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Insert emoticons at cursor position

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I admit this is a very small problem, but it would be amazing if it could be fixed. When I use smilies in PM's, some of them are inserted at the current cursor position and some end up at the end of the PM.


I just tested all of them, and those that are inserted where they are supposed to be are the ones that show up next to the textfield under "Clickable Smilies". Those that end up at the end of the text (no matter where the cursor is at that time) are the ones in the window that opens if you click "Show All".

And even for the ones in the main window, the cursor jumps to the end of the text after adding the smilie, which is also slightly annoying.


When typing posts, people probably don't even notice this because the current cursor position and end of the text is the same in that case. However, in PM's I usually use the quote tags to copy the entire conversation to the end of the new PM, that helps save inbox space because the conversation is still there and I can delete the older messages. In that case, using smilies can become annoying - even if the smilie ends up where it's supposed to be, the cursor is suddenly at the end of the PM.


So yeah, I'm fully aware that this is a first world problem and I can live with it if it stays that way, but if fixing it is as easy as checking or unchecking a box in the forums software, I'd love this to be changed smile.gif



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I rarely ever use PMs so I haven't noticed this particular issue, but I have noticed that when I use smiles in regular posts the smiles appear in front of the cursor, not behind it. If I keep typing without repositioning the cursor, the smiley gets pushed back to the end of the post instead of staying put.


I usually access this site from an iPhone



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As you say, Ha-Ki, a small thing, but the escaping smilie issue IS annoying.


I usually wind up copying them from the end of the PM to manually place them where they should be - IF I notice where they've got to.


Not sure why that happens now, though; it didn't use to, at least that I can recall.

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