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Hello friends! Are there any other podcast junkies around DC?


I know there's a pretty good Welcome to Night Vale thread floating around, but I wanna know what else y'all listen to. I'm constantly looking for new podcasts, so, fire away with your faves.


Today I'm gonna recommend Wolf 359.

It's about a lazy communications officer, glitchy but lovable AI, Russian scientist of questionable intent, and their stalwart commander on a space station orbiting the star Wolf 359. They're supposed to be looking for signs of extraterrestrial life, but hijinks ensue. Minor crew mutinies, accidental creation of space mutant plant monsters, y'know. The usual.

It's very fun and funny, I strongly recommend it!

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EVERYTHING Night Vale Presents comes out with: Welcome to Night Vale, Alice Isn't Dead, and Within The Wires. I enjoy all three. A+. My faves.


I finished We're Alive (A Zombie Story of Survival) a few months ago (although it ended before that - it went on for two years or so). Typical zombie apocalypse story with a twist mystery to solve about the zombies, as well as several different types of zombies to deal with. I got really involved in the characters. They really kept the plot going.


I started Hello From the Magic Tavern the other month, which began being podcast a little more than a year ago. It's about a man who falls through a magical portal behind a Burger King into a magical land called Foon. He still gets wifi from through the portal, so even though he can't return to our world, he podcasts about Foon, interviewing different guests with his co-hosts, Chunt (a shapeshifter usually seen as a Badger) and Usidore (a wizard with an extremely long name). It's wildly inappropriate (and yet I can't stop listening...). Definitely not meant for kids. Lots of raunchy humor (in fact, Chunt the shapeshifter can only change shape by having sex with the creature he wants to become). It's not a show meant to be taken seriously at all.

EDIT to add the further I get in, the more jokes there are about Jewish issues. I'm hoping the writer is Jewish but can't confirm. If you are Jewish and decide to give the podcast a chance, do be forewarned that they mention "Jews" a few times and there's a joke about "not-sees" (people who can't see, but this sounds like "nazi" when said aloud) and how pure of heart they are (ie being the opposite of nazis but playing off nazi beliefs). I'm not Jewish, so I can't comment on if these jokes are really appropriate, I'm just hoping that, considering the amount of references, the writer himself is Jewish.


And I follow Mur Lafferty and Scott Sigler. They're not really serial podcasts - they're authors podcasting their books (for free!). I think Mur just podcasts her individual books. Scott podcasts all his books in his main channel and as individual books. In his main channel, he also does fun stuff in his "Friday Fix" (sometimes they - he and his business partner A - update on publishing progress or they do things like read the 50 best/worst movie taglines and try to guess what movie they're from).


I only listen to podcasts intermittently, though. Either when I'm working in the lab or on a long drive, so I rarely look up new podcasts. =p

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i was never big into podcasts but i started listening to My Brother, My Brother, and Me recently. it's a comedy/"advice" podcast. and also Rose Buddies which covers the Bachelor/Bachelorette and other (usually bad) dating shows. the McElroy brothers were my gateway into podcasts... i usually listen to them when i draw or if i'm cleaning or exercising

theyre both explicit tho

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I ran out of time to listen to podcasts a while ago, so got behind on several, but I started listening again when doing lab work and while walking for Pokemon. I'm catching up pretty quick, so started looking for other things to listen.


This list of recs came across my dash the other day, focused on those of us that enjoy The Strange and Weird, being geared towards paranormal/magical realism/surrealism genres: http://atalantapendrag.tumblr.com/post/154...things-here-are Stromboli, Wolf 359 made it onto the list, so you might be interested in the rest if you haven't come across them before.

I haven't quite caught up yet, so I haven't started any of these, but I definitely want to check a lot of them out!


Night Vale presents came out with a new podcast: The Orbiting Human Circus. I listened to the three previews on the WTNV uploads. This is the first NVP hosted podcast I haven't really been interested in, which is surprising to me. I like the narrator well enough, but the storyline doesn't really draw me in. Perhaps because I was expecting something different. But if you're behind on WTNV and haven't seen it but enjoy NVP shows, you might look into the Orbiting Circus. o3o

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