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The Eternally Guilty Sun | IC | Smash Bros RP

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The Sun she is eternally guilty

Far aeons in a bloodstained past lies her darkest secret


The Moon he is so cruel

For the aeons tore him when once he dared to hope


The aeons destroyed us and called us

The world's dark past comes to endless light


Neverending is the night

So now the day dies...




Long ago, there were three siblings.


The eldest brother was an Umbreon, and all the night was his domain.


The middle sister was an Espeon, and all the day her time.


The youngest brother was an Eevee, and he was the Stars' favoured sibling, given the power to take on one of four evolutions at will and use its power.


The people feared the eldest brother for his night was long and dark, and filled with monsters. They feared the middle sister for her day was harsh and blindingly bright, scorching the earth. However, the youngest brother they favoured, for he could bring warmth, cool breezes, rain, and growth to aid them.


And that was where all the trouble began, for the two elder siblings soon became jealous. The eldest brother was wise enough to restrain himself, but in her wrath the middle sister acted.


The Espeon called on the power of her sun, creating a spear of celestial light and impaling her younger brother with it. As he died, his blood stained her fur... forever. The Umbreon, on seeing this, attacked his sister, and soon his coat was also stained with a sibling's blood. And all the world saw the sun and moon as monsters.


But the Sun was cursed by her elder brother as she died that she would remember this day... that she would be eternally guilty.


Fast forward three thousand years. The 4th annual Smash tournament has just ended when a silvery, ethereal Sylveon appears with a warning and the tale of the Three Siblings.


Many within the mansion didn't believe it... but soon a mysterious Umbreon appeared, using the Moon's power to destroy the Smash Mansion. In doing so, the Smashers' ways home were destroyed... but others had been dragged from home and hearth by the cruel moon.


And now, the Sun has returned from the dead, guilty and changed.


But so has Ascension, the favoured of the Stars, and he has a mission.




The Moon wants you all dead... for he is still angry 3000 years hence. Heroes and villains alike will have to figure out how to work together before the celestial bodies destroy everything. Did I mention you've only got till the vernal equinox? And that it's the winter solstice right now?


The Guilty Sun seeks to set right the wrong she did so long ago, but it won't be easy. Not when those who remember her remember a monster, not when you are fated to kill her.


You, led by Ascension, the youngest sibling, have to kill both Sun and Moon before the world can be at peace.




The Smash World is all the Nintendo game universes combined. One area might be Mario-type land, anotherwith land like the Mother series, and another area like that of Fire Emblem. The major ingame landmarks do exist, and each area is seperated by ocean. Each gmje world is on islands.


The area around Smashville has rolling hills, surrounding a plain. Smashville was in the shadow of the tallest hill.




- No power plays

- DC Forums and Freeform RPs rules apply

- Keep things PG-13.

- Only canon romances are allowed. I'd like romance to be kept subtle.

- No forum censored swearing.

- Use good grammar.

- NO chatspeak. Or 1337speak.

- No Sues or Stus.

- Post forms in OOC thread.

- Do not start till I say you can.

- 2 posts per user per day at maximum. People have lives outside DC. (Including your GM. xP)

- Please post at least 5 sentences per post.

--- Who can you play?

-Smasher - playable character in any Smash game. Colour variants are allowed, but I only want 1 of each Smasher running around, please and thank you. Eg: Marth, White Charizard, Duck Hunt Duo

-OC from a universe that appers in Smash Bros, either as an assist trophy or playable character, or stage. Eg: Dusky the Flareon, Xena the Zora, Lucas the Koopa Troopa

-Canon character who is not playable in Smash, and comes from a universe that appears there. Eg: Aerith, Isaac, Blinky



-You will be considered inactive and your chracters NPCs anyone can control if you go a week without posting in either IC or OOC.

- If you read these rules, put Aether in your signup post.


Character Sheets


Canon (Canonical character in Smash Bros or any universe involved)




















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Current RPers: Their Characters



Dusky_Flareon: Ascension

Dalek Raptor [Raptor of Dragons] : Yoshi ((Smasher)), Zoey & Globbers

rampaging_wyvern: Boris ((Smasher Charizard)), Marth ((Smasher))

Sugar-Free: Alex ((Smasher Robin)), Soren, Ike ((Smasher))

greenglassesgal: Lucas ((Smasher))

DarkShinyLugia: Ganondorf ((Smasher))

Felixr2: Valerie

Starstrike: Kumatora

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The Sylveon was dead, no doubt about that. She knew she was here to tell the Smashers one thing - the legend of the Guilty Sun and the Cruel Moon.


Perfect. They were in a meeting. All of them.


She cleared her throat.


"Three thousand years ago rhree siblings ruled. The Unbreon brother was the lord of the of the night, and eldest of the three. The Espeon sister was lady of the day, and the middle of three. Finally, there was an Eevee brother, favoured by the Stars and youngest of the trio. He could transform into one of four forms at will.


The Umbreon was feared for his dark nights were filled with monsters and the Esoeon frared for her harsh and scorching day. But the youngest brother was welcomed by many, for he could use his powers to aid others. That was where all the trouble began, you see.


For brother and sister grew jealous. Umbreon was wise enough to restrain himself, but Espeon acted in her anger.


She killed her Eevee brother, and was stained for ever with his blood. Then did Umbreon attack hus sister and kull her, with his own anger. And in turn, he was stained for ever with blood.


But many years the Espeon would return changed. Many years later, Eevee would return, changed, perhaos tainted. And Umbreon would awake with eternal anger.


And the Sun and Moon would have to die, to let the world live...


For the Guilty Sun and the Cruel Moon were born and fated to end all and rule all."


Just as she finished talking, a crack was heard.


A silver portal opened, and a Umbreon stepped out. He looked normal at first glance, but looking closer revealed silver eyes and bloodstain. His bands were constantly glowing.


He said not a word as he stepped forwards, a scythe of silver energy forming. One swipe and the mansion roof began to fall. The scythe glowed brightly, warping multiple people out of the room.


But far away, it was also dragging people away from home and hearth.


Then Umbreon drew close to the Sylveon. He growled at the Intertwining Pokémon, and then he lunged. Sylveon's shimmering form wavered as the blade passed through it, before blinking out of all existence.


-Minutes later-


Ascension looked up. High above, the moon shone in a starlit sky. It would have been calming... if he hadn't just come back from the dead and been warned by the Stars his brother ran loose and his sister had returned from the dead.


He looked down. The Eevee was standing amidst ruins, all everything seemed silent... but if he listened closely, faint breaths could be heard, some quick and some ragged. Ascension decided to help them before thinking about the mission some. With that, he began to poke through the area.

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((It is time. Ganondorf's speech color is orangered.))


Ganondorf was outside of the conversation this time. Regardless of who had won, after all, Ganon was the true champion. He believed himself to be the most powerful (haah!) creature who had fought.


...Of course, if that were true, he would have won the tournament. It didn't matter, anyway! Ganondorf was just about to leave when the conversation stopped entirely. He'd turn back around to the source of the interruption. An ethereal, cat-like being. And it's pink. Ganon'd chuckle as she began her tale, nearly inaudible to the group ahead of him. Many were patiently listening, but Ganondorf? He scoffed at the ghost's words. The names mentioned meaned nothing to him. A nice story, to be sure, but it's the kind you tell sniveling brats about to make sure they stop taking the cookies from their jar!


...At least, up until it became a prophecy. His was a universe governed by prophecy... and much of the time, they'd turn out to be perfectly legitimate. If it weren't for prophecy, Ganon himself wouldn't exist! But the source of his entertainment was now an issue. The names actually meant nothing to him. His best guess was that-


Crack. From Ganondorf's vantage point, he could see the creature that had entered the room. A small, dark figure with glowing bands. And not all of that "dark" was black. Much of it was a deep red, a sight Ganon was most familiar with. Was this "Umbreon"? If it was, then what was said before was, indeed, a prophecy. That thing right there? It was fairly close to being divine, a god of the night. Fighting a god would be a great challenge... but while Ganondorf may be brave, and he might be powerful, "stupid" isn't a word you could use to describe Ganon.


