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.: M a k e {a} C o n t r a c t :.

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In a world where your wishes will come true...


{T}hey have lived here for a long time.

Among us, pushing us forth, evolving us to our keenest state.


Waiting for their prime opportunity.

To strike.



In a common world ruled by common laws, science believes it is on its way to knowing all there is; they do not, however, realize how utterly wrong they are.

Small creatures known as the Incubators tread the Earth.

They seek their unknowing victims, young girls and boys with potential for magic.


Potential for making a contract.


It is their magical ritual: a child proffers their wish, the wish they were promised.

In exchange for a wish, any wish they desire, they will be granted magical powers and must spend the rest of their lives fighting the ugly creatures known as "witches".


Cloaked in lies, the contract stands, seeking its next victim.

But some of them are already seeking their own {truth}.


This is a sandbox roleplay.


Where dreams are made


{I}n the large city of Elmbrook, a phenomenon begins to stir.

Rumors of a small, white cat run through the city: a cat that can grant wishes and magical powers to young boys and girls.


The busy-life city is hardly affected by this. Its lit-up night streets and crowded day avenues are the same as ever, regardless of any magical children flying around. The normal people remain unaffected, being completely ignorant about the existence of witches or magical children.


Maybe not enough know of this.


However, some children have tested the miracle. They have contracted and become magical beings.



In particular, two twins have gained the power of magic, and are now at strife with each other.

Refusing to engage in direct combat, the two are attempting to recruit magi to their sides. Their strife may end up dividing the city's Magi in two. As they are, currently, the two most powerful Magi in town, it's fairly hard not to run into them, since they are at most witch fights.


Phantoms of a God


{M}agi are the physical manifestation of a child who has made a contract with an Incubator.

Their contract is a simple affair. They're given the choice to make one of their wishes, any wish, come true.

In exchange, they will spend their entire lives fighting witches; this is the only change. They will continue going to school, spending time with friends, and living with their parents.

Their source of power is a Soul Gem. When in Magi form, the gem is embedded in a Magi's outfit. When in civilian clothing, it turns into a ring or an egg-shaped gem for better transport.

If it is broken, the Magi will die immediately.

Soul Gems get darker with the use of magic, gradually losing their glow.

In fact, from time itself, even if a Magi's magic is unused, the Soul Gem will deplete.


Witches are said to be born from curses as opposed to Magi, who are born from wishes. They represent the bad and evil in the world, and are fated to spread wishes of death around them, often causing others to commit suicide or murder.

They are abstract creatures, taking different forms. No two witches are the same.

Witches hide within labyrinths, shielded from the world. Only Magi can see or sense a witch. Humans are never aware of the existence of witches, or Magi, only if told directly by a Magi.

If a human is touched by a Witch's kiss, they are doomed to death if the witch is not killed. Once a human is saved from the kiss, their memories of what they did are unclear, and their stories are often regarded as hallucinations by others.

A witch who is killed leaves its Grief Seed, which can be used to cleanse a Magi's Soul Gem.


Familiars are the minions of a witch who live inside its labyrinth. Their duty is to serve the witch in many ways - the most important duty being fighting any intruder Magi. If a familiar is to escape from a labyrinth, and kill a human, it will become a witch itself.


Incubators are aliens who claim they make contracts with children in their teens to save the universe, following the laws of thermodynamics.


But the truth is much more grim...


The reality is, a Magi's Soul Gem is the container of all their soul. If it is taken too far from their body, their soul will detach, leaving the empty corpse to rot until the soul is returned. A cruel fate.


But alas, it gets worse.

A Soul Gem that does not get cleansed, and becomes wholly black, will cause its Magi to "turn," irrevocably becoming one of the very witches they fight.

Cursed to cause grief and turmoil, the witch will rage until it is put to rest by another, unknowing, magical child.


Keep in mind that Magi do not know anything about becoming witches or that their Soul Gem contains their soul.


If your Magi despairs and becomes a witch, you are allowed to make a witch-fight for other Magi to defeat the witch.


A world without mercy


{E}lmbrook is a big, lively city.

The sort of place you'd see in movies, clean and futuristic-looking. Buildings with glass walls, big parks, and a white cityscape.


A bland, gentle climate fills the city in all seasons. Some claim they cannot feel the difference, but those who have lived in Elmbrook all their lives can sense the gentle ups-and-downs of the city's climate.


A river runs through town, passing by the only school, Elmbrook Central, a large tower-like building which teaches all ages, kindergarten through college.

There is also, of course, a big mall, a hill beyond the edge of town, and the student-favorite riverbank.

All sorts of business offices are scattered through the town and, around the only church, there is also the only park.

Most Magi live in the residential zone, content with a simple life.


The look of despair


Soul Gem

Ring Form

Grief Seed

Several Witches

Wiki glossary on Magi


Honor among Magi


♦ For now, characters are limited at 1 per RPer.

♦ Follow the general site rules, and general RPing rules; this goes without saying.

♦ Do not godmod or control anyone else's characters. I cannot stress this enough, it is extremely rude to do this.

♦ I already said this but I will repeat: Magi can't know about despairing and becoming witches when they contract.

♦ If your Magi despairs, and you want to make a battle, please PM me!

♦ Don't be a jerk to others in OOC.

♦ No Mary-Sues or Gary-Stus.

♦ Your Magi must have a realistic wish, and it cannot affect others' characters.

♦ Please PM your character sheets to me.

♦ No one-liners.

♦ Your character has no need to get involved with the twins' fight, and can go around doing whatever they like.


Would you like to make a contract?


♦ Name: What is the name of your magi?

♦ Age: Minimum 13, maximum 25. Magi are not targeted much after they become adults, please keep this in mind!

♦ Gender: In the anime, there were only female Magi, however your Magi can be any gender.

♦ Soul Gem's color: Try not to repeat anyone else's. Also, use a hex code for the color, please!

♦ Appearance description / Picture: The magi outfit color MUST match the Soul Gem's (most of it, anyway - it can have use of other colors, but the main color must be the Soul Gem's!). It is preferred that the hair color does as well! (You can have 'oddly' colored hairs and eyes, and their eye / hair colors can change after transformation!)

♦ Wish: Try to keep it FEASIBLE! No wishes that are overpowered or would affect someone else.

♦ Ability: Your Magi's special power, gained from their wish.

♦ Weapon: What does your character fight with? Again, try not to repeat anyone's.

♦ Personality: A short paragraph on your character's self.

♦ Background: Where did they come from? What led to their wish?

♦ Other: Is there anything else you should add? (Optional.)


Living Shells


My characters:


Name: Aria Montuori


Age: 17


Gender: Female


Soul Gem's color: Rose Pink


Appearance description / Picture: { blossoming princess }


Wish: "I wish that from now on, none of my plants would ever wither again!"


Ability: 'Green Thumb': Any plant touched by Aria will blossom, and anything she tends to will grow amazingly. Additionally, she has the ability to use her body as a flowerpot of sorts, and, to a limit, grow plants on her skin.


Weapon: Rose Vines



Cold and distant, Aria is a shell of what she once was. She is frightened of her wish, and having seen several magi's corpses inside labyrinths, she keeps a mask, completely separating her magi life and her civillian life. Regardless of this, she is still cold, and not very prone to making friends. Before her relationship with her twin got bad, the two used to be friends - Siena was Aria's only friend - and Aria had regular contact with her sister's group of friends, but now she just spends all of her time alone - in her own words, "plants are the only friends anyone needs".

This has led to her having quite the bad rep at school, usually being made fun of or joked at for this or that reason; because she's alone, because of her clothes, because of her hair. Saying that she 'doesn't care' is putting it lightly, she simply glosses over them and glares from above as if they're not worth her time - because they aren't.

