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The Flock

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"Remember me name, and never forget what I done." Those were the last words the dread pirate Mason uttered before his small piece of flotsam was cast off to be adrift by the noble forces of the British Empire, with him strapped to a makeshift mast. Years of cargo stolen, lives taken, and villages ruined all paid by the single exile of a damned man.

The once-proud soldier of the English Navy, Private Luther Felix Mason, was long gone. In his place had spawned a hulk of a man with a torn, left arm which barely functioned and a crew that followed him loyally.

No one knew why, but Mason - whose many names included "the Vulture" and "Poxblade" - had a fascination with birds. Thus, his most loyal and high-ranking crewmembers had held the title of various birds. The Eight most notable were the Hawk, the Crow, the Blackbird, the Hummingbird, the Dove, the Owl, the Falcon, and the Robin (who was the youngest). These eight, ruthless followers of a possibly mad Captain had shaped the west routes of the Caribbean during the imperialistic path of the British Empire and other nations.

But all bad deeds are punished in the end. Left with no food or water and strapped to a post, he was sent adrift out into the ocean to die of dehydration and starvation. The members of his crew watched sadly from the shadows, or maybe from the death row themselves.

That was the last they heard of Captain Mason...




Two years have passed since his exile. Suddenly, bottles with letters in them have found their ways to many people, including his own crew. Maps, wills, and legends that would lead the wise to spots where some of his best treasures were buried or hidden. All in his awestruck crew came to realize that there would be a sudden, unexpected struggle for the gold their beloved captain had kept - and soon. Whether for themselves, their captain, or for the adventure, it was now time for those who had been left behind to act.

The search for the gold of the Ravenous Flock.





Character Name:




Member of the Crew/Member of the British Empire:







There IS magic in this world, but it is more like Witchcraft and hexes than anything else. Also, every spell or magic has a price, even something as mundane as lighting a fire can take a toll on your magical capacity. Be reasonable. Summoning a storm would most likely kill even the most experienced witch or warlock.




The Hawk: (Thaelasan)

The Falcon: Available.

The Blackbird: Available

The Hummingbird: (TehUltimateMage)

The Owl: (Lilraaos)

The Dove: (Coryn)

The Robin: (Thaelasan)

The Crow: (DoctorTear)


Yes, you can come up with reasons why they were named what they were. Be creative!

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Reserved for sheets.


Username: Lilraaos

Character Name: Cordelia "Owl" Selwyn

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Personality: At first Cordelia appears to be rather cold and aloof. She was very polite and reserved which made it take awhile for her to warm up to others. When she had done so, Cordelia had quickly become very affectionate and showed a very motherly disposition towards the crew. A worrier that is constantly concerned about her fellow crew members' well being, she has a huge soft spot for the young and helpless and is very supportive towards new members. She always had time to listen to the problems of others but is able to sense when not to press and she would simply offer a shoulder to cry on if that was all the person sought. She viewed the crew as her family and genuinely cared about them.

Despite having shown such compassion towards the crew, she did not hesitate to tear anyone in half, especially if they were threatening the members she cared the most about. However, she was not one to seek out a fight and would rather avoid bloodshed if necessary but she would not have avoided a fight or spared anyone if it would have had obvious future consequences.

Member of the Crew/Member of the British Empire: The Owl

Appearance: While generally considered a very attractive young woman, Cordelia's beauty is the kind that is considered to be too promiscuous to be desired in a wholesome way. She is slender and slighter taller than the average woman with a very exaggerated hourglass figure. Her face shape is similar to that of a heart, tapering towards her chin leaving it in a V-like shape. Her skin is very pale and would be unblemished if it weren't for a small black beauty mark below her right eye. Her eyes are green and framed by dark long lashes and her lips are small, red and plump. Her hair is long and black and she wears it loosely. Cordelia normally wears a white blouse with Bishop styled sleeves that reveals her shoulders and quite a bit of cleavage, a red steel boned under bust corset worn over said blouse continue to accent her hourglass figure. She wears a long black layered skirt with a v shaped opening that starts around her knee allowing her to show off her long legs as well as allowing more space for mobility

History: Cordelia's childhood was cut short but it was a rather happy one. Despite or maybe because of the fact that her birth resulted in her mother's death, her father loved her dearly. Her father was an apothecary and taught his only child how to read and write and about the many different known herbs and their medicinal uses.

Her father passed away from disease when she was ten and she begun to live with a lonely widowed old lady on the outskirts of town. Cordelia didn't have much of a dowry and as such didn't expect to marry. She was content with living her life as the village apothecary and taking care of her adopted mother.

Shortly after she turned fourteen however, a plague struck the village. The people of the town were grief stricken and were looking for someone to blame. A professional witch hunter was passing through and he was hired to find the cause of the plague. The witch hunter quickly targeted the queer old woman living on the outskirts of town and her adopted daughter, they had made it too easy. Cordelia had attempted to help many of the plague victims with herbalism. She knew how to read and write yet there wasn't a single man in their household. She rescued abandoned animals. The only answer was a pact with the devil. Witchcraft.

Cordelia's adopted mother was tortured and killed along with her cat and many of the other animals she had rescued. Cordelia's hair was forcibly cut short as the witch hunter claimed that that was an efficient way to contain the powers of a witch. The hunter didn't kill her, instead he claimed that he would be taking her back to his homeland to study her. She was loaded on a boat where the hunter revealed himself as a conman. He claimed that he had fallen in love with Cordelia and had rescued her from her life of poverty. He offered to make her his mistress despite having a wife and children at home.

That night the ship was raided by pirates. In the chaos, Cordelia escaped from her room and had taken a dagger from a nearby corpse. She found the witch hunter and soon had him on his knees, crying and begging for forgiveness. She tried to find some compassion but could only muster disgust. With the scattered moonlight glinting off the blade of the dagger, she ran him through with the knife after he had glanced up at her expectantly, thinking that her silence equaled forgiveness.

This scene was witnessed by Mason.


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Figured I'd finish this when I got the chance and you did say you wanted to see some sheets when you came back so here ya go! If you want me to remove the brackets, I'll be happy to. It was hard to read the sheet without them.


Username: Doctortear

Character Name: “Crow” Reina Yedda

Age: 28

Gender: Agender

Personality: Crow is an analytic individual who will thoroughly study a situation until they are satisfied that they know everything they can about the matter at hand. They love to have an upperhand over everyone else and, as such, will go out of their way to learn everything they can about the world around them; however, they also retain an innate craving to absorb as much knowledge as they can that is driven through pure curiosity as opposed to spite. The fact that they have eidetic memory, better known as photographic memory, only further their desire to learn whatever they can about the world around them. Crow adores messing with their peers and isn’t afraid to crack a few jokes or stick their nose where it doesn’t belong to get a reaction out of others. They are blissfully unaware that their behavior can come off as rude or condescending as they think they’re just being playful. As a result, they are always surprised when someone reacts poorly when they push a little too hard, causing them to retreat and rethink their actions.


Generally, Crow tries to be amiable to those around them, but they tend to show some degree of indifference unless they’re given a reason to care about said individual. They are incredibly pessimistic and aren’t afraid to voice their woeful thoughts. Despite this, they adore people who are genuinely optimistic about the world. They happen to like the innocence and exaggerated wonder that captivates most children as well as seeing other people having a good time and just generally enjoying themselves. Crow is highly sarcastic and a compulsive liar who loves to see people’s reactions when they spin a fantastic tale. They are incredibly vocal about their opinions and will make sure everyone around them is painfully aware if they are not content with the situation at hand. They are fearless in the face of danger and will not hesitate to leap into a situation where the probability of survival is exceedingly low. Crow is adept at adapting to their environment and can easily assimilate into new environments. Although they generally don’t get close to other individuals, Crow thrives off physical contact and is prone to cuddling, hand holding, and other intimate forms of physical contact with both people they trust and know very little. As such, they have a reputation for having various flings with people of all walks of life.