He'd draw his blades, preparing for the worst. There wasn't a particularly good escape point from this area. A silvery scythe materialized near the creature that had entered the room. It sliced, and the roof began falling. Ganondorf used a downwards arc, slicing up a section of the roof above him.


It wasn't enough. The last thing Ganon'd see would be the glowing scythe before a fairly dense section of roof fell on him. Even a creature like him can't help but be dazed by such a massive weight slamming into their upper body.




Ganondorf awoke to the faint sound of something walking above, along with breathing. Most of the breaths sounded like the other Smashers. Whelps. His vision was entirely dark, except for a tiny hole. It was nighttime? How long had he been in that room, listening to those imbeciles? There was an odd feeling in one of his legs that he hasn't felt since the tournament ended; did something penetrate the armor? Had to be; nothing else would make it feel that way. Ganondorf would try to move his blades, but, finding them to be pinned beneath a good section of rubble, he'd let go of them. Ganon can always find them later, after all. No huge loss.


He'd attempt to push upwards on the semi-illuminated area. The rubble above would shift greatly, creating slightly more light. The only thing preventing him from just clearing all the rubble covering much of his body away was this damned beam that was lodged pretty much inside his leg. That wasn't even that bad; Ganondorf's had a sword stuck through his chest before, and he was just fine! Of course, that was a one-off thing that never worked again, but the reaction of the Sages as he... nevermind. That's a tale to tell later. Ganon would push as hard as he could against the rubble on his chest.


Seems he overestimated the ruins. A large hunk of what may have been a wall flew up and away, landing very close to whatever was walking above. Better not be the being that just destroyed everything around him. I mean, Ganondorf could probably hold off long enough to find some method of escape if he could get this thing out of his leg! He'd reach over, not afraid of what may happen if he pulled this giant splinter out. With both arms, Ganon'd tear the beam from his leg, the tip fairly bloodied. He'd toss the worthless thing aside, trying to stand. And, for the most part, it worked. Ganondorf would rather lay there than show a limp, but pride wasn't worth dying for, as he's learned. Crouching back down, putting much of the pressure on the unscathed leg, he'd tear his blades from their tombs before getting back up.


Ganon would turn, looking back at the creature he'd narrowly missed with the earlier rubble. In the moonlight, he could see the being fairly clearly. A small brown fox. Probably not the being that had caused the area to fall; and, if it wasn't that demon, there was still one more dangerous creature in the prophecy. His golden eyes would almost glare at that fox. It's an acceptable tactic to wait for the opponent to make a move.


And so we play the waiting game...



((NOTE: The whole

thing? [in case you don't want spoilers for a game that originally came out on the GameCube, well, here's the warning.] That doesn't work anymore. Nix can stab away! Hopefully not, though. It would be very bad for Ganondorf's lifespan if he was stabbed in the chest again. And again and again.))

((NOTE2: Ascension isn't a pancake. Eevee pancakes do sound delicious, though, can I have one?))

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Valerie was walking home from a gym battle, her hair and dress gently waving in the soft, warm breeze that was usually present in Laverre city. She had won, although her opponent was very strong. He had used a Liepard and a Hydreigon, strong, but disadvantaged against her Fairy-types.


While she was walking, she heard strange noises coming out of her house. She sent out Spritzee to quickly go take a look at what's going on, and Sylveon, who would arrive a bit later, to help Spritzee scare away any burglars that might've been in there. She also started to run herself, but couldn't even keep up with Sylveon, not to mention Spritzee. In her panic she didn't notice that she dropped the Pokéballs that held Mawile and Mr. Mime while running.




She kept running. A flash of bright light had just struck her eyes and she could still not see very well. Noticing the sillhouettes of Spritzee and Sylveon in the distance, she thought she was almost home. She hugged them in a sense of relief that they were fine. Her shoulders were shaking and she had almost started to cry, partially because her eyes hurt a lot due to the intense flash that had just struck them, but mostly because she had thought she had lost Spritzee and Sylveon in that flash. But she hadn't.


When Spritzee poked her head, she opened her eyes again. As she looked around, she noticed the wreckage that was everywhere. At first she thought her house had collapsed, but then she noticed there was way too much rubble for that. And the materials didn't look anything like those used in her house - or in all of Laverre City, in fact. Then how did she get there? Why? And how could she go back?


Taking a closer look at the waste, she saw a reddish orange man in a purple robe looking at an... An Eevee??!!! What did that innocent pokémon do in this dangerous place? She ran towards the Eevee to protect it from any harm, Sylveon and Spritzee closely following her. When she came closer she saw the Eevee was full of scars. At a few feet distance she stopped and reached her right hand towards the Eevee. Slowly. Not wanting to scare it away. "Hey," she said as gentle as she could, "how did you get here?"

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"Congrats on the win!" cheered Lucas from the edge of the group. For what it was worth, he'd done alright; though he hadn't made it to the top sixteen, that wasn't to say he didn't have his own fair share of victories. Besides, he was here to enjoy himself--heck, the very fact that he was invited back to the mansion was a pleasant surprise.


He idly looked about. Some Smashers also approached the victor to offer congratulations as he did. Others were discussing battle techniques, already gearing up to improve for the next fight. With mild amusement, he picked out the less-than-graceful losers, standing to the side, either scowling or trying to be aloof. Just when he was about to turn back and look for his friends, a strange, silvery-pink creature caught his eye. As he puzzled over what it was and how it got here, it cleared its throat and spoke.


He listened to her (not its) story with rapt attention. When she told of how the siblings turned on each other, Lucas could swear his heart skipped a beat, the room dropping colder by a few degrees. Story or not, he wouldn't wish that fate on anyone! Frozen, he continued to watch the creature blankly, not quite absorbing the rest of her tale.


Suddenly, a loud crack snapped him out of it, causing him to let go of a breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding. Finally processing the world around him again, he saw a dark creature enter from a silver portal, bands glowing bright neon yellow. Is that... Umbreon? wondered Lucas, recalling the descriptions Red, last tournament's Pokémon trainer, had given him. Before he could consider this any further, a silvery scythe materialized out of nowhere, giving him only seconds to conjure up a shield as the mansion roof came crashing down on them.




Lucas blinked his eyes open, dazed from the blow. Large chunks of wreckage had piled up on each other, trapping him in place. Fortunately, the shield had done its job, affording him some amount of room. Cautiously, he crawled to his feet, wincing at the cuts, scrapes, and bruises that the shield did not protect him from. It appeared that there was a gap for him to crawl through, albeit a very precarious one that could collapse in at any moment. Breathing deeply, he shimmied through the crack, taking great care not to upset any of the rubble. Though he came close to being impaled by splintered beams, he managed to make it out in mostly one piece.


"Nice wriggling there, kid," said a voice from behind him. Momentarily startled, he whipped around to find the source of the noise.

"Oh. It's you, Rope Snake," he said, seeing the red snake in question peeking out from his back pocket. "Glad to see you."

"Again, it's Snake Rope now," it corrected. "Looks like I failed to help you. Again."

"It's okay!" said Lucas, trying to console it. "I'm alright! It's not your fault!"

Not paying heed to his words, the Rope Snake continued. "For my lack of action, I will make like a worm once more and hide forever to dwell on my shame. I'm shutting up now. Good bye."


With that, it ducked back into his pocket again. He sighed, giving a weary smile. At least dealing with its melodrama helped to lighten up the situation momentarily. Speaking of which, he quickly scanned the scene. Like a bad zombie movie, various Smashers were pulling/forcing themselves out of the ruins. He was relieved to spy Ness among the survivors, signature hat poking through the rubble. Moving forward to go help the others, he saw an injured Ganondorf standing by an unfamiliar woman and...


