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Etherlords (Arena)

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Didn't see a topic about this game, and tried searching for one and found none, so figured I'd go ahead and make it.


Etherlords (Arena) is a really fantastic "RPG" fantasy-esque turn-based mobile game for Android and iOS. It's actually a remake of the older 2001 PC game, but it's got much better graphics and gameplay now (in my opinion).


Here is a link to the main website, if you'd like a preview.


It's really great and addicting! Unfortunately, it is a bit of a "pay to win" kind of game, but unlike a lot of other games, it's not entirely impossible to get Legendary warriors. My tip would to be compete in the arena as much as possible and rank high! I've gotten 3 Legendaries that way.


I definitely suggest trying it out if you're bored and want something new to play.


You can also play offline, which is really nice!

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