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"Everyone has a mark on some part of their body that in some way represents their soulmate. It could be as straight forwards as their name, as vague as the place where you'll meet them, as telling as their first words to you, or as confusing as a riddle that describes them. (However, they will never ever out right say the species of said soulmate) The Mark may appear after birth, at the time your soulmate is born, or may be there when you are born. Either way, when you and your soulmate come into physical contact, an instant connection is made and you just know it's your soulmate. Your soulmate can be platonic, romantic or familial. Your soulmate might not even be the same species as you (though characters must be intelligent, humanoid, and alive to have a soulmate or a Mark). You, or rather, your character has yet to find their soulmate, which will be the character of another RP'er." -SoiledLove



The year is 3010.


Many years after a catastrophic war made the world uninhabitable save for a large city. The City of Hytro if filled with humans, some who now believe this war with Otherworldly creatures (and the creatures themselves) are nothing more then myth and legend. Others know of their existence. Here in Hytro, technology is highly advanced and eco friendly.



As for these creatures, well, evolution is in their favor. Illusions, old magic trinkets and their own abilities allowed them to remain in the human city, taking on a human shape if they don't already have one. They have their own little communities, packs, herds, or however you wish to call it. These are divided and broken up through out their community. However the rules may defer among them there is one thing they all agree on, swearing to secrecy on the fact they even exist. This vow should never be broken without a valid reason. To manage these creatures a special sect of human police works to keep their existence secret. (MIB stuff here) But for the most part, those who are part of a community answer to that community, although loners still exist.



1) Dc and forum rules apply (this should be well known)

2) SL and I are co-owners, please do not argue with us

3) One soulmate per person (unless exceptions for power/species are made)

4) Soulmate must be played by a different player

5) Any creature goes (if you make it up DESCRIBE it)

6) To add to the above rule, do not make creatures that are OP (like a god or something)

7) To show you have read and understood the rules, put a quote in 'Others' that your character would like or agree with



[B]Gender:[/B] (and what they preferred to be referred to as to avoid confusion)
[B]Biological sex:[/B] (if applicable)
[B]Powers:[/B] (Link powers to the superpowers wiki or to a page that can adequately describe it. If not, describe the powers. Include how they blend in with humans)
[B]Species:[/B] (^^ Same with species)
[B]Alternate appearances:[/B] (if any)
[B]Soulmate:[/B] (Should be left blank until discussed in OoC)
[B]Soulmate mark:[/B] (Ditto)

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Username: SoiledLove

Name: Sasha Sanders

Age: 17

Gender: Unsure, and doesn't really care, but is usually believed to be a guy, so he just goes with masculine pronouns. He just sort of rolls with it.

Biological sex: Female

Appearance: Sasha isn't the most feminine in appearance, but he doesn't mind being mistaken for a guy all the time. He's of average-ish height, around 5'6", and has hair that people often liken to platinum blonde seaweed (really messy) that only just reaches his shoulders and is close to falling in his eyes. His features are distinctly Caucasian, and he's pale enough to look unhealthy or sickly. His eyes are dark green and, if it weren't for how thin and sickly pale he was, he would be considered a cute in a pretty boy sort of way. He wears simple and unconstricting clothing: plain, baggy long sleeved shirts of different colors and loose jeans.

Personality: Sasha is highly intelligent, enough to be called a genius. However, he's also unmotivated and lazy as hell. He cares very little for other people unless he becomes attached to them. He's pretty apathetic, and believes most things to not be of a concern to him, such as Soulmates, gender and even his own identity. The only thing he really takes an interest in are mysteries, games and toys, technology, and people who are hard to figure out. Sasha is also good at acting, though he usually doesn't believe it to be worth his time and ends up being insufferably blunt half the time.

History: Sasha's parents are scientists who don't really understand the concept of "being parental and adoring". Sasha didn't mind too much because the two gave him space and freedom and enough money to buy whatever. They tried to be loving and Sasha does care about them, but as Sasha grew up, he found himself distinctly different from all the other children. Rest to be RP'd.

Powers: N/A

Species: Just Human

Alternate appearances: N/A

Soulmate: Booker

Soulmate mark: a dream catcher

Other: "People are dying? That's boring, they're always dying. Tell me something I don't know."


Username: SoiledLove

Name: Yan Hu (ç‹ ç‡• Literally, Swallow Fox)

Age: 156 (20 human years)

Gender: Male

Biological sex: Doesn't have one. But almost always Male when in human form

Appearance: Original Form, height on all fours: 1.5m/5'

Personality: Like most fox spirits, Yan is very mischievous, but unlike most fox spirits, Yan does not like being in a feminine human form. Most fox spirits favor being female over being male, due to the things feminists is associated with. Plus, humans are pretty ignorant and easy to trick by a pretty lady. Yan is the odd one out. He's independent and curious and very mischievous. Rest to be RP'd

History: to be RP'd

Powers: Everything you'd expect from a kitsune, like enhanced strength, regeneration and the such (rather straight forward). Most notable:

-Illusion Manipulation - not nearly powerful enough to induce death, but can fool all five senses... to an extent. Might miss some aspects.

-Shapeshifting - Can shapeshift into anything of a similar mass, but retains notable details, such as color or a scar. Does not take energy to maintain, but takes enery to shift. However, kitsunes generally stick with forms they are comfortable in. They can manifest their tails and ears in any form.

-Fox Fire - Like normal fire, but harder to put out and can burn through more. He cannot manipulate normal fire.

Species: Fox Spirits/Nine tailed Foxes are, as suggested by their name, spirits that appear in the form of nine tailed foxes. Since they are spirits, they technically have no biological basis and, as such, no sex. However, as masterful shapeshifters, they can take on human forms without fail, which grants them a biological sex, usually for mischief or seduction. The recent years have dulled their powers and shorted their growth period. Yan's family decends from Chinese fox spirits.

Alternate appearances: Default Half-Human Form (His eyes and hair are black in human form and he loses the ears and tails) Height: 1.8 m

Soulmate: Circe Calypso (Aroara)

Soulmate mark: triple Kappa on his wrist.

Other: "Life is made to be fun! So get up, get a bucket of paint, and start pranking!"



Username: Aroara (just that please)

Name: Maximus Denarro

Age: 19-20

Gender: Male, he him, masculine pronouns

Biological sex: male

Appearance: Max 6'11" tall 125lbs of muscle mass, dark tan ,and sarcasm. His hair is black in parts but mostly silver always spiked or messy. He has sharp k9 teeth that shows when he smiles. A thick Scottish accent, living in the shabby district that housed them. He looks more like a Brazil-Italian then a Scotsman though. His clothes are run down and tattered, although he keeps a few decent pieces. One eye blue, the other a amber gold.

Personality: a sarcastic, smartass that likes to play with fire just to see what chaos it would bring, although this is his first initial reaction. Otherwise, after a few hours with him, he's like an M&M, hard and crunchy on the outside, but soft and gooey on the inside. He respects woman, elders and children, although he acts like his actions were not really a big deal.