An Eevee! He knew this one for a fact, having summoned one from a Pokéball during a match. However, something felt different about this one. Could it be? Despite his wariness of Ganondorf, he approached the group.


((Whoops. Totally forgot about Rope Snake in Lucas' form. It's just the thing that Lucas uses to grab with. And yes, it sometimes talks.))

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Ascension had to dodge some rubble that came flying. Whoa!!


He turned in the direction the rubble had come from, and heard someone come out of the rubble. A tall humanoid with medium skin and red hair was emerging from the rubble, golden eyes fixed on him. Suspicion was evident in those eyes.


If this was caused by who I THINK it was... he has reason to look at me like that.


The Eevee decided not to come closer. The humanoid might see it as aggression and then there'd be a fight. Then his ears pricked. He heard something else behind him - and then suddenly a human woman in a strange outfit stepped between him and the redhead.


"Hey, how did you get here?" she asked him.


Ascension looked at her. Best tell the truth, he decided. However, some bits would be better off omitted.


"I was in the land of the dead for three thousand years because of my sister, but I came back to life somehow," the Eevee replied.


Ascension spied a human boy approaching the group. He looked nervous for some reason, though. Hard to blame him given how huge the redhead was and how much of a mess had been made here... wait, there was lunar energy on some of the cut pieces. Oh, it was definitely who he thought it had been. Nix...he made this mess. And that meant... where was Eos? Ascension didn't realize he had just thought out loud about the lunar energy, Nix, and Eos.

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Yoshi seemed to be happy to for the winner. He was happy with coming in the top five and to be next to the table with food. He sat down and started to eat a pineapple whole when a pink creature came up and started telling a tale. Yoshi listened half interested as he ate a melon. As the pink creature spoke, Yoshi heard words like Eevee, Umbreon, and Espeon. Curious. He thought back to Pikachu and some of the others. Eevee was one of the ones in a Pokeball that would come out and used Tackle. He paused, was that this tournament or last? It didn't matter all that much to Yoshi before a loud crack was heard and a black creature stepped out. Yoshi then stuffed a watermelon in his mouth before quickly turning into an egg as a silver scythe came from nowhere and the mansion ceiling came down.


Yoshi grunted as his egg broke, but luckily the worst part was over. He looked around to see rubble everywhere. Where was the food!? He cried out in anguish before he noticed a strange looking female staring at what seemed to be the Eevee before it spoke. It was dead but brought back to life? Yoshi's thoughts turned to Pit and how he told him Hades and his crew could bring people back from the dead. Time to got check this out. He jumped into the air, kicking his feet out before landing in the small space that had no rubble.




Zoey didn't even say goodbye. It was luck that gotten her and Globbers almost to the final ten. She felt privileged that she and Globbers attended the tournament, but now she had a much bigger task at hand. Concouring the rest of the leagues. Globbers was sad to go, but he respected his trainer's wishes as they slipped out unnoticed at the party. They started to travel in silence, both still amazed there were other worlds besides her own. She had made a lot of new friends and the bond strengthened between Globbers and her during the coarse of it. Globbers spoke in his language, trying to tell Zoey he'd miss everyone.


"I'll miss them as well," Zoey said, noting the sadness of Globbers speech. "But it's time to continue our journey." Just then, Globbers heard something and turned and started talking in a panicked voice. "What is it?" Zoey asked, turning to stare whatever Globbers was staring at. She continued to stare, trying to figure out what was wrong before Globbers started to go back in the direction where they came from. "Globbers!" Zoey called, running after her Pokemon. Pretty soon, Globbers stopped and Zoey was panting to catch up.


"What's going on?" Zoey asked before she noticed some ruins...right where the Smash Mansion used to be! "Holy Arceus! What happened?" There was a lady who she has never seen before an Eevee in a small section. Yoshi landed in the circle with them. "Everyone okay in there!?" Zoey called out in alarm.

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"Anthology of Akaneia, volume 6, page....fffffffifty-nine, I think?"


A book appeared in a puff of smoke and landed unceremoniously in an outstretched hand. A woman leaned forward in a reclining wicker chair with the book drawn close. She held it to her face and peered at the pages; between two in the front, a tiny marker had been placed. She opened to it. She needed a little fact checking.


Things had a habit of working out like that. Alex hadn't yet gotten used to it--there weren't too many times she could think of that she summoned something out of thin air. No, actually this was the first. Not during her entire stay here at the inactive Castle Siege, but being here was the first occurrence of something as baffling as that. It was handy, admittedly.


Whatever. She'd been summoned out of the cosmos before. No biggie.


She had hoped before long that she'd see another from her own universe. Her grasp on the rules and entire reason for being chosen was hazy at best. Something-something all-stars duke it out, something-something popularity contest. She longed for some kind of companion, maybe one of the funny Outrealms folk with the kitty ears and tails, but no. Libra hadn't even been accepted, and he was beautiful! So here she sat, awaiting her day to go up and fight for...some undefined purpose...filling her time by working on a...project of sorts.


In front of her, on a polished stone desk, was a mess. There were sheaves of paper littered in haphazard piles, dangerously close to the ornate oil lamps lit around the table. She could've just turned on the lights, as the place had electricity, but this was more calming. The sky was overcast, and she had a heaping mug of ginger tea within arm's reach. In and among the piles were erasers, pens, and sticky notes, compliments of her host. She particularly liked the fine-tip unrefillable fountain pen. She thought she might steal it before the tournament ended.


She leaned into a paper scrawled over in ink, keeping the book open in her left hand and chewing her pen in the right.

"Hmmmm...I can't tell if Marth's more of a toast-and-jam guy...or an eggs-and-bacon one..."


She tapped the end against her teeth. I bet he's a vegetarian. He has to be. He's too pure.


She rifled the pages with the pen tucked across her middle finger, so it wouldn't drip. There wasn't a single page detailing his diet. She frowned deeply. It was of the utmost importance that she know. Her files depended on her accuracy.


"Yeah...toast-and-jam most definitely. I'd even say arguably. But there really isn't an argument--them's just the objective facts."


She scribbled down onto the paper: "Marth sat down, awaiting his breakfast to be served. He looked toward the kitchen, beholding Caeda in her plaid apron and sunny dress, walking toward him with a plate full of fruit sliced into sword-shapes. But what he really looked forward to was her home-made blackberry jam on a slice of hearty wheat bread. 'It's your favorite! I know my husband so well; and make sure you eat it all up! You're falling off to nothing!' She wasn't wrong-his royal-blue velvet nightrobe embroidered with his initials was feeling pretty drafty..."


She sat back again. This commission was difficult. She needed some way to work Merric into the mix. She rifled through the pages to the index.


"I wonder if he tops or bottoms."

Her attention was broken as her vision was drawn to the Smash Mansion. The...Smansion, she reckoned. There was a growing darkness upon its peak, and a chilly wind blew through the bare stone window. She grabbed her mug and pressed it under her chin, warming her hands on the side.


"Looks like it might rain."


She took a sip and savored the brackish spiciness. It reminded her of fall. She replaced the mug back to its growing ring of moisture, and leaned forward again, pen at the ready.


"Marth knew how to solve this problem. He took the sword-berries in the palm of his hand, and placed--"

The lights flickered and buzzed; the oil lamps dropped their flames until fully extinguished. In a moment, the castle was cast completely in darkness.


"Welp," she said, "that's kinda blowy."



She felt her way out of the building after grabbing her tomes and sword. She barely had enough light to see her own limbs; she had cast a tiny flame on the end of her finger using the only line she knew from a Fire tome. She...didn't get along with Fire. She left that to the actual Mages.


Once outside, the sky had darkened to an impregnable grey. It was enough to see that the Smansion had sustained considerable damage, and that there were dark silhouettes flitting about the frame.


"That...doesn't look good."


But somehow, she was drawn to the vague image up on the hill. She grimaced.


"And I'm gonna regret this."


