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The Mass Effect Legacy

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The Mass Effect Legacy

A Series of Group Family Projects


Inspiration for these projects surfaced after a conversation in the gaming forum with the lovely Kurane concerning the game series Mass Effect.


Ultimate Goals

The "Mass Effect Legacy" is a group family series centered around the characters and species of Mass Effect. Original characters are always welcome here! The only requirement is that they be named similarly to the game. Breeding rules will be listed below.

NOTICE!! We have not as of yet gathered enough dragons to form breeding pairs for all species mentioned! Please be patient, these lineages will be released in "waves" as Kurane and I gather more eggs, or as we get more breeders willing to contribute.



1. As always, be respectful to breeders and in the thread.

2. No spamming requests please. When we can get to your request, we will!

3. At times, Kurane or I may go offline for long amounts of time. If we do, and requests pile up, please don't be afraid to send us a PM.

4. Per usual, stick to the DC forum rules - it's simpler for everyone that way.

5. Please no arguments! Everything can be settled outside the thread.

6. When you apply for a breeder's position, please understand that you are being held to a standard of delivery and decorum - please don't accept a request then bail on it for another request please!


Dragons and their Characters

Anagallis: Drell

Balloon: Volus

Blacktip: Quarians

Blue-Banded: Salarians

Brute: Yahgs

Deep Sea: Hanar

Ember: Reapers

Falconiform: Raloi (yes, they were unreleased, but I included them just because I wanted to)

Fever Wyvern: Batarians

Gray: Elcor

Hellhorse: Krogan

Lumina: Geth

Moonstone: Prothean

Royal Blue: Asari

Seragamma Wyvern: Vorcha

Spitfire: Humans

Swallowtail: Turians


Breeding Specifics

Inbreeding is highly frowned upon in any lineage. There are no specified patterns for each lineage - breeders, once they have an egg, can continue the lineage however they want. That means Stairstep, Stairstep V2/V3, Even-gen, Spiral, Purebreds, Checkerboard, Mirror V1,V2/V3 are open.


Non-Mass Effect dragons can breed with Mass Effect dragons, but the offspring must be a Mass Effect breed in order to be named by the Mass Effect rules. Also, non-Mass Effect dragons can be used troughout several lineages, but their children cannot breed with each other if the breed deviated into a non-Mass Effect breed.


Hellhorses, admittedly, are second generation. For the sake of the project, they will be considered first generation. However, if two Hellhorses descend from the same dragon, they are related and therefore must be in the same clan. They cannot breed with each other, but can breed with unrelated clan members or other clans.


Asari (Royal Blues) can breed with any Mass Effect dragon, but only Royal Blue offspring are considered asari. Non-Royals can be incorporated into another lineage as long as there are no related dragons, and can be considered that breed of dragon.


Naming Convention

Here is a series of name generators I found for the asari, batarians, drell, geth, humans, krogan, quarians, salarians, and turians. Krogan clan names are their first name when listed on the generator. Turians can adopt their mother's maiden name, or if they are a *bareface, adopt the name of a predominant clan in the area the parents came from (see below). Volus names can be aliases, but it is preferable that they be along the lines of the game (i.e. Barla Von, etc.). Yahgs have names that sound rather aggressive or feral (i.e. Hyung Rr'uul). Hanar have soft-sounding, liquid-like names (i.e. Delaninder). Reapers can have practically any name in the English language, but their title must have a meaning behind them (i.e. Harbinger, Sovereign). Raloi have nonsense first names, and their surnames sound like birds (i.e. Ba'aty Th-ruash, Arat S'uayft, Mayla Kh'auk). Elcor have names that sound firm, or tribal. Protheans have names that represent their Avatar (Javik = Vengeance). Vorcha sound feral.

*Bareface: The turian has no claimed colony or family. Abandoned or multi-trade hatchies mostly.


If a name is taken by another user, or you do not want to name your dragon specifically by the conventional method of following the bloodline, include "ME Legacy" within the name.


Turian Clan names for Barefaces


Sanctus, Achanion, Olymmius, Campadianus, Nazanian, Gradus, Caecius, Quadonis, Duvicolus, Egnamius



Macritumus, Surcius, Phoion, Varilianus, Luccenis, Vibidis, Gorlius, Molalus, Isarian, Aebutis



Hilrius, Hilacius, Gornis, Terdus, Nememus, Adatumus, Domitinus, Tremoraka, Fados, Marcenus



Elvotius, Regirinus, Natatus, Trenilinus, Didisis, Adepsis, Bellatis, Olymtis, Agolienus, Sancnis



Abinis, Isascus, Qualienus, Romullin, Victrilianus, Capinius, Tibnian, Remicius, Nazaso, Gratnion



Ignarian, Ebonian, Agamius, Mercalus, Calporinus, Severaka, Bellilinus, Ennitius, Maxilus, Canmius


Want to sign up as a breeder? Here!

Forum/Nick Name:
Scroll link:
Available for PMs/egg requests?: (please put requirements, if needed)
What's the secret word?: (Check the rules!)


Want to participate, but not breed?

Forum Name: 
Scroll Link: 
What species are you focusing on?: 


Egg requests?

Forum Name:
Scroll Link:
Species/lineage requesting: 


Announce the new dragon!

Forum Name: 
Dragon's Name: 

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Breeder's List

AryxonNabalMornaug - me








Participating List








Inactive Members

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Lineages *In Progress



Krios lineage: Founders Thane Krios and Irikal Krios. Second Generation Kolyat Krios





vas Normandy Lineage: Founders ________ and Tali'Zorah vas Normandy



Mordin Lineage: Founders Mordin Solus and _________

Bahol Raemoro







War 1 Lineage: Founders ____ and Warmonger

War 2 Lineage: Founders ____ and War Hound



Woods Bird Lineage: Founders Ba'aty Th-ruash and ____



Crar'pelok Lineage: Founders Udhatia Crar'pelok and ________

Kab'fedrak Lineage: Founders Drafia Kab'fedrak and _______





Urdnot Lineage: Founders Urdnot Wrex and Urdnot Bakara





Vengeance Lineage: Founders Javik and Artuk. Second Generation Bavak Heryll



T'Soni Lineage: Founders _____ and Liara T'Soni

T'Loak Lineage: Founders Aria T'Loak and ______





Shepard Lineage: Founders John Shepard and ______; _____ and Jane Shepard



Vakarian Lineage: Founders Tullius Vakarian and Viritia Vakarian. Second Generation Garrus Vakarian and Solana Vakarian. Third Generation Alna Vakarian.

Arterius Lineage: Founders Saren Arterius and _____

Kryik Lineage: Founders Nihlus Kryik and _____

Oraka Lineage: Founders Septimus Oraka and _____

Qui'in Lineage: Founders Lorik Qui'in and _____

Victus Lineage: Founders Adrien Victus and _____

Pallin Lineage: Founders Executor Venari Pallin and _____

Sparatus Lineage: Founders Councilor Valern Sparatus and _____

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Details have been added to main post, lineages have been added

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I'll get started on the Victus lineage, a separate Bareface lineage, and lines for the Hanar and Elcor. Once they're going, I'll post an update.

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As a big fan of Mass Effect (already made my own ME lineage), I'll happily join in on this project:


Forum/Nick Name: stagazer_7/Stargazer

Scroll link: scroll

Available for PMs/egg requests?: sure

Species/lineages?: I'd like to try a Geth lineage - a Lumina x Sunsong (non-ME breed) 4th gen checker

What's the secret word?: beKool - hope I got that one right


Here's some of my starters


Dragon's Name: Geth Unit Legion

Link: lineage

Lineage/Generation: CB


Dragon's Name: Geth Unit Eternity

Link: lineage

Lineage/Generation: CB


Dragon's Name: Geth Unit Daemon

Link: lineage

Lineage/Generation: CB


Dragon's Name: Geth Unit Centurion

Link: lineage

Lineage/Generation: CB


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Welcome Stargazer!


~ ~ ~ ~


Dragon's Name: General Adrien Victus

Link: Lineage

Lineage/Generation: CB


Dragon's Name: Melea Victus

Link: Lineage

Lineage/Generation: CB


Dragon's Name: Sevius Nazaso

Link: Lineage

Lineage/Generation: CB


Dragon's Name: Altina Nazaso

Link: Lineage

Lineage/Generation: CB


Dragon's Name: Hekli

Link: Lineage

Lineage/Generation: CB


Dragon's Name: Kamiti

Link: Lineage

Lineage/Generation: CB


Dragon's Name: Jeshuar

Link: Lineage

Lineage/Generation: CB


Dragon's Name: Talasyr

Link: Lineage

Lineage/Generation: CB

Edited by Kurane

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Hi there Star!~~


I'll list these puppies in the morning! Thank you guys!

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Dragon's Name: Lt Tarquin Victus

Link: Lineage

Lineage/Generation: 2nd gen


Dragon's Name: Epilea Nazaso

Link: Lineage

Lineage/Generation: 2nd gen


Dragon's Name: Yevila

Link: Lineage

Lineage/Generation: 2nd gen


Dragon's Name: Zyvold

Link: Lineage

Lineage/Generation: 2nd gen


Edit: Finally named them!

Edited by Kurane

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