Member of the Crew/Member of the British Empire: The Crow

Appearance: Crow is a relatively tall individual, standing at 6’1” (around 186cm). Their skin is incredibly dark with no blemishes in sight. They are considerably muscular throughout their entire body, if not somewhat on the skinny side, with long limbs, defined hips, and small ankles. They have a full hourglass figure with a diamond shaped face. Their cheeks are flushed and she has high cheekbones that are very prominent on her face. Their brown eyes are extraordinarily dark and their thin eyebrows arch over their deep set eyes. Crow’s black, curly hair is relatively short, ending at their shoulders. Their face is obscured by a long, black, hat that appears to be a mix between a common captain’s hat and a trilby. They wear a long black trench coat that’s dyed a dark navy. The rims of the trench coat around Crow’s upper torso is dominated by white fur with a ridiculous amount of volume. Underneath the trench coat is a red blouse that clings loosely to Crow’s body. The short bodice that does very little to fully conceal their chest, is hidden underneath the blouse. They wear black pants that travel all the way down to their ankles. Crow adorns black boots, white leather gloves, and navy-painted bracers that cling to their wrists. A cutlass baldric with several slits for various weapons is wrapped around tightly underneath Crow’s coat. Along the side of the belt is Crow’s short cutlass while the back of the belt holds two daggers hidden away by their trench coat. They have a thin scarlet ribbon wrapped around their neck. They absolutely refuse to discard of the ribbon, no matter how dirty or ripped it becomes, arguing that it acts as a reminder from a past life. Their "mark" is a long scar over their right eyebrow, cutting through the far side of it.

History: Crow was born as Reina from a single mercenary mother who wandered the world trying to get what little coin she could from doing various jobs. At a young age, Crow discovered they had a brilliant singing voice and it wasn’t long before their mother realized she could use their talents for her benefit. She began to use Crow as a front to attract people who normally wouldn’t stick around in a single place for too long. People would stop to watch Crow sing and dance, perhaps end up with a private one on one session, and end with a knife in their neck by the end of the day. Crow’s mother, thought quite pleased with the money she was raking in, wasn’t exactly content with her child being alone with dangerous people all the time. Being a great swordsman herself, Crow’s mother taught them everything they needed to know about handling a sword and taking care of themselves when confronted with a dangerous situation.


Alas, the duo would not stay together for long for when Crow was around the age of sixteen, their mother was tragically killed while off trying to capture a bounty with a high price on his head. Unsure of what to do with themselves, Crow decided to travel the world, seeing all the wonders it had to offer and continuing to earn money the only way they knew how. They began singing and dancing to both capture bounties and to earn coin through entertaining others. Unbeknownst to them, their reputation preceded them. While singing during a private session on a ship of a rich man that quite a few people didn’t fancy, they were caught before they could slit his throat and were locked up in the ship. Luckily for them, Captain Mason and his crew had their eye on the ship and raided it. While they expected to find the ship filled to the brim with luxurious items, they didn’t plan on finding Crow among the ship’s cargo. Crow explained their situation to Mason and, after much contemplation, was given the opportunity to join his crew. While they weren’t exactly keen on becoming a pirate, they found the option to be much more attractive than the decision to rot away on a burning ship. Although initially cold and apathetic to their fellow crew members, Crow eventually become comfortable enough to speak with others and, through their actions, they gained their well-known title and became one of Mason’s elites. After Captain Mason was sent adrift, Crow went back to the only life they knew. They buried their identity of Crow and went back to being Reina Yedda, the wandering singer who always has the upperhand.

Other: Crow has a deep repertoire of melodies which, when accompanied by their strong singing voice, makes them a wonderful singer. They have a fascination of reptiles and have several pet reptiles from all sorts of species over the years.

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How is it the Flock doesn't already know where the treasure was kept, given they plundered to obtain most of it? I can change things if you're not satisfied (took me like the whole afternoon to make).


Username: Coryn02

Character Name: Samuel "Dove" North

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Personality: Contrary to his pious upbringing, Samuel is now quite vicious and cruel, not above committing atrocities even his fellow crew members considered too horrid. His original religious beliefs, while still serving an effective background and contrast to his behavior, are now tempered by a single idea: The problem of evil. Samuel sees groups of sailors dedicated to piracy such as the Flock meant to encourage goodness among people, as without such a motivating factor it is much easier to be tempted by sin, while also profiting himself. He is, however, very loyal to his Captain and his fellow crew members, seeing them as having set him free. Sometimes, he can be abrasive to others around him, meaning he is not always on the best of terms with them. Samuel himself doesn't really have a problem with anyone else, but if they have wronged him somehow, he holds a grudge and spares no effort in enacting his revenge. His manner of speaking is still quite eloquent, and he will make religious references, though it is not generally meant with such connotations. He isn't against the view of Atheism, but believes any religion should focus more on the world people live in rather than any afterwards.

Member of the Crew/Member of the British Empire: Member of the Crew (Dove)

Appearance: Samuel generally appears to be a young British (Caucasian) man. He has blond hair, hazel eyes, and tends to smile. He's often considered quite good-looking by the women of the time. He wears a simple white long-sleeved button cloth shirt, long brown pants, and knee-high leather boots tied with straps. His manner of speaking betrays his origins: He is unmistakably British, and his tendency to use religious terms in speech suggest he was once apart of the clergy. He has a thin black scar in the area of his torso between his ribcage and hip on the right side, being the result of his initiation into the Flock.

History: Once a well-respected missionary headed towards the New World by ship, Samuel's introduction to piracy was a rather unhappy one. As they set sail, the ship on which Samuel and his fellow missionaries were passengers was waylaid by the Flock. Those who did not fight back were slaughtered, and Samuel was subdued in spite of his valiant efforts. Noting his latent potential for battle, the captain offered him a choice: Death or enlistment. Samuel decided that any life was better than none, and in fact took to piracy quite well after the initial adjustment. At first, he was called the Dove due to his hopes in avoiding violence while he served, but eventually he became so hardened he became more bloodthirsty than just about anyone else among the crew, rendering the title an ironic one. Samuel was among the pirates who was deemed to dangerous to live, and a very high bounty under his name ensured he was brought in for hanging. Due to the negligence of his guard, he is now at large once again.

Other: Samuel smokes heavily, carrying his tobacco pipe with him constantly (if you used the last of the tobacco, you're in trouble). He's generally okay with animals, except for snakes. Still religious albeit with his own interpretations and twists, Samuel still prays regularly in private.

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Username: Thaelasan

Character Name: Thomas William Hawke "Hawk"

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Personality: Like his namesake, Thomas (preferring William) is very perceptive and calculating, reluctant to jump on something without extensive research. As such, he may seem slow to others, not wishing to intervene without proper reason. But it was this very trait that made him so invaluable to Mason.

Unafraid and unabashed, William is normally the final word on things. He has no bias.

Member of the Crew/Member of the British Empire: The Hawk.

Appearance: With features that sleek forward like a hawk's face, William's appearance is only made more accentuated by the Hawk feathers which decorate the hems of his coat sleeves and the bottom. Its said every feather was stitched to mark a boat that the Flock had taken, though whether this was true or not is still unknown.

One of his eyes is piercing hazel, the color of a Hawk's eye, but is normally covered by an eyepatch. Many say it can see through to a man's soul. His right eye is green. His hair is brown.

On his back, on his right shoulderblade, is the mark of the Flock, a ragged scar.

History: Hawke was once a member of Mason's regiment before an altercation caused the two to be exiled into a desert in India. The two were stranded for weeks before they found their way back to civilization. How they survived has always been a mystery, but two things are certain - when Mason returned, it wasn't as a loyalist but as a pirate captain, and Hawke had become his right hand man.

Other: Let me tell you the real story of Mad Mason.

Username: Thaelasan

Character Name: Robin Matthew Michaelson

Age: 18

Gender: Female (but normally dressed as a male.)

Personality: Robin has always been extremely adventurous and curious to a fault. Her nature to search and explore everything earned her her nickname upon Mason's ship. Never put down by sadness or loss, Robin was one of the only members of Mason's crew who knew no hardship.

Member of the Crew/Member of the British Empire: The Robin.

Appearance: A young girl with hair cut relatively short. She wears a binding underneath a vest and tunic, her arms exposed and covered with bracelets and accessories from multiple sources. Her hair is red. Her eyes are green.

History: Robin was the last of the eight to join Mason's crew. At the young age of 13, she had been aboard a merchant's vessel as a stowaway, eager to escape her destined life as a British noblewoman for adventure on the high seas. However, fate had other plans for her.

