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Voltron: Legendary Defenders

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Anybody watching this 2016 Voltron reboot on Netflix?


I've never seen any of the originals. I saw some interesting stuff about it on tumblr (notably about the adorable Shay), which convinced me to give it a try. And I'm so glad I did!


If you need some convincing, here are just some of the things the show offers:

  • Space warriors
  • Space warriors IN GIANT ROBOTS
  • Space warriors not automatically being great giant robot pilots
  • A lovely, dark-skinned space elf princess who leads the space warriors
  • Colorful space mice
  • Plenty of shipping material, if you're into that
  • A character with pretty well represented PTSD
  • Kimberly Brooks (Jasper/Malachite on Steven Universe) voices a main character - Allura
  • Steven Yeun (Walking Dead) voices a main character - Keith
  • Norman Reedus (Walking Dead) has a voice acting cameo
  • Humor, family, friends, serious issues, environmentalism
  • All-around awesomeness

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Season 2, baby!


I'm not through with it yet (but close). They've gone deeper into the plot and some dark stuff here. Getting itchy to see if it can be resolved and how.


Right now, at the part where Shiro is bonding with his lion more. Considering there's another dangerous paladin out there with a very strong bond to it, I'm honestly surprised and a little disappointed he didn't try this before.

I also totally missed on how people started wondering if Keith was galra last season, but whoa. They made it obvious why this is such a popular fan theory this season! Interested to see how it does play out. o3o

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I've seen the original series, and I prefer this one. More modern in terms of animation style, writing, etc. It's not my favourite mech series (Gurren Lagann takes that spot), but it's pretty good. The animation is mostly nice, though the CG is sometimes lacking in detail and overuses the same effects.


Also, the new Emperor Zarkon looks incredibly cool. He's my favourite character design in the show, maybe-possibly because he looks like a purple Garrus Vakarian. In fact, the design of the aliens in general is pretty good. A huge step up from the old show. Though, the Alteans are boring in design (space elves are not original).


In terms of the main characters, they're kinda generically trope-y (though not completely). Hunk is the always hungry overweight guy, Pidge is the super-smart nerdy glasses wearing one, etc. Shiro is definitely my favourite of the main cast, though. As stated in the OP, they handled his past pretty well, making it not just something he can get over in a single peptalk. He does the mature-but-caring leader role well, though he still needs the rest of the Voltron team, which is a good thing. In fact, all of the characters are able to be independent-yet-dependent. Which is again, a good thing. Having a single character that's basically extra baggage is annoying, especially if they're supposed to be the main character (which has turned me off of other shows, like Steven Universe).



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I LOVE this series! I went in not expecting much but I ended up loving it a ton


I'm not quite done with season 2 yet but its been nothing but good so far. Pidge is definitely my favorite (love the whole 'twist' with Pidge especially) but I ended up loving everyone (even Lance and Hunk who I didn't think i'd care for). The show has good balance between serious moments and humor, well representing characters, cool action scenes, great animation, and is overall such a joy to watch


It's overall such a fantastic show and i'm glad I gave it a chance :3

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