She walked upon the beginning of the path, steadily making her way to the crossroads to the other "worlds". She would look for signs of life along the way, hopefully someone familiar...


And she'd force them to drink her awesome tea.


((Making a second post for Soren, then I'm done on this RP for today <3 Color tag is cornflowerblue))

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Dawn was fast approaching.


The room shifted and stirred in rhythm with a few lit lanterns. Their golden glow set the wood-grain walls and bronze-wrought furniture in an ethereal glow, as though the sun was rising just inside his chamber. From where he was seated, the morning light crested above the murk of the sea, crowning it in glorious violets and indigos. His quill darted about a ledger in quick, precise succession; once he'd finished calculating his finances, he would fold it away within a stamp-sealed letter and have it delivered to Princess Elincia-


No. He had not forgotten, but the memory remained strong--as of three years ago, she was a Queen, through and through. Even though he had his reservations in the past, there was no doubt in his mind now. Gone were the days of her frailty and ignorance, made meek and passive in the shadow of obscurity--afraid of war and the opportunity of chance. Now, walking in the streets of her land of Crimea during the revival was the visage of a woman well-versed, holding her head high and her voice strong for the people of her country. No, there could be no doubt, even in someone of his discerning palate.


Before long, he would leave it all behind. His sparse pack had already been loaded onto the ship, containing little more than a spare robe and a few musty tomes. There was no need to unduly burden himself.


He anointed the finished document with a fresh golden wax stamp depicting the Seal of Crimea. As he did so, a light rapping could be heard from the far side of the office.


"Come in."


Through the doorway appeared Titania, clad all in red and creme white, wearing a collared tunic and white boots over white breeches. Her braid was neatly and smooth, just as she had always kept it. This was one of the few times he'd ever seen her in a casual state. He motioned for her to sit across from him in an ornate chair; she sat down, kindly declining his offer of warm tea, and rested with her hands crossed on her lap. Even in private, she held herself with a knightly air.


"Good morning, Titania. What brings you to my office at this hour?"


"Oh, I was just stopping by on my way to the dock. I thought I might watch the sun rise before setting off to base. Most everyone is asleep, so this would be the perfect opportunity." She shifted a bit. Her eyes were squinted slightly in the lamplight.


"You look as though you haven't slept recently." She fell silent. It was unlike Titania to look so...fatigued.


"...is something the matter?"


She breathed in deeply, stretching her shoulders and smoothing the fabric on her legs.


"...I know....about you and Ike."


He wasn't surprised. She had a sense for when things were amiss amongst the mercenaries. He sat up and laced his fingers together.


"I figured that if it was somehow let slip, you'd be the first to hear of it."


"No!--No...I didn't hear about your plans from anyone. You withdrew from ownership over our account. I was alerted that it had been placed in my name a few weeks ago. I asked Ike if he knew why you'd done so, but he directed me to you."


He could hear him now: "You're gonna want to take that up with Soren. That's not my department, to be honest."


"That combined with the way you've both been acting, well...I connected the dots, so to say." Titania closed her eyes for a moment, and opened them again. Her expression was complicated, but he knew.


"Chastising me won't change things. I've already paid our way out of my own pocket, and our luggage is being loaded as we speak. I've spoken to the quartermaster, and we should be leaving around noon." The words stung, but they had to be said. He didn't want to leave her with any lingering doubts.


"I know...I know. I didn't come here to do as much. Both of you boys have your own lives, your own decisions...I won't start today doubting you. Merely, I had a parting gift for you." She reached down and produced a small packet from her pocket. Titania took Soren's right hand and placed it in his palm, curling his fingers around it. He drew back his arm, studying it.


"Titania, I don't need coin-" he started.


"Please," she plead to him. He opened the pack, thumbing out the lightly-textured object.


In his hand was a milky blue-green cabochon, emblazoned with the crest of the Greil Mercenaries. The tapestry leading a trio of weapons was neatly and deliberately detailed, marking it of the highest craftsmanship. The backing was pure gold, and a pin was affixed for functionality. He was taken aback, to the point of speechlessness. Titania resituated at the sight of his discomfort.


"I know you don't care for gaudy displays. This was commissioned by Elincia as a token of her gratitude for your service. She...she wanted you to have it if you ever decided to leave the country. Seeing as you're leaving the continent all together, I thought this was as good a time as any to deliver it to you."




"Just something to remember us by. A little bit of home."




As Soren sat, stunned, Titania excused herself from her seat and stepped back.


"I believe I should be on my way now. The sun's getting up over the horizon, and Mist and Rolf will be wondering where I went."


Soren slipped the cabochon back into its pouch before rising up himself, walking over to the opposite of the table.


"Here; let me escort you out. It would be rude of me to sit here catching flies."


As they walked, Soren looked up at Titania's face. Her lips were pursed and her jaw was tight.


"Titania," she stopped. She looked down.


"Don't concern yourself with Ike's health. As long as I am by his side, as long as I draw breath, I will allow no mortal harm to come to Greil's son. I plan to stay around for awhile longer, I can assure you of that much." He let a small smile come across his face. She faced him bodily and placed a hand on his shoulder.


"Take care of yourself, Soren. And take care of you, too." She gave his shoulder a squeeze, and after a short moment of silence, before he could react, she swept down and hugged him tightly against her. He froze as she shuddered with suppressed sobs.


"Oh...*snf* oh, Soren...I already miss you both..." She embraced him for a few seconds longer before releasing him, hands lingering on his forearms a moment, and collected herself. As she turned to exit the door, she took one final look back.


"May all your desires find you well. Stay safe."


"And you as well."


It would be the last time they ever spoke.



Soren mused for several minutes at his desk, rubbing at the cabochon in its packet. The morning light muted the brilliant lamplight into grey blues, smothering out all but the glow of the flames. He was...troubled.


Not by his decision. He never made choices without considering the possibilities. And Titania'a reaction was as he had expected--pain, sadness, resign. But he hadn't been prepared for the reality of it all. Of everything.


He slipped the pin into his pocket. The bundle he planned to carry on the boat was small: a wrap with three tomes and two staves. He had an elixir belted at his waist. He took up the letter from his desk and smoothed a hand over the wood. As the faded blue-orange seeped into the room, over his pale hands and reflecting in the waxy shine, he felt nostalgic.


But he knew this was the only way.


He made his way over to the door, opening it and stepping through.


His letter did not make it to the Queen.



A jumble of himself deposited onto a pile of rubble and wreckage. His knees and forearms smacked painfully against the concrete and steel, the rocky material digging painfully into his chest and head. He lay for a moment, jarred and confused. Wasn't he just taking a letter...?


"Ah-ah...oww..." He raised up slowly, careful not to slip on the uneven blocks and rafters. Spotting his tools fallen between the slabs, he gingerly gathered them and looked outward.


In front of him, he saw a menagerie of folk he had never spotted before. And "folk" was in the loosest sense.


There was a small fox trotting in the direction of a macrocephalic child; a tall, obviously evil man with vibrant red hair; and a girl dressed as a butterfly. Beside her were other strange creatures, one not completely unlike a wide-eyed dog. A purple bundle of orbs fluttered down from nowhere, and another child with oddly-colored pet came forth. The fox was speaking, but he could not immediately hear it. He held his head as an intense aching wracked his brain.


"What...is all this, then?"



((No reason this should've taken 4 hours, but meh. Better late than never!))


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((No reason this should've taken me two hours))


HRRAAAAAWWWRRR! A loud roar echoed across the Battlefield's island, carried by the wind. On one island stood several old ruins; something exploded behind one, wrapping it in flames as it crumbled. Through the fiery wall a white dragon pounced and landed on all fours, ice blue eyes searching for their target.


This dragon, a Charizard, swiped its tail, swirling the smoke and dying fire before driving the large claws on its hands into the rubble, lurching itself forward, skidding in a change of direction and promptly ramming shoulder-first into another ruin.


