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Scroll name: also Pilauli

I like pygmies.  I'm building an EG pink lineage and a vine/black checker.

Also, I'm bad at putting interesting stuff in signatures.

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    -Green/black checker (If I could talk other people into hatching eggs and sending them back if they didn't alt, I would be delighted, but that's probably not feasible.) Except nevermind because I'm mostly back at "collect CBs".
    -Pink even-gen with valentines in base (if you want pinks, just ask :)
    -Grave-bred stormriders (well, I started collecting parent stock, and then lost focus. I'll get back to it eventually, I promise.)

    In general, I'm especially fond of a) pygmies and b) even-gens. My new favorite dragon is the Aeria Gloris from the 2019 birthday release- my profile pic is TCA's drawing thereof.

    I left for a while, came back when Mimic Pygmies were released. As you can probably tell, I'm prone to rambling. Sorry about that.