Ienlynn-Xvi(high class socialite)

Charles Browne- Felix (singer)




Simon Xeon -me (merchant, sky Prince)

Flint Crowne - Felixer2(gun crafter)

Lilith Dreersung- Aroara (priestess of Zerrtha)

Derrick Rockbell-esko (crystal wood miner)

Janine Dembélé-narvix (baker)

Villads Lind-Xvi( thief)

Vogel Avem- backup77( Scientist)

Liam "the Shadow" Serpix-Felix(assassin)


Dark Wing supporters


Flint Crowne- second in command in the group

Lilith Dreersung - leader of the dark wings, daughter of the founder

Villads Lind- thief, messenger to other members. Informant.

Lara Aumbrine- prized (and expensive) informant.

Liam "the Shadow" Serpix- assassin who works with lara.

Charles Browne- financial support




Himar's feathers! - equivalent to dear ___ (in outrage)


Zerrtha will burn you! - Go to hell, rot in hell.


For the love of Dinja! - self explanatory.


Mother Ahva!- holy mother of_____


What a load of Dragon dung!



(More will be added)

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Accepted sheets


Username: Aroara Angelwolf

Name: Simon Xeon

Age: 22

Gender: male

Ground or Sky: ground

Class/occupation: (unknown: Prince of the skylings) merchant/glass blower

Dark Wing supporter: the who? Um.....

Appearance: (Here) Simon is taller than his 5'6" mother, standing at nearly 6'3" (and still growing). His hair is white with flecks of gold in them, kept semi long, the back is usually braided with Amber beads in a small rat tail like style, one among a total of six around his head in various places. His eyes appear to change colors, sometimes a thin mouse glass bottle brown, than pale and clear almost silvery, with streaks of gold flashing through them. He's broad and muscular, fingers slender and rough with calluses. He has smile lines around his lips and eyes, a soft kind look with a clear crisp voice.

Personality: There's a certain aura about him that warns of a natural born leadership and the ability to take charge of a situation if needed. He is very kind, a smooth business man and a hard diligent worker. He has a set schedule to his day, a never failing pattern he follows (until recent events) and has a difficult time adjusting to extreme scenarios outside his comfort zone. Protective of his mother and orphaned girl named Tarra, he would fight if anything happens to them. A bit of a jokester in the village.

Wing appearance: (Wings)his wings span a full 37 feet. They may look like stained glass, and delicate, but don't be fooled by appearances. Thin and light making him very swift in the sky and very acrobatic. They are as strong as sky iron (meteor iron) and the "glass" actually thin colored fuzzy shear scales as hard a Dracon scales (flightless legless Dragon that spits acid and large scales often used for shields)on the outside and inside with opaque soft down. they are warm to the touch, silky soft and as maneuverable as any pair of wings.

History: He grew up with a old one winged commander and his mother in a small village by a peaceful river. Near their tiny village is a bustling town. The commander taught him to defend himself with various weapons including fists and wings before he passed away a year ago. He was sheltered from the rumors of war and his father, whom was told to be dead. He learned how to blow glass from his mother and sells them in town. It was two years ago when he took in a five year old girl who tried to steal an apple from the stall next to his and got caught. He called her Tarra, for her earth brown eagle wings that dragged slightly behind her, and brought her home as his sister to get her off the streets.

Skills: fighting, glass blowing, starting fires, fishing camping, setting traps (mostly for fun but can have some useful ones) mimicking sword wolves (very large wolves with sword like saber teeth) to round up lost cattle, horses or sheep.

War or peace: there's..... a war?


Username: Aroara Angelwolf

Name: Lilith Dreersung

Age:how rude to ask a woman her age! (24)

Gender: female

Ground or Sky: ground

Class/occupation: high class Zerrtha priestess

Dark Wing supporter: ha ha! My father founded the group, now I run it in his place! What? Expecting a man?

Appearance: she's 5'6" with waist length auburn hair she keeps up. Her right eye is red the left a gun metal blue. Fair skin with rosy cheeks and full red lips. Lilith has a tattoo on her leg thigh of a priestess mark of Zerrtha; a double circle with a dark circle inside and spikes around it (on the skull)

Personality: she's a bit wishy washy and frightening. She takes care of her people, flirtatious and has a soft spot for children and "cute" things (she's the kind of women who thinks ghostly creatures, cemeteries and dracons are cute). Be careful, when she is furious she smiles and talks honey sweet words. She usually has a wicked gleam in her eyes and laughs with unusual sweetness. She has a commanding nature, isn't afraid to play rough or dirty, or put the men in line.

Wing appearance: one wing is a feather and Dragon wing mix. Jet black with patterns in it. The other completely see through with only the bone and the muscles showing. This one is more bat like and can fly but her skin is clear like her father's. Thin vains of blood sometimes color it a pale albino pink in certain light (it's creepy because one can see the muscles twitch and the blood go through her wings). Her total wing span is 42 feet.

History: her father was a skyling before she was born. He sought peace and was more comfortable with the dead then the living as a mortician. Still young, he eventually became a priest or Zerrtha something the skylings looked down upon. Slowly his wings became see through as he worked as a priest for the goddess in the tiny sky temple. Discusted, the king ordered his wings ripped off and hung on the temple door as a warning to others, then cast out of the sky.

He fell in love with a dark winged ground Zerrtha priestess and had Lilith. When she was fourteen, her parents where captured on a raid on a skyling group troop post and was beheaded and burned when she was twelve. Harboring a grudge and already a strong priestess at the time, she took her father's place as Dark Wing leader. Now she's a force to be reckoned with.

Skills: she's a priestess, so she has powers of her patron goddess Zerrtha. She has the ability to call a shadow hound (see image above and animals of avi for further information) minor control over earth able to make pits or rock slides if conditions are right. Can see in complete darkness. Calls flames on her sword or in her fingers, walk through fire without getting burned.

Non magic skills: sword play, shooting (bows, bolts, guns) a silvered tongue trickster. Slight engineer/ forger(to fix/ repair her weapons and armor) crafty strategist.

War or peace: WAR!




Username: Backup77

Name: Cyrille Lucrèce Chevalier

Age: 19

Gender: Genderfluid; uses she/her more often than not

Ground or Sky: Sky

Class/occupation: Lesser Noble | In training to become a knight

Dark Wing supporter: No.

Appearance: Cyrille has shockingly bright red hair, which reaches the nape of her neck while tied in a high ponytail. A few strands always fall out to frame her face. She likes to tie some of her moulted coverts into her hair. Her eyes are ice blue, and display central heterochromia. The right one has a ring of bright green around the pupil, rather than the pale blue of the left one. She stands at 5’7”, and though her limbs are long and skinny she is well-muscled. Her skin on her face, neck, and hands is lightly tanned.

As she has trouble carrying too much weight, her armor is made to be thin and far lighter than it looks like it should be. The plates have triangular points that stick up when her joints bend, and care was taken to preserve as much mobility as possible. The armor is a polished silver color, with gold trim around every edge. A rapier with a golden filigree basket is kept at one hip, and a parrying dagger at the other.

Personality: Cyrille is courteous, and tries to act the part of a knight in shining armor. She could be called idealistic or naive, in the way she loves the cloud cities without seeming to spare much thought for the groundlings. In truth, she does think about them (hard to prepare for war without doing so) but she doesn’t feel much about them. It’s her duty to protect the sky and Elis, so that’s what she’ll do.

Wing appearance: At only eight feet in span, Cyrille’s wings are far shorter than most. Their ends come to sharp points. The primaries and secondaries are relatively long, and are almost translucent. Like a hummingbird’s, her wings beat fast enough to be seen as a blur, allowing fast and agile flight despite their size. The coverts are brilliantly iridescent, glittering in the light and projecting green and blue spots onto nearby surfaces.

History: Cyrille’s father was a military general, and her mother a rich, beautiful lady. Though her father was initially disappointed to not have a son, Cyrille didn’t much mind activities traditionally seen as masculine. Being an ambitious man, he raised her much as one would a prince or princess, with tutors training her in etiquette, linguistics, sword fighting, cloud cat riding and the like. She showed an affinity for the rapier, and her agility in the air is unmatched (even if her distance flight leaves something to be desired).

Skills: Rapier wielding, cloud cat riding, and strong knowledge on military tactics, court politics, history, and geography.

War or peace: Peace would be lovely, if the groundlings didn’t make such a fuss.


Username: Backup77

Name: Vogel Avem

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Ground or Sky: Ground

Class/occupation: Scientist (Physics, some biology)

Dark Wing supporter: He’d prefer to focus on his work, but he’d rather they win over the alternative.

Appearance: Vogel’s straight, black hair is messy and unkept, and reaches slightly past his ears. His skin is light brown, and his eyes are dark brown. It’s common for him to forget to wash splashes of ink off of his face. He is 5’8”.

Personality: Vogel is more focused on his research than anything else. While he might not be completely apathetic to the world around him, it can seem that way when his only response to learning about a war is to worry about his books getting damaged. He often stares off into space mid-conversation, fidgeting with his feathers.

Wing appearance: Vogel’s wings are short and rounded, and his wingspan is fifteen feet. The feathers are white, with black edges, like a Sebright chicken’s. Out of habit, he keeps they carefully cleaned.

History: Vogel was born and educated as a skyling. He was particularly interested in everything about wings- how they developed, why there were so many different kinds, how Avians could fly when all mathematical models suggested that doing so should be impossible. Though the bright patterns on his wings gave him time, when he was seventeen he realized that he wasn’t safe in the sky. Without so much as a note, he packed up all of his books and equipment (as well as some stuff that wasn’t his) and jumped.

As he couldn’t fly properly and was weighed down, he hit the ground hard. Fortunately, he managed to avoid breaking any bones. There on the ground, he managed to find spare work as a scribe, and continued his research when he could.