The Charizard stood still for a minute, clenching and unclenching its fists, searching for its prey.


Something cold and sharp swung through the air, striking the dragon from behind and leaving a neat cut across its back. The Charizard whirled around, grabbing and biting at thin air. There, to the right. Its target.


Fire erupted from the dragon's mouth and it lunged. Its opponent was faster, but no matter. Charizards tended to have some pretty solid stamina... and persistence. With a snarl it unleashed a torrent of fire, enveloping whatever ruins that hit and took to the air. Bit by bit it was cutting off areas with fire, attempting to corner the opponent.


The Charizard suddenly dived, crashing its heels into the ground and reaching out to bite. Its teeth caught cold steel, a well-timed interruption forcing it to back off or else.


The dragon was fighting its nemesis, the Hero-King himself, Marth. While pulling its head back and away from the Falchion, it used a hand to continue to parry. Ducking low, the blade barely missed its horns. The battle was now completely face to face, and the Charizard was forced onto the defensive side of combat. Finally it caught the Falchion in a hand, gripping so tightly blood was drawn. Time to reclaim some ground, by force. An intimidating sneer on its face, step by step it forced its opponent back by several metres until it finally had to let the Falchion go. The counterattack was immediate; the Charizard responded by leaning back, lunging forward with fire wreathing its face, making mock attacks until finally the opportunity to swing its tail arose. It knocked Marth away and to the ground - the Charizard charged, raising a foot and pinning Marth to the ground - while at the same time the edge of the Falchion came to a halt just before hitting the dragon's throat.


"Boris, that is enough." Marth lowered his weapon and the Charizard stepped back with a pleased growl. A training session gone pretty well? Boris seemed to think so. He fell over forwards, laying his head on the ground and gazing at his master. Using the Falchion as a mirror, Marth straightened his hair and stood up, sheathing the sword and walking past Boris. The Charizard sighed and rolled over.


"Time to head back." Upon hearing these words, Boris complained to himself a bit, then got back to his feet. "Let us humour them and be present." Boris made a sound like mocking laughter. Fly, he growled, grabbing Marth and dropping off the island into a nosedive.




...Eevee brother, and was stained for ever with his blood. Then did Umbreon attack hus sister and kill her, with his own anger. And in turn, he was stained forever with blood.


But many years the Espeon would return changed. Many years later, Eevee would return, changed, perhaps tainted. And Umbreon would awake with eternal anger.


"Literary master," Marth muttered. Standing as far from anyone else as the walls would allow, he was not taking any of this seriously - it sounded like something Pichu could've thought up. Boris was asleep at his feet.


And the Sun and Moon would have to die, to let the world live...


"And Naga proclaimed, 'that's just stupid'..."


For the Guilty Sun and the Cruel Moon were born and fated to end all and rule all.


"Discount villains, they wouldn't last five minutes against a ten-year-old with a stick."


Crack! The sudden sharp sound interrupted Marth's thoughts and woke Boris. Marth immediately rested his hand on the Falchion. Medeus? A few moments of silence. Then in a sudden rush, something flashed, the ceiling came down and Boris had shoved him over, spreading wings like a shield with a determined cry.




Boris snorted, pushing his wings up to dislodge the rubble atop him. The benefits of thick skin: all he took from that was a bruised elbow. He raised his head, blinking the dust from his eyes and sneezed. So that sure happened... and his master was under him, safe from whatever that was. Boris pulled himself completely free from the mess, dragging Marth with him. The man was unharmed. A bit shocked maybe, but Boris had acted well and both had weathered a collapsing building like... a collapsing building.


The Charizard took all but one look around and summarised that they'd be better off outside of all this. There was talking somewhere, but screw that. He knew Fly, and he was flying out of the ruin and about twenty metres away. His master didn't protest, either.



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((>when you realize Ganondorf is basically a "soulless ginger", the rarest breed of ginger. Most are kinda nice, actually.))


Ganondorf would notice something odd about this creature in front of him. On its chest- where it should have been a brownish coloration, like the rest of it- the fox had a very visible scar. It couldn't have survived whatever blow had made that. The staring at the scar quickly became a glance above it. A woman, clad mostly in a pinkish robe similar to his own, chasing an almost birdlike creature and the same pink cat that had warned them about this... No, wait. The one from earlier had been dead.


She'd run between Ganon and the- Oh, now the name of the creature came back to him. Eevee. Some of the other Smashers had used the "Pokeballs" that spawned around the arena. Ganondorf preferred not to use them. It seemed like, most of the time, all that'd come out was this stupid fish that just flopped around aimlessly, and then disappeared. He stopped bothering to use them after a while, preferring to dodge or block the attacks of the actually useful Pokemon that the opponents would send out. Eevee wasn't such a hard Pokemon to deal with, actually. But this one was different.


While he couldn't hear what the woman had said to the Eevee, Ganon did hear the reply. "I was in the land of the dead for three thousand years because of my sister, but I came back somehow." Well, it answered a few questions. This Eevee didn't survive the strike that had made the scar. So it's undead, is it? Well, then. Ganon'd sheathe his blades. This wasn't a creature they needed to defeat. At least not yet.


Ganondorf would now glance back at a small set of footsteps. He could already see that look in Lucas' eyes. The child was scared! He was hiding it, sure, but it was still there. In Ganon's thoughts, he'd laugh, but it showed as the rare (and normally condescending) smile. Admittedly, the kid's use of magic was somewhere between "okay" and "decent", but even then...


In the distance, Ganon noticed a few more forms approaching. Yoshi was among them. Ganondorf's always questioned how Yoshi could fly. It's not a magical creature, and it doesn't have wings. It's a secret to everybody... except Yoshi, of course. Some of the others included that woman with a giant floating slime as a companion, and a man with a large red mark on his head... that he's never seen before. So, instead of looking at this strange fox, Ganondorf would approach the man, hiding the limp from his leg wound near-perfectly. "What... is all this, then?" So, not a Smasher, never has been one... Ganon'd prepare himself for the long explanation... "Well, this USED to be the Smash Mansion. Then it was destroyed by a being of great power. So now many of the whelps that used to compete here are barely alive, and that fox apparently has something to say to us." After the prophecy the pink cat gave came true, Ganondorf now believed in the full story. If this really was the Stars' Favored Child, as he held to be true, then it's possible that it would be required to work together with it. A ridiculous thought, to be honest...


Ganondorf'd turn around to watch the white Charizard and Marth (who is really too similar to the Hero of Time, and needs to knock off the damn attitude at some point) fly away from the ruins. Clearly, they wanted nothing to do with this. Ganon would have been alright with the Charizard, but not with the "Hero-King".


((I don't know how long I procrastinated, but now I'm done! Yay! (Also, Soren's color is mediumseagreen, because Sugar did an oops and forgot to post it. I'm helping, okay!?)))

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((Thanks, Dark! I knew I was missing something, but when you read a post over and over, it starts blending together...@.@))


"Seriously? I mean, for serious?"

Alex stood hunched over, arms tucked into her body and hands jutting out, damningly. Before the Grandmaster was...not much. The crossroads between the respective worlds (and where the portal that she'd stepped from into this hot mess) had been shattered, a ravine stretching endlessly down beneath the crooked ethereal edges of the roads. He face was drawn up in a comically impudent display of disbelief. Before long, she threw her hand up and slapped them down at her sides.


"Well, feck it then. Thought something cool'd happen for once, but NOPE. Naga be..."


She flopped down, producing a brewing thermos from her robe. She unscrewed the top, a basket for tea leaves set below it and perforations for steam, and scooped a hefty amount of ginger tea into it with her fingers. Focusing super-hard on her finger, she held the thermos up and placed the pitiful flame under it.


"Might as well enjoy the show."


Up atop her, she heard the heavy wingbeats of what she figured was a chunky wyvern.


Weird. I didn't ask for one of those.


She looked up.