History: He was literally left on the street in a box with a dog tag on a necklace that said his name, blood type, weight, with the species crossed out so it was illegible. A widow took him in and soon the whole apartment building was taking care of him. A elderly werewolf woman taught him about his kind and others, and as he got older, he took charge in protecting this area like a glorified guard dog. He's on his own and yet not, everyone knows him and let's him stay and eat or leave out food for him. He keeps the darker creatures out of this part of town and teaches the human kids other things to keep them out of human gangs and from breaking laws.

Powers: ((complete details on the link below) Super strength, Enhanced wellness, Animal Senses, Delayed aging, Enhanced Mobility, Natural Weapons,Combat Ability, Transformations, Durability, Endurance, and Stamina.

Species: Werewolf

Alternate appearances: Wolf

Soulmate: Autumn Hood (polar)

Soulmate mark: on outside lower left calf in the shape of a flame

The fire's warm

But the flame devours

And soon you will be

In the inferno's power.

Other:"I may be a werewolf and Scottish, but despite what you may have read about both, we are not cads!"



Username: Aroara

Name: Circe Calypso Hundi (who N die) "triple C"


Gender: female, feminine pronouns

Biological sex: Girl

Appearance: CCC 5'5" fit, hot headed and dangerous. She has a crystal on a gold chain around her neck, the crystal is a dark purple color. She never takes this off. Armed with a gun, a dagger doused in holy water and with fire abilities, she is a force to be reckoned with. Long black hair streaked with candy red, normally in a ponytail, bun or braid. Dark violet eyes that seem to be weary and watchful.

Personality: one hell raising firecracker. She's normally quiet and seems shy and observant, but one thing can make her snapish, sarcastic, or furious. In other words, she's very extremely jumpy. Her nerves are shot and she's always watching her back. Don't call her cute or short, she hates that. And never scare her, you will end up with a bullet or a knife in your gut.

History: her mom is a respected scientist, and lives in a nice condo in the city center. She wanted her daughter to be strong and enrolled her in the best schools and in a couple of marshal arts schools. When older, she had weapon training and can handle anything from antique weapons to the new freeze gun used on criminals. She mastered her powers young and now is planning on joining the police force.

Powers: Under Fire on this page Cause first second and third degree burns, make sparks, ignite flammable things and incinerate objects.

Necromancer:here See and hear dead people, the dead can also see a necromancer. They can summon the dead and demons with rituals and ingredients but those are not required. Raise the dead.

Species: Necromancer, Exustio half demon

Alternate appearances: none

Soulmate: Yan Hu (SL)

Soulmate mark: ç‹ ç‡• in the eye of her Dragon tattoo (upper left shoulder/chest area)

Other: " I don't really hate you, it's just that if you were on fire, I'd roast marshmallows"


Username: DP

Name: Jasmine

Age: 20

Gender: female, feminine pronouns

Biological sex: female

Appearance: Jasmine - her main appearance (linked picture) is about 5'3" tall with black and silver striped hair and silver eyes. about average body type with armor but she only wears it if needed. clothes she wears other times are in the ever changing appearances that she does day after day to disguise herself.

Personality: shy, quiet most of the time and doesn't talk unless she's either having a conversation with someone or if someone greets her, can be nice to anyone that could be a potential friend, weary around people she suspects to be another dark elf because of her past, and is otherwise mostly mysterious.

History: doesn't talk about it much but basically when she was younger, her family was banished from their clan for being suspected of helping the humans (her clan didn't really like their members to fraternize with and be nice to humans) build a city hall since her dad was a good architect. her parents then died of an unknown disease that they suddenly got and she's been on her own ever since.

Powers: Changer. same kind of ability as Mystique in the X-Men movies/comics/cartoon except she doesn't have blue skin.

Species: dark elf

Alternate appearances: constantly changes her appearance, she can't decide which one she likes the most, to blend in with the humans.

Soulmate: Avery

Soulmate mark: "Imagination is everything, it is a preview of life's coming attractions" on her left wrist like a bracelet.

Other: "Would I like a new friend? Of course. Who wouldn't like one?"



Username: MyaMouse

Name: Chrysanthemum "Chrys" Pearl

Age: 22

Gender: Fem

Biological sex: Fem

Appearance: Chrys is a small woman, about 4'11", with wavy platinum blonde hair that falls to the middle of her back and a pale-skinned round face that is normally adorned by a impish (HA) grin. She has heterochromatic eyes, half purple and half green, that are full of humor and oddly pleasing to look at. She is equipped with a small knife, with a silver blade and three small amethysts embedded in the handle, that she tucks into her boot and wears a necklace made of silver that has an amethyst set in it's pendant. Her signature outfit is a dark blue jacket, a blue and black headscarf, a white t-shirt, grey jeans, and black boots that go up to the middle of her calf.

Personality: Chrys is a jovial woman, loving pranks, bad puns that would make someone else cringe, and just plain random nonsense. She's loud and excitable and goofy, but deep down she worries about literally everything she does and feels she's incompetent to do anything, due to her neglective and abusive mother. She attempts to cover up her worries with humor, and so far it's working. She can be a bit of a smartass at times, but rarely is pushed to the point of actual anger due to the patience she was forced to have as a child.

History: I hate this part...

When Chrys was young, it was just her and her mother. Chrys' dad had left when her mom announced that she was pregnant. Thus, Chrys' mom treated Chrys like she was the bane of her mother's existence. She gave Chrys meager amounts food and clothes, and the only attention the child got was her mother using Chrys' magic or using Chrys as a pack animal, and being smacked when she didn't listen. That was about it. This went on until Chrys was twelve and ran away (or more accurately, flew away, since she turned into the first bird she saw and left). Since then she's been living on her own, working both as a stand-up comedian and at a popular cafe as a waitress.

Powers: She can turn into birds, and can control the winds that listen to her. Most winds only work for themselves, though, so she has a hard time using those powers. She definitely can't fly with the winds (very well).

Species: Chrys is an Imp. They have pale skin, normally similar to humans', though some have ash-grey or snow-white skin tones. Their ears taper off to a dull point that is easy to hide, and normally stand at about 5 feet tall. Their hair is a variety of colors, from blonde to sky blue to shades humans don't even have names for. They have an affinity for magics, elemental specifically but can also be trained in a variety of other magical subjects.

Alternate appearances: She can turn into birds. Though she can turn into any kind, she prefers cockatiels and yellow warblers.

Soulmate: Cyrus (Polar)

Soulmate mark: A poem on her upper right arm reads:

The Sun and King-

They are one

Working together

For the good of the kingdom.

Other: She's left-handed because this is important information definitely

I don't know any good quotes...

"I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life's realities." ~Dr. Seuss


Username: MyaMouse

Name: Avery Yago

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Biological sex: Male

Appearance: Avery has fluffy red hair that reaches his shoulders, pale skin, and hazel eyes.

