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Transformers Fan Fiction and Other works now with (AO3)

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I am going to link my post to my Deviantart pages.


Here is what I need from you folks.


Constructive criticism: is very welcome. By that I mean help me with my grammar and whatnot. If you are going to point out edits, please explain how I am in error and how to correct it. So that I may learn from it. That is the whole point of me writing. Even aid me with providing some rules to go by.


Destructive criticism: If you decide to read a fic and want to say my writing sucks, or I can't write to save my life, or the characters are all wrong and its the wrong shade or orange, then please refrain from hitting that post button. I will not have a problem with reporting it.


General comments. I love feedback. I love to know what you liked about it, and to a degree what you didn't like - (providing it doesn't get destructive) But ultimately remember, when I write, I write what I want to see. This is a story I want to tell, in a way I want to tell it.


I will warn you, I write long fic. I occasionally write short fic, but most of my fics are more than 20 pages, and Inverted Insignia is nearing 200. And it is one of several fics that make up a larger super fic.


I do not write smut/slasg fic. So no worries there. but some of the stories can get violent in nature. It is a series of Transformers fictions. Transformers are in a massive war.


I will let you know there are potentially triggers for people sensitive to subjects such as substance abuse, physical, mental and emotional abuses, deaths and whatnot. Sometimes my own writings give me an emotional whallop, but that is when I know I got it. I cannot point out what fics contain what triggers, but you've been warned.


What else. I will post the fan fics in my second post, and update that. Any new chapters/stories I write, I will post it then edit my second post.


IF anyone is willing to spend the time, and help me edit and is also comfortable using UK standard for writing (this means Colour is correct and color is not correct) please PM me or meet me in IRC.


And without further ado, fanfic will be posted next post.

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Starscream chronicles is the multi fanfic time line story about the Decepticon Character of Starscream from his earliest start to current day. The chronicle Stories are an evolution of his character from a gentle scientist to a blood thirsty killer.


The series this character is based from will be the original Generation one Cartoon. Each story should see an evolution of his character from what he was in a previous story until he nears what he was in present day cartoon.


This chronicles will not strictly adhere to the cartoon series as I generally view the third Season as one huge animation error and plot hole - SO I may take him in a different direction, a direction I would love to play with.


Ideas canon or otherwise will be used or discarded at my discretion.



Inverted Insignia:

The young scientist, Starscream, discovered that the Decepticon military college he had chosen to enter, was based on a strict survival of the fittest method of teaching and discipline. In order to survive, Starscream must make a change from peaceful science to cruel acts of violence.

Part 1: Basic Training

Chapter 1: Recruitment

Chapter 2: Insignia

Chapter 3: Analysis

Chapter 4: Hunger

Chapter 5: Silver Snake

Chapter 6: Wings

Chapter 7: Sling Shot


Part 2: Extracurricular Activities

Chapter 8: Legal Points

Chapter 9: Fields of Blood

Chapter 10: An act of War

Chapter 11: Flight manoeuvres

Chapter 12: The CWA Council

Chapter 13: Psychological Effects


Part 3: Advanced Training

Chapter 14: New Challenges

Chapter 15: Lockout

Chapter 16: Resistance

Chapter 17: Picking a Fight

Chapter 18: Migraine

Chapter 19: Warped Humour

Chapter 20: Megalostag Cybertronus


Part 4: Finals

Chapter 21: Darkside

Chapter 22: Shadows

Chapter 23: Secrets

Chapter 24: Prodigy

Chapter 25: Recovery

Chapter 26: Nimbus

Chapter 27: Connected


Starscream's Log: Lineage


I will get these stories up soon.

Red Sky

Purple Light

Night Fall

Final Solution

Sky Cities

The Fugitive


Blood of Primus


Fearing impending doom, Starscream attempts to keep himself out of harms way, by devising sustainable energy for the Decepticon forces – while attempting to find some peace and tranquillity in his violent life.  


Part One: As the Sun Rises

Blood of Primus: Prologue

Blood of Primus: Winds of Change

Blood of Primus: Caps off

Blood of Primus: Hunter - Trapper

Blood of Primus: A Full Glass

Blood of Primus: Ambitions

Blood of Primus: Captive Audience

Blood of Primus: Cliffside

Blood of Primus: Uninvited House Guest

Blood of Primus: Ground-Bridge

Blood of Primus: An Awakening

Blood of Primus: A Flicker of Red

Blood of Primus: Due Credit

Blood of Primus: Smoke



Part Two: An Everlasting Flame

Blood of Primus: Overcast

Blood of Primus: Rainbow Lake

Blood of Primus: The Goldfinch

Blood of Primus: The Ground is Lava

Blood of Primus: Vertigo

Blood of Primus: I think Therefore I Am

Blood of Primus: Vossian Sky


New Unrelated fictions:

Christopher Eagle

Highway Five

John Doe

Autumn Sky

Father Christmas


Lake Ontario

Chrispher Eagle - Canadian

Chrispher Eagle - Password

Chrispher Eagle - Wolves

Chrispher Eagle - It's Complicated

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Oh, I would love to help you with this! I'm a huge Transformers fan with a good grasp of UK English, so I'll try to put some time into this tomorrow (I took a look at the first chapter and don't have the time today to deep-dive).