He quickly tried to parse out his surroundings. If need be, he'd have a mental map to work with. He noted cover points, doors, the stairs, and spots of interest he could check later, if he made out alive--


He would. He'd made a promise. He intended to keep it.


As his minded raced, he barely noted the red-haired behemoth step forth, talking at him in a harsh tone--


Soren's right arm shot up and to the left, thumb and pinky sharply extended. Had it not for his mouth silently working to form a plan of action, he would've flayed the man in half without hesitation. He took a moment to size him up--His garb was dark, and judging by the malefic aura emanating from his body, he figured he was a Dark mage--a Shaman. He noticed the enormous obsidian blades about his form--also, adept in swordsmanship. Odd, but not unlikely. The red-haired man seemed to be concealing a wound of some sort to the best of his ability, but Soren was keen. Had he fought recently?


He planted his left foot backward and took a casting stance, keeping his hand out in warning. His back was straight and his eyes were fierce, making him tower over even the Shaman from his position on the rubble.


Though small of body and short of stature, Soren's voice carried over the ruins, fortified with experience.


"Stand back! Do not encroach any further!" He flicked his eyes away from the man, out into the growing crowd, keeping him in his peripherals. He demanded answers.


"Each of you will hold your positions until stated otherwise. Now, for the sake of your own safety, I ask that you each calmly and concisely answer my two questions. Afterward, I will be obliged to share my own introduction, but not until then. Anyone that finds it too inane or exacerbating to comply is liable to lose their heads. Now--"


He paused, gathering himself.


"Who are you? And why have I arrived here?" He waited, his stance never faltering.

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"I was in the land of the dead for three thousand years because of my sister, but I came back to life somehow."


This answer completely stunned Valerie. She didn't even know how to respond to this or what to even think of it. Sad? But he had come back to life... Surprised? But he seemed so calm and serious. She really didn't know, but she wished she did.


Maybe... just maybe... I should... react... normally? Say I... can imagine (?)... what he's... gone through? Maybe... I should... I... should....-


"Each of you will hold your positions until stated otherwise. Now, for the sake of your own safety, I ask that you each calmly and concisely answer my two questions. Afterward, I will be obliged to share my own introduction, but not until then. Anyone that finds it too inane or exacerbating to comply is liable to lose their heads. Now--"


"Who are you? And why have I arrived here?"


Finally, something here that at least makes some kind of sense. And... that Reuniclus there... it shouldn't have those colors... interesting...


"I am Valerie, the Laverre City gym leader. I'm from the Kalos region and my specialty is fairy type pokémon. These are my Sylveon and Spritzee, my Mawile and Mr. Mime are still in Laverre City... I think. I don't know how you got here, or what this place is. To be honest, I don't even know how I got here... all I recognize are this scarred Eevee and that strange-colored Reuniclus over there."


Valerie waved her arm in the direction of Zoey and Globbers, obviously not being able to point a finger at them because her hands were covered by the sleeves of her furisode, exactly how she liked it.


I hope he's satisfied with that answer...

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Boris had already seen Alex (a dragon's eye view certainly covered a bit of ground), leering at her as he passed. In his claws he held his master, arms crossed and facing the Pokemon. Far from dignified. But it was completely normal if Boris decided they were going somewhere. And, well, when the beast could breathe fire it was... preferable to comply.


Out of his peripheral vision, Marth caught sight of the individual they had just passed. After that attack on the mansion, it was best to leave no stone unturned.


"{Down!}" he ordered. Boris had been trained to respond to commands in more than the modern speech; it was just easier to use a native dialect. The Charizard promptly headed for the ground, swinging his legs out for the landing. Like this was part of an old routine, Marth wrapped his left arm around Boris' neck and reached out his right to break the fall. The landing was hard, and the Charizard's size and weight only amplified it.


A perfect landing. Boris growled to himself in a self-congratulatory manner and dropped his master to the ground. With a deep laughter-esque sound, he thundered away for a few steps and craned his head back to groom at the cut on his back.


No time to waste. Marth got to his feet, locating the person he'd seen. There they were. Looking innocent enough, but looks could very much be deceiving. Hand on the Falchion and ready to draw it in a moment's notice, he approached Alex with an air of superiority.


"{Do not move! State your name and-}"


Oh, right. She more than likely understood the modern language. She certainly looked like she was from a different era.


"Do not move! Comply to my every command with truth and sincerity on the pain of death, and state your name and intents!" Boris rose up behind him, claws and wings out and a dangerous glare with hints of fire on his face.

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Ganon'd take a long, deep sigh as the man below him raised his arm. Seems like that was the beginnings of some sort of spell... although, instead of casting, the man simply looked Ganon over. "Stand back! Do not encroach any further!" The Gerudo'd near-silently chuckle; what was this child asking him to do? May as well humor the kid while he lasts; he's not getting anywhere in that mindset.


"Each of you will hold your positions until stated otherwise. Now, for the sake of your own safety, I ask that you each calmly and concisely answer my two questions. Afterward, I will be obliged to share my own introduction, but not until then. Anyone that finds it too inane or exacerbating to comply is liable to lose their heads. Now... Who are you? And why have I arrived here?" Well, now the kid's being threatening. Or at least trying to be. Only one thing remained to do; to remind the man that if he had listened to Ganondorf, he might have actually gotten the information for the second question. Ah, well...


Ganon started clapping. It was slow, and almost silent, but the motion was there."Riveting speech... Truly, if I were to actually be following you, I might actually be inclined to answer the second question-" He'd stop, letting the sarcasm sink in. "Oh, wait! I already told you; it's just that you didn't listen and instead decided to nearly kill me with a spell of unknown potency! Because you need me to repeat it for some reason: There's a prophecy, and the Eevee over there is supposed to help us fulfill it somehow. As for the first... my name is Ganondorf." Ganon'd point towards the small creature, doubtful that this man actually knew what an Eevee was... judging from his previous experience, probably not. Then he'd fold his arms, but in an odd way... such that if he needed to draw his blades, they'd be in quick reach.


((Sarcasmdorf confirmed 2016))

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Ascension heard the voice demand answers. He turned around quickly. After everyone else spoke, he began.


"You know, threatening people isn't very nice. And then there's Nix. He wants us all dead, he'd gladly see me in the land of the dead again! I was told by the Stars we have until the vernal equinox. I'm sure most everyone knows what it is right now. However, for those whondon't know, it's the winter slistice.


The solstices and equinoxes are when cekstial magics are at their most powerful, you see. My siblings, Eos of the Sun and Nix of the Moon, utilize variants of celestial energy. Time's already wasti--"


Ascension's eyes widened as he felt lunar energy all too close to the group. He turned, and hissed at what he saw.


Then someone screamed, "LET ME GO!!"




Nix picked his way through the rubble. Rosalina? Check. Bowser? Peach? Check. Dedede? Check. Bowser Jr.? Check. Lucina? Check. Zelda? Check. Marth and Ganondorf seemed to have already escaped the rubble. No matter - these were enough for now.


Nix glared at them. He had learned long ago the best way to destroy a nation was to destroy its ruker. Chaos almost always followed if they weren't expecting ot.


Peach screamed, "LET US GO!!"


Nix laughed mockingly. "Now, now. Don't be like that. ...gah!" He twisted to the side. And turned around.


It seemed Ascension had evolved into Glaceon. The angry scarred Glaceom was now on the attack, barrages of Ice Shards flying at Nix. Some struck rhe Umbreon, drawing blood. Nox growled.


Then he fired a Shadow Ball at some of Ascension's group. Ascension turned and devolved into Eevee before reevolving into Leafeon, using a Razor Leaf to knock aay the attack.


During this, Nix had summoned gis Lunar Scythe. "Say bye bye," he taunted. He looked back at the group. The attack deflecting had ended now. Ascension deevolved again, but he didn't have time to do anything rlse before Nix's scythe slashed off multiple heads. The Umbreon conjured a portal of silvery energybwith a crack, as well as a silver force field (which wasn't very strong, but the show might distract them), before leaping through, portal closing after its master.


