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Transformers Fan Fiction and Other works now with (AO3)

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Its been a while since I posted in here. I'll get pics of the aviator setup sometime soon anyway -  I forgot I had posted it here.



I while ago I requested a paid commission from an artist to draw a scene out of one of my fics. I need to post those sometime soon as well, blood of Primus is progressing very well.


This is the result of about 16 hours discussion with the artist while they were in stream - from them making mesh models to post to them doing the colours it relates to the fics I am posting.

Grungewerx Commission & Link to fic links


The two characters, Megatron and Starscream are fighting to the death in a snowy mountainous region in northern Canada. Megatron has put pay to Starscream but he has an ace in the hole. Grungewerx called it On Destiney's Blade - which I think I may call the chapter that.


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SO I have an An Archiver of our Own account so trigger tags and all that are available to make it easier to avoid my stories if they may have a subject one is not comfortable with.. I have a couple marked M because they are a little harsher than usual - read at risk. There is no slash or smut involved. It's just transformers war, using transformers "blood" ichor or whatever you want to call it.


A lot of the stories previously listed have been re-written - the rest will be re-written in due time.




my latest story is Three Stars High and its about Starscream dealing with the destruction of his home city in an unexpected and seemingly accidental event.



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