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> How high can you count before a mod posts?

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Miss me yet? 😘

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No, try going away longer. XD



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I'll just steal Vict's thing again.  And add extra spaces, since I'm typing it out and like the way it looks better that way.



V  I

s  i  x

s  e  i  s

s  e  c  h  s

c  h  w  e  c  h

I don't recognize @Velvet_paw either.  Welcome or welcome back, whichever's appropriate.  If you've been here recently, sorry; I have a terrible memory.


And I look forward to seeing more of you, Chandelotic.  (I hope you don't mind if I capitalize your name?  It feels wrong to not do that, if I'm also typing sentences.  :)

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no problem at all, Pilauli!

also, I see you purpledragonclaw ;)

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