Ascension barely restrained himself from yowling at his brother, but the glare he sent after the fading slit where the portal was would have been fatal if looks could kill.





Eos was alone and cold. By all rights, it should be dusk. But the sky was a gloomy grey.


It matched the Guilty Sun's feelings though. Eos regretted so much. Her brother...it was her fault. Her fault Ascension died, her fault Nix was a monster. Surely, all the workd should see her as a monster now.


The grey skies were a reminder of the fate foretold for her eons ago.


So now the day dies... Eos whispered. Already, her day was consumed by dark. She wasn't dead... but the end was nigh. The vernal equinkx was her last chance.


She tipped her head up past where the sun should have been. She screamed in anguish and agony as guilt consumed her. As sorrow gripped her, her tears flowed down her face. At her paws, tears covered the ancient stains as she screamed in loss.


But far away, her younger brother's eyes flashed with wrath. Far away, her elder brother's heart was tightly closed against even his own soul.


Eos looked up. Now and forever... Forever and always... she would have to make amends.

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((I'm just going to assume for the sake of movement that everyone intro'd themselves))


Soren pushed his tongue against his teeth. Again, he found himself in the presence of a presupposed authority, being belittled. Honestly, he'd had more than enough of this pompous freak.


The more things change, the more they remain the same, he thought, but restrained from immediate dismissal. Now is the time for civility.


"If you would find it within your favor to do so, I would ask that you excuse me for my ruminations; I am a foreigner in this land, it seems, and find myself more than a bit befuddled by my situation. I apologize for my...acerbic disposition, and appreciate your clarification."

He smiled and bowed a bit, but kept his hand aloft.




This man...Ganondorf...he would need to keep him close. Though wounded, he still carried himself with a threatening gait. No match for himself, of course--even at a disadvantage, Shamen were of no concern to his magical prowess--but were he to amass these scattered few into a working force, he and Ike could--


Where...is Ike?


After introductions had finished, he raised himself and listened to the fox's tale: how the Sun struck down the Median, and the Moon sought its revenge...a story of ghosts and the winter Solstice. Soren was unfazed; he had faced and fought a goddess, and smote her down promptly. This was not an underestimation of the severity of the situation, though; he merely suspended his disbelief in incarnations of celestial bodies.


As the fox rattled onward, he prepared his own introduction. It would be delayed, as remained to be seen.


"Time's already wasti--"


It was cut off by a curdling scream.



Not far off from Soren's position, a black dog stood, threatening a pink-clad princess with a taunt.


The fox shown with a mysterious light, and its body morphed into a similar dog-shape, clad in blue with diamond-shaped ears. The scar on its body remained ever-present as its dashed off, firing bolts of ice at the hound. An elemental battle commenced between the two. Soren now finished the last verse of Rexcalibur in silence, and made no effort to assist in the fight--he needed numbers, and that meant culling casualties at all costs.


He held the tornadic wall at arm's length, putting a barrier between himself and the hounds. He ran to the center of the room, withdrawing Mend with his free hand from its clasp on his back; unlike for most Mages, his Tomes were merely grounds and channeling devices--their passages were an extension of his own vocabulary.


He replaced a foot backward and turned his head to the others, barking over the whooshing of Rexcalibur and the struggle in front: "Everyone, get behind me!" Whether they did or not was up to them. Any losses here could surely be countered once he reached an actual settlement.


It was not long before a loud crack echoed before him. He ceased casting, and watched as the dark one leapt through a break in reality. It snapped shut, and the tiny one stood, hair on end and mouth twisted into a snarl. Where the pink princess had been before were nothing but what appeared to be several fainted bodies. He quickly checked the others with his eyes--no other damage that he could see--and jogged cautiously to the pile-


His nostrils flared, and he swiftly brought a sleeve to his face. Decapitated. Every one.

"Ngh...blast it all..."



Alex jerked a bit as her body tried to follow the winged...thing...circling around behind her, leaning back until she could not support herself; she tried to stand up when a great gust of wind buffeted her forward, making her rock on her soles and drop her thermos. When her Fire hand dropped to catch herself, she cursed. Alex grabbed the offending hand’s wrist and shook it.

“Grrrragh! WHY CAN’T I MAKE FIRE?! You weensy little worthless son of a bi—“ Her head whipped to the left, beholding a great big white dragon (as expected), mouth poised for breathing, and—


“{Do not move! State your name and-}”

The voice paused, then started again.

“Do not move! Comply to my every command with truth and sincerity on the pain of death, and state your name and intents!” The dragon had taken a powerful stance next to his master. The voice, a man, hand his hand situated on the hilt of the sword at his hip. He was clad all in blues, and upon his sapphire locks sat an ornate tiara. His breastplate denoted him as a warrior, and his regal stance, royalty.


Alex was so excited that, if she could die right there, just to know what it’s like, she totally would. She fell back with a thump and slapped her hands to her cheeks. Her eyes were stars.




She rolled her legs over her head and sprung up and around, hopping in short bursts over to him. Didn’t matter that the prince’s face was bent in tons of weird expressions. Didn’t matter that the white dragon was...well, whatever—it was time. Alex pressed her hands into her face until her lips jutted and her eyes were teal slits



She stopped for only a moment to pull out a messy sheaf of pinned papers, lined with her chickenscratch handwriting. She held it up with both hands, smiling so hard her jaw nearly split.


“I am for serious writing the books on your timeless accomplishments and lifestyle, right now as we speak! Ooooooh, I. Know. EVERYTHING about you!” She took it in one hand and flipped it with the other. “Weight, height, birthday, birthstone, parents, former love interests, love life, love of fruit, you being a vegetarian amirite?, habits, vices, dreams, preferred selection of underwear—briefs, I’m certain--, political leanings and your medical history including your tendency towards minor hip dysplasia!”


She shoved it away and cocked her head, brushing away her hair with confidence.


“I’m...kinda a professional. Y’know, nothing big.”


Her eyes landed on the emerald pommel of the gold-hilt sword. She uttered a dramatic gasp. “Oh. My. Gods. Is....is that really the original, single-forged hilt of the original Falchion??? LEMMEH SHEE EHT”


Alex started to ventilate heavily. She needed to know. She HAD to know. She zipped toward him.


((Edited to add in Alex))


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((Now, how did I suspect that Alex was a fangirl? Hmm...))


The man before Ganon would pause for a few moments... then, he'd begin to speak. "If you would find it within your favor to do so, I would ask that you excuse me for my ruminations; I am a foreigner in this land, it seems, and find myself more than a bit befuddled by my situation. I apologize for my...acerbic disposition, and appreciate your clarification." No more needed to be said; Ganondorf can figure things out on his own. Besides, the Eevee had more to say about this prophecy. Whatever Ganon may be, he's not a blind follower... but all the same, this prophecy was starting to be quite real.


"You know, threatening people isn't very nice." Huh. That's a new term... Another internal chuckle. The newcomer was listening, as well, but Ganon didn't bother to see what the man thought about all this. "And then there's Nix. He wants us all dead, he'd gladly see me in the land of the dead again! I was told by the Stars we have until the vernal equinox. I'm sure most everyone knows what it is right now. However, for those who don't know, it's the winter solstice." Great... we have one season to deal with this prophecy. Whereas the Hero of Time got 7 years. Ganon'd look out across the rubble, keeping his mind off his own prophecy. "The solstices and equinoxes are when celestial magics are at their most powerful, you see. My siblings, Eos of the Sun and Nix of the Moon, utilize variants of celestial energy. Time's already wasti--"


There was a sudden shriek. A fairly familiar one, at that. Ganondorf, in the time between his own matches, had gone to watch some of the whelps in their battles. Peach was an... okay battler herself. Ganon glanced towards the sound... and there it was! The "Umbreon", a being near to a god. Well, who else here's near a god? Anyone? No? The Eevee was bathed in a radiant light before turning into an icy blue cat and assaulting Nix. Well, the sorcerer certainly had his own plans, attempting to hide everyone behind a wall of wind. Ganon would make a different move, casting a relatively small spell- an orb of darkness, wreathed in an orange glow. He'd draw a sword, slamming it into the orb. The Eevee went back to his normal form, then into the shape of a verdant cat, destroying some dark projectiles. Ganon's own orb of shadows had nearly reached the Umbreon before the scythe slashed across some of the other Smashers in front of it.