During a particularly nasty storm, the boat was torn to shreds across rocks, all but Robin perishing in the waters. When day broke, a single figure sat upon a mast tied to a lone piece of flotsam, drifting endlessly.

Robin had been dressed as a man due to her father's wishes that she be a male. When Mason found her and pulled her aboard, he began to coin her as a man rather than a woman. Uncertain if she should divulge her true gender to a band of possibly unsavory pirates, she kept it a secret from all save Hawke, who discovered it accidentally.

She quickly became the cabin boy of the group, and the favorite of everyone onboard due to her personality and her happy nature.

Other: Why do we fear adventure? We should make it fear us!

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There was only silence the day Mad Mason was brought in chains before the Governor of the North Port. His shackles made a slight noise as each footstep silenced every word someone may have spoken.

The Vulture. Poxblade. Mad Mason. The Scourge. The Plague. Pestilence. He was a man, and a carrion bird, feeding upon the weak to find the strong. Children clutched at mother's dresses as the late-thirties Captain trudged forward with his head hung low. A soft wind rung the gallow's bells, but that was not his fate.

A beady pair of eyes, not unlike that of the bird he was named for, surveyed the crowd under matted hair, each sight remembered and burned into the eyes of the receiver. No one would forget the man they saw that day, a demon reduced to a large man with his hands in chains.

They brought him before the powdered-wigged governor and his two children. The youngest daughter, Laura, stepped back slightly at his appearance. But no one could blame the young lass. The man was a terror in the body of a human.

Another wind blew as the group stopped, the guards nodding as they halted, bringing the march of the group of ten of the empire's strongest to a close. Guns cocked as two were held to Mason's head, two more barring him from moving to hurt the Governor. No chances would be taken.

In the Governor's hand was a legendary sword, the one Mad Mason had borne in his own clutches against his foes for nigh on seven years. The edge had been blunted, but for some unknown reason, the tip had been painstakingly sharpened over and over, as though it was the only part that mattered. Mason eyed the sword, and for the first time, showed some sort of emotion.



The Governor gave a look of disgust.

"This piece of filth needs to go where it belongs." he muttered, and in front of everyone, hurled the legendary sword over the parapets into the water below. Mason actually moved forward before the guns stopped him and two men forced him to kneel to the ground painfully. There was a loud splash as the blade, known as Screech, fell down into the ocean depths - or, so they thought. Unbeknownst to any within the audience, a hand grasped the sword far below them, its owner standing on a boat, his other hand having dropped a heavy weight into the water to mimic the noise of the blade. A hazel eye gazed up at the fortifications as a hand shoved the blade into a sheathe on a belt.

"Some treasures are never meant to find the waves." a voice muttered. "Not yet, anyway."

As the boat the man was on began to move away from the walls of the fort, the proceedings continued above.

With a loud, pretentious voice, the Governor called before everyone the words he had written on a scroll before him.

"Luther Felix Mason..." he stated loudly, then dropped to a quiet voice. "Oh.. how the mighty have fallen."

His loud voice came again, the entire fort echoing his words.

"Once, you were one of us. Then, you decided to join the rotted ways of ...PIRACY. TREASON! MURDER. Acts of TERRORISM upon the poor citizens of the British Empire, and not only us, but the Spaniards and the others as well. But today, it is the British who welcome you back, for your FINAL voyage. What a privilege it is that we are the ones to end your days as Mad Mason."

He gestured to a man next to him, who nodded as he began to drag something forward with another man.

"With us here, I believe, is a fitting end for the Vulture." he said, as the men began to erect something before the group of citizens and the prisoner. "Those birds you love so much will surely love you."


A mast was brought forward and tied strongly to a large piece of flotsam. Several men grabbed Mason and dragged him to the plank of wood as they began to bind him to the mast.

"You will be covered in chum and left to drift upon the waves you called your home. Any attempt by your crew to save you will only damn them. Oh, and we will be watching. But we will not kill you. No, we'll let the birds do that for us..." he said, leaning close to Mason. "Or the sharks. But still, I wonder. Why did you turn yourself in, Mason?"

The crowd gasped. No one had heard anything of this. Mad Mason? The legendary pirate? Had he really come forward himself?

But the man didn't speak. A few minutes passed in silence as the bindings were finished.

"Fine then. Rot like the carrion you are, Mason. I suppose the reason will die with you." the Governor said, waving his hand dismissively.

He covered his face and his children followed his example as two buckets of rotting fish parts and organs were chucked onto Mason's face and body. The stench was terrible enough to make many in the audience cry.

But Mason only sat there, breathing deeply, as though it was only natural. A piece of the chum leaked down his face...

And he opened his mouth, swallowing it. Several people immediately wretched, unable to handle the sight. Mason grinned, laughing. And laughed. His bellowing laughter was chilling as he shook his head voraciously.

"Remember my name.... and never forget what I done." he ordered, grinning under the mat of blood and fish parts.


He went silent as several men bound his mouth and gagged him. The Governor spitefully took some of the chum left in the buckets and smeared it on Mason's eyes, angry.

"I heard they like those parts first, those carrion birds." he spat, wiping his hands on a handkerchief supplied to him by one of his men. "Surely, you know this very well."

But Mason did not reply.




Soon, he was descended, flotsam and all, into the waters below. Any trace of the man with the sword was gone, replaced by quiet waters.

"I see your crew isn't willing to die with you, eh Mason?" the Governor called from above as the flotsam touched the surface of the water and began to bob. "Pirates aren't known for going down with the ship! But the Captain ALWAYS does!"

He laughed as his men shoved the boat out. A Galleon would then follow the flotsam for its journey until it reached a site famous for strong currents and rough waters.

That's - surely - where Mason would see his end. And no one would be able to save him.

The final sight as he left the view of the people on the fort was held by a man with a spyglass, a familiar sword kept on his belt. He stared out at Mason, who seemed to look right back at him a final time.


"Goodbye, Uncle." Hawke muttered, closing the spyglass and placing it back on his belt. "I'll do as ye said to do with the Flock..."

A young person who appeared to be male stood at his side, sighing.

"He's gone, then?"

"Who knows. He was always mad." Hawke frowned, pulling the anchor up from the side of the lifeboat, shrugging. "But he gave us his last orders. And we aren't about to defy them, Robin."

"Aye..." Robin said sadly, turning to look at where they had left the ship, far in the distance behind a mountainside. "What about everyone else?"

"For what we're doing, we won't need much of the crew. If they decided to leave, we'll find out when we get back." Hawke said as he finished pulling the anchor back to near the surface. "And even if they did, the two of us can handle this voyage of the Flock."

"And then what?" Robin whispered, leaning on the side, head on her arms. "Then what do we do without Mason?"

"We live on. With or without the Flock. We had our days as pirates. Now we can live as common folk."

"That easily?"

"If only. But..." Hawke said, turning the rudder. "It's what we have to do, for Mason."

"For Mason..." Robin echoed, staring into her reflection in the waters.




March 3, 1661 - Unknown Waters. Salty Sea Cove.


A spring sunrise poured over the landscape as Hawke opened his eyes within a familiar, small home on the outskirts of the pirate hideaway.

Salty Sea Cove had been erected by Mad Mason and a few other pirates five years ago. Within two years, it had exploded into a bustling trade port unknown to the British, hidden behind cliffs and a treacherous current. One had to sail a certain way, but most sailors who frequented the port found it easy to enter. It also made it easy if the British ever found them, or the Spanish happened upon them.

But that hadn't happened yet.

Thomas William Hawke, the legendary first mate of Mad Mason himself, sat up within his bed and rubbed his eyes to clear them of the salt that drifted from the sea. The scent of the shoreline filled his nose and made him feel at home. He removed his sheets from his body and slipped from the bed, sighing.

A slight groan made him look up as he looked across the way to the other bed, where Robin slept soundly in her underclothes. The sheets had been thrown all around her, one even landing on the floor. Hawke shook his head as he reached down and grasped the cloth from the floor, spreading it over Robin and tucking her back in.

Ever since the Flock had been left within that cavern off the coast of Tortuga, and the two had aimlessly wandered the seas, Robin hadn't been comfortable. Like Hawke, Robin had had a very close relationship with Mason. But to her, it was more than an uncle. Mason had been her father, her friend, and even her brother. And Robin had been Mason's favorite when he wanted to tell stories.


