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Rare Trading Bazaar - NO metal/prize "haves"

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Hiya! I have a Purple Dino on cool down, and would like to exchange for a Blue Dino, please and thank you.


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!


TRADED, thank you very much!


And please DM me if you have questions (I'm not scary, I promise!).


Thanks in advance 🙂


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Cheese egg Cheese_egg.gif 




* CB Aeon egg auto or male hatchling; Aeon_Wyvern_egg.gif




* CB Thalassa Xeno egg auto or hatchling (male preferred) Thalassa_Xenowyrm_egg.gif




* CB Floret egg or hatchie auto   latest?cb=20180424231846%5D 




* Best offer from below list


I love uncommon CB hatchies or eggs like Black Truffles, Floret (I don't have one yet), Melismor, Fell, Firegem, Gemshard, Kingcrowne, Monarch, Razorcrest, Diamondwing, Candelabra, Celestial:  


* Black Truffle egg or hatchie Black_Truffle_egg.png


* Floret Wyvern egg or hatchie latest?cb=20180424231846%5D 


* Razorcrest egg or hatchie Razorcrest_Wyvern_egg.gif


* Diamondwing egg or hatchie Diamondwing_egg.gif


* Candelabra egg or hatchie Candelabra_egg.gif


* Celestial egg or hatchie Celestial_egg.png


* Melismor egg or FEMALE hatchie Melismor_egg.png


* Fell egg or MALE hatchie Fell_egg.png


* Firegem egg or hatchie Fire-Gem-egg-rotator.gif


* Gemshard egg or hatchie Gemshard_egg.png


* Kingcrowne egg or hatchie Kingcrowne_egg.gif


* Monarch egg or hatchie Monarch_egg.gif


* Thalassa Xenowyrm egg or hatchie Thalassa_Xenowyrm_egg.gif


* Red Dorsal egg Red_Dorsal_egg.gif


* Tan Ridgewing egg Tan_Ridgewing_egg.gif




* Just offer! :nyan:




Make an offer on my Cheese egg!


Traded; thank you! ^_^

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3G EG Freckled with 3 Spriter Alt grandparent, teleport



Really nice CB code -OR- a 2G Prizekin mate for one of these would be auto; other interesting offers considered!

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