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★ I'm Ena or Diva on IRC. ★ I hoard Whites~ ★ Seeking: 2G whites x Spriter Alts/Hollies/Prizes/CB alts/hybrids★ I'm a code collector!IOU Friendly! on a case by case basis

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    Austin, Texas
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    .x. Looking for .x.

    2nd gen Whites from Alt Sweetlings
    2nd gen Whites from Hollies
    2nd gen Whites from Spriter Alts
    2nd gen Whites from Penk
    2nd gen Whites from Prizes (all colors)
    2nd gen Holidays (any) from Spriter Alts
    2nd gen Holidays (any) from Prize (Any)
    2nd gen Prize Fails (Any breed/Any prize)
    2nd gen Whites from cb alts (any)
    2nd gen Whites from cb hybrids (any)


    I adopt any and all White hatchies including messy and inbred!


    I *love* ER or Regular hatchies

    If you see something on my scroll you would like, let me know and I'll try to breed it for you. ^^ But please keep in mind that some dragons on my scroll are not up for breeding (Gifting) and are for trade only, but dont be afraid to ask : )


    ---- I owe ----
    Breeding lists and IOUs are /always/ put off til after holiday breeding week.

    djengis: 2nd Gen WinterMagi X Green Copper (Pending)
    ?????: 2g Chrono x Anagallis (Cannot remember the name of who I owe this to so if it's you, please pm me and remind me!)
    EnderEcho: 3g Silver tin stair for 2 cb Halloween 15's (their's paid)
    MIGOR: 3g from any 2g prize x cb white (Paid) and 4G from Fuz2Y (for 2g Marrow x Alt Sweet/Theirs paid)
    ahreada: Mate for https://dragcave.net/lineage/tIO0k if I can find one (For 2 cb ween 15's/Theirs paid)
    trezz: Sib to RNwAl (for 2cb whites, random white, and 2g white)

    ---- Owed to Me ----

    Trezz: 2 cb whites

    IOUs, Updates and other information will be posted on my new Personal DC Website, http://enalahsdc.weebly.com/