Skills: Mathematics, physics, and knowledge of wing genetics.

War or peace: Conflicted. War would be a disturbance, but an interesting one.




Username: Felixr2

Name: Nat Clanc

Age: 46

Gender: Male

Ground or Sky: Sky

Class/occupation: Engineer. One of the best around.

Dark Wing supporter: Dark Wing? What kind of machine is THAT?

Appearance: He stands at 1.6 metres, with creme colored skin that is pretty much always dirty (think oil, ash, dust, coal, etc.). He has black hair that's a big mess and silvery grey eyes. His mouth and nose are a bit sharp, all of this giving him a slight mad scientist look. He wears brown cloth rags. All of this in contradiction to the beauty that the skylings are known for.

Personality: All he's really busy with are his machines and as a result he's gotten pretty isolated. The other skylings say he's a weirdo, some even think he's a sociopath, but if you ever get to talk with him, you'll be surprised to see he's actually a very wise, warm, social, caring man.

Wing appearance: His mad-scientist-like appearance drags on to even his wings; they are very streamlined and covered in feathers that appear to be made of some kind of steel, but, of course, are a lot lighter than that. They have the same silvery grey color as his eyes.

History: He comes from the Clanc family, which is renowned for their sublime knowledge on technology. His ancestors were the ones who created the technology used to keep the cities in the clouds, in the clouds. The knowledge has been passed on from father/mother to children with every generation, and every generation discovered something new. As for Nat, he didn't get to learn everything, as his father didn't survive an accident with a new machine that would be able to carry a pesron from one sky city to another faster than they could fly to it with their own wings. The problem: it wasn't efficient enough with the fuel, causing it to stop mid-flight. Nat had decided to continue his father's project, his notes giving him reference on how much energy he needed to get out of the fuel in order to safely make the trip. He is certain he is very close to a breakthrough with this, but others don't believe that. They think the Clancs aren't what they used to be anymore.

Skills: Very good in making machines of all sorts. Surprising, eh?

War or peace: He doesn't really mind either, as long as he can work on his machines he's fine.


Username: Felixr2

Name: Eron Lionheart

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Ground or Sky: Sky

Class/occupation: Knight of the king's army.

Dark Wing supporter: What do you think?

Appearance: He stands at around 1.8 metres. He wears a shiny steel armor with golden decorations - mostly just gilded borders, but his helm, that covers his short, blond hair, has decorations that ressemble a lion's manes. His eyes are a reddish brown with golden flickers.

Personality: He's a very brave and honorable warrior and he's very loyal to his king.

Wing appearance: Majestic wings with a span of 23.5 ft. They're the same color as his armor, with a golden edge at the top/front/whatever you want to call the side of the wing that's nearest to the head of a bird, that runs down on the backside of both wings near the middle, tilted a bit away from his back, but slowly curving towards.

History: Ever since he was a child he was taught to admire the king, and he never had any problems with this. He started to practice fighting with a sword when he was around 16, and turned out to be pretty talented. When he was 20 the king noticed his talent and skill and invited him to join the army. He is still working to become a general one day.

Skills: He is a very skilled and talented swordfighter. He also knows how to handle a flintlock, but he hardly ever uses those and doesn't have one of his own.

War or peace: He prefers peace, but he knows war is sometimes necessary. To battle!


Username: Felixr2

Name: Flint Crowne

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Ground or Sky: Originally Sky, but he's more affiliated with the Groundlings.

Class/occupation: Knows a bit of engineering, but mainly sticks to guncrafting.

Dark Wing supporter: Yes. Big time.

Appearance: Stands at 1.7 metres with deep black eyes and black hair that's tied into a short ponytail on the back. He has a somewhat muscular, he wears a black cotton vest with the sleeves entirely ripped off and black ripped jeans. On his left arm he has a tattoo that looks like a black falcon that's diving down to catch a prey.

Personality: He's a pretty edgy person, and also quite a bit narcissistic. Everything he does, he does because it's best for himself, or because he just wants to do it.

Wing appearance: He has the wings of a black falcon, with a span of 24.7 ft.

History: While growing up he often visited the groundlings, where he got in contact with some shady people. He presented himself as someone of great importance in the floating cities, but at his 20th he made a misstep, and the clique wanted to know what exactly made him that special. He decided to take action. He was banished from the floating cities after attempting to attack the king and take over the cities by force. He supports the Dark Wing because he sees it as a second chance to take control of the floating cities and prove to his former companions that he is better than them. His former companions look down upon the Dark Wing, they think it's a pathetic organisation that doesn't stand a chance against the king's army.

Skills: Knows a bit of engineering, but not anything beyond how to make a machine stop working as fast as possible. He can only break them, not make them. He is, however, pretty good at making flintlocks, if he has the materials, that is. He can also handle these pretty well, but he gets too frustrated to teach anybody else. In the time he spent in the dark network of the groundlings he also learned how to crack regular locks and how to walk without making any sound at all.

War or peace: How can I ever take control of those cities without starting a war?


Username: Felixr2

Name: Lara Aumbrine

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Ground or Sky: Sky

Class/occupation: Double spy.

Dark Wing supporter: Yes and no. She helps them, but she also helps the king.

Appearance: Usually wears whatever is the typical clothing style of the place she is. She stands at 1.55 metres with brown hair down to a bit under her shoulders and dark grey eyes.

Personality: If you want any information, she'll get it for you. Against a price, of course.

Wing appearance: Although she does have to stick to the swallow-like shape and 16 ft. wingspan of her wings, she can change the color, pattern and texture of the feathers to appear like she's home to... any place she wants really. In the sky cities she usually goes with white and silver lines, while on the ground she usually gows with slightly ragged feathers with a dull brown color. (yes, her wings are like the skin of a cuttlefish, just a little less impressive)

History: She was born with very weird wings - and they didn't look pretty either - so everyone wanted to keep their distance in public. However, her "charming" personality made people want to meet with her privately. She used this to get information out of them to work herself higher up the social ladder, and soon she realised there were others who would definitely offer something in return for that information... it wasn't long before the Sky King and Lilith Dreersung both started to see her as one of the best spies around; they know nothing of her passing through their information to the other side as well though, with different clothing, wings and make-up she perfectly fools the other spies, and the ones that do find out she pays to keep their mouths shut, or orders dead by an assassin before they can tell anyone.

Skills: I think it's pretty clear already.

War or peace: War. Peace doesn't pay her bills.



Username: Felixr2

Name: Liam "the Shadow" Serpix

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Ground or Sky: Ground, but his grandfather on his mother's side was a skyling and so he can use his wings pretty well.

Class/occupation: Assassin

Dark Wing supporter: Yes

Appearance: Very lean and agile. Dressed mostly in black to hide in the shadows, in this outfit he hides all kinds of weapons. Under his mask one would see a pale face - the mask obviously blocks a lot of sunlight - with a very sinister look to it. A sharp mouth, sharp nose, piercing black eyes with sharp eybrows and short black hair. His ears are a bit on the small side.

Personality: Killing people is just as much a routine job for him as walking. He really doesn't have any morals left. He does get *cough* distracted by pretty women.

Wing appearance: Mostly inherited his wings from his grandfather; he has black sparrow like wings with a span of 21.5 ft. However, where his father had bat wings that simply were too small fly with, Liam's wings have a bone structure that ressembles that of a bat, but with the last bone of each wing pointing out. These two points are so sharp Liam can use them as weapons.

History: His parents were very poor; his mother was a "halfblood (or however you want to call it smile.gif)" born from a forbidden love between a skyling and a groundling. Neither groups could appreciate this and thus they got rejected. He got raised to earn them money, but he couldn't show his face ever as it might remind people of his parents. This caused a feeling of mystery surrounding him, and he became more and more of an outcast. One day he got home and found his parents dead in their home - this ultimately convinced him there was no such a thing as justice to be found in this world - the stories about Botrix were no more than pretty lies to him from now on. His new goal was to survive - to live - and he couldn't do that by blending in with society. He found that if people thought it was right to kill his parents, he might as well kill anyone. So he started his carreer as an assassin, if anyone would want someone dead and was willing to pay for it, he would kill them. When he got things running he started to buy weapons and increase prices as the deaths that were ordered became more and more important. What happens if two people order eachother dead? Won't even happen - when a person he has to kill comes to him, that's perfect. Just kill them, take their money, bury them and take your reward from the other person.

Skills: He can stab with his wings, he can weild daggers and use blowpipes pretty well. He has two daggers and a three blowpipes with one dart each hidden in his outfit. He's currently trying to find someone willing to sell him a gun.

War or peace: War. In times of peace not many important people have to be assassinated...


Username: Felixr2

Name: Charles Browne

Age: 45

Gender: Male

Ground or Sky: Groundling that - due to a fortunate series of passed on genetics - has wings that made him acceptable by the skyling.

Class/occupation: Musician

Dark Wing supporter: Yes

Appearance: He has black hair in an Elvis Presley-like haircut. He stands at 1.7 metres with an average muscle size and stunning brown eyes.

Personality: On stage he perfectly plays on his audience making them think they're all he cares about, but in fact he's only doing it to earn money for the Dark Wing. He wants a revolution above anything.

Wing appearance: Eagle-shaped wings with a span of 21 ft and feathers so deep black they (almost) seem to glow.

History: He was born from a groundling family that had slowly getting less and less bad-looking wings, him being the point where it got worthy of being a skyling. For the highest chance to get accepted as a skyling by the king he started to practice playing every music instrument he could find - with success! When he was 24 he flew up to the sky cities and introduced himself to the people. They couldn't deny that his wings indeed looked beautiful and his talent was great, so they let him stay if he'd play for them. Despite all this luck that occured to him, he didn't feel exactly "happy", he thought the other groundlings deserved this luxury life just as much as he did, many even more. When he heard about the Dark Wing he decided to give them 50% of everything he earned with his shows. To the skylings he said that he wanted to live a bit more sober and donated half of his earnings to charity.

Skills: Masterful with nearly every music instrument, he knows them so well he can use some of them as a weapon if necessary.

War or peace: War! Let the revolution begin!





Username: Xvi

Name: Elisven Lystelle Ienlynn

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Ground or Sky: Sky

Class/occupation: High-class socialite

Dark Wing supporter: Aren’t aware they exist.

Appearance: this is a quick 10 min sketch i did i promise i'll clean it up later its so messy ahh Elis is 152 cm, with curly blonde hair and large green eyes. She has a petite build, weighing 90 lb.

Personality: Well-behaved and sheltered, Elis is indifferent to most things. She puts on a polite farce due to her upbringing, but generally doesn’t partake in world matters. As such, she is gullible and patient.

Wing appearance: The wings of an Glasswing butterfly, Elis’ wings span 15ft. Beautiful and delicate, Elis’ wings sway in the breeze and are almost always fluttering slightly. Her wings, though seethrough, often reflect the sun’s rays and turn the reflections into a picturesque scene. They are lightly bordered by veins of gold running across the wings, seen glittering in the sun. One would not commonly notice the shape of the wings on Elis’ back, only the images screen through the and the delicately fluttering gold. Since her wings are thin enough to showcase worlds, they are delicate and she must take great care.

History: Born the daughter of wealthy Skyling nobles, Elis’ father was a university appointed noble who was studious in nature. Her mother was a well-known figure, having been rebellious in her youth before she settled down and married Elis’ father. Thus, the family is known for being certainly quirky among the other nobles, though they still attended meetings and gatherings with respect.

A premature baby, her parents were delighted to have a baby girl, but her father worried over the girl’s early birth and delicate wings. As such, Elis’ childhood was restricted in the activities she could partake in, and the girl grew up loving music and the arts instead of any physical activity.

Skills: Elis can play the flute and harp, and is good at drawing.

War or peace: Peace



Username: Xvi

Name: Villads Lind

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Ground or Sky: Ground

Class/occupation: Homeless and angry

Dark Wing supporter: Yes

Appearance: another quick sketch ; o ; Villads has dark hair, light blue eyes, and a tanned complexion. He is 165 cm, and weighs 125 lb.

Personality: A naturally pretty angry person, Villads refuses to take the advice of anyone that is not himself. He’s quick to judge, and not very trusting; as well, he is a wanderer, constantly on the move from place to place. He finds the most morbid and obscure things to be funny, and isn’t beyond mocking both those higher and lower than him on the societal scale.

Wing appearance: Villads has a wingspan of 13ft, and his wings reflect that of a pygmy owl, with grey and brown feathers. Villads wings aren’t well-taken care of and he has little thought for them; thus, his wings are messy and unkept. His right wing is bent at an awkward angle, a result of an accident from childhood that didn’t heal properly, and his feathers are dull.

History: Orphaned at an early age, Villads grew up in the slums and learnt early in life that if he wanted anything, he would have to fight for it. He soon became a thief, and stole from whoever without a second thought in order to survive. As such, Villads eventually developed a natural hatred and disgust for the world; though he can act quite charming to elicit what he wants from his unfortunate victims, Villads’ ultimate goal is to see the downfall of society as they know it, and to laugh as everything crumbles.

Skills: Great at pickpocketing, handy with a dagger.

War or peace: War




Username: Narvix

Name: Nadia Aurore Sartre

Age: 20 years

Gender: Female

Ground or Sky: Sky

Class/occupation: Upper Class | Librarian

Dark Wing supporter: No

Appearance: Nadia is tall, standing around 5’10” with long brown hair that falls in thick waves below the small of her back. Her posture is straight but she always manages to make herself look comfortable and at ease. With hazel eyes, Nadia has a delicate appearance to her features but a sharpness in her gaze.

[image credit to Nao Ikeda, Final Fantasy character designer.]

Personality: Nadia is very full of herself. Narcissistic to a large fault, she doesn’t show much care about things beyond how beautiful she is that day or the basic well-being of friends and families. She’s prim and proper, with very low tolerance for ‘savagery’ or ‘barbarians’. If you aren’t an intellect, Nadia won’t have anything to do with you.

Wing appearance: With a twenty-foot wingspan, Nadia has butterfly wings that match the patterning of a Large Blue.

History: Nadia’s parents had high expectations for her, difficult standards in her schooling and behavior for her to meet. Education was simple enough but Nadia’s personality just didn’t cut it. Born to a wealthy family who had a reputation as the city’s business gurus, Nadia’s narcissism and love of books didn’t really make a good match. Fortunately, her younger sister was able to take up the role of kingpin in the business, leaving Nadia free to run her own library. She’s managed to fill it with only the best and rarest books in existence.

Skills: Extensive factoid knowledge, calligraphy, story writing, appraising objects (especially books), mathematician

War or peace: Doesn’t care so long as she doesn’t get dirty and can keep her library.


Username: Narvix

Name: Janine Dembélé

Age: 27 years

Gender: DMAB Female

Ground or Sky: Ground

Class/occupation: Working Class | Baker

Dark Wing supporter: No

Appearance: Quite small for her age, Janine isn’t taller than 5’2” with a frail build. Flour usually covers random patches of exposed skin on her face and forearms, if not her clothes. Her hair is consistently in an untidy bun, the dirty blonde locks lacking any luster due to the ever-present layer of flour. With tanned skin, green eyes, and round facial features, Janine has the stature of a man with a column torso and long limbs.

Personality: Janine has very low self-esteem and lacks confidence, especially when it comes to her appearance and fitting in. She doesn’t speak very loud, rather meekly instead, and easily folds under any pressure. Baking is her source of stress relief, her escape.

Wing appearance: She has transparent dragonfly wings that span almost eighteen feet in length.

History: Janine was born Joseph but, at the age of eleven, didn’t feel right with being a boy. When she identified that she felt more comfortable as a girl, she tried hard to get others to see that as well. However, it was a struggle and her parents weren’t thrilled with the idea. Bullies popped up everywhere and Janine was attacked, verbally or physically, from almost every side. She found two friends who saw her as she was and became her protectors of a sort, giving her a sanctuary when her home no longer was one. Her education was ended prematurely as the school’s environment was not safe anymore. She picked up baking at thirteen and has been baking ever since.

Skills: Baking, reading people, empathy

War or peace: Peace








Violari von Haspburg





Ground or Sky:




Dark Wing supporter:



is rather short, standing at about 5'3" without any tall shoes or fancy hairstyling. The dress she is wearing is one of the many dresses she owns, and one of the least gaudy of them all. She often wears jewelry and little ribbons in her blond hair that reaches just past her shoulders. (She looks a bit older than the image above)


The rich girl is rather vain, always worrying about her appearance and how clean her feathers are. She goes so far as to have a specially formulated conditioner for her wings to make them shiny and full and soft, and she does the same for her hair and her body soap, using "exotic" ingredients (considering that they don't have the chemicals that we do). She often tries silly beauty treatments, like moonbathing. Anything to be beautiful. She is lazy and is not used to the idea of doing work herself, growing up privileged all her life, with servants to do everything for her. She looks like she has a kind heart -and to a degree she does- but she's mostly focused on her looks. She enjoys attracting men and flirting with them, and she likes to sleep with them often behind her oblivious father's back. She is somewhat demanding.

Wing appearance:

Her feathered wings are rainbow colored and bright, about 17 feet from wingtip to wingtip.


Her noble father, William von Haspburg, grew even more powerful and rich by becoming the Sky King's most trusted advisor. So, by the time she was born to his first wife, the family was living in a rich splendor, with one of the grandest houses in the entire kingdom. Violari always was given what she wanted, and she grew to be silly and sweet. She witnessed her father split from her mother and go through a series of wives, giving her many half siblings, to a grand total of fourteen- and still more coming. Having one of the most important jobs in the kingdom, her father is never really around, and all of her stepmothers would either be pregnant or enjoying a rich lifestyle. So, she would often have a bit too much freedom, and when she got older she would spend this time outside. She slowly grew rather lustful; nearly all men wanted to see her under the dress, so she let them. It was fun, since in her lavish lifestyle she wasn't required to have a job. Now, she has a mindset that her stunning figure could be used to sway men to her side.


She. Cannot. Fight. Since the von Haspburg line has male heirs to learn all the important stuff, she was only taught academics.

War or peace:

Peace. War is too tiring to worry about.





Derrick Rockbell





Ground or Sky:



Working Class (Crystal Miner)

Dark Wing supporter:

Nah. He needs to focus on his job.


{Base picture. Dude on the left}

Derrick is tall, standing at 5'9, with soft brown eyes and a few scars from past mining injuries. His clothes are generally mucky, dusty and nearing threadbare due to not being able to afford new garments. But due to the heavy labor required, he is rather toned and strong.


Derrick is not one to give in. Once he sets his eye on a goal he keeps on course until he achieves whatever he needed/wanted to. He firmly believes that hard work gets you places in life, even if you're not in the best of situations. He's loyal to his friends and does his best to ensure the safety of his fellow group of miners; knowing that they have wives and families they need to care for, he takes it upon himself to help them return home. He has a varying sense of humor, from dry to dark to downright punny. He does his best to be a likeable person, and he's quite the hopeless romantic.

Wing appearance:

His wings are of a muted coloration, the reason why he's even a Groundling; grey draconic wings with a black membrane.


All the Rockbells that were alive when he was growing up were crystal miners, working in the deep caves and risking their lives to produce the rocks that fueled many flames. A serious injury or death in the unpredictable environment was not rare, and most miners grew used to the losses. This only motivated Derrick to help prevent deaths later on; if he didn't feel pain, someone else surely would. Heroic? Not really. Safety is always a virtue, and taking precautions would also protect his own hide.


He is able to pick up a degree of heavy things and move them, and he is able to glide fast. However, he has never had much experience with actual combat.

War or peace:

Peace. War would require more supplies, which would require more crystals, which would require more workers that could be harmed.





Username: Dalek Raptor (RoD sleep.gif)

Name: Zoey Smith

Age: 35

Gender: Female

Ground or Sky: Sky

Class/occupation: Scribe

Dark Wing supporter: No

Appearance: She has short brown hair with crystal blue eyes. She is short standing at 5' and very slender

Personality: Zoey is quiet and often soft spoken. She believes in peace and refuses to fight.

Wing appearance: Zoey has beautiful Eurasian eagle-owl that reach about 15 ft in length that is a bit dark brown then usual with whiter spots on her wings

History: Zoey always loved reading from when she was very little. The more she read the more she loved to visit the worlds on the pages. Growing up, she visited the nearby library as she kept rereading the books she had and realized how terrible war could be and doesn't want one to start up after reading different books. Most of the time you can find her in the library

Skills: Can memorize a book she only read once and quote exact words.

War or peace: peace

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Reserved (just in case! smile.gif )


Questions: what are the wings like in the desert compared to the mountains?

A: desert avians have wings have thin layers of feathers, insect, or thin leathery bat like wings often reflect the sun to keep off the heat. However the mountains are cold so insect wings on the mountains are uncommon to rare, often having to hide them under clothes to keep them from freezing and breaking. They have fur lined wings or fluffy feathered ones like a snowy owl.




Q: Are one's wings based on what their parents have? For example, would a child of too Avians with feathered wings be expected to have feathered wings as well? Would their patterns and shape be similar?

A: Yes and no. If the family is pure feather barn owl wings they yes they'll be like their parents, but if there's Dragon wings, white wings speckled feathered and butterfly wings thrown into the family line then the child has a chance of having one of those wings. Usually though, females reflect their fathers wings, and males reflect their mother's wings.


Let's say a mother has snow owl wings and the dad has a red tail hawk wings.


A son will have snow owl shape but red tail color on the wings.

A daughter would have hawk shaped wings but snowy owl colors and patterns.

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Gods of Avi Family tree <- is my art! Don't steal!


Himar- (He marr) god of the wind, sky, and king of the gods. Very prominent to the people of avi. (Basically the Zeus of avi)


Zerrtha- (Zee er the) goddess of the underworld, death,nightmare and fire. Know with the groundlings for her affiliation with the earth and the ashes of her burned sacrifices are used to make the earth fertile.


Tirdall- (Tire doll) God Of The Moon husband to Zerrtha.


Tolous- (too lous) God Of Blacksmiths, forge and engineers ideas and knowledge.


Ahva- (Ah Va) Goddess Of The Sun, fertility, womanhood and marriage. wife to Himar queen of the gods


Wesana- (West anna) Goddess Of Night & Day, plants and protector against famine and guardian of livestock. Farming goddess. daughter of himar and Ahva wife to Tolous.


Laenar - (lay nar) God Of Sleep brother of wesana.


Ewna- Goddess Of The Military, victory and battle. sister to Zerrtha wife of Atmir


Atmir- (At-meer) God of War, strength and strategy. Husband to Ewna and brother to Himar.


Seena, Goddess Of Fortune, luck and wealth. Daughter of Enwa and Atmir


Afyja- (Af-ja)Goddess Of Magic, hope, healing, animals, and birth. A virgin goddess of the dawn, twin sister to dinja. Daughter of Wesana.


Dinja- goddess of love, lust, pleasure, male fertility and beauty. Huntress goddess of the stars and dusk. Daughter of tolous and Wesana.


Alous- god of seasons, harvest, health doctors, messengers, thieves and travelers. A Jack of all trades (think Hermes) son of Ewna and Himar.


Botrix- Bow-trix), Goddess Of Justice truth, morals, chivalry, peace and virtue. Daughter of Ewna and Atmir



Animals of avi

Most animals are similar to ours, only a handful are different from ours.


Saber tooth Sword wolves (aka sword wolf)- large wolf creatures with saber teeth that are black, jagged and wickedly sharp. They are mostly red meat, and their hides go for a hefty price. Their fangs can be used as swords and their skulls as shields. They live everywhere and their fur ranges from dessert sand color to a dark auburn, a rich brown or black, and in the mountains- white.


Dracon - very large snake like creatures that spit acid that erodes everything except for Dragon flame tempered glass. Their scales are large oval shaped plates and are as hard as a Dragon scale. (Even harder then that) they are used as shields although they are very heavy and as large as a man (5'6"). Dracons are found in the desert caves and are nocturnal creatures.


Cloud cat - small panther like creatures with bat like wings, as tall as a young boy and a large wingspan. They are tameable, rideable and mostly live and hunt in the sky, only landing to rest or when taking care of little ones. They are mostly found in caves and trees with black, white or a tan colored fur. Images here here and here


Shadow hound- resurrected dogs or wolves that fade from moving skeletons with a red painted spell on their skull to shadowy creatures with glowing eyes. They never eat nor sleep. They are only created by a zerrtha priest/ priestess. image and image (see Lilith for skeletal image)


dragons- these aren't big creatures. They are sometimes as big as a house cat or as large as a horse. They are mainly bred for their affinity for shiny things and are used to protect jewel mines, safes, homes and temples from thieves. They are easy to take care of and eat very little. They come in many colors and are quite tame to their masters. They breath fire or ice.


lunar phantom/ nightmare howlers- wolf or fox like creatures that haunt graveyards, battle fields, massacres or places where those who were killed was painful and traumatic. These beasts feast on the lingering effects of the pain and suffering of the land. One can see them from a distance with their emaciated look, red glowing eyes or their white glowing fur.

They look the same, but there's one thing that's different between the two: lunar phantoms are benevolent while nightmare howlers also haunt the wicked who caused others sufferings. Nightmare howlers can be herd by wicked souls who killed the innocent when they howl, for their calls sound like screams of the victims. These particular beasts have callers of thorns, chains, spikes, barbed wire or rope around their neck symbolizing the punishment for wicked souls. If one does enough wicked deeds in their lives, these creatures pull out the soul and drag them to Zerrtha herself for punishment. Lunar phantoms can be seen by everyone, where nightmare howlers can be seen by those who witnessed death. image


Terror Crabs - known as Desert Spirits by the avians inhabiting the desert - are huge orange crabs with a white downside and black striped on their back. There are very few of them and no corpses have ever been found. Their pincers are one of the few things capable of breaking through Dracon scales, although it is still far from easy. The desert avians favor these creatures more than they favor the gods, as the gods tend not to bother much about the desert and instead the Desert Spirits protect the desert avians, fighting threats and giving them lighter travel in times of need. A famous story mothers tell their children in the desert tells about an orphan baby raised by a Desert Spirit; although this story is widely accepted as a fairy tale by even the desert avians.


Jeweled steer- these are actually deer like creatures with scales that are the spirits of the mountains. These creatures are very peaceful and if one befriends them it is said they would bond with that person and protect their children and children's children for as long as they live. They hardly ever touch the ground out of fear of disturbing the peace of the blades of grass. They have shrines built in their honor, seen as gods and protectors of the mountain avi people and some of these creatures see these temples as their homes. They came in many sizes and colors. Size depends on age and some are over two thousand years old, perhaps as old as the gods. It is difficult to tell the gender for each one has a stag horn or horns and a jeweled orb floating by magic between their antlers or wrapped in their beards. A favored fable about these creatures is when a young girl obtained a jewel by comforting a dying steer and hatching a pure golden steer that brought her luck and honor to her family. image image image image (based on Qilin/Kirin art work not mine)


Rock bandits- creatures that are small and have gems, ore veins or crystals coming from their short Rocky grey bodies. They are knee high and often bother minors by throwing rocks, causing cave ins and taking the ore or crystals they mined.

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Username: Felixr2

Name: Nat Clanc

Age: 46

Gender: Male

Ground or Sky: Sky

Class/occupation: Engineer. One of the best around.

Dark Wing supporter: Dark Wing? What kind of machine is THAT?

Appearance: He stands at 1.6 metres, with creme colored skin that is pretty much always dirty (think oil, ash, dust, coal, etc.). He has black hair that's a big mess and silvery grey eyes. His mouth and nose are a bit sharp, all of this giving him a slight mad scientist look. He wears brown cloth rags. All of this in contradiction to the beauty that the skylings are known for.

Personality: All he's really busy with are his machines and as a result he's gotten pretty isolated. The other skylings say he's a weirdo, some even think he's a sociopath, but if you ever get to talk with him, you'll be surprised to see he's actually a very wise, warm, social, caring man.

Wing appearance: His mad-scientist-like appearance drags on to even his wings; they are very streamlined and covered in feathers that appear to be made of some kind of steel, but, of course, are a lot lighter than that. They have the same silvery grey color as his eyes.

History: He comes from the Clanc family, which is renowned for their sublime knowledge on technology. His ancestors were the ones who created the technology used to keep the cities in the clouds, in the clouds. The knowledge has been passed on from father/mother to children with every generation, and every generation discovered something new. As for Nat, he didn't get to learn everything, as his father didn't survive an accident with a new machine that would be able to carry a pesron from one sky city to another faster than they could fly to it with their own wings. The problem: it wasn't efficient enough with the fuel, causing it to stop mid-flight. Nat had decided to continue his father's project, his notes giving him reference on how much energy he needed to get out of the fuel in order to safely make the trip. He is certain he is very close to a breakthrough with this, but others don't believe that. They think the Clancs aren't what they used to be anymore.

Skills: Very good in making machines of all sorts. Surprising, eh?

War or peace: He doesn't really mind either, as long as he can work on his machines he's fine.




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Early morning; Groundling Market place in the Town square


Simon kissed his mother and sister goodbye as he finished carefully packing the last of the red glass bulbs and vases in to a soft, rabbit fur lined leather case that he used to carry around his wears with out breaking them. It was another day like every other day that came before it. He had woken up, cleaned himself and polished his wings until the colors threw themselves around the dark hut in just candle light alone.


With the last of this day’s wears packed away he grabbed his cash box and flew to the town square where the marketplace was just setting up for the day’s customers. Gracefully he landed on a platform made for the merchants who have to fly long distances to advertise their wears. Although many vendors have yet to open, the place was still busy with the bustle of setting up extravagant displays or customers milling about to get the finest valuables at bargain prices.


Making his way down the steps he passed the bread cart, and a jewelry vender taking his spot by a fur sells men. They both made an agreement to be next to each other for the richest clientele browses this section…. And nobody wanted to be near the arms dealer out of fear of damaging their goods. Here he set up a few cast off borrowed furs on stacks of crates before carefully placing the glass plates, figures, vases and goblets on the padding and polished them one more time before taking his place behind the display and sitting on a barrel that held his cash box inside.





Early morning sacrifice at Zerrtha’s Temple


Lilith looked up the large statue of her patron goddess as the added a few more crystal tree leaves to the large iron brazier that sat at the goddesses’ taloned feet. She then added the Thyme, sage wood and cumin incense on top of the burning crystal leaves filling the grey granite temple and the road way beyond the eighteen wide steps to get inside.


The goddess statue was a life like image of a woman with pale ghostly skin, a hard angular face and solid black eyes fixed in a grotesque “I’ll haunt your dreams” type look. Her wings had the likeness of a black cloud cat and had the skulls of sword wolves as shoulder guards. Zerrtha’s feet where a cross between a cloud cat and a Night howler, as her hands held out in a welcoming gesture, her palms turned upwards blood red claws curved towards the ceiling of the modest sized temple. A second brazier made from bronze filled with fire was placed in her right hand symbolizing power and a statue of a Nightmare Howler in the other showing punishment.


Without hesitation, and a hint of urgency, Lilith threw in a bunch of the finest grapes sent as an offering before tuning and heading behind the statue to trap door. This dropped down to a tunnel that held a maze of large caverns; she used these for Dark Wing meetings and doubled as the living quarters of the temple head. With her faithful shadow hound obediently following in her wake; she fondly called it Zaphus after her late father, she glided in to the cavern, the sharp precise sound of her heeled boots echoing off the hallowed walls. The gathering she had ordered today was to commence at noon, and she’d better hide anything of value before any of them attended.




Early morning at the Skyling city; Kings palace.


“I said bring me my adviser! Get me William!” Shouted the sky King throwing a silver cup at his servant before he keeled over in his platinum throne in a coughing fit. He was still in his prime, but has an illness that not a single one of the healers, not even the masters of the Alous with all their magic can not find a cure for his sickness. He didn’t want to wait until he had his morning meal. This was vital to his throne! “Himar’s feathers! Off with you presumptuous fool! Get me William Von Haspburg immediately and that’s an order!” he snarled after the fleeing servant, spittle flying from between his lips. Once alone again he sank back into the cushioned back, his pure golden colored eagle shaped wings decorated with precious gemstones drooped in an undignified manor. His strength was failing him and he had to bring his …son..-no mater what back ground he came from- here so others can not usurp his bloodline. Hopefully William would be up to the task he’d only entrust to his number one adviser.

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Early Morning at the Skyling city; the main CRF (Clanc Research Facility)


Nat Clanc was flying through the sky near the speed of sound in his newest machine, internally laughing at all the skylings that didn't believe him. He made a bunch of sky acrobatics just to show off how well he had done, carefully keeping track he could still safely reach his destination when--




Nat's alarm clock went off, waking him up from his dream. Although it was useful, it did often annoy him and as he usually was an early bird, so he let it go off a bit too late, and he'd turn it off before it rang whenever he got the chance.


"I'm already late, better get to work soon - no time for breakfast today." He mumbled to himself while getting out of bed and turning off the alarm. Alas, it was just a dream, but one that he believed in. His ancestors had changed the world one by one, and he wouldn't be the first one to break that tradition. The room around him was an "organized mess", as he liked to call it. A regular person would see a random arranged collection of notes, sketches, formulas, gears, spare parts and complete machines, but Nat knew exactly what stood where. If anything went missing, he'd notice. Making his way towards the working table he was already pondering. None of his theories had worked out as of late and it started to seem impossible, but he didn't want to think about that, he forced the idea of impossibility out of his mind. He did have a new idea to make little to none of the heat escape by adding a second metal plate attacked to the engine with cork and removing all air between the plates. The only problem was that his previous experiments had already used up all the crystal logs that were meant for the entire month, so he couldn't test it. Frustrated by this delay he realised there wasn't much to do today.


"Oh well," he said to himself, "at least I can have breakfast now."






Early Morning at the Skyling city; royal army's training ground


Eron was just done sparring with two people at a time - and still easily being in control of the battle - as he noticed one of the king's servants walking by and angrily mumbling to himself about his job. A couple of minutes later the same servant came back with the king's advisor.


The king must be having a hard time again, I wonder what it's about this time... He thought, curiously. He didn't had much time to think though, because soon enough it was time to train again, or well, help others training. For the sake of equality it was supported to train with people of the same rank in order, but he clearly outclassed almost all the others that shared his rank, and the ones that did compare to him, or at least came close enough for him to actually put effort into the training sessions, were all still sleeping.


(The others can't really be posted yet.)

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Early morning; Groundling Market place in the Town Square


Hands in his pockets, Derrick strolled into the marketplace, even though it was early and he was unlikely to find much. He was using his time before he had to work to see if he could get himself a new pickaxe; he could tell that his was close to breaking and he had been saving up some money for one. Of course he wasn't expecting anything nice, he just needed one that he could afford that would last him to the next time he had to buy one. He looked at the stalls, most of them closed until later. He didn't have later, at least not today. The miner whistled as he found a burly man selling things like swords and pickaxes. Perfect. Hoping the little bit of money was enough, he walked up to the stand.


Early morning at the Skyling city; Royal Palace


The adviser rushed as quickly as he could without knocking his colorful wings into things. The von Haspburg family only bred with wings of the feathery kind, and he expected no less from his children. As such, all of them had colorful feathered wings, like birds of paradise. William, you're letting your mind wander once again. Focus on the task at hand! His Majesty needed him urgently, and he would fly through the castle if it were possible not to break anything. He sped through the halls, wondering what the kind needed him for.


Finally, he made it to the throne room. The platinum throne was a sight to behold. The tall man's cloak billowed slightly around him as he walked down the red carpet before kneeling at the king's feet. "What may I do for you, Your Majesty?"

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[ early morning ; ienlynn residence ]


She woke to the soft melody of twinkling bells.

Ah, thought Elisven, it must be windy today.

Large green eyes blinked open, once, twice, before she washed the sleep from her lidded gaze, her long lashes casting a half moon shadow across her cheeks before they blinked into awakening.

She was greeted by the sight of her bedroom, the high-rise ceiling with a grand, decorated crystal chandalier above her bed. She sat up, watching the sun's rays spill across her carpeted floors through her curtains, thin, delicate veils that proved more decoration than useful, and gave a soft yawn before opening her wings.


The large glasswing butterflies sprung to life, delicate gold seemingly runnning alive through the illusion of the light. Streaking through the surface of her wings like delicate golden veins, a idyllic picture was revealed as her wings slowly rose to reflect the large mural painted behind her bed. A rather fitting scene for a bedroom that was mostly pastel pinks and mints, reflected within her thinly-picturesque wings were white lilies tainted gold, and the green leaves of healthy summer. Elisven remembered the construction of this piece; it had been when the girl was younger, and had fallen quite ill, and her father had commissioned painters to craft an image that would brighten the girl's fading spirits. And thus it had, and forever it was decided to remain.


Casting her glance around the room, Elisve realised the source of the light.

"I forgot to close the window," she murmured to herself, almost sleepily; but who could blame her? The late-night moonlight spilling in from a mysterious outside was almost as if had come straight from a fairytale, and Elisven was naught one to deny herself such a sight.


The girl slipped from bed, opening her wardrobe. She choose a simple dress today, a frilled white dress with a brown corset and a faint divide tainted blue. There were slight golden highlights, meant to compliment her wings--she would never admit being a victim of pride, but that she was--and reached for a comb on her dressed, carved wood and inscribed.


"Perhaps I should go to the library today," she mused to herself, wondering what to do on a day that seemed so perfectly peaceful yet terribly boring, and considered her choices some more as she brushed through her hair, delicate fingers carefully untangling long blonde strands.




[ early morning ; vogel's personal property ]


Villads grinned to himself, the dark-haired thief brushing a stray strand from his eyes as a sharp gaze inspected the scene before him.

Too easy.

He had been watching the black-haired scientist for a while; the man had been so scatterbrained it had been ridiuclously easy to track him without being noticed. After witnessing the man so caught up in his research and wonderings that he'd nearly bumped into a couple poles in his time, Villads determined that this would be an easy job--if not his easiest yet.

Is this guy even for real?

It would be a quick in-and-out. He waited until he was sure the scientist would be asleep--it was early morning, and surely the madness of research had been wiped out by the need for rest?--and made his move.

He slipped in easily, using a window that had been left open. Quickly scanning the scene before him, Villads readied himself for a quick precious moments of hunting. Where were the scientist's valuables?

There were nothing but books scattered across the desks and various chairs strewn about. Why? Texts were useless as they came--hard, heavy things, yet not worth enough to be traded for gold beyond measure, and not helpful enough to provide one with food and drink. Villads would never understand why so-called 'scholars' chose to bury themselves behind endless words instead of facing the harsh truths of their current society.

But no, he wasn't here to mock the scientist's personal morals--as much as he wished to. The dark-haired thief laughed to himself, light blue eyes shimmering in the early morning blaze, as he found a box filled with small trinkets and pieces of jewelry that flashed distractingly underneath the sun's watch. This could be traded for a bit, he guessed, before snatching up the precious metals in his fingers and feeling the cool material slip between his calloused fingertips.

Ah, the feeling of wealth. Such a fleeting one, but one could be allowed to revere in its miracles for just a few precious seconds.

He hummed a tone as he worked. Overconfident was he in his ability, that soon Villads gave up all pretenses of politeness. The scientist was asleep, as he had guessed--the thief shoved aside books weighing more than the gold lining his pockets, and continued his hunt for hidden treasure.


Until, that is, he heard a noise.

Promptly looking up--and nearly hitting his head on a desk in the process--Villads found himself face to face, locked in gaze with the assumed-sleeping-scientist.

There was a heartbeat of silence.


"Why aren't you asleep?" the thief screeched, flapping his wings in surprise. A few feathers flew from his actions, resting pieces of screaming evidence to his crime on the scientist's floor.

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Early Morning; Vogel's House


Vogel glanced at the clock and nearly swore. He'd meant to get some sleep the night before, really. Everything went slower when he was tired, and he was liable to make mistakes. It wasn't like there was any rush, either. There had been one time, when the tendon samples would've gone bad if he hadn't taken the measurements in time (the last time he bought preservatives from that supplier).


In any case, there wasn't a point in losing focus just because the sun was rising. He'd snuff out the candles and make a quick breakfast, when he had to. At that moment, he was in the state of mind where everything just seemed to flow so perfectly. Like, a river or something. Or, like the thoughts crystallized into place. Ice?


Well, that had been it, anyway. It was a tendency of his, for his brain to get dragged off by poorly thought out similes when he was so tired. One moment he was jotting down notes fast enough to splash ink onto his hand, and the next he was struggling to get his scale to work. Somehow, the number was changing by a fraction of a gram. It was enough to mess with his conclusions, especially if the scale was broken.


It took him fifteen minutes to remember that he was using his spare scale, and that he had left his good one in the library.


He squeezed his eyes shut for a few seconds, then stood up to retrieve it. He had to step around a pile of books to get to the library, but it was like that in most of his house. Stacks of papers covered every surface, save for some frequently-cleared counter tops. The library was a bit neater, at least. He called it that, but it probably held less paper than the rest of his house. It was where he kept all of the good books, on proper bookshelves instead of chairs and tables.


Still, it took him longer than expected to find it. He was sure-


He stared into the man's eyes, unblinking.


"Why aren't you asleep!?"


Vogel nearly screamed, but it came out as more of a shriek. "I- what!? Did you just break into my house- of course I'm not- why aren't you asleep!?" The question didn't make sense, he knew, but he was too tired and shocked to care.


His eyes tracked the feathers as they floated downwards, momentarily distracted from the thief. "Oh, huh, do you normally molt at this time of year? It's pretty early, unless your wings aren't the standard aves type- have you checked for mites? Could be plenty of other parasites and diseases, but-" No. There was an intruder in his house. "I mean- hey! What are you doing here!?"



Early Morning; Ienlynn Residence, Outside


Cyrille finished off a flourish of practice swings before sheathing her rapier. It was a good way to start the day. The overly fancy techniques took focus to pull off, provided valuable practice and were light exercise. Most importantly, they were enjoyable.


Deciding that it was late enough to avoid disturbing Elisvan, she knocked lightly on the door. It was a routine thing, simply to let her know that she had arrived. There was no rush, and indeed, if Elisvan deigned to sleep another hour she wouldn't mind. It was her job to protect her and keep her company, and pestering the girl would accomplish neither end.


When the door did open, Cyrille bowed lightly and smiled. "You look gorgeous as always, Lady Elisvan. What is it that you wish to accomplish upon this fine morning?" The formality wasn't necessary. Their families weren't that far apart in status, and her father would be embarrassed by her lowering herself in such a way, but it was fun. Besides, she liked Elis. Why not show her some respect?

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[ early morning ; ienlynn residence, elisven's room ]


Elisven was roused from her thoughts when she heard a soft knock on the door. Smiling slightly, the girl wondered who it could possibly be at this hour. She didn't get many visitors, her conversations nowadays mostly consisting of talk with her parents and a few trusted friends. She finished up the bow on her final pigtail, brushing the blonde strands from her shoulder as they gently slid down and separated into fine golden hairs.


When she opened the door with a soft click, the girl was pleased--and surprised, though she has expected such a visit around this time--to discover that Cyrille stood before the grand oaken doors. The other bowed, a soft smile upon her lips, and spoke in nothing but gentle words.


Her fingers brushed the fabric of her dress as Elisven lifted her gown, dipping down into a small curtsey. "Cyrille," she greeted, "it is lovely to see you this morning. Have you been up long?" She eyed the one before her, dressed in full armour with her rapier sheathed and armed at her side, as always. It did not surprise Elisven that Cyrille was already up and training, though the girl softly wondered if she should be doing more, all things considered.


"Oh gosh," she replied, brushing her friend's arm gently as she stepped out into the hall. "Formalities are not nessecary, my friend, neither of us are high in ranking." The girl giggled--as much as she liked to play formalities and the perfect little lady, Elisven was well aware her father was a simple university noble, not nearly comparable to the many wonderous skylings that often graced the king's court. Their lives as simple knight and lady were not subject to much change, after all. She began to walk, keeping her gaze located on the one by her side.


"I wish to walk around," the girl replied, humming noncommittmently. "Perhaps to visit the library?" she sighed slightly, a small exhale of air. "The days are so boring, my friend, maybe I should take up a knighthood just for something to do." She entertained the thought, then couldn't resist as a giggle escaped her usually placid facade. Imagine that--her, a knight!





[ early morning ; vogel's residence ]


The scientist had repeated his question back at him, and for a brief moment Villads felt a prick of annoyance.


"I asked you first!" he replied childishly, scrambling to his feet. "And it's early in the morning! I thought you'd be passed out face first on the ground or something."


Villads was cut off from his ramblings by the scientist suddenly--huh? The man was now inspecting his feathers that had fallen to the ground, muttering about ... 'molt'? What was that?


Mites? Mites?


Villads gathered himself with a huff, crossing his arms. "Well, excuse me, lord skyling," he began, voice too grand to be anything but mockery, "not everyone has the pleasantries of having perfectly groomed wings. I am not infected with parasites." Just who was this person? Villads had just seen about three different expressions flutter across the scientist's face in the spawn of a couple seconds, and the ambiance made his head hurt. Was it too late to knock the guy out and run?


Oh. The million-dollar question.


Well, there was no hiding it. There were, surprisingly, very few excuses for this situation.


Villads shrugged, stuffing his hands into his pockets as he felt his fingers wrap around the cool gold that rested deep within the cloth. "Robbing you," he said increously. "Did you not notice until now?"



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Early Morning: Janine


She stared at the ceiling for several minutes, contemplating how much she actually wanted to get up versus remain in bed. It was one of those days and she already hated it, already felt drained from the looming stress. Eventually, the short woman groaned and sat up, flicking her dragonfly wings to stretch them and ensure no awkward folds. With a sigh, Janine tossed back her covers, swung her feet over the edge of her mattress, and began the motions of her day.


Getting dressed never took long. Throw up her hair into a bun, slip into a plain frock, tie an apron around her squared waist, and she was set. Flats covered her feet, the shoes in desperate need of repair that she just couldn't afford. There were several things in her home that needed repair but went without it due to financial pressure. So she learned how to make temporary fixes out of cheap materials she could use. Of course, a lot of fixes stopped working far sooner than she hoped and it was a struggle trying to find something else.


Opening the battered door that led into her kitchen, Janine stepped out of her personal space and entered her area of business. The kitchen, dingy and in a poor state, opened into a larger room that provided free access to potential customers. A long counter divided the room horizontally, defining the 'employees only' half from the 'public' half. A set of display cases lined the ends of the counter, giving Avians the ability to see what she presently had available. If what they wanted wasn't there, they either needed to come back later or place an order.


Running the only local bakery this side of town, some would have thought that Janine's business would be thriving. Except, it wasn't. In fact, she was barely making enough to remain in her home and afford a meager food supply. She worried constantly about losing the best thing she knew how to do.


Pressing the heel of her palm into her forehead, she cooed to herself, transparent wings fluttering anxiously. She wouldn't think of that right now. That was stress for later. Right now, she needed to open her shop and start making sales. Composed, her fingers found the shutter handle, curling around the cold bit of metal. With a grunt, she jerked the stiff cover into motion, pushing it slowly upward despite the complaints of rusted pulleys.

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Early Morning, Vogels' House

Passed out on the ground? He had a bed, and it wasn't like he didn't use it. Just because- well. "Twice," he muttered under he breath. It hadn't even been recent.


Okay, it was good that the thief wasn't infected with parasites (heaven knew he didn't want anything spread to him; one experience with feather rot had been enough), but he didn't have to sound so offended about it. It was the first thing to look for with atypical feather loss, and he'd been just trying to help. The man's wings weren't completely healthy, clearly, but the crooked way he held them looked to be more the result of a bone defect or old injury.


It took him an embarrassingly long time to notice. His eyes widened. "How did you know?" he hissed, glancing from side to side. His cover story, of being the son of a jewelry seller from a far off village, wasn't exactly perfect. Still, few questions had been asked, and he hadn't thought that anyone realized where he was actually from. Some of the books could have given it away, but the thief hadn't even touched A Repository of Wing Types and their Geographical Locations, vol. II. There wasn't a chance that he knew what to look for, with that.


"Oh." He blinked. "I supposed I realized that." He wasn't entirely sure where to go from there. What was the etiquette when one caught a thief in their house?

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sky kings palace. Throne room


"William, as you know my health is failing me. My line must continue! I have a son on the ground, born out of wedlock. His wings would be as magnificent as mine. I want you and your daughter to seek him out and bring him here. Use diplomacy first, then use force... as much as is needed to get him here. He then is to wed your daughter, being a illegitimate heir to the throne, his position must be protected. You being my adviser, your line would be the leader when I pass. His marriage to your daughter would guarantee his crown. Do this discreetly. If word gets out I am dying, the uprising would happen sooner.." He started coughing again, this time so hard specks of blood flecked the pristine white silk cloth he used as a handkerchief. "Go quickly...take only what you deem necessary."



mid morning marketplace


Now things where picking up! Simon sat as gradually the small scattering of pedestrians grew from a trickle, to a steady stream, before the morning crowds pushed their way into the narrow cobbled streets of Leones. He had sold five vases, three plates one goblet and sixteen little glass figures. It was around this time he normally ate lunch, so leaving his stall in the care of a cat sized burgundy and crimson colored Dragon from the fur stall He took some money and wormed his way up the stream to Janine's bakery. He was a usual customer ever since he discovered the run down place and the banana bread she makes. Considering his sales today where going very well, he would put a lemon pound cake on order and a chocolate muffin with cream cheese filling for Tara's birthday today.


He pushed open the door making the bell chime. "Morning!" He called inside.



mid morning, Alcoves under Zerrtha's temple


A spin and a click of the walk in safe reassured Lilith that everything of value was once again safe. She wouldn't have to do this if Villads wasn't so kleptomaniacal when it came to anything relatively shiny.


With a heavy sigh she looked at the now sparse room with a black iron and red velvet ordinate chair that sat at the head of a long rectangular stone table with a second less decorative one sat beside it. The table was complete with simple wooden chairs or stools that served their purpose for today then would be stored for later usage.


She sat down in her throne like chair and looked intently at the only entrance to the catacombs she traced the accurate bone molding that made her seat seem like it was fashioned for Zerrtha herself with the blackened skeletons of burning damned. Her second in command was always early and she felt more in control of this rowdy bunch with him around. Women had very little positions of power, and often the men that made the majority of the group refused to listen to her resulting in her using drastic intimidation methods. Today she would like things to go relatively smooth so her master plan could be set into motion.

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Mid morning, sky king's palace.


Lara Aumbrine was just getting ready to go to the Dark Wing meeting today as she heard the king talk to his advisor. "William, as you know my health is failing me. My line must continue! I have a son on the ground, born out of wedlock. His wings would be as magnificent as mine." She knew enough. Not wanting to get suspicious by standing near the entrance to the king's throne room, she slowly walked away again, not pulling any attention towards herself. She kept walking until she was far enough away from anyone who knew her and fled to her house on the ground, faraway from civilization, to change her clothes and make-up, and most importantly her wings, to the way Lilith knew her. I guess I have some quite interesting news today...




Mid morning, Zerrtha's temple.


Flint had just arrived at the temple for the meeting. "Heh, better not be too late if you want to keep the whelps to respect you", he said to himself while making his way to the alcoves underneath the temple. Entering the room where Lilith always held the Dark Wing meetings, he saw the leader sitting on her throne already. "Good morning, mistress Deersung", Flint said, "I see you already hid all the valuable objects for Villads. So what did you want to discuss today? Any news from Lara already?"




Mid morning in the Skyling City, Charles Brown's residence.


Charles had just finished his breakfast as he saw how late it was. "Better get ready", he mumbled to himself. Despite the fact his looks didn't matter at the Dark Wing meeting, he still did his best to look as good as possible. He wasn't being idle, but he had told the skylings that he'd go to see his family, and he hadn't seen them in a year so he'd at least look neat for the special day, right? That would probably be the expectation of the skylings, he thought, and he didn't want to draw to look suspicious, especially with the amount of attention he usually drew by just walking around. He took off in the direction of his home, flying there until he was sure he was out of sight. Then, he turned around and headed for Zerrtha's temple.




Mid morning, Liam's residence.


It was strange luck. The first day in months on which he didn't have anyone left to kill happened to be the day of the Dark Wing meeting. How fortunate, he could attend! These meetings usually happened to get him some orders, so he'd rather not miss it. Packing his daggers and blowpipes, he thought of something else. Of course, I can ask Flint to pay me with a gun for killing whichever person they want me to kill...

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Mid Morning: Janine


Hearing the bell chime, Janine looked up from the dough she was kneading, blinking slowly as she regarded her who customer was. Simon. A shy smile splayed across her features and she lowered her gaze out of uncertainty. Simon was one of the few who seemed to tolerate her to some degree and frequently came to her shabby bakery. "Good morning, Mr. Xeon," she greeted, curling her fingers in the dough to focus. "Give me a minute and I'll be right there to help you," she informed.


Smoothing the dough into a nice roll, she grabbed a nearby towel and quickly wiped off any stray flour or dough that clung to her skin. She tried to tidy up her frock and apron too but those were somewhat of a lost cause. Crossing the distance from her work station to the counter, Janine found herself staring at his wings again. The vibrant colors and glass-like texture left her aching, a sourness towards her own inadequate display of dragonfly wings. Subconsciously, the four appendages fluttered with her anxiety before laying still against her back once more.


"What can I do for you today?" Janine asked, her voice soft and almost hesitant as it typically was.

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Mid Morning; Ienlynn Residence


"Oh, not so long. Perhaps an hour or two." It had been enough time to take care of Cloudchaser, don her armor, run a few rapier drills, and arrive at a slow pace, anyway. She wasn't one to pay much attention to the time, when the sun did so well. "I do hope I didn't disturb your rest." It was doubtful, but better to apologize now than not.


Cyrille grinned. "Ah, but where would be the fun in that?" She took her friend's hand in hers, then swept her other one out dramatically as she took a step forward. "Come, my lady! May Himar light our footsteps as we partake in this grand endeavor!" She laughed and started to walk, keeping pace with Elis.


"A fine idea. Nadia will be there, will she not?" She couldn't deny that Nadia could be, ah, a little self-centered at times. Still, she considered her a friend, and the library was always nice. Even if Nadia wasn't the person to expect much sympathy from, the atmosphere of the building and the available books made it a delight.


"You, a knight? I'll admit I can't very well picture it, but the imagination leaves much to be desired, does it not? I find it to be a worthy pursuit, though I have to admit I'm biased," she said, chuckling lightly. "It pains me to hear of your boredom, friend- what may be done to remedy that?"

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Mid Morning Zoey's Residence


Zoey ruffled her feathers as she looked for a book. It was a particular book and she wanted to bring it with her before going to the library to find other books just like it before going elsewhere to write. It was the only book she had on the history of wings and she wanted to bring the wings of the groundlings into the mix. She was rather curious about their ways and wanted to learn something new. It was interesting being a scribe, you were always learning things. She chuckled to herself before finding the book she needed before heading out. It was time to get to the library. She already wasted half of the morning trying to find the book. When she did eventually got to the library, Zoey smoothed out her outfit before heading inside, her wings folding nicely across her back.

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[ mid morning ; vogel's residence ]


Villads wanted to put his face in his hands and leave this room. The scientist was murmuring to himself again, and he had a meeting to get to. He just wanted to rob someone who looked so pitifully unaware it was almost funny, not get stuck talking about--




As soon as the words had left his mouth, Villads' eyes instantly zeroed in on the scientist's reaction. The man seemed almost panicked, glancing from side to side as he spoke his words quietly yet hurriedly--why?


"How did I know?" Villads repeated, though he himself was confused what exactly it was that he knew. "I followed you," he admitted without shame. "For weeks. I know everything, sweetheart." He neglected to mention he didn't know the man's name, but surely the scientist was bound to figure out his bluff sooner or later. He was a good liar, but all lies had an expiration date, after all.


"So?" Villads threw up his hands and shrugged, feeling the gold slipped into the steams of his clothing move with his actions. "Are you going to call the authorities? Curse me out? Throw things at me?" He'd grown up into a life of crime; this wasn't anything new. The worst the scientist could do was leave him bruised for a couple days, but Villads would be back to stealing and harassing the general public as soon as he was able. He really wasn't about to panic at something so insignificant.


[ mid morning ; ienlynn residence ]


Elisven hummed as Cyrille spoke; her friend rose so early, and the girl marveled at how awake she seemed despite the implications of all she had done before arriving at their present location. "Oh no, not at all," she dismissed with a casual hand. "I was awoken by the sun already this morning. It's a lovely view to wake up to, no?"


Elis blinked as her friend suddenly took her hand and gestured grandly, sweeping in a clear indication of jest as she spoke of grandiose actions. The girl laughed, see-through wings briefly fluttering as she giggled at the other's actions. "Himar indeed," she replied, eyes glistening with mirth, "for I am sure he has noticed you this morning with such excellent actions, my knight."


She hummed in response to the other's question, and replied with casual grace. "Ah, yes! I'd forgotten Nadia attends to the library first thing in the morning. Very well, I believe we should pay our mutual friend a visit, no?" It would be impolite not to go to the library after knowing that someone she considered a friend would be there; though Nadia had a certain code she went by with who she associated herself with, Elis rather liked the librarian and her quirks.


