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Rare Trading Bazaar - NO metal/prize "haves"

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Have: Alpine Cheese Cheese_egg.gif
Want: Offers? I especially like Coppers, Florets, and hybrids. BSAs (esp Adventurers) are also nice. 3rd gen Eastern Prize maybe? (pref gold or bronze?), or 3rd/4th gen SALT checker? Or a 7th gen checker, anything but not inbred. I also like Monarchs, Lihnseyre, and Lightning Pygmies, CB hatchlings or purebreds would be neat. PMs are fine ^^

Make an offer on my Alpine Cheese!

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Cheese_egg.gif Paper_egg.gif
Have: Cheese and Paper
Want: CB Holiday, hatchling pref but low time egg is okay. I am particularly looking for Garland (2017),  Wintertide (2019) or Starsinger (2018), but I can also take a Yulebuck (2008), Aegis (2015), or Glystere(2020). CB z-code would be amazing. Happy to trade both for one hatchling or one z-code. Would also take low-time BSA red or pink hatchlings, messy is fine. Can also message me to discuss other offers if you like, I don't mind splitting them up or considering a different trade. Please only 2 eggs max, I am locked ^^;;

If you have a z-code CB Solstice I can add a CB Blancblack hatchling to the trade, or one of my other CB holiday eggs (only want zcode solstice, all others can be anything)

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Staterae_Xenowyrm_egg.gif 2G 'PB' from Pyro Xenos



* ungendered ND, any gen

* CB Gold/Silver

* 2G Silver Shimmerscale from Heartstealing

* 3G Silver Shimmerscale checker w/ Amarignis, unrelated to this dragon

* 5G Silver checker w/ Sweetling, unrelated to this dragon

* 3G Silver checker w/ Heartstealing, unrelated to this dragon





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Have: low-time paper hatchling fogged to prevent growing


Want: paper hatchling or egg with higher time

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❄️ CB Xeno egg, precogs female



❄️ One or preferably two of these bred eggs:


Nicely named no tags, please:


:raptor: 2G Winter from Vermeil x Winter

:raptor: 2G Gemshard from Light Weaver x Gemshard (2G Gemshard color must match CB Gemshard parent color)

:raptor: 2G Winter from Vermeil x Winter (berry/winter/cold themes appreciated) will be a mate to this parental pairing: this

:raptor: 2G Albino from Heartseeker (cocoa/chocolate/candy/vanilla themes enjoyed) as a mate for this

:raptor: 2G Waterhorse from Sweetling (Valentine's Day-related names enjoyed) as a mate for this

:raptor: 2G Winter from Sweetling x Winter (Wintry/cold/Valentine's themes enjoyed) as a mate for this


❄️ Or one of these CB eggs:


 * Purple Dino

 * Red Dino

 * Amethyst Gemshard 

 * Aqua Gemshard

 * Citrine Gemshard


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

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(Edit: And it's a Dorkface, as I just noticed. 😆)


Claim my egg!Have: High Gen gold Egg! *click 


Want: For free.


(I didn't read, it's forbidden to give rares for free. Hope I didn't just missed this rule. But I am actually happy, that I finally found a Trading Thread, where it seems to be allowed, to give sth. for free. Wasn't active on the forums since years, and at the time I still was active, there were Trading Threads where we could give for free, so I hope this ist at least one thread where this is still allowed , as I mentioned above, I've read the rules and didn't find, it's forbidden to give for free. But it may be, I've overread it. In this case, I am sorry..But let me know, bc then I will cancel my post.)


Edit: Grabbed


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Have - Neglected_hatchling.gif  Neglected hatchie (CB, male)

WANT -  Offers made up of any of the following.

Group A  (1 of these)
2nd gen Spriter Altkin
2nd gen THUWED
CB Staterae


Group B (at least 2 or 3 of these)
CB Pink Sapphire
CB False-Headed Hydra
Thursday, Friday, Saturday colour Gemshards

Will let trade stay up for a while and see what offers come up. Don't assume you have missed out if I don't accept straight away. It won't necessarily be the rarest offer that I choose, but whichever one appeals the most at the time.

No longer egg-locked so you can
offer here







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CB Neglected, precogs male




2g Prize mate for the dragons in this group (separated by prize breed);

or 4 CB uncommons (Copper, Aeon, Winter, new Gem, etc)

I have 3 egg slots available.

Thank you in advance! ❤️ 


Offer on my ND hatchie!

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Black_alternate_hatchling_sitting.gif messy sitting alt Black



3g EG White from Sweetling x White with alt Sweetlings in the base (mate for https://dragcave.net/lineage/tIJlX ) (willing to sweeten the deal for this)

3g EG Ice from Ice x Val 09 (mate for https://dragcave.net/lineage/O7qRo )

3g EG Guardian from Arcana x Guardian with a cyber-colored alt Arcana in the base ( filling the empty slot in https://i.imgur.com/LdLBjT7.png - must pass inbred check at https://www.allureofnds.net/NDER/Inbred.php?dcode=s7wE5%2CkF2Qr&depth=Full&repeats=y ) (willing to sweeten the deal for this)

3g EG Sunsong from Sunsong x Rosy Solstice with an alt Solstice in the base (filling one of the gaps in https://i.imgur.com/rrzefAz.png - must pass inbred check at https://www.allureofnds.net/NDER/Inbred.php?dcode=qXw74%2Cj9TUh%2CwLUP7%2C5rha9%2Cmhhir&depth=Full&repeats=y ) (willing to sweeten the deal for this)


PM me to discuss, or make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

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Have: 2nd gen Avatar from Silver

Want: Any egg(!) from the following list:
Caveborn Gemshard (Amethyst, Aqua, Citrine)
CB False Hydra
CB Yellow Sapphire
CB Pink Sapphire
Also consider a CB Sapphire with enough time to make it yellow.

Magi Dragon is happy to help

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