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Holiday dragon names in Encyclopedia

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1 hour ago, Starbit-Plushie said:

I made a suggestion for this a long time ago and it's frankly ridiculous this still isn't addressed. Especially as Starsingers have their name right there in their description and then they're listed as Holiday 2018. It's madness. If you are not a forum user or are new to the site you'd have no idea why Aegis dragons have an enraged form. This is never described anywhere, not on their description or encyclopedia even though the artist(s) designed them with their BSA being an important part of them!


The Holly debate is silly. Val 09s are called Val 09s because they had no official name, but we don't make every other valentine dragon be called Valentine 20XX do we? At this point, unless the original artist comes back, Hollies should just be Hollies. They've been known as that by the community for years. If the original artist comes back and says 'nope they're Dingleberry McChristmas dragons', then just change the Encyclopedia name to that. There. Done. No drama.


Why is this still an issue? Why can we not just treat Holiday dragons as we do Valentines and Halloween? Frankly, I think ignoring the true name the artist gave the dragon and completely removing their identity with a generic description because one single dragon breed from 2007 isn't officially named is downright insulting to the artists


TJ, please just change it.


Totally, really hit the nail on the head.


Seeing as TJ said he'd be fine with all Holidays having unique descriptions, like Garlands and Starsingers, I don't see there any reason for them to not be renamed.

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