Personality: Avery is quite lazy, finding his life boring and uneventful, not doing much normally, so he often ignores his physical self, preferring to stay in the realm of imagination. Of course, he is enthralled by certain things in real life, and is fascinated with puzzles and tales of magic, and wants to know the answers to everything, even questions no one's ever asked.

He's a bit of a troublemaker, not because he wants to get in trouble, he'd just find himself in a situation and just goes with it.

History: Avery had a normal life: His mother was a teacher; his father was a politician. The two would argue a lot, mostly due to Avery's formidable silly streak. However, they stayed together and Avery continued on his average life full of boring things every day. Then he discovered the power of his imagination while being grounded for something or another. He had used it seldom before; when he was young he would mostly be playing outside or studying with his mother. He took himself on fanciful adventures and over time created himself a sort of 'mind castle' that he stayed in more and more until his physical self did little more than laze about all day. When he was 'awake', he would draw and write, trying to explain and describe the pure wonder of what he was able to witness in his mind. His potential went wasted; he was too enthralled by his ability to create simply by just thinking of it. He preferred to create, though he would still learn, and absorbed information like a sponge; but no longer did he go outside for more than several minutes.


And then he was kicked out.

Powers: The power of imaaaaginaaation *shot*

Species: Human


Soulmate mark: a Jasmine flower on the back of his right hand

Other: "Reality continues to ruin my life." Bill Watterson


Username: polaristar

Name: King Cyrus of the Northern Wood (don't use the whole thing, lol. It's mostly just formal)

Age: 2357 (looks to be about 23 in human years)

Gender: Male; him/his pronouns

Appearance: Deep brown hair that falls a little past his ears, with icy blue eyes that radiate authority. He is six foot three inches, and well muscled from consistent training and fighting. His normal garb consists of the normal green and brown armor used to blend with the forest, as well as a shimmering, deep green cape which marks his authority as king, though he will ditch the cape when fighting. His ears round up into an obvious point, and when going out into the human world, he will usually wear jeans, converses, and a green or blue button up shirt with the sleeves rolled partway up his arms.

Personality: Cyrus tends to be rather cold and indifferent towards people in general as a result of being king, therefor being forced to take a neutral stance when it came to serious matters. He is serious though can be joking on occasion.

History: Cyrus was born over a thousand years ago under the rule of his father, a great king who was greatly in touch with his people. Five hundred years after his birth, the elven fortress was accidently discovered by humans and thousands were slaughtered out of fear, including Cyrus's father. Cyrus was badly wounded during the battle, scars and burns littering much of his body, including his face, but covered constantly with illusion magic. He became increasingly hostile towards humans, ordering the elves that were proficient in illusion magic to hide the forest from all sight. On the rare occasion that an elf does venture out, they rarely go alone. Cyrus hasn't left his kingdom in over one hundred years, though he sends scouts out every few years to see how the world had changed. Like all male elves (and the female elves who choose to do so), he was trained since a young age to be an expert in both sword fighting and archery.

Powers: King Cyrus is proficient in both nature and healing magic, with his healing magic being superior to his nature magic, but his true expertise is illusion magic, which is how he constantly hides his scarred appearance. His magic goes far past just small tricks, however, and is useful in fights to cast an appearance of himself across the battlefield and attack from behind, among other things. He also helps in the casting of the illusion magic that shields the forest, which is so far isolated that humans rarely stumble upon it. Those who are found in the elven forest are killed and taken some distance away, their deaths staged to look like animal attacks as to not raise suspicion.

Species: Elves - immortal creatures that have powerful healing and nature magic, along with illusion magic used to hide their kind's kingdom from humans. Distantly related to pixies, fairies, and imps.

Alternate Appearance:There are his multiple scars and burns that cover his body which are covered by illusions he casts. So technically, his alternate appearance is really the one all see every day.

Soulmate:Chrys (mousie)

Soulmate mark: the logo on this with CP under it on his left shoulder blade

Other: "I'm so old now. I used to have so much mercy. You get one warning. That was it." -The Doctor


Username: polaristar

Name: Autumn Hood (figured it was appropriate tongue.gif )

Age: 19

Gender: Female; she/her

Biological sex: Female

Appearance: Autumn has dark, ash-gray hair in a slightly grown-out pixie cut. She is 5'3 and very graceful and lithe. Her eyes are mixed hues of oranges, golds, and reds, which seem to change in the light. Her wings appear to be made of flame, being white at the base and changing into various flame colors as they extend out. Despite their weak appearance they are powerful enough to fly her around, despite the fact that she's tiny and it wouldn't take much to lift her anyway. Her wings are usually hid under her shirt, which is usually a hoodie, even in the summertime as heat and cold don't really bother her. She usually wears jeans and converses on her feet. Her ears come up in a slight point but are usually hidden by her hair or a beanie.

Personality: Autumn is shy and gentle, always willing to help anyone who needs it and terrified that her powers may harm someone. Rest to be RP'd

History: Autumn was found three days after her "birth" by a young married couple who wanted children but was unable to have them. They adopted her with little trouble, since her wings had not developed yet, not looking down upon Autumn's differences and instead treating her like their own daughter. She still lives close, living in a small but cozy apartment.

Powers: Pyrokinesis. Pretty self explanitory - she can create and control fire. Fire is unpredictable and difficult to control, and while she can always use the power depending on the size of the flame (the bigger = harder to control) it may barely react at all. If she were to have proper training she could be a deadly ally/enemy (depending on who you talk to lol)

Species: Flame Fairy - Fairies are born through natural disasters, and the forest fire that destroyed an acre of sparse forest is considered one. They all have wings, and it is considered to be of the greatest disgrace for them to be taken, though it's unknown how to do so. They live for roughly 150 years their death being their bodies lighting on fire before turning into ash. They are usually not very large - the tallest known Flame Fairy was 5'6 - but the average height is somewhere around 5'0-5'2.

Soulmate: Maximus

Soulmate mark: on her midupper arm, wide spirals down to just below her elbow in this script.

Red in winter wolf

He follows the trail of red

Two sets of footprints.

Other: "Some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice. From what I've tasted of desire, I hold with those who favor fire." -Robert Frost



Username: pudding

Name: Marielle "Marie" Fermin

Age: 21

Gender: Female, she/her/hers

Biological sex: Female

Appearance: Marie has long, slightly curly hair that is usually tied back in a loose bow. She has dark brown eyes and olive skin that is freckled around her cheeks and nose, as well as on her shoulders. Her ears are pierced and have been since she was younger and she is very fond of wearing skirts or dresses. She can usually be found with a cup of tea or coffee in one hand and a book in the other hand.

Personality: Marie is a very bright young woman who believes the mind is the limit. She is very open to others and enjoys the strange passing conversations enjoyed with a total stranger that tend to more often than not dive deep into the problems with society, the future of the economy or the latest conspiracies that some people believe in. She has a very strong sense of morality and right and wrong, leading her to extend a warm and welcoming hand to those who have less than her. She believes completely and utterly that everyone can be their better self. That being said, Marie is naive, not stupid. Her upbringing sheltered her to the reality of the world and with a fair bit of exposure to how awful people can actually be, her outlook may change slightly.

