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During a summer once every three millennia, Valkemare's north sees a spectacular meteor shower. Blazing trails of light, these are often more than your typical shooting stars. They continually fall for up to a month, even the day sky cannot hide them. Dragons from far and wide flock to watch these spectacles. Cultures and beliefs of all manner, plenty there just for the sightseeing, some tracking the astronomical bodies, others seeking some insight to the future, even some naysayers insisting this is the beginning of the end, Valkemare's apocalypse.


This rare and stunning event is called 'Starfall'.







Name: Tannir and Crego

Age: Around three thousand

Gender: Male

Species: Nexus

Appearance: user posted image

Tannir is the right head, while Crego is the left.

Many of his mana crystals have grown uncommonly large, the neat rows of 'spines' on his back have since developed into a clustered mess spilling out over part of the top of his wings. His hide exhibits the wear and tear typical of a dragon of his age.

Personality: As a well-aged Nexus, Tannir and Crego is quite unstable as-is and continues to descend into madness. He believes he consists as a literally split personality: Tannir claims to be the right hemisphere of a single brain while Crego believes himself to be the left. While he doesn't exactly harm for the fun of it, he's neither gentle nor considerate towards others. He always insists on being addressed as an individual as opposed to twins sharing a body, and calls 'normal' single-headed dragons 'anomalies' alone in their own head. As he descends into insanity he spends his time waging wars of control, singularity, identity and beliefs with himself.


The dragon has poor memories, increasing madness confusing images and blurring the line between truth and falseness. He is convinced he has led a life to be envied, and fought many a foe. At least one memory holds true: he hatched just after the last Starfall. Surely that means something great... right? The meaning of his existence?

Abilities: Tannir has control over ice mana, able to breathe a cold cloud that, once it leaves his jaws, develops a number of minuscule, razor-sharp blades of ice. Crego handles fire. If he needs to, he has heavy claws, a weighty bite, a clubbed tail and just size to throw around.

Other: Tannir and Crego is dangerous to be around and can hold his own in a grounded fight, but is ungainly in the air.


Name: Nktakumi

Age: Barely one hundred

Gender: Male

Species: Frilled

Appearance: user posted image

Small for a Frill, with a noticeable lack of muscle. Interestingly, his features are undamaged, even considering his comparatively young age.

Personality: A young dragon, Nktakumi is quite timid, going so far as to call himself a lizard without a trace of courage. He is gentle and scared of hurting another either physically or emotionally. Easily intimidated by authority, threats and force, he likes to have someone to cling onto as a leader of sorts and prefers to find 'the coward's way out' of complications, as a particular dragon put it.

Abilities: Being a Frill, nearly nothing noteworthy. It may be this nigh-defenselessness that led him to bring so timid; the most he can do is bluff, then run. Claws and teeth can land a nasty scratch or two, granted.


His true skill lies in his ability to communicate with invertebrates. While most dragons can speak to other mammals, birds and lizards, insects are on a level of their own. Even colonial insects can be precisely commanded.

Other: Nktakumi is physically weaker than normal. Methods used for hunting mere deer can and will harm him moreso than an average dragon.


Name: Fanego

Age: In the seven hundreds

Gender: Male

Species: Aria

Appearance: user posted image

A large patch of the pink scales on Fanego's right flank appear paler and rather mismatched with their surroundings. But while that's the most noticeable scar he has, a more severe issue lies underneath, with a weakened right shoulder that can barely carry his weight.

Personality: Friendly, though straightforward and blunt. He does not like responsibilities and may panic if things go differently than planned. Like an Aria should, he prefers to live a life of peace and being forced into confrontations is a worst-case scenario to him. His reason for this is simply that he is a pacifist. Otherwise, he commands some terrifying strength which he claims to not wish to unleash on another living thing.

Abilities: Basic Aria magic.

Other: Fanego hates his flank scar and hides it with his wing.




Name: Ajapai

Age: Young adult, real age unknown

Gender: Male

Species: Antarean

Appearance: user posted image

His colors are more vibrant along with a mane that is almost twice as long as a normal Antarean

Personality: Ajapai is quiet, not speaking to others often. He's a bit narcissistic, cleaning his feathers and mane as often as he can. He gets very angry if someone touches him. He may retaliate and attack, even if they are a friend.

Abilities: If you ask him he'll tell you he doesn't have any, but in truth he has a slight persuasive ability. It works best at making others want to attack him less.