A particularly familiar screech caused Ganondorf to freeze up for a moment, as if something had gone horribly wrong. The shadowy ball dissipated without Ganon's concentration as he looked down at his left hand. Two golden triangle shapes appeared. The top portion was fully highlighted, while the bottom right was just an outline. They formed one whole side and half of the other sides of a larger triangle. There was supposed to be another outline on the bottom left to make a full triangle... but it had vanished entirely. Something was very wrong. Nix's distraction didn't even affect Ganondorf; he didn't even look up when he heard the newcomer's disgust.


((Nix, why? Why do you break the prophecy so? Now you made a confused Ganon. While Ganondorf isn't basically invincible like in his home universe (because that would be silly), he IS a lot like that roach that you found in your room once that refused to die until long after it should have. Ganonroach? Huh.))

((EDIT: Orangered, not redorange. I screwed up the color coding the first time I went through.))

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((Alex is the best xd.png))


Well this was... different. Yeah, when one was royalty you could rather expect to gain some attention, but Marth had never seen or heard something quite this absurd. Maybe it was a ruse. No, it had to be. It was a ruse intended to make him drop his guard.


Nice try. Marth glared at the loopy girl before him. This ground was a battlefield. An attack had already been launched on them, and every stranger needed to be seen as a potential threat. For all he knew, she carried a dagger with every intent to use it, trying to conceal all this until she finally encroached his personal space. You think I haven't seen this one before?


Only furthering his suspicions, the girl suddenly tore towards him. In one swift movement and a flash of metal, Marth pointed the Falchion right at the offender's face, arm bent to allow for stabbing if the need arose.


"Silence, stand back!" he barked. "Drop your weapons and prove yourself unarmed or else!" A flick of the wrist, the point of the blade traced a half circle in the air.


Low to the ground, Boris peered at Alex with an almost mischievous grin on his reptilian face. He knew his master did not trust this person, so neither did he. That also meant he had to act like a guard, right?

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Ascension turned, noticing Ganondorf's expression before he stared at his hand. Ascension turned back, counting up who Nix had killed... snap. Zelda was dead, which meant... Nix was messing with fate already. Ugh. This only made their mission all the more critical.


There was plenty of other dead royalty, too. Which just made it better. The nations didn't have any heir he knew of beyond the Datklands and their heir who'd been killed by Nix. It was likely Nix was trying to reclaim his age-old reputation... The Eevee remembered that about 100 years after he died, people largely forgot about him. Another 100 years, and Nkx was just a nebulous monster, near forgotten by the ravages of time. 50 years beyond that, and no one mentioned Nix any longer in the living world. The dead remembered, but they also learned from new deaths.


The grey sky was cool, and a chill pressed down on the group. The scarred Eevee didn't notice it too much. After all, he was covered in fur - except for his scars, which were the reason he was noticing this. He cleared his throat.


"I realize I was a little rushed. Does anyone mind if I explain more after we finish talking?"

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Upon closer inspection, there was no doubt that this Eevee was unusual. Large scars marred his face and body, leaving one to wonder what terrible attack could have caused them. Not to mention, he seemed to be able to speak, mumbling about lunar energy and... Nix and Eos?


Before Lucas could enquire further, a voice rang out, catching his attention. More people had joined the group, both Smasher and non-Smasher alike. The source of the voice in particular was an unfamiliar man with a red mark on his forehead.


"I'm Lucas, from Tazmily Village," he replied in response to the man's question. "Like Ganondorf said, we don't know much about what's going on ourselves."


Once introductions were over, the Eevee started talking again, clarifying the situation for them. Something about celestial magic, solstices, and equinoxes. I guess that means that Nix is the Umbreon, he reasoned. Whatever it was they had to do, it looked like they had a time limit.


Suddenly, an uncomfortably familiar scream cut through the air. Peach!? He turned towards the noise. Nix stood among the ruins, leering at the princess, as well as a number of trapped Smashers. In the blink of an eye, the Eevee shifted into a light blue fox creature (a Glaceon, was it?) and fired icy blasts at the glowing Umbreon. He started forward, hoping to help the Eevee.


"Everyone, get behind me!" ordered the man from before, rushing to the center of the room. Lucas heard a whoosh, and was pushed back by a shield of wind. Stuck behind the man, he could only watch in horror as Nix summoned another silvery scythe, swiftly swinging it down.




The scythe was sharp, and Nix's aim was true. The Umbreon had escaped through a portal, leaving behind the fallen Smashers. Though the wind shield had dissipated, Lucas continued to stand there, frozen in shock.


A throat cleared. "I realize I was a little rushed. Does anyone mind if I explain more after we finish talking?" Shaken, Lucas simply shook his head. As oddly nonchalant the Eevee sounded, he was in no mind to argue.

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"Oh come on, you have got to be kiddin' me! That guy's a cheater. A dirty cheater. Where's the referee?!"


Kumatora ignored the dirty glares of the audience, jeering at the emotionless screen that played back some of the best moments from that year's Smash Tournament. At the moment, Lucas was in the spotlight in a battle against Olimar and his many Pikmin. She found it unfair that the guy with the funny antennae bobbing on hisnhead was allowed to have a freaking army while the kid was armed with a stick.


Ever since Lucas was sent a formal invitation to join the Smash community, the Osohe princess took it upon herself to keep up with the annual sport. She memorized the opposition by heart. She could describe the happenings in each game in perfect detail; which was unusual, Kumatora wasn't known for her memory. But why shouldn't she know about the games? It was the perfect sport! Fighting, explosions and excitement, all rolled into one! So Kumatora made absolutely sure that if Lucas was going to compete, his skills were off the charts, developing a rigorous training schedule for the kid she wanted to win.


Duster claimed, snidely, that Kumatora was living it all out through him.


...So what if she was? Duster was just touchy because the kid had his Rope Snake.


A sigh escaped her lips as the camera showed Lucas' loss. Bummer. Still, he didn't place so bad, considering how many people were registered to fight. Figuring she had seen enough, Kumatora hastily shoved past the rows of seats until she was outside, in full view of Smashville. The only reason she visited the theater in the first place was to watch Lucas; the castle had no television. Kumatora pondered what to do next. So I know he's got a party going on... Some sorta celebration? But I don't think I'm allowed in. Not until they hand out the trophies. That isn't gonna be for hours. What can a girl do for hours in a place like this? Her eyes lit up. I've got it! Maybe I can check out the stadiu--




Kumatora jumped and whipped around, breathing heavily, snapped out of her reverie. She saw a building collapse in the distance. It took a few moments for her to register that it was the Mansion. Someone must have gotten a little overeager. Natural, with so many tough characters in one place.


But even if that was the case... What happened to Lucas? If he was in that place when it collapsed...


Crap!! Kumatora broke into a run towards the mansion, growling obscenities under her breath. Crap, crap, crap!! She'd never forgive herself if Lucas was hurt- never. She should have paid closer attention. Now someone was going to pay-- she didn't know who, but they would!




She eventually reached the ruins of the mansion, picking through the outer edges of the rubble. Rocks. More rocks. People with chopped off heads? What the hell was going on here?! She shoved the thought aside and called out, cupping her hands to her mouth, beginning to walk through the rubble with a pounding heart. "Lucas!! Luuucas! Don't you freaking dare die on me!"

((Phew, that's me trying to catch up! Expect edits if I see something I missed.... And continue formatting xd.png)

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