History: Marie was born into a rich family and has been handed just about everything from a young age. Thanks to never having to worry about the bill, Marie was free to do almost whatever she wanted and flickered between a variety of hobbies such as lock picking, coding and painting, never really finding a place she felt comfortable in. As she grew older her mother passed away, leaving her only with her father. Upset but not put off, she decided to pursue a career in physics. She has big aspirations about the future and wants to make a discovery that will leave her family name firmly planted in the books alongside other famous scientists like Isaac Newton and Rosalind Franklin. Money may buy her a lot but it doesn't buy her a lasting legacy.

Powers: The power of Friendship?

Species: Human


Soulmate mark:

Other: "It's called garbage can, not garbage cannot."



Username: pudding

Name: Booker

Age: 23

Gender: Male, he/his/him

Biological sex: Sexless

Appearance: Booker appears as a tall male with dark skin and black hair. He has a scar over his left eye that cuts through his eyebrow and, almost directly above the scar, a lock of white hair that prematurely grayed out. His eyes are very bright blue and he wears a scarf that covers the lower half of his face, and thus the two other sets of eyes that are smaller and reside below his "natural" eyes. These eyes lack natural covering and thus cannot close or blink, thus requiring him to cover them with the scarf. Oddly enough, on closer inspection Booker actually seems to wear two scarves. This is because the second is not actually a scarf at all, but rather his third set of limbs that have taken the form of a scarf to help camouflage him. As such, he cannot remove this second scarf at all and the ends are capable of moving in unusual ways.

The only thing that remains of Booker's forth set of limbs are two large scars on either side of his body, just beneath his armpits that are very apparent if he ever removes his shirt. It is important to note that Booker is deaf to higher-pitched noises and often fails to hear things above a certain frequency.

Personality: Booker is a fatalist and has a very submissive viewpoint on the universe. He believes what happens is inevitable and is oddly accepting, if not sarcastic, about events that occur. While not preferring to remain completely alone, he does build up many emotional and mental barriers between himself and others to avoid becoming too attached to the suppliers of his food as to avoid feeling bad about providing them with nightmares or regret if he is chased off for the same reason. He does derive some joy, or at least satisfaction, from feeding as the joy and positive emotions embedded in good dreams rubs off on him in some way. He does tend to be very conservative in his overall mannerisms and actions and is very easy to fluster with crude or suggestive comments, as well as the suggestion of removing his clothing, though this may simply be to avoid bringing attention to his scars or nonhuman features and not out of any actual embarrassment. Booker isn't incapable of forming connections, though he tends to do so with a grain of salt and a great deal of sarcasm so people know right away what kind of person he is and don't have any misunderstandings about his horrible personality and outlook.

History: Booker's birth was a rather uneventful event. Conceived in the dark by a particularly dreadful nightmare, he was already looked like a child of several years and spent very little time dwelling on his birth before acquiring food. He learned to care for himself and spent most of his time by himself, learning the hard way the concept of money and why creatures like him have to stay hidden. His life has been very rough so far and it's something he prefers not to talk about (So basically the rest is RP-ed).


Web Generation: Booker is able to spin special webs primarily used to catch dreams in, however, they can basically be used like normal spiderwebs to restrain physical objects as well. Spinning webs requires some time and care (Meaning he can't just Spiderman his way across a city) and webs are produced from his mouth, making it even less feasible for him to use this as transportation. The amount of webbing he can produce is proportional to the amount of dreams he consumes, meaning if he splurges and eats a lot of dreams, he will be able to produce more webbing. On the other hand, not eating enough dreams will leave him with weaker webbing that he can't produce a lot of.

Dream Consumption: Booker consumes good dreams for nourishment, leaving behind only nightmares. Consuming more dreams allows him to grow stronger while failing to consume dreams makes him weaker.

Temporary Fog Travel: Booker is able to temporarily revert into a fog-like state, using this ability to quickly slip into buildings, provided they are not air-tight. This ability only lasts for a few seconds before he is forced to revert back into a solid form, or risk not being able to reform at all. If injured in some way, he cannot properly scatter into a fog and even if he manages to, he will reform with the same injury. He can move very quickly in this form, but is easily influenced by the wind.

Species: Greater Snare

Snares are dream-eating monsters born from mist and fog. They tend to live among other creatures instead of amongst themselves as they do not dream themselves, meaning they cannot feed off of one another without killing the other (aka, eating the dream they were formed from). While they do consume dreams for nourishment, they enjoy eating other food as well and most Snares enjoy warm milk and honey. Snares are divided into two types based on their birth and what they eat and eating the wrong kind of dream will make them ill. Snares usually do not remember every dream they consume just as humans do not remember every meal they eat, however, they may remember particularly tasty ones and continuously eat dreams from the same individuals if they enjoy them.

Lesser Snares are much more common than their counterparts and are formed from pleasant dreams and the morning mist. They are very benevolent, though often fussy, and they slip into buildings through cracks in the windows or under doorways. They consume nightmares for nourishment, leaving individuals with only pleasant dreams for the remainder of the night. While generally humanoid in appearance, Snares have ram-like traits such as horns, fluffy tails and cloven hooves in place of feet. They use their horns to draw in dreams and a Snare that has lost its horns in some way will gradually die of starvation.

Greater Snares, on the other hand, are born from midnight fog and nightmares. While not outwardly hostile, their presence is much more malevolent as they consume good dreams, leaving behind only nightmares. Unlike Lesser Snares, Greater Snares share traits with spiders, having somewhere from two to eight eyes, being able to spin webs to catch dreams in and contain eight limbs in total, though at least one set may be disguised as clothing, such as a scarf (with the ends being mobile and functional like limbs). Greater Snares have been known to be shunned from communities and are thus more subtle than their counterparts and occupy larger territories so their feeding is less suspicious.

Because of their conflicting natures, Greater and Lesser Snares rarely get along and may even attempt to eat one another as they themselves were created from dreams. Snares always remember the dream that they were born from and tend to be physically weaker than other species, relying on stealth and deception instead of brute force.

Soulmate: Sasha

Soulmate mark: "You look more intelligent than the brainless apes that usually frequent, play chess with me."

Other: "The Universe does not grade on a curve. It's strictly pass/fail."

Edited by AroaraAngelwolf

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Max was at work. Although he lived in a modified car garage, and wandered the streets, didn't mean he had to go jobless. In fact, the tea parlor he worked in was his mother's and kinda the "family" business. A half dozen other close friends of the family worked at Scott's Isle Tea Shop and bakery. Because Scotland and Ireland where so close together before the war, the two sectors where back to back in the city. To represent their closeness to each other, behind a door in the parlor, was a bar on the back side called Ginger Pub with the image of the bar's owner, a burly Irishman with a flaming red hair and frizzy beard taking a swig from a pewter beer stine. The workers switched places between the bar and bakery, which for anyone who isn't a regular would find it odd that beefy men would be wearing leather and a frilly black and silver apron serving tea in their rough hands the size of baseball mitts.