But now, Uncle Mason was gone, a legend sent adrift to die upon unfavorable waters, either devoured by the sharks or the birds he had loved. No one to miss him but his own crew. Hawke knew nothing of Mason's family or friends. Much as he knew of Mason, they had never discussed their family lives or their pasts - things better left unsaid amongst pirates.

But now, Hawke regretted that. No matter how close they had become, he couldn't even tell a mother her son had died. He wondered if Mason's parents even lived. Or if they had heard of their son's exploits. He knew nothing of them.

Once, he had heard of a sister, but nothing more than that.


He moved across the floor past Robin's bed, heading out the door and down a wooden hall to a kitchen. Thankfully, the night before, he had brought freshwater in for pumping and cooking. He grabbed a chunk of lard from the pot and began to cook some chicken eggs.

The thought perplexed him. On the ship, you ate what the cargo had available. Sometimes, you had only a few lemons or limes. Sometimes, you had only a mixture of rum and food, or grog. But sometimes you were lucky.

But here, in this house, he could eat as he wanted, farm with the men of the town, eat off the land, or fish. It was an alien thought to him, but he realized he was an adult now. When he had entered the town, they knew who he had been but had welcomed him with open arms and given him tasks. Soon, the body that had once helped with rigging and seeing the sights beyond the horizon now waited for the morning to harvest or water the crops, check for weeds and insects, and feed animals outside with the others.

It was a simple, but happy, life. He washed his hands before continuing to work with the meal.

"You really should say good morning when you enter a room." Hawke said, not bothering to look over his shoulder. "Didn't Mason teach you to announce your presence, lass?"

Robin yawned, stretching her arms under clothes too large for her. Unwilling to buy anything dainty that could make her seem even remotely feminine, she borrowed some of Hawke's clothing whenever she could. And, Hawke added in his mind, she also made him clean it since she felt washing was something for the "weak-willed women" to do.

"Then what does that say about me?" Hawke had asked, pointing at his scruffy face with a frown. "Ye tryin' to make a remark?"

"Eh no!" Robin had replied, arms crossed. "Besides, no one would take ye for a weak-willed woman, would they? And you'd be a bit of eye-candy for some of the younger ones. They twouldn't mind at all if ye were to clean with them."

So he did, and had. No more complaints beyond that. And she had been right. Watching a shirtless man clean his own garments and hang them to dry apparently made some women very interested.

Well, Hawke wasn't scrawny. A tattoo of a Hawk decorated his right shoulder while muscles curved under a backside and arms that had been strengthened and tanned with years of boatwork. But either way, he wasn't interested.

The very idea of families or housework still perplexed him. But if this was normal life, he supposed he could do it... forever?


Robin yawned again as she spoke, frowning.

"Where's th' bacon though?"

"The pigs are out back. Help yourself." Hawke joked, continuing his work.

"Oi, that ain't no fair!"

"And ye didn't go off to market yesterday to fetch none, lass." Hawke sighed. "I can't cook what don't exist."

"Bah. Yer useless, Hawk." Robin said, smacking his back.

"If I recall, yer the cabin boy. Aren't ye supposed to do the tasks like that?" Hawke said. "Or is that ALSO something for weak-willed women?"

"Sod off." Robin crossed her arms, walking back to the room. "I'm going to get dressed and head to farm."

"Without any food?"

"Ye nuts? I'm eating first."

"I'm only making enough for myself."

"What!" Robin yelled, leaning her head out the door. "Don't tell me you really did that?!"

"Of course not." Hawke sighed, holding up a platter.

She leered at him as she retreated her head back into the room.

"And you better not come in here peekin'!"

"You're STILL thinkin' ye have to tell me that, lass?" Hawke sighed. "For someone who didn't want to be a noblewoman, yer actin' pretty high-and-mighty."

"Bah!" Robin called back.




After they finished eating, a knock on the door interrupted them. Then, a single, tan piece of parchment slid under the front door, before both of their eyes. William narrowed his eyes, confused, and stood to his feet, stepping over to the door. He opened it after pulling the deadlock, frowning as he looked out into the front yard. Several people were walking along the streets, passing by their yard and talking.

"Oi, which of you left this letter here?" Hawke called to them, frowning. Some of them stopped, shrugging. But no one said a word. William's hazel eye scrutinized them with a stern gaze.

He reached down and grasped the parchment in his hands, concerned.

"....The Flock will fly again.." he finished, his eyes wide, turning back to Robin, who was already standing to her feet.

"We aren't farmin' today, are we..?" Robin asked, adjusting her vest with a frown.

But Hawke couldn't reply. He could just hold the letter in his hand and stare at the mark at the bottom with certainty.

Mason's famous seal, the skull of a Vulture.

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(have some garbage)


“Thank you all for coming. Please, enjoy yourselves! The next show will start later this evening.”


It had been a long morning and Crow was ready to retire until the evening show but, alas, they knew better than to run off after a performance. They had been singing and dancing for the patrons of Croc n’ Shots for the past few hours. They had gain ownership of the tavern a little after their mother died through shady means and used it as both a means to get money and provide a home for their numerous reptiles. Crow didn’t exactly advertise the fact that the scantily dressed singer triwling around on the small stage in the tavern and the mysterious mercenary who owned the place was the same person. Otherwise, Crow highly doubted they would have to stop and talk to the patrons, forcing a bubbly giggle out as they tried to sweet talk the customers into buying a few more drinks. They continued to feed some of the customers empty promises until they finally excused themselves after having to deal with a few of the more idiotic customers getting a bit more too comfortable with the singer.

“Don’t let any of them follow me downstairs,” Crow ordered one of their employees, Jack they thought his name was, as they opened to door to their chambers.

“No need to worry, Reina,” Jack said as he looked up with a quick smile. “We’ll keep them preoccupied. I’ll see you in the morning.”

“See you in the morning,” Crow said as they grinned at the blond before shutting the behind the door behind them.


They let out an exhausted sigh as they combed their fingers through their hair. Reina Yedda. The one name that always stuck with them. They had used a multitude of fake names over the years, a variety of identities fabricated and discarded with ease. Reina was the only one that ever stuck. Shaking their head, Crow silently descended down the stairs and opened the door at the bottom of the stairway. They were met a breeze of refreshing cold air as they stepped into the hidden alcove at the bottom of the tavern. Salty Sea Cove was a bigger island than expected and hid quite a few secrets. One such secret was the little alcove underneath the tavern. It was a natural alcove it seemed with a few man-made adjustments that had been made over time. Crow had first mistaken the alcove for a secret cave until they noticed the wooden stairs leading down towards the small stone clearing with various furniture placed upon it. A wooden railing was placed where the stone clearing ended. The open sea was visible from where the alcove was and there was a small pool of water gathered within the alcove leading out towards the great blue wonder. The alcove was the closest place Crow had to home and it was the one place they could forget their worries, plop down into bed, and relax.


Crow took in a breath of the brine scented air and heaved a sigh as they marched over their wardrobe and quickly undressed. They rummaged through the drawers, dressing themselves in their usual outfit before settling down on the bed next to wardrobe. Their eyes briefly flickered towards their old Flock hat and, feeling a sudden wave of nostalgia compel them, they reached over and grabbed the hat. They looked down at the hat, brushing their fingers along the rim as their mind began to flood with memories. They had been there for Captain Mason’s exile briefly. They watched long enough to see the captain taunt the audience and left soon after the Governor teased the captain with the thought of his crew living on without him. Crow had left after that. No doubt other members of the crew had been watching the procedure as well. If Mason deserved something, it was at least a few moments of respect. Crow had left the Flock a few days earlier, slipping away in the midst of night unnoticed with their personal belongings in tow. They had resumed their previous job, tossing away the title of the Crow and instead took the mantle of Reina Yedda, the wandering singer who danced just as well as they slit a throat. Every once in awhile, they’d go back to Croc n’ Shots to relax and wait for a good bounty to show up. Which was precisely what they were doing now.


Clicking their tongue, Crow put the hat back onto the wardrobe and stood up as they rolled their shoulders comfortably. A low hiss emitted from the shadows reminded Crow that they had a job they neglected to do.