Meeting her in magi form is a call for death; unless you fight, she'll push you out of her way and leave you to die if you get hurt. Except for a single exception - Siena - she doesn't care about anyone, and if she's got to kill you to get that grief seed, she will.



Born and raised in Italy, Aria and her twin sister Siena moved to Elmbrook with their parents when they were kids. They were both meek girls, who were extremely close - this greatly influenced Aria's life, as she finds herself perpetually seeking her sister when she feels bad, even though the two are not nearly as close anymore.

Faced with so many foreign things - the town, the food, the language, the people - Aria's only way to cope was through her garden. She lined up plants of every kind and meticulously watered them and tended to them. However, her garden too was a source of sorrow. No matter how careful she was, no matter how much she read and studied and followed instructions thoroughly, her plants would always wither. She was sad, and depressed. She stopped talking to people, and became more and more focused only on herself, having lost her way to cope. Years passed, and matters only got worse; one day Aria simply tossed away all her pots and shriveled up in her room, refusing to go out for anything.

Until the cat arrived, and offered her a wish.

How could she refuse?

Now, her garden would bloom.

None of her plants would ever wilt again.

Until the day she fought a witch another magi had unsuccessfully tried at.

Having found the corpse was distressing to the girl, but having found her sister attempting to kill that same witch was much worse.

How could she have placed herself in so much danger? After Aria had gone to all the trouble of not befriending any magi, lest they die. Her own sister went and placed herself in such a dangerous situation.

Aria felt hurt and betrayed. Since then, she's done her best to avoid Siena, and the relationship of the two fell apart even more, becoming extremely stressed.



  - At 6'1", she is really tall for a girl her age.

  - Step on a plant, and she will attempt to kill you.

  - Her favorite food are cherry-based sweets.

  - If you point out how pale she is compared to Siena, she'll be mad.


Name: Siena Montuori


Age: 17


Gender: Female


Soul Gem's color: Pastel Purple


Appearance description / Picture: { fearless fighter }


Wish: "I wish that I could never feel fear again!"


Ability: 'Dauntless': Siena is completely fearless, and can face anything regardless of how scary it seems. Instead of paralyzing in fear, she rushes headfirst into battle.


Weapon: Brass Knuckles



A warm and nice girl, Siena can be extremely rash; mostly due to her wish. It caused a bit of collateral effect; not only is she not afraid of frightening situations, but she's not afraid of being rejected socially. This has caused her to be extremely blunt to the point where it can be upsetting. She realizes this (sometimes) and tries her  best to fix it, but it's not to easy.

Bluntness aside, Siena is extremely outgoing and wants to be friends with everyone. Did you just meet her? She's your friend now. Did you just fight her? Yeah, friends. Did you just tell her to get out of your way? Too late, friends already. She will be friends with everyone until they've proven untrustworthy. She will also loyally devote herself to her true friends, so expect a permanent bodyguard if Siena sees you as a potential bestie.

Honesty and loyalty are her mottos, and if you break those, you will gain her distrust; which, surprisingly, is very tough to get rid of.

Despite her stressful relationship with Aria, she still tries to support her sister from afar, even if she's usually kicked away.



She was born and raised in Italy with her sister Aria. They moved to Elmbrook at the age of 7, when their parents were seeking for a better job. At that age, the two girls were very close, even if they had some differences; Siena was just a little more of a troublemaking devil than Aria. She grew with this troublemaking vein, and one day, fond of defying the law of 'bedtime', Siena sneaked out of her room to the living room. She just wanted to watch some TV.

However, she timed it as poorly as she could, and ended up watching a horror movie about a serial killer.

Frightened and distressed, the girl sought comfort from her sister - unfortunately, Aria was going through a crisis of her own, and the two ended up falling apart and distancing from each other.

Siena spent blank night after blank night, eyeing shadows in her room and ducking under the covers, panicking every time she heard a sound. The darkness was her enemy, and every time she had to walk alone, she felt like fainting at every step.

Matters worsened, and eventually the girl's nerves would give out from time to time, and she would simply break down crying every time she remembered those horrible things she'd seen on television.

This was no way to live.

But then one day a cat offered her a wish.

And Siena thought, in the back of her mind.

Maybe she wouldn't have to be so scared anymore.

It all worked so well until the day she ran into Aria. Her sister was so mad, apparently for no reason. Siena couldn't understand, but eventually the two fell apart even more, barely talking to each other nowadays.



  - At 6'1", she is really tall for a girl her age.

  - She's got fairly toned abs.

  - She's got a pretty good danger measure, and despite her fearlessness, won't get herself killed.

  - Her tan comes from being outside all the time.


DragonGirl10188's character:


Name:  Aimi Hanatsuko.


Age:  18.


Gender: Female.


Soul Gem's color: Green.


Appearance description / Picture: Civilian/Casual ][ Magic (her soul gem is located in the middle of the cross that's on her chest)


Wish: Linking to her background, Aimi wished for her unborn baby and herself to survive, as they were both going to die on the birthing bed.

"I wish for my son and I to survive this birth!"


Ability: As pink carnations link to a mother's love, her legs and arms are wrapped in sharp rose vines while she is in her magic mode. She can use them as whips, barricades and make them grow from the ground. However, they are easily broken even though they are covered in thorns and usually it's incredibly hard to beat a witch just with her rosevines. Aimi usually resorts to her weapon.


Weapon: A golden crossbow in the shape of a cross, resembling the same pattern on her magic dress. The red circle is meant to be green, however. When she shoots her arrows, a trail of petals rain down from the tail of them, but they don't effect anything, they're simply decoration.



With neglectful parents and many loud and annoying siblings, Aimi was grown up to be hardened and although when she was a young teen she was outgoing and social, a shell has grown around her to mask her from everyone. Often, she's quite introverted, harsh and spiteful - not liking to make friends and enjoying being alone instead. If another person approaches her, magi or not, she'll most likely abandon any hopes of starting a conversation. For Aimi, work and witches come first - then humanity comes second. If she has the choice to kill a witch or save a civilian, she'll probably kill the witch.

Watch out for her harsh tongue and stinging words, she can be bitter and just plain mean when needed. If she feels that someone is lying to her, betraying her or talking behind her back, Aimi will confront them and often get very bitter about whatever they're doing. This also means she's quite deceitful herself, and good at lying.

Her hardened personality has also made her negative, about herself, others and any situation she is in. She's not much of a leader type due to this and in most situations will attack instead of reason with.



Aimi grew up with a rich family, a mother who was a lawyer, a father who was a doctor, an intelligent older brother and three annoying younger siblings. This often meant that her parents would neglect their children - leaving the oldest to care for the three youngest, so she grew up to be quite independent and flexible to whatever he would plan next for them. When her parents were home, her younger siblings grabbed for their attention and with his intelligence, her oldest brother was obviously the favourite. Retreating into an introverted and lonely corner, she instead started school.

Throughout her younger years, she was awkward and unknown. When high school came around, however, she dyed her hair, learnt how to apply makeup and tie her hair properly. Soon, Aimi became popular - boys wanted her and girls wanted to be her. The sudden change from that awkward kid to that loved teen stressed her and she resorted to drugs, one night stands and parties. A few weeks after she broke up with her first boyfriend, she found out she was pregnant. Terrified, she told her older brother - and although he was understanding, her parents were not.

In a fit of rage, they threatened to adopt her out to another family. When she went to bed that night, she packed nothing and ran instead, only bringing her baby and herself. After renting out a hotel, she used her credit card to make sure her baby was going to survive - her baby boy, she found out.