He loves his job and easily navigated the tables. There wasn't many patrons in on a rainy Saturday afternoon, but only a few who keep a schedule came today. "Here's Your lemon and honey green tea Mrs. Mahoney, and your baguette with your mechanics coffee Mr. Smithy." He said as he greeted the two guests, handing the old man a newspaper (he hated how everything was paperless these days, so they had to special request it from the news office) and chatted with the young school teacher on famous poetry throughout the years before taking a break for himself.







Circe walked in a alleyway in the downtown area. She had a black umbrella, black jacket on, knee high black and red lace up boots and fingerless hand gloves with silver studs on the knuckles. Her hair was in a bun, face with no powder and with all that black and red, left her looking washed out like some shades she speaks too. She felt pent up inside -although like any half fire demon, she doesn't like the rain- she decided to walk around to get rid of her restlessness.

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((Woot woot! Let's do this thing!


Sorry for any typos, I'm on mobile. I reread it but may have missed something.))


King Cyrus eyed his advisor with something akin to distaste, his blue eyes narrowed with displeasure as he spoke with the man. "Your opinion will not sway me, Forrest. I will venture out to the human world after all these years - surely my soulmate - as surely, that is what the mark signifies - has matured by now. I am seven hundred and fifty years older than you - I think I know better than you, hmm?" Forrest sighed, running a hand through his ginger hair and nodding, knowing his king would not change his mind, disappeared from the room with the promise to put together a small escort. "Good." Cyrus mused, pressing his fingers together and leaning back into his throne, the shimmering green fabric of his cape pooling on the floor. In a sudden movement, he stood, striding out of the throne room with his cape billowing behind him. He changed in his room, which was smaller than it used to be, pulling the beanie made of the same material as his cape snugly over his ears before breezing out of the room once more, the door being pulled shut behind him.


"Sire." A young (at least by elven standards) guard said, bowing his head in respect. "I have been appointed as your escort. I must change, my lord, and then we can venture out."


"Very well." Cyrus said with a nod, turning on his heel, "I will be waiting in the throne room. Find me there. Oh, and grab an umbrella or two. It's raining and I'd prefer not to get wet." The guard nodded and hurried off as Cyrus entered the room where he had spent much of his kingship. Half an hour later, the king and his guard stood on the outskirts of the city. The guard, whose name Cyrus had learned to be Rowan, led him through the winding streets towards the center of the city. "Any place you'd like to go, Sire?" Rowan questioned quietly as to make sure the formal title was not overheard. Cyrus glanced at the slightly shorter guard and shrugged, holding the umbrella over himself to escape the rain. "It does not matter - take me where you'd like. Somewhere frequented by people, preferably." The guard nodded before leading the king off once again.


Autumn pulled a scarlet hoodie over her head before tugging a silver-grey beanie that was a shade or two lighter than her hair onto her head to hide the slight points of her ears. Her flame-hued wings were curled semi-uncomfortably to her back, and for not the first time she wished that supernatural beings didn't have to hide their true identities. Shoving her hands into her pockets, she left her small apartment and locked it behind her before walking the sidewalks of the city, wandering aimlessly as she didn't have work until later. The light rain falling soon became irritating, causing the petite flame fairy to seek refuge in some shop or another. With a slight start, Autumn realized her wandering had brought her to the more run down part of the city and that she was standing directly in front of a bar. Shrugging, she entered and noticed a door in the back leading to a tea parlor. She gave the bartender a friendly wave and a smile, pushing open the door to the tea shop and stepping inside.

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((I'll post triple C when SL posts I want to start adorableness!))


Max got up as soon as the newest customer came inside and sat down. Getting up as soon as the customer took a spot. "Afternoon little red, I'm max, I'll be your server today. Here's our menu, we have hot muffins and scones, and our exotic teas are half off today." He said teasingly, his signature smirk on his lips. His clothes where nice enough, shoes were scuffed, a few mends in the elbows of his shirt and his buttons didn't match at all, but descent enough. He had his hair tied back with a black ribbon, a dark purple studded dog collar hung loosely around his neck with a lightning bolt shaped dog tag that said his name, address and emergency contact while the other one was a gag joke from a friend saying he had all of his vaccinations and rabies shots.

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Jasmine was out walking around in the town in a form that had black hair and navy blue streaks throughout it in a ponytail, one of her favorite appearances, and a sky blue tank top with jean long pants and was window shopping a few places where she might've wanted to buy a few things. She came across the place that had her favorite exotic tea and stepped inside. She often frequented this place but not enough that she was a regular; yet. She sat down at a table that was nearby to where another guest was sitting and where the waiter was helping him. She briefly looked around at everyone else that was there and saw that it wasn't very crowded today before looking back down at the menu. She figured that it was because it was raining that not a whole lot of people were out and about.

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If there was one thing Yan loved about the human city which as-of-yet lacked a good name, it was that there were so many clueless, valnerable targets for pranking. Especially ones that needed a good and humiliating lesson. The last time he had pulled off a prank of this caliber was when he had turned into a pretty female human and seduced some high end corrupt politicians into pushing through a gag bill that said it was against the law to sit with shoes on. Of course, it was quickly repealed when the illusion wore off, but still. This time, he was flour bombing the place. Bags of flour dropped from high altitudes that would 'explode' upon hitting the ground, covering everything around it in flour. Best part? It was raining.


He released the first bag in the middle of a road. The bags weren't heavy enough to damage cars and there were no people on the road. Cackling, he flew (he's a spirit, of course he can fly) onto a building in his original form to watch the chaos.




Sasha wiggled his toes as he sat, shoeless and sockless, on a bench in a tea parlor. Next to him was a chess board which had all the pieces stacked into a precariously wobbling tower. On the table in front of him was a cup of tea and a large slice of Black Forest cake. He was busy, building a card tower on the table while watching everyone interact. There was one person he was focusing on, a person who acted in an odd way. He was distinctly not-human in the most subtle of ways. Many people acted like that, and it was an interesting mystery in Sasha's eyes. He set another card carefully. His card tower was three floors tall and still going strong. He hoped no one blew it down.

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Max left the little scarlet hooded patron and went to the familiar face (and scent) of the woman with blue streaks in her black hair. "Good to see you out and about Jasmine, would you like the tea of your namesake?" He chuckled grinning. "Or perhaps try some golden chi tea or macaroon mint? " He asked, not bothering to pull out his notepad for her order. "I know every frequenter of this place, you wouldn't be on the regular board until all servers know what you like. Oh! Other then your tea, we have chocolate scones that should be ready in a moment if you want to snack on one. They're really delicious and feel like they melt in your mouth."