“Yeah, yeah, I’ll hop to it, BB,” Crow said with a tired grin as they walked over towards the food containers in the left side of the alcove. A large water monitor crawled out from the shadows and lifted his head inquisitively as he watched his owner pulled packets of vegetables and meat out of containers. “Wait your turn, BB,” Crow chastised as the water monitor took a few steps forward. “You know I feed the little ones first.” BB flicked his tongue dismissively as Crow rolled their eyes and began preparing their pets’ food. They always had a fondness for reptiles and had quite a few pet reptiles over the years. The five Crow had now all had little habitats set up for them in alcove. Well, all excluding Lu. Crow chopped up some greens for Shakespeare, the resident turtle, and The Bourgeois, the iguana. Pup, the ball python, had already eaten for the week so Crow paid her little heed. They played a little game with feeding the live mice to BB who got a thrill out of chasing the mice throughout the cave before swallowing them whole. Crow got a kick out of watching BB scurry around the alcove, head raised as they tried to locate where her meal had run off to. All that was left was Lu.


Crow filled a bucket full of raw meat and marched over the wooden railing. They leaned over the side, checking to make sure that Lu was around. The unmistakeable shimmer in the water as the saltwater crocodile lifted her head to the surface told Crow all they needed to know. They began to toss pieces of the meat out into the water, waiting for Lu to finish eating before throwing another portion in. Within a matter of minutes, the bucket was empty and Lu was quietly resting on the surface of the water. Crow leaned on the wooden railing, staring out towards the open sea. They hummed softly to themself. It had been two years since they rid themself of the name Crow. Two years since they became Reina Yedda again. For a moment, they briefly wondered if they ever even told their crewmates their actual name. They recalled the time they first met Mason and the crew six years ago. They were pretty sure they didn’t give Mason a name even though they were under an alias at the time. What was it again? Kestrel Slavica or something? It didn’t matter. The nickname Crow stuck on soon enough and the people who did ask Crow for their real name didn’t get it. None of it mattered anymore. Crow was dead, Reina was back, and the Flock was disbanded. It wasn’t their problem anymore.


As though the world itself wanted to argue with Crow, a small carrier pigeon suddenly flew into the alcove. Thankfully Lu had been fed and had no interest in leaping out of the water and snatching the bird in the air. Crow cocked their head to the side as the pigeon landed on the railing right next to them. It had a letter attached to it’s leg with a very familiar seal stamped upon it.

“How curious,” Crow mumbled to themself as they gently removed the letter from the pigeon's leg and broke the seal. They had to read the letter several times to make sure that it wasn’t some joke. It was no mistake that the letter was written either by Captain Mason himself or someone who was keen on impersonating him. Who else would write in such a poetic, if not somewhat noisy, manner? Briefly, Crow looked up at bird still sitting on the side of the railing. Carrier pigeons were trained to fly between two known places. Crow never had a carrier pigeon down in the alcove before. How on earth did it know where they were? The thought of someone messing with their personal life irritated Crow, but if the note rang true and Mason was involved, then it didn’t surprise Crow that someone was messing with them behind their back.


Huffing indignantly, Crow removed themself from the railing and marched upstairs. If Crow had been sent a letter there was no doubt in their mind that a few other members of the Flock had too. It only made sense. Crow wasn’t particularly close to Mason, at least, not to the same degree as some of the other crewmates. If Crow had received a letter, than someone else had to as well. Crow pushed open the door leading into the tavern and turned their heads towards the bar.


“Jack?” they called as they glanced over at the bartender who seemed quite surprised Crow had resurfaced so soon. “Could you do me a favor?”

“Anything for you boss,” Jack said as he stopped cleaning the glass in his hand and turns his full attention to Crow. Crow, noticing that there were still a few patrons in the tavern, walked up to Crow and spoke to him a low whisper that no one else could hear.

“If you hear about… members from the Flock coming into town, tell them to head down the tavern. Give them a free drink, tell ‘em it’s from a little songbird whose interested in having a little chat.” Jack blinked at Crow in confusion but didn’t protest.

“I’ll send someone out to look,” he said. Crow flashed him a grin and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Thank you,” they said softly before slowly removing their hand and trekking back down into the alcove.


It would certainly be interested to see the other crewmembers reactions to being sought out by Crow of all people they decided as they strode to their bed and flopped down onto the squishy mattress. Despite how willing Crow had been to touch, hug, cuddle, and sometimes even kiss others, they had been very quiet in terms of their personal life. They were more than willing to tease their crewmates, but they would never talk about themself. They were very vocal about their opinions, but they never explained what made them think that way. Crow had closed themself off to the rest of the crewmates and yet they were so incredibly close. Briefly, Crow pondered if any of their crewmates thought about them after the crew disbanded. Crow themself thought about their crewmates every once in awhile, some more than others. Sitting themselves up, they glanced over at their old hat. They hadn’t worn it since the day they left the Flock. Gingerly, Crow picked up the hat and examined it, taking in all of it’s imperfections. It was an old thing, really. They should have bought a new one a long time ago. Alas, nostalgia was a heck of drug. Placing the hat gently on their head, they walked over to the railing and folded their arms across their chest. It looks like the Flock might live longer than originally anticipated. After all, birds of a feather flock together.

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((How'd I do?))


March 3, 1661 - Dead Servant's Saloon, Salty Sea Cove


A noisy tavern was bustling with activity in the evening. In this coastal town, many people came here to escape from their troubles, if only in their own minds and at a heavy cost the following day. While they came from many walks of life, one man in particular was quite different from the rest.


Swilling in his own drink, alone at the bar, was Samuel North. Once a member of a dreaded pirate crew called "The Flock", he'd been missionary, cabin boy, sailor, shantyman, and murderer all in a single lifetime.


That sort of thing takes a toll on a man's soul. If he'd been the sorry excuse of a man he was years ago, he'd likely have broken down long ago. But now, he simply didn't care enough. With his captain dead and crew mates scattered to the winds, he had nowhere else to go.


Of course, that was mostly because his reputation for piracy and violence had made him an outlaw, and as such unable to get a job for long.


Heh. They called me Dove... And yet I was likely the most cutthroat of the lot.


Samuel raised his mug high in a silent toast to Captain Mason. He finished his quaff of rum, setting it down on the bar again and knocking his hand twice on its surface. At this particular establishment, it was a sign that a customer wanted a refill, and the bartender knew it well.


The former pirate reached into his coat pocket and took out a single coin, putting it next to his empty glass. The bartender, who looked quite old and had a beard that seemed to obscure most of his face, took the mug behind the counter, and then put it back on again after a delay.


As he grabbed the mug, prepared to take another swig, Samuel realized something was not right.


Wait... There's no drink in this!


Samuel was about to launch a tirade at the bartender for giving him an empty glass when he just paid for a full one, until he realized the glass contained what looked like a piece of paper. He cast an inquiring glance to the bartender, who shot him a very particular look: no doubts, this was a message to be read in private.


It wasn't often that letters of such sensitive nature were received. He nodded a silent thanks to the bartender, and turned to walk out of the establishment. Then, he began to read the letter he was given.


At first, Samuel was stunned at the source of the letter, and then excited at the prospects it entailed. He had indeed spent much of his coin to fuel his bad habits; tobacco and alcohol weren't exactly cheap. Though he was forever barred from them since he was a wanted criminal, the high seas were what he longed to return to.


The Captain... What was he thinking when he planned this? He must have figured it all out before he was executed, unless...


But both were swept aside by furious anguish. The Vulture thought to know him so well, and yet... Why would such a man abandon his crew? It was true that the Flock had done much to shape Samuel into the man he now was. But the Captain truly knew nothing about him if he thought he ever wanted to return to a life of constant worship.


For in his own way, he was making the world a better place by playing Old Scratch's part among men.


Samuel crumpled the letter in his hand, walked out to the docks, and threw the parchment into the waters.


He was going to follow the instructions it indicated. But not for riches, the hopes of a new life, or even one last adventure as Dove the Bloodthirsty. Instead, he was going to find the Captain, for he was now sure that the blue had spat out what it was fed: Captain Mason once again walked the earth... Or so Samuel had convinced himself.

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"Mason, are ye mental?"

Hawke's voice pierced the night sky on the stormy surface of the Flock's deck. The night stars were the only observer as Mason turned to look at Hawke, his eyes full of madness.

"And if I am? What then? Isn't that who I've become?!" Mason roared, turning and throwing the body in his hands aside. "Isn't that who I'm supposed to be?!"

"You're supposed to be our captain, not a tyrant!" Hawke yelled back, stepping out of the cabin door and grabbing the man's coat. "Ye don't hear the whispers of our crew, ye addled fool! They whisper of mutiny!"

"They... they would turn on me?" Mason replied, grabbing Hawke's arms. "They would treat me with such... DISRESPECT? Then let them learn from this fool's fate!"

"There has to be another way to learn the strength of a man, Mason. Another way to prove his worth! And I'll gladly be the first you do it to, but ye can't do this anymore. Killing off a man just for that?!"

"If he can't raise a sword, he ain't worth the cloth it takes to clothe him." Mason gestured at the body laying between them both, which was currently shivering in the rain and storm of the sky. "Or would you give him your shirt?"

Hawke was silent, grasping Mason's wet jacket in his grip with all the anger he could, but he couldn't say a word further. He knew the rest of the crew could hear them through the floor below. If he spoke weakness...


"No. He'd have to earn it." Hawke replied flatly. "And I will too. That sword of yours, you haven't cleaned it since that battle have you?"

"...What are you thinking, lad?"

"A way to make a name for yourself, Mason. And me too."


Same Day, Dead Servant's Saloon Outskirts, Salty Sea Cove


"If you thought ye were hard to find, Dove, then you have no idea who I am."

A familiar man, dressed now in an overcoat decorated with brown and black feathers stood with his hands in his pockets behind Dove, his boots pressed firmly onto the wood of the old docks.

"Also, you're standing in front of my ship." he added, stepping forward until he was shoulder to shoulder with the man, his head gesturing forward. Robin joined them both, walking up in front of them and holding out her hand with a flourish.

At the end of the docks, a large, fishing vessel stood with the mast drawn and the ropes moored. An anchor was stuck at the bottom of the shallow dock bay, visible beneath the slightly murky waters. A slight wind every so often made the ship shake softly in the breeze. The sound of creaky wood was prevalent.

"It ain't the Ravenous Flock," Hawke began, walking up to the boat. "But it'll do for our purposes. I trust you also got a letter from our estranged Captain? Or did he lie to me?"

He patted the side of the vessel, rubbing it lovingly.


"Don't worry. We ain't gonna use this for our plans. The Captain's given me permission to take care of a few loose ends, Dove. You included, if yer up for it." William said, turning back to him. "And only one ship can handle what we're gonna do."

His eyes were filled with unbridled excitement as Robin grabbed Dove's arm.

"Yeah! Come night, we're gonna be off to get the Flock back!" she whispered excitedly, releasing her grip to run back along the length of the docks. "But first, we gotta get the rest of the crew together."

Hawke held up a small letter.

"And thanks to the Captain, I know about where they all are." he said, waving the parchment. "Including you. But I was worried you'd move to another tavern to drown yourself in."




Robin hurried along the length of the docks, then down back into the city proper. She couldn't be held back any longer. Mason, in the letter, had promised they'd meet again, if they did everything the letter said. She was filled with elation, her face beaming.

But for now, she had a very important mission. She almost broke down the doors of a tavern and knocked over a waiter as she ran through the tables, then to a man at the counter.

"Oi, sir!" she called. "Do ye know where Crow is?!"

If anyone heard her besides him, she didn't care. But the man looked at her with a finger to his mouth.


"SHUSH!" he said immediately, leaning over the counter. "Who are you?"

"I'm Robin, ye idjit." Robin replied, as though it was obvious.

"You're Robin?" the man said, skeptical.

"Do ye need proof?" Robin asked, sighing.

"It'd be ni-"

She pulled back her sleeve, showing a mark on her shoulder.

It appeared that an infected wound had healed but had been quite serious.

The mark of the Talon.

"...I'll... get them right away.." the man - Jack - replied. "They've... been waiting for you."

"Oh! Good. Then this can be quick." Robin said.

The man excused himself and walked to the back of the shop, where the stairs to the alcove awaited him. Crow had told him to inform them, right...? So.. this was ok?

"Reina!" Jack called, frowning. "Robin's here for you! What do you want me to tell him?"

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About an hour or so had passed when Jack strode down the stairs and announced that Robin had arrived. Crow had been laying on their bed, gently massaging BB’s neck as he rested his head on their stomach.

“Oh?” Crow called as they lifted their head up. “He’s here already?” It wasn’t surprising that it was Robin of all people to show up. Mason was a father figure to him if Crow recalled correctly so it would make sense he would get a letter too, but for him to arrive so soon was unexpected. Crow thought it would take days until someone came waddling through their traven’s doors. They hadn’t made plans to transfer to tavern to someone else yet and there were still two more shows scheduled for the day. While both of those problems could be dealt with in a matter of a few minutes if Crow actually put the effort forth, the dilemma of who would feed the reptiles was a bigger problem. While the majority of them were fine with being fed by strangers, they didn’t particular for being handled by someone they didn’t know which would become problematic when their habitats needed cleaning. That and Lu, the biggest and most dangerous of the five, was particularly troublesome. It had taken her years to get used to Jack and, even then, there were still problems. It usually took Crow a few weeks of sweet talking and bribes of every manner to convince him to care for the reptiles and they highly doubted Robin would be willing to wait a few weeks for Crow’s persuasion to pay off. This would certainly be a problem.


Clicking their tongue softly, Crow sat themselves up and motioned for BB to follow. The water monitor obediently slithered off the bed and crawled after Crow as they walked towards the door.

“I didn’t expect you to catch one of the birds so quickly,” Crow said as they stopped to face Jack.

“Well,” he began as he nervously rubbed the nape of his neck. “It was less of me catching Robin and more him barging into the tavern, in a rather loud manner mind you, and demanding to see you. Honestly, you’d think that years of being on a ship would teach him a little dis-”

“Hush,” Crow commanded gently as they placed a finger on Jack’s lips. “The deed is done and that’s all that matters.” They slowly removed their finger, tilting their head as they stared at Jack, their eyes flickering about as though they were searching for something.

“When’s the last time I put you in charge of the place?”


“Never?” Crow tapped their chin in contemplation before flashing Jack a small grin. “Let’s see if we can remedy that, shall we?” they whispered in Jack’s ear before ascending up the stairway, BB trailing at their heel.


Just like Jack said, Robin was by the counter. Crow honestly though they’d never see him again but that didn’t really matter at the moment, did it?

“So it seems you are here,” Crow cooed as they casually strolled up to Robin. They leaned their side against the corner, a few inches too close too Robin. Crow enjoyed getting in other people’s personal space. It was amusing to see their reactions and while most members of the Flock got used to Crow getting in their personal space, they always found a new way to make their crewmates squirm in their presence. Jack had returned to the counter and began attending to his duties. Crow knew he was listening. Even if he was talking to other patrons and averting his gaze from the two pirates, they knew Jack well enough to tell when he was eavesdropping or not. He was licking his lips anxiously, a telltale sign that most people wouldn’t notice, but Crow wasn’t most people.


“I presume you came here after receiving a mysterious message?” Crow said as they looked down at the much smaller Robin. “Have a drink if you want, it’s on the house, but I get the feeling you don’t want to sit around and have a few drinks.” As though reminding them he was there, BB bumped his head affectionately against Crow’s leg. “I didn’t forget ya, Big Boy,” Crow said as they reached down and gave BB a head scratch. “Before you ask, no, he’s not aggressive,” Crow said as they straightened themself up. “He’s a big softie who warms up to anyone who dangles a mouse in front of him.” Crow had brought a lizard with them when they first became a member of the Flock. He was an aggressive little fellow that despised the other crewmates. Least to say, there were quite a few complains about him. He got killed in a "mysterious" accident when Crow wasn't paying attention to him. They weren't exactly happy about the situation. Pushing the bad memory away, Crow folding their arms across their chest, Crow looked down at Robin and waited to hear what he had to say.

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Name: Luther Felix Mason.

Age: 26.

Gender: Male.

Appearance: Black Hair. Dark Brown Eyes. Tall stature.

Features: Slight limp. Birthmark on lower left of abdomen.


Upon this day, May 24, 1654, Private Mason has been drafted into the ranks of the British Military, to protect and serve the Council in all mannerisms and actions forthwith.




Robin grinned widely as she grabbed Crow's arm playfully.

"Hawke is the one who got the letter, but Captain says he'll see us again if we follow the instructions!" she said happily, ecstatic. "And one of the first ones was to find the crew! Can you believe it? Captain's alive!"

She pulled on Crow's arm happily, ignoring the reptile next to her. Crow had always been known as one to carry those around whenever they could. But this one was kind of large...

Still, if Crow said it was safe.. it was PROBABLY safe, right?

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Samuel laughed at the voice coming from behind him. He’d gotten rid of the very implicating and potentially valuable note at the first opportunity, and now he’d been found already. But this person was not a stranger; no, he had served with this man previously.


Turning around to look at the man, Samuel knew instantly who it was. The feathers on his long coat made it obvious this was none other than Hawk, the first-mate of the Flock.


This, of course, means that Hawk knows about the treasure already… He had a hand in setting the stage, no doubt.


“Well, it’s not like I could forget you. After all, what sort of man could and still slip out of the hands of the law after making his identity so well-known?”


Hawk then pointed out that the ship he stood before at the docks was in fact his own, while not the Ravenous Flock itself. Dove turned to look upon it, and while noting its humble intent as a fishing boat, seemed quite seaworthy.


The young lad Robin was also present, who offered his hand in greeting to Samuel. He took it gratefully and gave it a proper shake. As much as he missed the sea, he probably missed the crew more. They’d spent years together plundering, so it wasn’t as if they were any less than family to him.


Hawk further explained that they were not using this fishing ship for ‘their plans’, which Samuel only assumed meant the retrieval of the treasure. Robin seemed much more enthusiastic about meeting the crew again, and then started running down the docks to find the rest.


Samuel shook his head slightly smiling, wondering how the boy thought he could find the crew when they were likely very far away, and then stopped once Hawk said that the Captain had told him where everyone was, and that he only worried that Dove himself had left for another tavern.


So the Captain is alive after all! I suppose you ought to cut off a man’s head if you want him killed.


But what was more interesting was Hawk’s letter. This was presumably a more detailed version of the one he himself had received, and while Samuel doubted he’d be left uninformed for long, he did want to know what exactly Captain Mason intended for them.


“I did receive a letter from what seemed to be our apparently executed captain. But as much as I want to believe that, I can’t until I see him myself.”


Samuel decided to go on for a moment to explain what he’d been thinking, as that might perhaps be worth something to Hawk, who obviously still saw use in him.


“It’s been two years since the captain disappeared, if I’m willing to believe that he survived. Which I am. I’m a wanted man now, so I can’t go back to the sea, even if I want to.”


Dove paused for a moment, taking out his pipe and lighting some tobacco to smoke, and then continued talking.


“But Hawk; you, my friend, ask me if I want to help you, even after I’ve nearly drank myself to death. The real question is this: How could I refuse?”

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So Hawke was involved too? How typical. Crow stared down at Robin as he began to gush about how Mason was still alive and just how wonderful it all was. Honestly, it was somewhat uplifting to hear that the Captain had somehow survived, but Crow wasn't nearly as excited as Robin was. In fact, their mind was preoccupied with the question of how on earth they were going to get care for the reptiles before they left. While they were more than happy to hop on the Let's-Go-See-Mason boat, they weren't going to leave until their pets were situated. Not only that, but there were other matters they had to attend to such as who was going to care for the tavern when they were gone, who was going to perform in Crow's absence, and other related matters.


Plastering an artificial grin on their face, Crow glanced down at Robin.

"I assumed as much," the said with a wave of their hand. "I guess it takes more than a blanket of chum and a few weeks at sea to kill the captain, eh?" That certainly sounded like Mason. Surviving the impossible and then gathering his crew around to tell the hearty story of how he survived. Crow glanced over at Jack and raised two fingers. Within a matter of seconds, Jack shoved a cold glass towards Crow and resumed cleaning the glass in his hand.


"I'm guessing you want me to accompany you to find the captain then, no?" Crow asked as they grabbed the glass off the counter and spun it around in their grasp. "Don't get me wrong, I'm more than happy to find the Captain with you, there's just a few problems in my schedule. You see, I have a few matters to attend to before I can with one said matter that'll that a few weeks to finish."

"If you're talking about feeding that croc down there, I'm not going to do it again," Jack called over the counter without lifting his gaze from the glass in his hands.

"As Jack so eloquently put, I'm going to need someone to feed the reptiles when I'm away and while people are fine with caring for the small ones, a few people are too nervous to care for BB," Crow nodded down towards the water monitor who looked up at them, flicking his tongue in response to his name. "and the vast majority of people won't step a foot near a fully grown saltwater crocodile who isn't particularly fond of strangers." Crow paused momentarily to take a swing from their drink, placing the empty class on the counter next to them. "There's also other problems I'll have to solve," Crow explained. "Issues I can solve rather quickly, but the main problem still stands. I can't leave this establishment until I know the reptiles are cared for. If I leave them uncheck, the little ones would probably die off but the big ones..." Crow glanced down at BB who was staring at the patrons of the tavern, tongue flickering in and out as he studied each individual. "They'd find a way to get food," Crow said as they gazed over at Robin. "One way or another."

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Hawke patted Dove's back, nodding.

"Yer right. In fact, it's an order from the Captain, AND the First Mate." he added, turning back to the ship. "It'll be seaworthy come 1800 hours, so get your things, Dove."

He adjusted his jacket and grabbed a flask from his side, taking a sip, then offered some to Dove.

"It's some of the stuff I mixed up on the Flock. Been brewed for a while." he said, proud. "Yer welcome to give it a shot."




Robin had never really understood Crow's fascination with the reptiles. Several times, after docking or going to islands, Crow had always returned with a new addition to their... circus. Kimodo dragons, monitor lizards, salamanders.. More than once, Robin had looked down into the things she was planning on wearing that morning to find a nest of reptiles. Once, it'd been a snake.

She swallowed. She wasn't afraid, no. But it was unnerving.

"Well.. it's not like we can stop you from taking them aboard. In fact, after how long ye had em, it wouldn't be the same without em." she shrugged nonchalantly. "I'll convince Hawke somehow. But Mason ordered us to make sure you came along, so whatever we have to do, I guess."

It wasn't the greatest answer, and she wasn't exactly content, but Crow was Crow..

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A crooked grin appeared upon Crow's face as Robin swallowed before proclaiming that the reptiles could be aboard with a little convincing on Hawke's end.

"Oh, it was never a question of whether they would come along with me," Crow chuckled as though Robin had made a ridiculous suggestion. "If you want me along, they're part of the package, whether you like it or not." Pulling their gaze away from Robin, they waved Jack over who, after excusing himself from a conversation with a patron, hurried on over to his boss. "You're in charge while I'm gone," Crow said as they pulled a key out from their coat and handed it to Jack. "Send someone down to find that singer who hangs down by the docks. The pretty one with wears the blue bracelet all the time. Tell her she there's an opening for performing at the tavern but only for a short time. That should get her scurrying down here before the next show stars." Crow paused and tapped their chin thoughtfully for a moment. "Except the usual: I should be back in a few months but don't be surprised if my absence is prolonged. Anyone asks for me, tell 'em I'm off for business, you know the drill."


Jack gingerly grabbed the key out of the Crow's outstretched and clutched it tightly in his fist.

"I won't let you down, boss," he said in a grave tone, nodding solemnly.

"Christ Jack, I'm not heading off to war," Crow huffed with a shake of their head. "I'll be back eventually." Jack mumbled something under his breath that Crow didn't quite catch. Knowing Jack, it was probably something dramatic like, "You might as well be going off to war." or something on those lines. He always got so teary eyed whenever Crow left. The whole process, while annoying, if not amusing to an extent, was somewhat endearing. It was nice to know someone cared, even if said someone barely knew who Crow really was. "Now shoo, you have customers to tend to," Crow said as they waved a dismissing hand at Jack. He lingered for a few seconds, eyes glued on Crow, before finally sighing and returning to this duties. Crow grinned to themself and looked back down at Robin. "Point me to the ship and I'll go ahead and get my things aboard, Crow said. "You needn't worry about helping me, I'll settle myself in before you even realize I'm on board."

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Robin frowned.

"I'm happy it's easy fer ye to get accommodated, but please, fer the love o' God, try to keep the beasties to YER room this time." she rubbed her hand through her hair, sighing. "If yer gonna keep them, can't ye keep them leashed or something?"

She gestured with her free hand towards the exit door, waving for Crow to follow.

"Come on, the ship's down on the East docks. It ain't the Flock, but Hawke says it's seaworthy enough. To be frank, I ain't never seen it move save once or twice, so I can't be entirely sure on it."

She shrugged.

"But Captain would say 'It's all part o the adventure.'" she mocked, grinning, as she began to walk towards the door. "So let's enjoy it, aye?"




Hawke put his hands back in his coat pockets as he walked away from Dove, heading over to the start of the docks where a group of men were waiting. Their leader nodded to him, strolling to him and meeting him halfway.

"So yer Hawke? The owner of this ship?" the man asked, appraising him. "Well, ye look like ye know what yer doin'. But who's that?"

"A friend. Longtime friend, if you want to be more specific." Hawke said, looking over to him. "He's as good as any, I'd wager. Though he ain't much for the ship work, he's a damn good physician. And he's a Godsman."

"A priest?"

"Missionary, but I doubt he'd say that these days." Hawke shrugged. "Are ye gonna help us make it seaworthy?"

"Aye. We'll have it ready in a few hours. But are ye sure ye don't need anyone else aboard?" the man asked, concerned. "It's a large ship for only the two of ye."

"We have more comin', I assure you." Hawke waved away his concerns. "Just make sure ye tell the others that we won't be back for a few months."

"Ye got it Hawke." the man said. "Pa says we owe you one, so whatever ye ask for, he says we gotta oblige. Personally, I think he's right."


"Ye don't seem like the type to do somethin' without reason. But takin' a sudden excursion just seems off to everyone." the man said. "That boat hasn't moved for months."

"Well, now it is." Hawke smirked. "Take care."

"You too." The group of men began to move off, leaving Hawke to walk back towards where Dove was waiting.

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Dove politely shook his head and turned down the alcohol.


"Oh, nothing else for me, thank you. I've had too much of the stuff for now."


Granted, I am a sailor, so I doubt I will stay away from grog for long.


In serving with Captain Mason's crew, Dove had picked up some bad habits: he now drank no less than once daily, though that was to be expected of a sailor. He also smoked regularly, which helped him think somewhat.


Hawk went to meet a group of men, who seemed to be the owners of the modest vessel. Dove did not pick up much of the conversation, but he thought he heard that others were coming. All the while, Dove lit the tobacco within his pipe and inhaled the smoke.


When he came back, Dove decided to ask another question to Hawk. After all, if this was indeed being organized by the Captain, how many of the crew were coming? The Ravenous Flock was dozens strong.


"Who else can we expect, aside from the lad Robin?"


So far, Robin and Hawk were the only ones besides him to arrive for the Captain's summons. It was quite likely most of them had been captured by the English authorities or simply didn't want to return. Even Dove himself was nearly executed after Mason was supposedly killed, so he had to call himself mad to want to serve a pirate once again.


But then, didn't they call him Mad Mason?

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Crow leaned against the counter, giving an exaggerated shrug as they shook their head dramatically.

"They wouldn't wander into anyone's rooms if nobody tried to sneak some meat into their chambers," Crow explained as they glanced at Robin with a mischievous look in their eye. "'Sides, it's not like I can keep them all locked up in a habitat. If you'd like to leash a twelve foot, hungry, saltwater crocodile, be my guest. Just don't expect to come out of the experience with all your limbs intact." Crow let out a soft chuckle as they folded their arms across their chest. "I'll be down at the dock soon enough," they said as they waved at Robin who was exiting the tavern. "Give me a few seconds to settle a few things and I'll be there before you know it!" Crow waited for Robin to exit the building before letting out a small sigh. Lord, they were really doing this weren't they? Crow ran their fingers through their hair as they tried to wrap their head around the situation. They had gotten used to their cozy life in the tavern. They thought they were done with crossing the seas and all the wild adventures that came with it.

Evidently, that part of my life isn't over yet. They were going to grow a patch of white hair by the time this adventure was over. Shaking their head to themself they glanced over door leading down to the alcove. So, just how were they going do board their reptiles aboard without the others noticing?


It wasn't hard to locate Hawke. He was done by the docks, just like Robin said, and he wasn't alone. Crow could make out the distinct voice of Dove, someone Crow wasn't exactly expecting to still be alive. He had a bad enough reputation to make more than just a few enemies and to see him still standing was surprising to say at the least. Crow vaguely remembered Dove having a negative reaction whenever they brought up their pet snakes around him. They made a quick mental note to keep him away from Pup and another mental note to repay the favor if he ever came near her with a knife.


"Who else can we expect, aside from the lad Robin?"


Crow, who was dangling their legs off the side of a nearby crate raised a hand and wiggled their fingers in greeting. They were tempted to hop off the crate and swing their arm around Dove's shoulders, but they decided against it. They hadn't seen Dove in years and they weren't entirely sure if they would be met with pure indifference or a knife to the neck. Better safe than sorry. "Should have figured there were other members of the Flock on this island 'sides me," Crow said as they waved a hand nonchalantly. "I'd ask why none of you ever tried to visit, but I figured no one would want to see me shaking my rear off on stage in a fancy dress. No offense taken." Crow brought a knee up to their chest and peered down at the pirates, tilting their head ever so slightly. "So, when are we heading off? I got a few things to throw aboard before we sail so I rather be prepared than be left behind while trying to place my stuff aboard."

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"What lies at the bottom of the sea, Captain?"

Her legs dangled over the side of the ship, her body precariously placed so that if anyone were to shove her, she'd probably have fallen overboard. But she knew no one would.

A few steps, and Mason was behind her, staring out over the horizon. His bad hand moved to lay upon the side of the ship's deck, onto the railing. A soft, sea breeze blew through the midday sky. The sun was beaming. This was the sort of day those who favored the sea dreamed of.

"What's at the bottom, Robin?" Mason asked, leaning onto the railing. "That's what yer wonderin' about?"

"Yeah!" Robin smiled, tugging on the man's jacket from where she sat. "Do you know?"

Mason took a small tug at a pipe he'd been smoking on and tapped a bit of the tobacco out into the seawater before replacing it. The entire process took a moment as he pondered her words.

"Far down below the surface..." he began, pointing at the water itself. "Far.. far down... below the new wrecks which decorate the abyss, below the ancient ships that sank, underneath the fish which decorate it, and I've seen a few..."

He took another breath of smoke, nodding.

"There's a large bird." he said confidently.

"But... birds fly?" Robin asked, concerned.

"Not this one." Mason replied, looking down at her. "This one is sleeping under the waves. Long ago, it fought against the sun."

"Why'd it do that?"

"Cuz the sun burned man. And the bird loved man. And it didn't like seeing man in pain." Mason said, taking another drag. "So it plotted and planned. And it fought the Sun."

"And what happened?"

"The Sun won, barely. It escaped to the top of the sky, past where anyone could reach it." Mason said, coughing. "Far, far up."

"What happened to the bird?"

"He fell to the earth, and he cried." Mason said solemnly. "He cried and cried, nonstop, for days, and he flooded the world."

"But then what happened?!"

"Man built boats. And thanked the bird." Mason said, smiling. "From that bird's tears came this very ocean. Every ocean. Water saves man from the sun, cools his throat, eases his pain. That's the best the bird could do. But one day..."

"He'll wake up and beat the sun!?"

"Who knows." Mason said, patting her shoulder from where he stood. "Maybe he'll just sleep forever."




Hawke nodded to Crow, pleased.

"Then that means we only need a few more. I'll give em until late tonight to show up. In the meantime, I'll show you your quarters for this journey."

He gestured for them to follow him up the walkplank into the ship proper, stepping firmly onto the wood and grabbing the rigging to finish the final few steps.

"It ain't the best but it'll do." he stated, pointing to the back of the ship. "Follow me."

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