A few months later, she found herself stumbling into a hospital with her water broken. Half way through the birth and the pain, one of the doctors told her that she was loosing too much blood. Her baby would die, and she probably would to.

Kyubey appeared, explaining he had been watching her ever since she fell pregnant and offered her a contract. Without a second thought, she took it.

Now, she's bitter, raising her child on her own in an old hotel which she claims with magic and wishes to use her powers for bad on the baby's father (who she no longer has contact with) and the nurses who couldn't prevent her death.


Other: ~


MyaMouse's character:


♦ Name: Kathea James~Nicknamed Thea


♦ Age: 16


♦ Gender: Female


♦ Soul Gem's color: lavender-grey

♦ Appearance description / Picture: Magi~Civillian


♦ Wish: Kathea had been through enough of bullying. "I wish that my light could conquer me and my brother's lives' darkness!"


♦ Ability: She has the ability to bend light.


♦ Weapon: Kathea uses a pair of silver katanas, shown in her civilian costume. She uses them in normal life, too, leading to the murders rumor. Her Magi weapon, however, is another katana, this one with a lavender sheath and handle and a silver blade with purple streaks. Like this one I found.


♦ Personality:

Kathea was always shy and reclusive, and even more so because of bullying. She is a hard worker, and will not stop until she is finished when she starts on something. That includes killing a witch, doing a project, or even fixing her bullying problem. You can see the lengths she took on that one. She also loves music, and will normally be seen hiding behind her short hair with her headphones on, nodding to the beat and tuning everyone out. In Magi form, though, she normally is very expressive and will sing her heart out if she pleases. She does not like people, but will hang around them once they get to her good side, which is very hard to do. She has a kind and loving heart, and will always look up for the best, and optimism is her best quality. She does not know, however, how to look for the good in her bullying situation.


♦ Background:

She was raised with her twin brother Castien, whom was born 2 minutes before her. She and her brother were orphans from their 5th birthday, as their parents got into a car accident on the way to come home. They always stayed together during adoptions, though, and have found their way to a nice home with 2 travelling parents that leave them to do as they please.

She was, however, bullied at school because of their many, many, many adoptions. People spread rumors that the reason she was adopted so much was because she was crazy and murdered her parents in their sleep. She was shut out because of this, all because of one boy's stupid rumor. She suffered through this for 4 months, and her parents did not know of it at all. Her brother tried to stand up for her, and ended up almost dead in a dumpster.

Soon, though, came the day that the rumors of the cat started up. Not one for rumors, she didn't believe it at first. But then she saw Castien, whom had been granted powers. When she heard him tell her about the cat, who actually was giving out powers, she ran to him in desperation and asked if her wish could be granted.


♦ Other: N/A


Drakonspite's character:


♦ Name: Lucy Firzbane


♦ Age: 16


♦ Gender: Female


♦ Soul Gem's color: Dark Grey


♦ Appearance description / Picture: Civillian // Magi


♦ Wish: "I wish I could shatter the chains of life."


♦ Ability: 'Guiltless Chains' - Lucy is able to create and control chains with ease. Using her chains, she is able to bind opponents in them or use them as a shield against oncoming attacks. Lucy is also able to control existing chains, given that they do not have enhancements that forbids others to control them. Lucy is not a very strong person and tires quite quickly, and she also does not take a hit very well. Her chains, with the right amount of strength, can be broken unless enchanted by external magic.


She also has wings which allows her to fly with ease, despite the heavy chains that are wrapped around them.


♦ Weapon: Scythe (made from her 'personal demons')


♦ Personality:

Lucy is an emotionless person, meaning she does not know how to feel things the way another being may. She tries her best to fit in with everyone else, mimicking emotions when she needs to and putting on a façade of a joyful highschooler. She has in fact developed her fake smile and laughter to perfection, making people believe she is genuinely happy. Lucy may come across as charming and cute, but behind the mask of sunshine lies an unfeeling girl with little interest in doing good deeds.

However, Lucy is also not psychotic or evil either. Rather, she sits perfectly at the centre of the spectrum, and doesn't waver to any side. This unbiased standpoint may sometimes shock people as her smiling, innocent-looking face can suggest the most horrible and inhumane solutions to problem, despite the solutions being logical.


♦ Background:


Lucy lived as the only daughter of an upper class family. Most of her childhood was peaceful and comfortable, until the day Lucy reached the age of 11. Lucy's mother had contracted cancer, but it had been detected far too late. The malignant cancer had soon spread to her brain and she would die within the year. Lucy had little concept of cancer back then, so she did not understand the gravity of the situation. Lucy watched as her life-loving and caring mother withered away into a pale, unrecognisable woman before succumbing to her disease.


Lucy's father did not take the death of Lucy's mother very well and started to drink heavily. This caused him to become violent and he started abusing Lucy. At first, it was just painful words that often caused Lucy to cry herself to sleep at night, at which point her father would come into her room and shout, 'Stop crying, b****!'. Lucy started to fear her father and would try to avoid him whenever she could. The servants could not intervene with the family's business, though they tried to comfort Lucy as much as they could. Then one day, Lucy's father started to beat Lucy. The crack of his hand against her cheeks could be heard all through the house as her father struck her again and again. None of the servants could do anything or even call the police out of fear. Lucy was 12 at the time.


The beatings never stopped and Lucy was getting fed up. At the age of 13, she ran away from the house when her father was out cold from drinking. The servants helped her escape and gave her as much supply as they could before bidding her farewell. Lucy was 13 when she ran away from the house and she never looked back since then.


Lucy travelled far away from her house and came across a city, where she met a cat. The cat offered her a wish in return for a simple, lifelong favour. Lucy was in no position to refuse the cat and so made her wish. As soon as she uttered the last word, chained wings sprouted from her back. Her clothes turned into a drapey dress, bound by chains like her wings. Lucy had turned angel-like from the selflessness of her wish, but her dark thoughts and her depression caused an evil to sprout within her. The good inside her rejected the evil and pushed it out of the body, causing the darkness to manifest itself as a scythe and binding to Lucy's soul. These two extreme opposites cancelled each other out and caused Lucy to forget how to feel emotions.


Now, as an adopted high school student, Lucy can carry on with life. She has killed a few witches in her time but has never met another Magi before. This lead her to believe that she was the only Magi in the city, but she is about to be proven wrong.


♦ Other: Keep in mind, Lucy has forgot how to feel emotions. She has not lost the ability to feel emotions.


TotallyDrow's character:


Name: Seth Kreuger


Age: 17


Gender: Male


Soul Gem's color: Crimson Red


Appearance description / Picture: [Civilian] ~ [Magi] His height is5ft 11


Wish: "I wish for the warmth of a fire"


Ability: Pyrokinesis - The ability to create, shape and manipulate fire without being harmed by the flames. Seth is resistant to fire and can also coat his weapon in flames. Three orbs of flame will constantly rotate clockwise behind him.


Weapon: - A large red spear that manifests itself when he is in his Magi State. The bladed portion can be coated in flames.


Personality: Prior to the events that led to his parent's death, Seth was a cheerful happy go lucky kid. Rivalries with his best mate and no interest in girls aside from the desire to avoid being contaminated by their koodies, this changed on that ill fated day. His grandparents brought him to various therapist to try and get him to open up about the whole ordeal, but were rewarded with little success.


Background: To be cold... to feel your bodily senses slowly slip away into numbness as your body is enveloped by the icy embrace of darkness. A grueling experience a young 12 year old by the name of Seth had to endure. It was a stormy afternoon during early January, just after all the festivities had ended, that Seth was forced into this unfortunate hell. Seth, along with his parents were making the return drive to their home in the city; having spent Christmas and New Years at his grandparents house on the hillside. The night before had been a terribly cold one, icing the road that many of the drivers used, making it even more hazardous then it should have been. A lorry driving towards them on the opposite side of the road had lost control of itself, the back end of the Lorry swerving from side to side as the driver wrestled with the steering wheel in a futile attempt to regain control of the reigns. In a bid to avoid the eminent collision, his father swerved to the left, however fate that day had demanded a crash, regardless of how it came to be. The car they were in crashed through the trees and down the hill, only coming to a stop when the side of the car got caught against a rather large tree trunk, the sheer size of the force shaking loose the copious amounts of snow that had built up in the leaves above and blanketing the car in a sheet of white. Dazed and confused, the icy embrace slowly gripped at Seths body, slowing down his bodily functions to a snails pace. Time slowed and breathing became labored as his vision began to fade and it was at this time that a faint image began to form in his mind as he slowly began to hallucinate, the image was of the dancing flames that had lit his parents fireplace and kept the cold at bay. The meowing of a cat stirred him from this vision causing the spectral flames to disipitate into nothingness as the cold unforgiving darkness took over. The last thing he remembers seeing was a feline silhoutte walking across the damaged bonnet of the car as he wished for a fire to keep him warm.

Seth awoke several days later in a hospital bed, his grandparents by his bedside with a look of despair in their eyes. They had been crying the whole night, thinking of how to tell Seth the unfortunate news. Along with his Grandparents, they moved  into the apartment in Elmbrook that his parents had owned in the city, selling the hillside house to the first person that came. Unable to live there any longer.

The accident report filed by the first responders to the accident had noted the scorch marks to the left side of the car where Seth was found, but gave no explanation to how they got there, given the fact that the car was partially buried under snow, likewise the medics who rushed Seth to hospital in the ambulance noted the unusual warmth radiating from his body.


Other:- Theme Song


Fractional Pi Day's character:


♦ Name: Ashley Summers


♦ Age: 15


♦ Gender: Female


♦ Soul Gem's color: Orange


♦ Appearance description / Picture: Outfit ref.


Ashley is a bit on the short side and slightly built. She has thick neck-length auburn hair and bright orange eyes. Her magical outfit matches her gem in colour with gold edges and a large golden bow with her gem set into the middle.


♦ Wish: “I wish I could choose not to sleep without any consequences."


♦ Ability: Hypnos' bane: Ashley doesn’t tire, in or out of battle, and cannot be rendered unconscious unless she wills it herself.


♦ Weapon: An orange mace with a head resembling a crown, with gilded edges and a jewel set into the top and bottom.


♦ Personality: Ashley is casual and friendly to basically everyone she meets, but most people find it hard to deal with her strong personality. She is impatient nearly all the time; she can’t stand it when nothing is happening and fills up little spaces between tasks by checking her phone or reciting the latest thing she’s memorized under her breath for the hundredth time. She even faces some things normal people would be surprised or horrified by with her brand of apathetic impatience. (How much longer is this witch going to last? Oh well - she can always cancel that appointment she had. Them’s the breaks.) The general impression it gives is of a fidgety girl with a dozen nervous tics, which is why most people are surprised when she sits down to study and doesn’t look up for four hours.

She has a stubborn streak a mile wide that she tries her best to hide, but usually to no avail. She won’t compromise on much of anything, even if it’s a small detail or she’s already been proven wrong. When faced with a brick wall, her solution is to keep pushing until it falls down, and nothing can stop her if she’s set her mind on doing something.


♦ Background: Ashley’s family is middle-class, slightly on the rich side. Her parents had always been rather strict when they weren’t distant and, worried about their daughter’s recklessness, encouraged her to pursue careers that paid. Trusting their judgement, she worked hard in all of her courses and joined many extracurriculars for the sake of her resume. She’s made a pretty big name for herself as that one workaholic student and is immensely proud of her grades.

It was in high school that she started to slip. The workload was getting too big for her, and once in a while, she would oversleep and miss a class or flunk a test on a particularly bad day. Instead of trying to get help, she hid it from her parents as well as she could and stayed up even later trying to catch up, convinced that she could do everything by herself.

The Incubator came to her when she was half-asleep on her desk, about to cry over how unfair it all was. She worked harder than anyone she knew, and this was her reward? She made her wish almost immediately. Witch hunting couldn’t take more than eight hours a day, and without the single thing that had impeded her progress thus far, she would breeze through it, no problem.


♦ Other: Nah.


Gildraug's character:


Name: Zacharias Jokinen, often called Zachy.


Age: 17


Gender: Female


Soul Gem's color: Light Blue (Is a wristband in civilian form)


Appearance description / Picture: Civilian / Magi (Uses wings only when uses her powers)


Wish: "I wish to have control over winds!"


Ability: 'Silver Winds' The ability to control winds. She cannot defend herself very well, but is extremely agile and what lacks in strength is replaced by more attacks. Zachy can fly, but she tires very quickly if she uses wind magic to attack at the same time.


Weapon: Longbow; Zachy uses the winds to try and get as accurate shot as possible.


Personality: Tomboy and a smart rascal. With that sentence, people describe Zachy and she likes it. Zachy has barely any girl friends and spends most of her time playing video games with guys or studying - she cares about her grades, but doesn't stress about it too much. She's an introvert, so making friends comes hard, but when Zachy manages to get friends, she becomes very comfortable around them - and loud. She loves to spend time alone but never minds if someone wishes to be her friend.


Background: With her curious complexity and strong personality, Zachy has been bullied by her girl classmates from a very early age, one reason why she decided to start hanging out with guys. She has, thanks to her dad's job in the IT, moved back and forth between Finland and Elmbrook, making it even harder for her to make friends.

Back at home, Zachy has always had two loving parents and two annoying siblings, a brother and a sister. Zachy's parents think she has some sexuality or gender issues, but haven't dared to ask her directly yet. They aren't too harsh on her, but always strive her to do her best in school and keep her grades above B - which she has done. Zachy gets well along with her little brother, discussing games and such, but doesn't get along with her little sister, who's a cheerleader and a very girly teenager.

Zachy's family go sailing every summer - although without Zachy. This is due to an incident that happened when Zachy went sailing alone. It had been a lovely day and the wind was excellent for the thirteen years old girl to go sailing with a Lazer (a one-man's sailing boat). She had her waterproof phone, snacks, lifejacket and sunglasses - everything she needed. However, she had forgotten to check the weather cast.

Too late out at the sea, she noticed that the wind was getting stronger and the waves higher. As she started to head back home, a gust picked up her sail and made her lose control of the boat. Terrified, Zachy held on to the sides of the boat and tried to get it to her control - but the wind was too strong. It tipped the Lazer over and she plunged into the cold sea water, the storm still crashing around. Climbing on the over turned boat like her father had taught her, Zachy managed somehow to call for aid. For half an hour she was adrift in the storm, clinging to the boat for her very life. Ever since, she hasn't stepped into a sailing boat, no matter how much she still loved the hobby. So when a magical cat promises that she could control winds, Zachy didn't hesitate. She could go sailing again!



-Mother is from Spain and father is from Finland

-Trilingual: English, Spanish and Finnish, sometimes mixes them up

-Hobbies include archery and kickboxing


MrSpyro's character:


Name: Anthony Rikamoto


Age: 15


Gender: Male


Soul Gem's color: Pure White


Appearance description / Picture: His magi outfit looks like this but w/out the claws, knives, and sword and a white color scheme

In his civilian form, he has silver hair (Nobody will see it in his magi form anyways), with a scrawny build and pale complexion


Wish: "I wish to be a ninja!"


Ability: Ninja reflexes- he has increased speed, strength and dexterity to the point where he would be equally matched to a ninja.


Weapon: Shuriken stars ( He can summon them, like Mami) and hand-to-hand combat skills (due to his ability)


Personality: His personality is very fluid, and it tends to mold itself based on how Anthony is feeling, what he's doing, and who's around him. For example, if you force him to play any kind of sports, (he hates sports with a pasdion and doesn't even like watching them) he starts acting rude and will try to tick you off every chance he gets. But if you were to do something he enjoys, like invite him to go to a water park with you, he'll quickly go back to being your best friend.


Background: He kind of lived in Elmbrook his whole life, and nothing interesting really happened. Except for the time a pink appeared on his windowsill one night while he was watching an anime about ninja wizards (not Naruto, he thinks Naruto is cheesy) a few years back and turned him into a ninja wizard himself.




Traveler's character:


♦ Name: Uta Hotaru Ayano, You may call her by her first or last name. She will expect to be called by her last if you are unfamiliar with her. She will also accept a simple Aya.

♦ Age: 14

♦ Gender: Female

♦ Soul Gem's color: Dark Pink b50d55. I was going to make it f8f6f8 which is silver but we have too much grey already and I couldn’t make it black . Beggars can’t be choosers might as well make her pink!

♦ Appearance description / Picture:

Okay I can’t do images so description here I come! I would love to commision someone however I have nothing other than my writing abilities to offer. Let it be known my writing abilities are better than this profile can show~

Let’s use Homura as a base. Her body type and hair are similar in that department. Ayano’s hair is as mentioned a dark pink, she also tends to wear a slim headband as well. The headband is silver but can be pale yellow or beet. Her hair is roughly the same length as homura’s too but doesn’t slit in back. It is more like a wave. Both Aya’s bangs and hair are square cut.


Physical Traits: Uta is a healthy 14 year old girl of Japanese heritage. She has light though not pale skin. An oval shaped face usually hopeful in expression though sometimes thoughtful and occasionally serious. Her eyes match her hair hair and are almond shaped per her heritage.She would be thin however the strain of recent magic fights is causing her to eat more and develop muscle she tries to hide. Her bust is average, meaning not so large for a girl coming into maturity. She is a pianist but her fingers are still have callouses from writing score after score of music and homework.


Casual Outfit:

Uta’s casual wear is something similar to the anime’s school uniform. When not in said attire she would be wearing something similar. A short dark pelted skirt, thigh high silver leggings, and ankle boots, a formal concealing shirt with good tailoring probably silver or a grey blue off white in some form.


Magica Outfit:

Main colors of her Magi:

f8f6f8 (when I say, silver,white or grey. I mean this)


1d0716 (when I say black I mean this)


b50d55 (when I say pink I mean this)


Remember that headband I mentioned earlier? From the center of that along the side to her head is this little black fan


Her soul gem is located as the pin in the center of her neck bow.

Her shirt is the same dark pink as her hair, a light material, pleated and a little puffy because her corset pushes her breasts up into it.


That mild bust corset? Similar in shape to this but laces up the sides so there are no center claps.

Corest Ref

It comes higher over the breast so only the top part of the chest/breast is a reveled. Not so revealed because she has a shirt. Unlike the image above hers lacks sleeves favoring instead to have a supporting back like this. Back Reference


The corset laces up the sides with black ribbon and is the grey mentioned. Her corset has a complex detailing that is in a silver thread if you looks closely you will see that it is sheet music. She does have small puffy sleeves with with music sheet lace work on the edges and white wrist warmers the button up the side.



Like all the magica’s she wears a combat skirt, it’s just above the knees. Hers  looks similar in proportion to Mami’s. It looks like a keyboard and has a dark pink ruffle at the bottom. She can play these keys though she needs to be to weak to make her light board. It is less a ‘oh my gosh weapon’ and ‘a more, death is walking towards me so here is my last song.’


Finally she has heels.  The leather parts are her dark pink There is an F clef on the on top of the back and heels lace up with f8f6f8 ribbon. The lace pattern on the boots is once again sheet music and spiraling onto the heel there is once again (but a fourth the size) a black fan.


♦ Wish: “I wish to be the song that brings hope to those who despair. Let my voice rise with my fingers’ skills and let my body be the vessel to which others will find the will to reach for their dreams.”


^^ WHAT?? She is a pianist she want’s to be able to sing when she plays. She wants to inspire people and essentially be a classic idol.


♦ Ability: She can sing as well if not better than she can play on a keyboard(Noted prodigy on piano, it’s her passion.). It’s also given her something of a charisma boost. Her voice moves people.


♦ Weapon: This get’s a tad bit confusing. Aya functions similar to Kyoko. Kyoko’s element was illusion, she could materialize chains,her actual weapon was a lance and she could make copies of herself in the manga.


Ayano’s weapon is a piano however she IS the piano and all components of her attacks revolve around this.


Like Kyoko Ayano also has three components that make up her ‘weapon’. She doesn't really use a physical weapon unless she REALLY has to. In which case she uses piano wire. Her other abilities surround her weapon are ‘Notes’.


What it looks like: These are a series of glyph like sound panels. Essentially she can make a rune like circle about as wide as a coffee table. They are in illuminated colors of the rainbow and she can only make seven at a time. The first is violet the last is red. Each Note panel has two circles that turn in opposite directions of each other and the outermost circle as little teardrop shaped bits around it, the pointy part of the teardrop faces in. In the center of these circles is a note, they get higher as the colors get brighter, red is the the highest. Only one note of each color can be visible at a time. And the colors present must be directly linked to each other. Meaning she can summon blue and green but not green and red because they are colors apart.


When Aya activates her Notes a translucent aquamarine keyboard materializes in a circle about naval high in a flat arc in front of her her. She can break this in half and have separate halves hovers under her hands.. Note the key’s aren't identical to a normal keyboard they are all flat and the same height they also have little gaps between them. There is specific key on her boards too summon each note.


What it does: Notes are a series of panels and shields. A magi can jump on/against it and rise with the actually sound note that plays when you land, the higher the note the higher you lift.


Shields work the opposite way. She can block things with them by repealing outwards against whatever it is.


There strength varies on the color of the shield violet is the weakest, red is the strongest. I suppose if she really wanted to she could surround something with enough of them and make a box but that isn’t want they are for an world be extremely tiring.


Notes are her main means of combat however they are heavily support role. So to cover for that she he final ability is called Cadenza. In which every note she plays or sings becomes a bullet of vibration/sound and fires at the enemy.


Let it be noted Aya is a terrible combatist. Piano wire is not an easy weapon to use. Plus it is much too violent for her. She essentially has to stand and sing/play at a which to kill it. She has nearly died in the few battles she has had and has only collected two grief seeds one which Kyubey gave her.


♦ Personality: Ayano is a little shy and tending to keep to herself when she is nervous or uninterested otherwise she is a friendly normal girl. She’s unfortunately not as outspoken as she would like to be and is working up her courage to be so. Her wish is not only for others but for herself. Ayano really does want to help everyone including herself. She honestly believes in her ability to become an idol that rivals Miku’s influence. She is understanding, kind and quiet.


♦ Background: Unlike most of the people here. Ayano is part of a loving family. They live in modern day Japan and practice rather traditional culture with a modern twist to make life fun. She was raised quiet and polite and set to most ‘womanly’ tasks but encouraged to be an academic and pursue her dreams. She moved to Elmbrook pursuing her older brother, who unintentionally sent for her after Aya became aware of his fall into depression. Determined to pull him out of it she moved in with him….and it worked. Turns out he was just exceptionally lonely after being kicked out of the house. She has only been in Elmbrook for four months.


♦ Other:

Name Meaning:

Uta: Poem Child, Song, Wealth

Hotaru: Firefly symbolic of beauty hidden in plain things

Ayano: Color or Design Child


Ayano loves to garden, her and her brother’s home is filled with plants. Her brother does work full time at a Garden Center (Tanomoshii Niwa) and at night he is a freelance software programmer.


Ayano wants to be a music composer and a professional performer/pianist.


Tuesdays and Thursdays you can catch her performing at a local cafe. The same cafe Siena mentioned briefly. Ayano plans to get a part time job there she knows her brother doesn’t make much and her shows are free…she does sell CDs though.


Inspiration Behind Ayano:

Original Vid that started it all. It is most powerful of the below links:

Full Image

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Finally, it was Friday. The weekend was coming up, and Siena couldn't be more excited to finally get some rest. It was partly her fault for having signed up for three clubs - she would've signed up for all of them if she could; unfortunately, the school's rules stated that any student could only be in a maximum of three clubs at once... what a bummer. She'd been on activities all afternoon, and when she finally walked out through the school's gate, the sun was already setting.

The girl smiled; the view from the school had always been one of her favorite parts of the city. Maybe she'd text a friend and hang out today? She had no more schoolwork after all. Well, she did; but she was going to leave it all to Sunday, anyway, so why not have some fun? The winter season brought with it slightly lower temperatures; very slightly. Siena could barely tell the difference, to be honest, but it was still a great excuse to spend the rest of the afternoon chatting with her friends in a cafe.

She plunged her hand into her coat pocket for her phone, but found herself grasping at dirt and cotton balls. Had she put it in her bag? A closer inspection of her schoolbag revealed that the phone wasn't in there. Ah, crap. She must've forgotten it in the classroom. Better hurry before the janitor locked the school gate. The girl rushed back inside, walking up to the last floor of the school to get to the cinema club's room to check if she'd left her phone there. Defying the many plastered "Don't run in the hallways!" signs, Siena was sprinting; at that rate, she'd probably end up accidentally bumping into someone.


Aria's plants needed a special care during winter time. Even though the breeze was barely any cooler than before, the days were shorter, and the air felt so much more dry, since it would never rain. Fall in Elmbrook was very rainy; Aria didn't have to tend to her plants so much, then. But in winter, they required constant care not to dry up on the balcony. Especially tonight; she needed to get all of her plant caring done with before she left for witch-hunting. Her sister was very lax about this, but not Aria; every other night without fail, she would leave to seek out witches. And she found them, most of the time; she'd stocked up a nice amount of Grief Seeds, and would often slip one or another inside Siena's bag without the girl noticing. Even if they barely talked anymore, the last thing Aria wanted was to see her sister dying.

Finishing up on her plant care, the girl put away her watering can, dressed her coat, and walked out of the rich-looking manor she lived in. The maid told her a few words of precaution, but she didn't listen. She never did. They weren't meaningful for a Magi like her. She was stronger than that. As she walked through the mostly-empty streets, feeling the chilly blow of the wind - it was almost nighttime, after all - the girl stared only at her Soul Gem, hoping for the moment where it'd shine.

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Seth sat there alone in the park, his backpack slumped against the side of the park bench as he leaned backwards, his gaze now focused towards the ever darkening sky. It was almost night time and with nightfall came many dangers both known and unknown to the majority of mankind. The unsullied laughter of children playing in the playground nearby drew his attention, their sweet innocence and ignorance to the way the world really works bringing a sense of nostalgia to the red haired boy.


It wasn't so long ago that he to was ignorant to the workings of the world, blissfully going through each day without an iota of suspicion to that darkness that lingered in every nook and cranny. His innocence on the other hand was questionable, his ever doting mother often referring to him as a 'little' devil. Whether that was just the idle banter of a parent or her real opinion was something he would never again get the chance to ask her.


Minutes went by as he watched them play, a small part of him wishing that he could regress back to the way he was when he was their age. Alas that would never happen for he had already used his one wish, the one wish he never knew he had until it was gone.


Sighing, he stood up. It was that time of the day already, the parents calling towards their kids as they rustled through their bags for the car keys to bring them home. Perhaps it was dumb luck or perhaps it was some sort of maternal instinct, but their decision to bring them home at this very time would be one of the wisest decisions they made. Darkness, no matter where you are, is never safe... for children.. or for adults



The cawing of the crow signaled the beginning. Grabbing his bag, Seth made his way through the deserted park. What surprises would tonight bring?

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((Blargh. Fiiinnne, you... Uh....Cookiemoon!!))


Kathea was a music lover. She was never without her headphones. She placed them on her head and started up her iPod, walking out of the school, and definitely not paying attention to where she was going. She bumped into someone, a girl that was pretty tall and strong-looking. Kathea, being a tiny girl for her age and being a year younger, she was knocked down and startled. She pulled off her headphones and tried to crawl away, but her efforts were futile.


((Yep. There. Go respond. I'm not doing a real starting post. YOU CAN'T MAKE ME! xd.png ))

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"Whoa!" Siena let out a surprised squeak when she bumped into someone. Figures... she was jolting through the hallway after all. Not that'd she'd stop doing it; Siena never learnt, no matter how many times she'd made people fall at school from bumping into her. Maybe she was a little too bulky.

Looking around, she saw nothing, though. Had she bumped into thin air? It was only when she looked down that she noticed a shorter, younger girl lying on the floor, attempting to apparently walk away. "Oops, sorry kid!" Siena gave a casual goofy smile. She bent her knees a little, and held out a hand to the girl. "Here, I'll pull ya up."


It took only the faintest glimmer of light for Aria to understand; she was experienced enough to not need her Soul Gem to take her all the way to the source of the magical tracks. "...The park." She muttered under her breath, quickly tucking away the egg-shaped gem in her pocket, and rushing her steps towards the nearby park. It was empty; after all, it was almost night time. The sunlight was already very low and dimmed out, and a few stars had already begun to pop out on the opposite side of the sky. Aria was about to pull out her gem again to trace the exact spot of the barrier entrance when she saw someone else.

...A boy?

She wasn't going to take any risks, and quickly hid beside a tree, calmly observing. There was not much reason to come to a deserted park at this late hour; unless someone was on a jog or something, and he clearly didn't seem to be. Could he be a Magi, too? Aria might be good at tracking witches, but she could never get the hang of tracing others' magic, so she was not sure. A direct confrontation would be best; she had to make sure to assert her position.

She wasn't just going to let some newbie steal away her witch.

Jumping out from outside the tree, the girl took hasty steps until she just about twenty feet away from the boy.

"...You. I don't know who you are, and I don't know who you think you are. But if you try to take this witch away from me... I will not stand for it." Maybe it was natural, maybe it was intentional, but the look on Aria's face at that moment was a look of pure disdain, mixed with hatred, showing the truth of her threat. She had never killed a Magi before; but she would not hesitate to begin now.

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The feeling of being stalked soon overcame Seth, the instinctual feeling of a prey animal being targeted. Raising his guard in response to this feeling of unease, Seth quickly scanned his nearby surroundings, his gaze lingering at a rather large tree several yards behind him. Visually, he could see no wrong yet its presence in the park seemed awkward.


His suspicions were confirmed when a shadowy figure stepped away from the trunk, quickly revealing herself to be a girl of similar age as she stepped into the light.


"...You. I don't know who you are, and I don't know who you think you are. But if you try to take this witch away from me... I will not stand for it."


Seth stepped back in surprise, her straightforward outburst catching him off guard. Clearly she was one of the chosen, one of those privy to the knowledge of the darkness that roamed the earth and another that had used up her one wish. A magi. Seth remained silent for awhile, pondering his next move. To avoid a direct confrontation would be the best result and if it meant passing over this witch, then so be it. He wasnt that short on grief seeds, and if it meant he gained knowledge on another Magi, then it would be worth the loss. Deciding to feign ignorance, Seth stepped forward and held out his hand for a handshake, wearing a fake smile on his face.


"Seth. Highschool Student. Witches? Playing a game with someone?" he responded, short and to the point. No need giving her long detailed answers when she wore an expression as intimidating as that.

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Kathea almost shrieked as the bigger girl reached down for her, but when she realized the girl wasn't a bully and was helping her up, she accepted it. You see, she had always been afraid of taller, stronger people. She'd been bullied and nearly killed many times. "Um..." She looked around. She saw Carlos, one of the stronger boys and one of the people who bullied her, by the door leading out. ((Yes he's an NPC for this one post.)) Kathea nearly shrieked again and looked up at the girl, who was smiling at her. "Um, thanks. Do you mind if I walk with you?"



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Promptly hoisting the smaller girl up, Siena gave her a thumbs-up. "No prob! I'm Siena Montuori, by the way. But you can just call me Siena or Sie or whatever, really." She smiled brightly at the smaller girl. "Sure, let's walk together. Oh, want to stop by that neat cafe by the station on the way?" Sure, Siena had just met this girl. Sure, she didn't even know her name. But she seemed nice, and that was enough. The older girl had never hesitated in making friends, and this was not the day when she was going to start.


Hmph. So he'd decided to feign ignorace. For a second, Aria actually thought she might've been wrong, and this was just a regular guy; but he hesitated for a second, didn't he? There was no doubt in her mind, he was decidedly a Magi. She slapped his hand away before turning his back to him.

"I appreciate your feigned ignorance. It makes it easier for me, truly." She smirked, holding her pale pink gem to transform.

The rose vines that magically sprouted out of it embraced her, turning her plaid skirt and collared shirt into a blooming white and pink dress with flower motifs. The vines strengthened around her arms, and eventually became a single whip-like vine tied onto one of her hands. There was now a flower crown covering the top half of Aria's face; despite this, she could still see well.

"Well then, I bid you farewell." She'd already seen the labyrinth's entrance; rushing to the trunk of a tree, the girl leapt into it, and to the inside of a mysterious barrier.

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Kathea smiled up at the girl. "You name's Siena? My name's Kathea James, but most people call me Thea," she replied tentatively. She felt a rush of magic from somewhere. Another Magi must've transformed. She knew that most people thought that Magi were just rumors, so it didn't hurt to ask. She looked around, making sure it was just them. When she was satisfied, she looked towards Siena. "Are you a Magi?" she asked plainly, hoping that she wouldn't seem crazy. Just another thing to add to the bullying list.

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"So much for secrecy" muttered Seth as he watched her transform, his left hand gently rubbing his right as a subconcious reaction to her slap. He noted the air of arrogance in her tone, arrogance most likely stemming from her success as a Magi, why else would she so boldly reveal herself to him if not confident in her own abilities. She was no greenhorn that was for sure, and that made this night ever more interesting. He stood there transfixed as she pulled out her gem and began the transformation.





As her transformation ended, Seth smirked at her appearance. "Plants..eh?" he said casually as she disappeared into the barrier. "I may as well join her... I did make the effort to come here tonight.." he spoke to no one, his right hand now reaching into his pocket for his own gem.



((A bit rushed. New years preparation to do today.. so unlikely ill get to make another post today))

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Siena was, for a few moments, just flabbergasted. Had this girl just asked her if she was a Magi? That was so indiscrete. At first, the older girl thought it had just been outright dangerous - what if she wasn't, indeed, a Magi? But then she understood the geniality behind it. She could probably play it off as a TV show thing or something, and the other person would never know.

"U-uh... Y-yes, I am. That was... really straightforward." Siena laughed. "I understand you wanna know about other Magi, but wouldn't recommend asking that to anyone else. You might just find some really sketchy peeps, ya know?" She was referring to her sister; of course, she would never admit this. But the truth was, Siena worried for other Magi that got in Aria's way. She knew that her twin sister would never help anyone out.


The labyrinth Aria found herself in was deep pitch-black. She couldn't see a thing in front of her, and it was incredibly distressing. A few seconds after, however, a warm-colored light lit up. It seemed to be a hanging paper lantern, seemingly floating amidst the darkness. Soon enough, three other lanterns lit up, lighting both sides of what seemed to be a dirt road leading to the further darkness. Aria was just about to move ahead, when one of the lamps floating quietly moved. It flew at her with an incredible speed, and Aria barely had time to shred it apart with her vines. One more second and she would've been seriously burned by the flames within the lantern. Looking at the others with doubt, she knew they would soon attack her. It was okay; three muderous lamps was something she could deal with.

But then, the others lit up. From everywhere except the dirt path, countless floating paper lanterns lit, their poor light barely managing to bring anything into sight.

Damn, these were some really annoying minions. Aria's vines were at the ready; she would most definitely kill all of these.

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user posted image


Kathea James



"Oh, don't worry. Everyone thinks I'm crazy anyways. Plus, if I did run into a Magi that for some reason wanted to kill me, I would act as if I only was trying to confirm the rumors. I'm good at this kind of thing." Kathea laughed, partially at herself. All she said was true, almost everyone thought she was crazy. She was a good judge of character, she could tell when someone was bad and when someone was good, as soon as their first action towards her. She looked towards Siena. Kathea wore a genuine smile, as if she knew what would happen and wasn't afraid. She was prepared. She put one hand in her coat pocket, fingering her gem, which was currently in ring form. She couldn't wait till later, when she could finally be herself and go kill a witch or something. She just wanted to get out of her normal form and let loose her Magi self. It was like she was a completely different person. She snapped back to reality -It was pretty late. Why was Siena here? Kathea had stayed after school to work with the music club, who didn't judge her for her, they thought of her as soprano-voiced angel, or at least when she was singing.

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Seth entered the barrier, his spear in hand and at the ready for anything that may attempt to surprise him on the otherside. As per usual, three orbs of flame orbited around him in this form, their dancing flames bringing with them warmth and light, attributes that in the past have proved useful in various terrains.


The world within was black, devoid of any light and by the looks of it life, almost as if Seth had stepped into the abyss. Raising his head upwards, Up, down, left, right. Seth could see nothing but black. This inability to determine any form of land mark or grasp his orientation was bringing on a sense of vertigo. In a bid to erase this ill feeling, Seth seperated the three orbs into six and sent five of them in various directions including skyward. The remaining orb acting as a light source for him.


As the orbs flew through the air, pathways in each direction lit up, the source of the light, the paper lanterns that hovered freely in the air.


Seth stared at the four pathways before him, wondering which direction to go.

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"Sorry to burst your bubble kid, but some Magi out there won't give up at that." Siena sighed. She hated this sort of grim talk, but her counsciousness would feel guilty if the girl went out announcing to the seven winds that she was a Magi. "Some of the others see potential Magi as threats. Competition for grief seeds. You can't always play it off like that, so better be careful."

Being a Magi was no matter for jokes, but newbies didn't always know this. Siena had already given Kathea some words of warning, so she thought it would be okay not to give her a full "Magical business is dangerous" talk. Instead, she decided some idle chatter would suit the occasion better.

"Whatcha doin' at school this late, kid? Even people helping out with clubs don't usually stay out so late." Not that she was one to talk; helping edit the cinema club's movie had swallowed up her whole afternoon. But Siena just knew that when everyone watched it, it'd be worth it.


The vines shot up through the flimsy paper lanterns, and, one by one, Aria ripped them all into pieces. The thorns of her vines were filled with scraps of that sickeningly beige thin paper, and covered in tiny burns from piercing the flames. Oh well. They'd fix themselves, eventually. After ripping the last lantern into pieces, and stepping on the flame that remained to put it out, Aria expected to be in complete, overwhelming darkness. But she wasn't.

From the corner of her eye, there was a light. A light that soon attracted more of the goddamn paper lantern minions.

Damn. It was that annoying boy from earlier. Aria balled her hand into a fist, more than just slightly angry. After all that forged ignorance, he was following her? That took some courage, she had to admit. But maybe it was just stupidity. It was useless to try and push him out; either way, this fight was Aria's. She'd found the barrier first. However, if she let those paper lanterns he'd attracted run free, she'd end up being tracked by them.

The flower-clad girl ran up to the boy, her vines one step ahead tearing down all the paper lanterns she saw.

"Are you dumb? Put out those lights, the minions are gonna see me!" She couldn't believe she had to tell him this. It was Magi 101. How long had this guy been contracted for, even? It was pitiful.

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Ashley walked through the city streets, boots clacking against the pavement, staring down at the egg-shaped gem in her hands. It had been two weeks now, but she was still trying to get the hang of this tracking thing. Her first witch had practically stumbled right into her and she'd gotten to a few more by following people with Witch's Kisses, but today she'd been wandering about for - she pulled out her phone - almost an hour now, and no sign of any odd marks on other people or entrances to labyrinths. She had plenty of time, of course, but this was getting more than a little frustrating. She could be at home finishing that essay up (due in a week, but hey - might as well, right?).


Lost in these thoughts, she didn't notice she had veered off the path until her outstretched hand nearly bumped into a wall. "Oh," she muttered, and glanced up. She was greeted by one of the walls of her high school. That couldn't be right. Witches targeted people, and surely most people had gotten out of here by now. She blinked, then glanced back down at her gem. It glowed orange at her innocently. Dammit. Maybe she'd somehow managed to track one of the other Magi living in this city by mistake? Well, no point wasting all that effort! Teachers often stayed in the building until pretty late, didn't they? It was worth a shot. She circled around to the entrance, returning her gem to ring form and slipping it on her middle finger as she did so.


The door swung open when she pushed it - good, not locked yet. If anyone asked, she could say she had simply forgotten something. She walked down a hallway at random, hoping she had gotten this right.

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"Whoa!" Siena let out a surprised squeak when she bumped into someone. Figures... she was jolting through the hallway after all. Not that'd she'd stop doing it; Siena never learnt, no matter how many times she'd made people fall at school from bumping into her. Maybe she was a little too bulky.

Looking around, she saw nothing, though. Had she bumped into thin air? It was only when she looked down that she noticed a shorter, younger girl lying on the floor, attempting to apparently walk away. "Oops, sorry kid!" Siena gave a casual goofy smile. She bent her knees a little, and held out a hand to the girl. "Here, I'll pull ya up."


It took only the faintest glimmer of light for Aria to understand; she was experienced enough to not need her Soul Gem to take her all the way to the source of the magical tracks. "...The park." She muttered under her breath, quickly tucking away the egg-shaped gem in her pocket, and rushing her steps towards the nearby park. It was empty; after all, it was almost night time. The sunlight was already very low and dimmed out, and a few stars had already begun to pop out on the opposite side of the sky. Aria was about to pull out her gem again to trace the exact spot of the barrier entrance when she saw someone else.

...A boy?

She wasn't going to take any risks, and quickly hid beside a tree, calmly observing. There was not much reason to come to a deserted park at this late hour; unless someone was on a jog or something, and he clearly didn't seem to be. Could he be a Magi, too? Aria might be good at tracking witches, but she could never get the hang of tracing others' magic, so she was not sure. A direct confrontation would be best; she had to make sure to assert her position.

She wasn't just going to let some newbie steal away her witch.

Jumping out from outside the tree, the girl took hasty steps until she just about twenty feet away from the boy.

"...You. I don't know who you are, and I don't know who you think you are. But if you try to take this witch away from me... I will not stand for it." Maybe it was natural, maybe it was intentional, but the look on Aria's face at that moment was a look of pure disdain, mixed with hatred, showing the truth of her threat. She had never killed a Magi before; but she would not hesitate to begin now.

"See you?, Sight is not the only way to track down a target... those lanterns were aware of you the moment you stepped into this realm... otherwise they would not have reacted" retorted Seth, slightly annoyed at her attempt to sound superior. Putting her attitude aside, he reached out a hand infront of him, his eyes slowly glowing in accordance to his abilities being used. The flames within the paper lanterns that surrounded them began to flicker out of rhythm and their flames were drawn towards Seth.


Seths wish had given him the ability to control fire, to will it into existence and to manipulate it, it also granted him the adverse skills, such as diminishing the flame till it was extinguished. Slowly yet surely, the light that emanated from the lanterns began to dim till they were completely extinguished. The now lifeless lanterns fell to the floor.


"satisfied?" he questioned.

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Kathea James



Kathea shrugged, she knew all the well how Magi were. But she was good at sensing Magi, and being an extremely good judge of character, she could tell who to ask and who to just guess about. "I may look weak now, but I'm not when I'm my other self. Plus, your trying to make me take this seriously won't work. I know how it is." She twirled a pen. "As for what I'm doing here, I was with the chorus club. We were waiting on our bass singer, Alex, and when we found out he went home early, we had to find a replacement for our song. It's due tomorrow and we had to finish it before then or else we wouldn't be able to participate in the national singing competition next month. Guess it took a while to find a willing participant that sounded like Alex." She chewed on the end of the pen she was twirling. She couldn't wait to transform. She couldn't wait to go witch-hunting with Castien. She just couldn't wait. "Why're you here?"


((Overlapping her with Cami but heck why not))

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It was a lovely day, other than the lingering feeling that there was a witch nearby.

Being one of the older teenagers to survive as a witch, Aimi had become almost wired to sensing the grief that witches left behind. She swirled her spoon around in her coffee and considered this. Honestly, there were plenty of Magis in the city, it was almost rare to find a witch left ripe for the killing. Her green eyes flickered down to the swirling mist disappearing into the air from her coffee and she imagined that one time she'd fought a witch formed from a smoke-looking substance. Honestly, she didn't know why the hell she made that contract. To save her baby boy, sure, but could the doctors have saved him?




Aimi stood up. Her coffee mug was still full, with the cafe's logo splattered over the front. She hitched her bag up onto her back and left it to become cold - exiting the cafe with a few quick steps. The Magi picked her phone from her pocket and dialed her babysitter's number quickly, only saying a single sentence when she picked up. "Hey, Sara, I'll be out for an hour longer - don't worry, I can pay. Bye." With a sigh she nudged her phone back into her pocket and turned into the park which sat across from the highschool.


Was there really a Labyrinth inside the Highschool? Aimi let out a sigh - honestly, these witches chose the worst locations.

"Here we go," she told herself, waltzing up to the front entrance of the Highschool. Her delicate hand pushed the unlocked door open and she put her hands on her hips - great, she had to find the darn thing now. Her eyes flicked around for a few moments until she spotted a girl hurrying down a hall ahead of her. "Hey!" she quickly exclaimed, immediately regretting it as she trudged over to the girl.


(( That was for Fractional Pi ~ ))


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A shout sounded from somewhere behind Ashley. She flinched. