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    I dream things that never were; and I say "Why not?"
    Level 10


I accept IOU's and breed on request ^^ My Prizes My other lineages 9uymfb.png rucrj8.png2d91m6a.pngqxl5q1.png2nu555e.pngshoko.pngclocks.gif

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    Central Europe or the Balkan Peninsula, depends on who you ask XD
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    My Projects!

    I've gathered my completed and WIP projects in a single file, the link is in my signature.


    I never trade/bite/kill/abandon gifted eggs - I might sometimes temporary transfer them to my sibling's scroll if I really need an extra eggslot, but rest assured all gifted dragons grow up and are cherished on my scroll.

    If my breeding takes longer then anticipated, feel free to poke me about it, I usually have everything written down, so the delay is most likely due to the stubborness of my draogns, but you never know - I promise I won't bite. ;)

    I always fulfill my IOU's - no matter how long it takes, if I said I was going to breed it for you I shall. *cracks her slavemaster's whip and laughs evilly as her dragons tremble in terror and produce eggs immediately* Pfft, as if - but I *will* pester them until they give up and give me what I want. ;)


    My IOU's (so I don't forget ;) ):
    MischiefTigertot - 2x Serragama x Despis (waiting for instructions on which pair to breed) :)

    IOU's owed to me:
    sharlykng - 2nd gen PB Pink
    ScreamYourHeartOut - 2nd gen Pink from Neo x Brigh Pink
    airaani - 2nd gen Brown Copper from Arsani x Brown Copper


    Breeding requests:
    Sif - 7th gen Tinselbase when finished
    Lavinia - holiday mates swap (already sent them 2 mates that they claimed, but got no reply if that was what they wanted, so hold on breeding until they PM back)


    A very warm thank you to everyone who who were so incredibly kind and gifted me so many beautiful dragons (the list grew too big to keep track of, which just goes to show you are simply to great to be able to be kept in the boundries of a simple list ^^) - I love and cherish every single one of them! You guys are awesome! :D

    <3 Holiday gifts <3
    Pumpkin & Black Marrow eggs - Felischia, Xythus, codyne
    Ribbon Dancer - Lyricmaniac, thenameisplissken
    Snow Angel - thenameisplissken, KakashiMorph
    Valentines - skauble (a big thank you to MaximumOccupancy for providing a Gold mate for my Rosebud)


    Don't be afraid to PM me about... well, anything ;) (I take breeding requests for most my dragons, the exception being my lower than 5th gen Tinsels, CB Metallics (those are either for trading or gifting at my own leisure) & Holidays outside of their breeding season (I'll make a post when request for these will become available - commons from Holidays can be requested anytime however ^^).
    I don't bite, worst case scenario is that I might be a little slow to answer, but I'll always do my very best to get back to you - naturally, I expect the same courtesy in return - even a simple 'no thanks' is better then just ignoring someone.