Quick question: what do you mean by "present-day cartoon"? I get the background context from his G1 character, but not which version of Starscream you want him to evolve into.

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1984 basically.


I actually might take him toward IDW side a tad. I am a huge fan of him ruling tongue.gif and to be honest, I would love to write some of that.



The edited fic would be put up on my website fully edited as opposed to DA. I just want to have something more polished up on Starscream.ca


edit edit:

I will also want to note to you that, since I basically see the original cartoons as historical datatracks written by the autobots, that it is going to be extremely side slanted to make the decepticons seem so incredibly ineffectual and dysfunctional. Since they traditionally say "History is written by the victors, I try to slant the view back into grey tones. Autobots are not perfectly good, and cons are not perfectly bad. If Starscream was really as bad as the Cartoons try to depict him as, He'd have been gone long before, as would megatron. I strongly feel Starscream is near genius in intelligence, but has played it down for his own safety. Also, where he takes command in the cartoons, people seem to forget it is actually his job to do that. If megatron cannot command, he can take command until Megatron is able to. If it is written by the victors, as I feel it is, then they will make it appear as a power grab. There is no doubt he wants power. but when megatron is injured and he says he is now leader, he is announcing that Decepticons are to take direction from him until megatron can resume his command.

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Looks like final battle will have a new chapter name. I sat down and re-wrote it. I wasn't overly happy with it. I think I am happy with it now, albeit a little nervous of its nature. I will post it soon.

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Since I am familar with this fic I am going to give you an extremely large:

Trigger Warning! -Violent.


Okay fic chapter is done, I present Chapter 26: Nimbus

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Inverted Insignia is now being brought to an end.


What a fic... I do not know what others think of it, some have made their thoughts known. But that is not quite the point.


I posted the first chapter September 5th 2014 and it has been almost two years of writing, on and off. Depending on how life got in my way, with work and other issues. But I forged forward periodically rereading and attempting to find out where I left off and dig up my memories of the story.


This fic has taken a life of its own, where the characters themselves decided how it would go and any pre-conceived ideas went down the drain. I let them tell the story rather than me tell their story. I have, I hoped, roughed this out to a decent ending for such a long fic. The way it ends I feel will allow me to adjust the G1 Universe that it is sort of sitting in to do the alternate ending that I have really desired to do. As such, it is confirmed. I will consider Seeker of Vengeance, as an alternate ending but not the true ending of this series. I do not expect there to be a true final end to this series. But it will be whatever book is the last one in the chronicles.


Once I have had my break, I will choose another time in our favourite Decepticon's existence.

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I have to  finish Chris Eagle, but I had a move and dogs barking and lots of unpleasant disruption, then I had Blood of Primus pop into my head and its been a big fic in a short span of time.

so I have a few chapters of this one up.


Blood of Primus falls into the Starscream Chronicles series.


Blood of Primus: Prologue

Blood of Primus: Winds of Change

Blood of Primus: Caps off

Blood of Primus: Hunter - Trapper

Blood of Primus: A Full Glass

Blood of Primus: Ambitions


I will be updating first post.

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Chapter Dump for Blood of Primus -  I had issues, and was unwell in December. I never got to posting these. First post -  well second post is updated.


Blood of Primus: The Goldfinch

Blood of Primus: The Ground is Lava

Blood of Primus: Vertigo

Blood of Primus: I think Therefore I Am

Blood of Primus: Vossian Sky

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I am working on a transformers cosplay -  Starscream go fig. Anyhow. I am creating a mask. its a mask wiht foam and plaster built on top into a sort of Starscreamish face.



Adding to this are wings... I am going wiht a steam punk style, although teh face will not be steampunk, it probably will be used with multiple costumes in time. (I have another one in plans)

These wings are retractile. They fold down, and expand out.




pic of me "wearing" the set. (I don't do selfies)



(And yes I have my hallowe'en tree up still :P


Also in the works -  headset for my aviator hat. Modified aviator goggles. and a chest fan.

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