Name: Blik Dergan

Age: Middle adult

Gender: Male

Species: Black Dragon

Appearance: user posted image

Dergan's scales are lined and cut with many scars, a journal of his fights. Each scar is 'dated' by color, the darker red the flesh the more recent it is and the lighter pink the flesh the older it is. His most notable scar, which can be seen from some distance away, was one of his first. The scar is as wide as one of his teeth, running from the corner of his right eye to just under his lower jaw by the end of his snout. The scar has caused his upper and lower lip to split and constantly reveal an upper and lower tooth.

Personality: Dergan is truly a warrior, fighting all battles he can get himself into, whether those battles are physical or verbal.

Abilities: Just night vision.



Name: Hook Talone

Age: Middle Adult

Gender: Male

Species: Hooktalon

Appearance: user posted image

Personality: He enjoys the suffering of others and will drag out a killing unless ordered to do it quickly. Talone is cruel and unforgiving, cross him and expect to be hunted down.

Abilities: None


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A Hooktalon stood atop a hill, he did not care for Starfall, he found it to be boring. He only watched the dragons in the distance, his reason was unknown, though his gaze seemed locked on a certain Black Dragon.


An vibrant Antarean sat alone and watched the sky, his long mane blowing in the breeze. Nothing would be as gorgeous as him but he wanted to be sure that would stay true.


"Dergan, Dergan, Dergan" A scared Black Dragon mumbled to himself. He seemed more interested in the ground than in the sky.


(writers block, sorry)

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Nktakumi turned on the spot, the thin grass he'd been resting on crushed and twisted. He occupied a small area within a crowd of other Frills, all of which had traveled from the same forest. A small community, if you will. They all knew each other like close friends, and it had been agreed that they should spectate together. Nktakumi rested towards the centre of the group, the smaller dragon feeling safer here.




Fanego pattered his way through trees, nose to the ground in the search for a nice meal for the female Aria by his side. Through the canopy, light shone periodically, illuminating the ground just enough to allow the dragons to see where they were going.


"Is it just me, or are they growing in number?" The female, watching through the leaves as she walked, questioned her spouse. Fanego turned his attention skyward for a moment.


"Wouldn't it be disappointing if they decided to pay a visit to us?" he chuckled, and his spouse jabbed him with her wing.


"Tempting fate! How many times must I tell you?" she scolded, but if her face was anything to go by, it was all in humour.




Standing alone from as many of the dragons as he could find, a single Nexus dragon lay, both heads craned towards the sky. His bright, glowing eyes tracked every meteor they could, searching for something, anything, a message perhaps.


"A coincidence?" The right head, carrying heavy crystals and emitting cold breath with every word, asked himself.


"It's not even been the first week... keep searching." The neighbouring head watched a yet brighter streak shoot over the sky. "Ignore that doubtful voice in your head..."


"This is boring."

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The Antarean looked away from the sky, his mane was more interesting than the meteors. He began to comb through his mane with his front claws, removing tangles and dirt. The male gave a low hum, a purr of sorts. There was a group of Frills nearby.


The Black Dragon lay down and began to watch the sky instead of the grass. He squinted at the excess light emitted by the meteors. He grimaced slightly, causing his facial scar to reveal even more tooth.


"Dergan" the Hooktalon growled. He was too far away from the groups of dragons for any of them to hear, but he was close enough to the forest that he may have been heard if someone was near the edge of the trees.

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Nktakumi flexed his paws and yawned. A few other Frills seemed to have broken off and wandered a bit, and Nktakumi figured he could go stretch his limbs for a bit. Picking his way past the others, apologising and explaining where he was off to, he checked around at other dragons he could see. By their mannerisms, it seemed to him that watching the Starfall was either an enthralling experience or one you regretted traveling so far for.


Now free from the tangle of Frills, Nktakumi's step picked up and he began pacing, then trotting aimlessly around, avoiding eye contact and just watching the ground.




Fanego's ear twitched and he perked his head up like a deer.




"Shh!" Fanego quickly hushed his spouse. He wasn't sure what he heard, but his keen eyes were determined to find out. As the scenery repeatedly lit up and dimmed, the shape of an alarmingly near Hooktalon showed itself.


Fanego scowled. "False alarm," he said, letting out a sigh of exaggerated disappointment. The female had already seen the stranger and cocked her head towards the depths of the trees. "It happens, let's not disturb them." She bounded forward, then lowered her nose to the ground.

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((sorry, got really busy))


The Hooktalon lay down, knowing it was a vary bad idea to go anywhere near the other dragons. The Antarean sighed, his mane was clean and the sky was boring. Now what to do.... The Black dragon closed his eyes and tried to feel the meteors instead of see them.

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