Circe stopped walking when she herd cackling up on a building. A few steps further and she saw the mess. Men in fancy tailored suits and high end shoes where covered in dough. The more they stamped their feet and attempted to brush the gunk off their Italian Oxford shoes the more sticky and messy it became. Women in dolce and gabbana high heels and fur trimmed dress coats looked in even more distress. The solar panels on the limos and luxury cars where covered and some with small wind turbines- turned so when the car drove it would charge the batteries- where jammed up. Looks like they wouldn't be going anywhere any time soon. She sighed as she went over to a fire escape and climbed to the top of the building. A Volo poltergeist was probably behind this prank. She was the only one (that she knew of that had inherited the power) that could handle this thing.


When she reached the top she spoke in an exhausted tone. "Okay, the fun is over, I think it's time you went back to limbo. It would be easier on the both of us if you don't fight it. Can't have random things flying around and causing a panic now can we?" She rummaged around in her pouch and pulled out a dried plant, being careful not to get it wet . She finally looked up and paused for a long moment before blinking once. "I guess you're not a poltergeist...." she slipped the herb away before dashing up to the Fox and hugging his neck, not caring and getting wet anymore. "But aren't you the cutest thing! Look at these little paws ! Such pretty colors too!"


((Circe: the only one who thinks scary things cute.))

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"Good to see you too Max and hm the macaroon and mint tea sounds interesting. I'll try that and the chocolate scone sounds even better so I'll have that too please," Jasmine said in reply to everything that Max said with a smile and then just nodded in response about what was required to be a regular there.

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Sundays meant two things: no work and nothing to do. Rainy Sundays were even worse as the constant barrage of water falling from the sky tended to inhibit his ability to slip into houses at night. After all, trying to maintain a cloud of fog was difficult when the rain was constantly falling through what was supposed to be your body. Moreover, like most creatures, he just generally disliked being pelted by water and having to deal with wet clothing. Yes, it was safe to say that Booker disliked rainy days and usually strived to be better prepared for them and just spend the entire day indoors, settled down with a good book or perhaps some yarn to knit with. But perhaps it was the sudden onset of the rain or just him not paying attention to the weather but this one had caught him off guard. So he fetched his umbrella, wrapped his second scarf around his neck and went off on his way.


Hours later he was standing on the street corner, umbrella perched carefully over one shoulder. As the ends of his scarf gently swayed around him despite there being little wind to speak of, he looked down at the book in his hands, flicking carefully through the pages with one hand. He had already gone out and acquired a bit of yogurt which he had eaten in an alley way, and was now simply enjoying the fresh hair while catching up on a bit of light reading. The book admittedly had no plot whatsoever and was instead simply different knitting techniques but rushing out and back home again set a bad taste in his mouth so he had opted to take his time returning. As it was he was stood in a rather unusual area of the city he did not visit all that often, likely because he disliked venturing that far out. But walking with his nose in a book tended to bring him to some unusual areas so here he was. Glancing up briefly, he frowned and adjusted his umbrella over his shoulder before turning the page for how to properly stitch together gloves. He never really attempted to use his own silk to make clothing since it seemed unnecessarily wasteful, but he had been well fed of late and had an excess of webbing so perhaps he could afford to try something new. It would be interesting to try for when he returned home.

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To say that Yan was startled by the intruder was an understatement. Sure, he knew that there were other supernatural creatures in this here city, but none had ever bothered him after a prank. And none had reacted by hugging him, even if they had seen him. Yan froze as the strange person started cooing over him and complimenting him. He blinked, slowly, because he wasn't sure how to react. He felt a certain connection with this person though, so he didn't immediately go on edge. Instead, he transformed into his half-human form. "Thanks!" He replied cheerfully. "Did you like my prank?"

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"Right ho, coming right up. " He grinned gave a mock salute and went away to get her tea and scone. He came back with them and set the two things down before moving back to the hooded patron. She smelled like burning hickory wood and cedar wood. He found it an interesting natural perfume for a person, that and he had to take her order. "You've decided yet little red? What would you be having on this rainy day?" He did a spinning trick with his pen before placing the tip on the pad.




"Oh, hello..." she said a little startled as he turned humanoid. She grinned and chuckled. "You kidding me? See that woman in the black dress and long fur coat?" she points at a woman that had a red and white fur coat so long it dragged the ground. She was apparently trying to keep it from getting mucky, getting her sequined dress dirty doing so, and eventually lost her footing and fell into the dough. "My mom is the top researcher for her husband's company. She was running late, and forgot to switch her shoes to nice heels instead of the dirty trainers she had on to go jogging with me that morning. That woman saw her shoes and pitched a fit threatening to fire her if she doesn't "obey the laws of fashion" in "her company." She married the man after the company was worth billions. She's a jealous, greedy, prideful woman who should have her mouth sewn shut. I say, karma to you censorkip.gif !" She got a wicked grin. She hummed and looked at her hands. "I wonder if I can bake them in if I walk by, but I think that's too obvious. I really don't want to take any punishment, especially when I'm training to be an officer...."

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"Hmm, the blueberry muffin sounds delicious. And just get me whatever tea you think is best - I trust your judgment." Autumn said with a smile, marveling at his massive height. He was practically seven foot tall - there was no way that was normal. Perhaps he was a supernatural like herself? "I'm Autumn, by the way. It's nice to meet you. Never been down this way before, but this place is cozy and I think I'd rather like to come back." She told Max, moving to a seat in a darker corner. "I'll just be over here if you need me."

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Jasmine smiled at him before he went to get her order and then when he came with them a few minutes later, she nodded in thanks to him before starting to drink her tea. After she took a sip of it, she decided that she liked it as much as the Jasmine tea she usually got when she came to this little shop in town. She then started to eat the scone before adapting a look of bliss on her face afterward. It really did melt in her mouth like Max said it would. After swallowing the first bite, though she found that she had to take another sip of her tea since it was so rich but she was still glad that he had recommended it to her.

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Max nodded and went away getting her things. When he returned he set the tea down fist. "You kinda remind me of my favorite season with that red jacket of yours, so Autumn spice it is. It has lemon, pumpkin spice, I make it with a dash of cinnamon and lastly sugar in Orange spice tea. Hope you enjoy it! And here's your muffin." He froze as his fingertips brushed her hand as he set down the plate.


Wolves mate for life, and although werewolves can choose to have the human way of relationships by having multiple partners, they always honor the mate Marks. In some cases, such as max, they wait for the perfect one for all other relationships would be dull and lifeless if it isn't with the Mark.


His jaw tightened. The connection was instantaneous for him and drove his wolf side wild. He wanted to scoop her up and hold her tight, dancing around the parlor , but that would cause a scene, and it he knew that the young lad with the glasses at the chess table was watching him.