Elisven smiled at Cyrille's wondering, fluttering her wings once again in the morning breeze as bright eyes looked onto the path that lay ahead. "I could not imagine," the girl replied delicately. "I do so admire those who can learn the way of the sword, for I always fear injuring a wing in the process." A sideways glance was stolen at her friend, who strolled by her side with armour and sword ready. "Simply a talk is enough," she replied, smiling gently. "Things have been quiet lately; father used to tell me of meanderings along the court, but I fear society has both been too quiet lately and my father's research too interesting."

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Mid morning, Royal Palace


William solemnly dipped his head at mention of the king's health, but his expression was not to last. At the mention of the rest of the news his eyes flashed open, and he kept his jaw from dropping to the expensive floor. Illegitimate son?! GROUNDLING son?! The adviser was completely, utterly flabbergasted and at a loss for words. How could he respond politely to this utter blasphemy? How could he say anything about this disgusting sin? His feathers ruffled at the next order. A half-royal scum, even so much as glancing at one of his precious gems!


Well, might as well do his job. He was the royal adviser, after all.


"Sire," he began politely. "While I understand that your bloodline must continue, I'm afraid your...groundling son isn't qualified. Unfortunately, your citizens would never take him seriously, in the scenario that he becomes king. I regret to inform you that this...will not work. This potential heir will bring the kingdom into turmoil." He cleared his throat.


"And...which daughter do you mean?"


((Forgot to mention that Violari is his eldest daughter. Derrick and Violari are very much open.))

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mid morning king's palace; throne room.


"You dare defy your king!?" He slammed his fist on the arm of his throne. With some difficulty, he stood on his feet and spread out his wings. "My line has remained unbroken, descendent's of the demigod Yaktu, son of Himar! It was he who created the cities we stand on today! He has my blood in him, the blood of a ruler. Are you saying to me that in a brief moment of drunken action that you yourself have not fallen prey to desires of the flesh? " He said stepping off his dais and down the steps to his adviser. "He would wed your eldest of course. He should be a man now. I'm sure that when he is seen, they will not doubt his line." He looked behind his throne to a massive stain glass window that had Yaktu casting the spell on the cities to make them fly, his wings where a mirror image of Simon's.


"It is said he has Yaktu's glass wings. That alone would make them mind..." He said softly, almost in a fond tone.




Mid morning Janine's bakery


Simon caught her looking at his wings. He felt... uneasy when people do that. A beautiful pair of wings shouldn't belong on the ground, and many of the looks are ones of jealously. He moved his tattered, frayed, dusty brown cloak from the middle of his back and covered his wings. "I would like my usual lemon pound cake, then I'd like to put in a special order for banana bread and a chocolate cream cheese muffin for later today please." He asked softly setting the money she needed on the counter. "It is a good day for sales today..." He said casually, adjusting the itchy cloak again.


Mid morning Alcoves


"Nothing from Lara yet. Soldiers are building another outpost. I'm planning to sabotage it before they even try to raise a wall. It's near the tavern we exchange information and do black market trades. If they build it there, the guards would drink there at the Serpent's inn and that would be a major blow to our operations..." she said standing up and grasping his hand, giving him a manly hug, clapping him on his shoulder. "It's good to see you Flint. "

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Mid Morning, Lara's residence


Lara had long finished changing up, but she had been early so she remained inside her house to have the lowest chance of anything bad happening to her. Now, she was walking to the temple where they'd have the meeting. She had closed her door and carried the key tied to a necklace, preventing Villads from taking it. First of all she didn't want to have her secret revealed to public at all, but if someone had to reveal it, she'd rather really be outsmarted than having Villads take her key and look for stuff he wanted to have.


Noon, Alcoves


When Lara entered the alcoves and took place on her standard seat, she wanted to warm Lilith up a bit already.


"I have some very interesting news about the Sky King, I guess you'd like to hear it."


Charles stumbled into the room somewhat noisy. "Hey, Lilith, where do I leave those bags of cash? I'd rather have them safe before Villads shows up here, y'know." - "Villads and the others better be here soon, I ain't got all day." Although this wasn't necessarily true, Liam just wanted to know who to kill asap, so he could get his gun asap.


"Be patient," Flint said, "not everyone can be early, and we better have as many people in here as possible before starting."


Mid morning, the streets of the skyling city.


Nat Clanc had had breakfast and fixed some of the damaged machines already before realising that he couldn't make any significant progress without crystal logs. He had decided to go to the king and ask him for another load.


Noon, king's palace


As Nat Clanc entered the king's palace, he saw one of the knights leave. He seemed rather bored, although Nat could tell he had been practicing a lot by just giving a quick look at the knight's sword. Then he noticed the helmet the knight was carrying under his left arm. Eron Lionheart. I had him test a more interactive sparring dummy that would make certain movements when hit in certain ways. Most knights couldn't even hit the thing more than once before getting knocked out, but Eron had destroyed it completely. Impressive, but also quite annoying... Nat made it to the door to the hall to the throne room just to hear he had to wait until the king was ready.


Noon, the streets of the skyling city


"I need to go to a smith", Eron said to himself, looking at his sword. He had fought a lot of rookies and people that would just never be able to make it this morning and he got rather bored of it. He was hoping something more interesting would happen on the streets. Who knows, perhaps he'd run into someone of equal skill with whom he'd actually be able to practice effectively and enjoyably.

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Mid Morning, Vogel's House

It wasn't much of an explanation, but there was no point in taking a risk. It wasn't the most scandalous information, but if the other villagers found out that he had been a skyling... no. He'd be out of business, at the very least. It wasn't like he relied on being a scribe, but the money would run out sooner or later if he didn't replenish it. That was the best-case scenario, and he really didn't want to move.


Vogel gave a short laugh. "If you've been following me, as you've said, you know I can't go to the authorities." He stretched a wing out and began running his fingers over a section, not taking his eyes off the man. The habitual movements were calming, though not as much as he would have liked.


"So? What do you want from me? I doubt you'd go to that much trouble for a few trinkets." Was he working for someone? Looking for information? Kidnapping him for some Dark Wing plot? It could be anything, really. "Would my thief be so kind as to tell me his name?" He didn't attempt to keep the sarcasm out of his voice, nor did he much expect to be told an answer. Still, it was a chance at being able to call the man something other than 'the intruder'.



Early Noon, Library

Cyrille nodded. "'Tis truly a sight, seeing it rise up over the eastern hills. Why, did you see way the clouds were died purple this morning? I doubt I shall ever grow tired of it."


"What, me? Of course! Don't you know, I make it a part of my routine to slay a dracon each morning. The most knightly of actions, really." She paused as Elis spoke, before switching back to a more serious voice. "Indeed. I do hope our visit pleases her."


"I could say similar things about you, friend- it has always amazed me, how you can express such things through music or project a scene onto paper. I have tried, yet never had the time or talent. It seems as though we all have different skills, no?" She gave a few flaps of her wings, careful not to send too much wind towards Elis. After a second of hovering an inch or so above the ground, she touched back down. "If a talk is what you wish for, I am always glad to help. How has your father's research been going now, by the way?"




After some time, they reached the library. The building was impressively large, with tall windows. "Nadia!" Cyrille said as she threw open the oaken doors. "It has been such a long time, friend. How have you been these past days?"

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Mid morning in the Skyling Palace


The adviser nearly jumped out of his feathers, and he huddled them closer to his body as if it would ease the sting of the king's fury. He must really be out of his health...getting furious at me doing my job. Has he ever been this mad before? William shivered. "Ohhh boy..." he mumbled, too quiet to be heard by the magnificent king. It was all too much news to take in at once. The great king made love with a Groundling -why he was on the ground to begin with was beyond him- and the half-blooded prince was the only thing keeping the royal line intact. The great blood of Yatku was very important...but a Groundling!


William bowed. "I will do as you so request, sire." He then turned and strode out, a snarl forming on his face out of the king's view. He hated the thought of being ruled by a Groundling. Absolutely loathed it. But he had to follow His Majesty's orders. He found the commander of the army and confronted him.


"I need your finest elite knights to accompany me on an important mission from His Majesty himself!"

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noon alcoves


Lilith waved off Lara for a moment and turned to Charlie. She handed him a large key fashioned from a baby sword wolf fang. "In the safe down that corridor to the right. Can't miss it, it has an entire cloud cat skeleton on the wall that looks like a dead end. Put that in its mouth and turn it once counter clockwise then again clockwise. Then it'll open for you. " she explained. She knew that only Villads was the one dumb enough to try to steal from Lilith and the temple of Zartha.


"Of course I'd like to hear your news Lara... but when everyone is present of course." Lilith strode smoothly to Liam and smiled at him, speaking with honeied words that to any one who knew her spoke danger. "Liam, wouldn't you like to sit down with us and visit for a bit? It's been a while since our last meeting.... if you're in such a hurry, why don't you go kill father Time? With your skill set I wouldn't put it passed you to do exactly that. But I'd rather you sit and listen to what I have to say. After all, I hold the whip in this circus don't I.. Flint darling don't you agree with me?" She turned around to look at her second in command her two colored eyes seemed to burn into one's soul.





((Can't post Simon until narvix answers. Just posting this so Felix and others don't have to wait long))



noon kings palace


The mighty king slumped against his chair. He saw the tightness in his advisers back. He had his son when he was still young, before he took the crown, visiting his grandparents who had a estate on the Ground. The woman, a groundling servant in their household. A stunning woman and of course he was quite drunk at the time as well. He knew that many would not like a Groundling King born out of wedlock to rule them. He had no choice. He had exiled his best friend and finest soldier to teach and watch over his son, but those notes stopped a year ago when he had passed away. From what he got out of the letters, his son was a honest, hard working, diligent man who stands for what he believes in. Fine attributes for a great king. He had no doubt his adviser would respect him once he met his child.

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