After a long moment internal wrestling match with his wolf side, he blinked, then smiled at her before taking his leave back to the kitchen. Once in the back, he got himself some Autumn spice (it being his favorite) a chocolate scone and signed himself out for a hour long break. After doing so, a waitress took his place and he headed back out without his apron to Red's table, sitting across from her. "You don't mind if I join you right?" He smiled, although the way he sat in the chair made it clear he wasn't going to move. He wanted to talk to her. Breaking off a bit of scone he ate it and waited for her response.

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After Jasmine finished eating her scone and had finished drinking her tea, she left a tip on the table, and then headed to the front to pay for her snack. After she had paid, she left the parlor and changed her appearance again so that she now had blonde hair, a long-sleeved shirt, and bright ice-blue eyes while still keeping the jean long pants from her previous appearance when she thought that no one was watching before heading down an alleyway that opened up into an area that led to the woods where her house was. When she was about half-way to it, she changed her appearance to her true dark elf form with elven clothes and boots and then went right up to the door after getting the key out from underneath a fake rock on the porch. She unlocked the door, went inside, and then locked the door again behind her shortly afterward.

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Yan tilted his head curiously to look at the woman being talked about. Huh, he didn't know that. He just dropped it here because the people seemed stuck up. He grinned widely. "Bake them? You know, you're my type of gal! Too bad you're part of the police, otherwise I'd totally ask you to co-op with me on a prank!" He exclaimed. "Most police just ignore me or tell me to be more discrete in a scolding way. They never actually stop me though... I think they're entertained by it." Yan chuckled to himself. "Oh, I should introduce myself, shouldn't I?" He realized. He dipped his head in greetings. "I'm Yan, Yan Hu, it's nice to meet you. And you are?" He held out a hand, knowing that most people would shake hands after greetings.




Sasha tilted his head in curiosity as the waiter - he was called Max or something - tensed abruptly and stayed that way for a while. He could practically see the internal conflict on his face. Then, the man relaxed and smiled and left. It was rather interesting.

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Autumn smiled at him. "Thanks, it sounds delicious." She trailed off as their hands brushed, the words on her arm seeming to burn into her skin, and she tensed slightly. Max seemed to be having an internal battle with himself and she regarded him with slight concern as he gave an almost pained smile and walked back towards the kitchen. Furrowing her brow slightly, Autumn rolled up her sleeve to her elbow, realizing the words on her arm had turned scarlet and the skin around it was tinged red. Grimacing, she pulled her sleeve back down. She was aware of what happened to her kind when their soulmate was found, but she wasn't expecting it to be so painful. Taking a bite of her muffin, she stopped chewing when Max sat across from her, smiling and saying he hoped she didn't mind he sat there. Bearing quite a resemblance to a startled deer caught in headlights, she swallowed before nodding. "Sure... uh, yeah. Go ahead." She rubbed the back of her neck nervously, burnt orange eyes looking almost nervous. "So, do you live around here?" She mentally smacked herself. That was the best she could do? "You're really tall." She blurted out before she could stop herself. Wincing, she smacked her forhead. "Sorry, I just... not good with people." She took a drink of tea to keep from talking more. It was really good - he knew his stuff, at the very least.


~ ~ ~


Cyrus walked in front of his guard, stopping suddenly when something down an alleyway. "Dark elf?" He whispered to himself, curious. Rowan was wise enough not to speak, instead following after his king obediently as he trailed the woman. Cyrus halted, pulling his guard around the corner as she stopped by her house and entered it with a hidden key. Waiting several minutes, he finally moved towards the door, knocking sharply three times before stepping back. "Drop the illusion, Rowan." Cyrus said calmly, and his guard had the decency to look sheepish before his appearance shimmered into guard armor. Cyrus truly was dressed in human clothes, though his sword's illusion was dropped. He instead cloaked himself in his normal garb, cape fluttering to the ground as he shook out his new "clothes" to make it look natural. "Now we wait." He murmured softly.

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"Well, I'm in training. I'm not on the cadet roster yet. I need to be able to pass the physical and mental tests, I would be surprised if I even get in. So I'm not really police yet, still a civilian." She grinned. "Actually I was going to ask you to be my co-conspirator! I'm working on this one on a lady who has been patronising me since she moved in. Saying stuff like "no proper lady would dress in such a horrific way! Or "tattoos make you look easy to men, you need to get rid of them!" I was thinking about sneaking in her apartment and putting that water proof die in it. She has this horrible yellow colored hair... I thought flat black would be nice.. oh, and I found out that fleece makes her bust out in a rash..." She grinned and rubbed her hands together. Then he said his name. She blinked. "That sounds Asian. What does it look like spelled out? I always found the Asian culture fascinating. Got a tattoo of a Asian lung. That's a dragon...if you don't know. I call myself triple C, sounds tougher then my real name." she grabbed his hand for a shake then jerked it away as sparks flashed between their palms.





~ ~


Max chuckled. "Awkwardness is fine with me. Hmm.. I guess you can say I live around here. Really my place isn't much. Someone sold an old car, used the money to make a small home for their kid, then found out their kid had a place so they gave it to me. Still kinda bare, haven't really made it mine yet. No personal things or stuff like that up. Before then I wandered around here, sleeping on couches and hammocks, lawn chairs on rooftop gardens when things where clear. If I couldn't find a place, I'd crash here. Mom's apartment is located above this place. Well three floors above. Most of the servers live here too.


As for my height, well... hereditary... I guess? I don't really know. Can't hide food on the top shelf, that's a plus. " He sat back and relaxed. While working he watched his accent so people can understand him, but he was on brake now. His words where thick with the Scottish tone. "So derie, whot brings you here? A bit dreich today. Not many people are fans of this weather."




((Yes, I am trying to get the accent sounds across in writing. That's why some misspellings. Dreich is Scottish slang for grey dreary wet weather.

happy.gif I'm going to have fun confusing people. I have a Scottish vernacular dictionary bookmarked. I'm not making any of this up! Oh... this will be hilarious. I'd use them only once in a while. No worries!))

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((well that was unexpected...xd.png))


Jasmine had just sat down at her table to look out the window into the woods that were her backyard when she heard the three knocks on her front door. She was surprised since no one has ever knocked on her door since she came to be here after she had been banished from her clan. She got up and went to the door, unlocking it, and then opening it shortly after that. Who she saw standing there was someone she had only heard about but had never actually seen or talked to before; well that is, until now. "May I help you King Cyrus of the Northern Wood?" she asked formally with a bit of a head bow to show her respect for the higher ranking elf that stood before her.

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Yan grinned even wider. A prank? He was always up for pranks. The smile faltered a little when they touched and he stared down at the odd feeling that travelled through him, shocked and surprised. That feeling, he had heard of stories before. His mother (of a sort) had told him stories of his father and her. How they met, what having a soulmate felt like. But they were some of the luckier ones. There were some that went without, though nowadays most met each other. His own mark was that of a triple Kappa. He didn't give too much thought to it, believing things would go they way they were meant to. "W-what?" He stuttered, completely forgetting what he wanted to say, "that was..." He looked up at CCC, awed.




Sasha was disappointed. It was just a soulmate finding. Those were relatively common these days so it wasn't worth studying. There was something odd about it though. He'd figure it out tomorrow. He wanted to take a walk now. Dismantling his chess and card tower, he decided to go to the park. He got up, leaving enough cash to pay on the table, and walked out with a slouch.

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Bookmarking a few pages with a simple fold at the upper corner of the page, Booker returned the knitting book to his back with a small sigh before adjusting the messenger bag hanging from his side. Fiddling with the shoulder strap for just a moment to make sure it was in just the right position, he gave himself a small nod of approval before lifting his umbrella back up and heading in the direction of his home. He had wandered rather far today, considering the weather, and the shortest way back was probably through the park. It wasn’t that far away and his house was just on the other side. Additionally, the park was actually bearable on rainy days. It was probably the best time for him to visit since there were rarely any people out and about and hardly any noise at all. On nice days the park was crawling with people laughing and playing and yelling. While it didn’t bother him to see people enjoying themselves, it did get on his nerves after a while when all he was trying to do was enjoy a book or some knitting.

Rounding the corner, he walked into the entrance to the park, taking his time as he did so. Alright, so maybe rainy days weren’t all that bad. But rainy nights were absolutely dreadful. He’d have to check the weather later on to see if the rain was supposed to continue on for hours. If it did, he might honestly just call it quits and not eat tonight. It wouldn’t kill him to skip a meal and honestly, it was probably better if he didn’t let himself go and eat every night. Although, it would be hard to convince his stomach that.

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The petite woman sat on a bar stool in front of a giant television, a lemonade in her hand, with four other people: three men on the couch and another woman on the armrest next to her. She had no idea what really was happening, but she liked one team's colors (Green and blue, two of her three favorite colors, the other being pink, the color of her namesake), so she cheered for them because why not? She sipped her drink, watching intently. Then suddenly, her team scored a point! She stood up, fist-pumping and cheering. The man next to her that had been rooting for the yellow-and-red team tried to punch her, but she ducked and span around, putting him in a choker hold. "Bad," she said, and let go. Luckily he had enough sense not to dick around anymore, and sat back down. She laughed and sipped more of her lemonade. She was in Dots' Bar and Grill, on the bar side, where she'd perform one of her joke sets for a bunch of drunk men while trying not to get beat up due to aforementioned drunkedness of the men every Tuesday and Thursday. Somehow she had managed to keep a crowd coming back to each performance without running out of material. Maybe because she had more people every time, and she loved to read the audience. Maybe because people brought their friends to watch her tell stupid jokes that sometimes edged on borderline racist. Maybe because they heard about the girl who could dodge anything, and could even alter the direction of a projectile with her mind (it helped that most of them were drunk at the time; she could use magic every now and then without getting caught). It was sometime around noon, meaning she'd perform in about six and a half hours from then. She stood up, placed her glass on the bar, and walked out. What, you thought she was going to wait six hours until performing? Chrysanthemum Pearl had things to do. She undid her sea-blue headscarf and looped it around her neck, pulled up the hood on her cyan hoodie, and walked out into the rainy afternoon scene.

((I think Chrys might work at the tea shop. Maybe. Unless you'd rather I not do that?))



Avery loved Sundays. The store he worked at closed early on Sundays (his boss was religious), so he had a whole afternoon to himself. And what better to spend a rainy afternoon on than dreaming? He pulled out a piece of scrap paper in case he wanted to write something down, and phased out of himself. He no longer was in his own body. He was nothing.


"I was used, all my life. Abused by my parents, worked hard for them only to be sold as a slave. And then I was murdered in a forest. My soul was stolen by a Soulwood tree. S'yeah, I'm maybe just a tad hateful after being used all my mortal life, only to be sent into one of immortality where I'll be used forever on," Celestine ranted, and then turned her head away from Liam. "You know what I mean? You've been here almost as long as I have, you have to know how it feels to, to finally be free after an infinity of imprisonment, only to find out it was a fraud."

Liam did nothing, looking at the ground.

"But what does it matter, anyway?" She suddenly snapped, "We're stuck here forever, always stuck, never going to leave because of a stupid omnipresent censorkip.gif** that has the ability to make us feel free when all we're doing is running through a maze looking for cheese." She sighed heavily, and silenced. Liam agreed with her on all points, but couldn't bring himself to say or do anything. He sighed, counting the ticks of the clock in the corner.

Soon he had counted so high he wasn't sure what time had passed- he couldn't mentally divide that high. More than a few hours, definitely. He looked around the dimly lit room. They were definitely in the PlayRoom, all right. They were on a tall shelf left of the entrance, definitely high enough to splinter a limb. And that was assuming that they could even get out of their prisons, cut themselves free of their strings, and run away again, assuming the crap they went through had been real. He sighed. Looking to the right of the room, the window had been replaced with more wall. Of course it had been. There was no way the Puppeteer would allow that route as an escape again, especially after showing them how to break it in the last play, though Liam still had a hard time thinking that escapade a play. More puppets, lifeless husks of maple, alder and oak lay still on the Puppeteer's desk. After all, only the pinkish-yellow Soulwood puppets like Liam and the C's would have souls. He remembered when he was alive- His parents were murdered in front of him, sister sold as a slave, everyone that he cared about gone; the only one left was his love, Clover, and what did he do in thanks? Kill each other so that they'd be imprisoned for eternity. Even if their puppet bodies were dashed to pieces, they'd live on in the splinters. If each shard was burned, their soul would be connected to the ash. So he brought them to their demise, imprisoned them in a tree where they stayed, dormant, for maybe fifty years, and let them be chopped down, turned into puppets, and sold to some random omnipresent magical sociopath who liked playing with dolls.


Liam reawoke, startled, and started writing frantically. He could replay the scene as many times as he needed to get all the details down, but for now he just wanted to write, write, write! He jotted down the basics, replaying it behind his eyes as he scribbled in his messy handwriting on the paper. He reached out for another sheet, and continued to describe the events he had witnessed. When he finished, his eyes drifted to the window. Maybe something interesting would happen.

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Sasha got a lot of weird looks as he slouched his way to the park. He didn't really care though. It was either because of his weird appearance, his posture, the 3D puzzle in his hands, or the action figure poking out of his bag. He had been dealt worse before, this was nothing. If there was one good thing about having rich parents though, it was that he literally could do anything and care very little for the consequences. He didn't have to work or anything. He spent his days solving mysteries, reading books, playing around and creating computer programs. If it came to it, he'd sell the software he came up with. He played with the puzzle with one hand, rapidly solving it and barely paying attention. With the other, he held an umbrella.

As he entered the park, he scanned the crowd for someone who might be a good opponent for him. He was already done with the puzzle. He didn't have very high hopes, but his eyes settled on someone who seemed covered by scarves. Shrugging, he approached the other. He tapped the man on the shoulder as he drew up to the scarf man's side. "Hey, you look more intelligent than the brainless apes that usually frequent. Play chess with me."

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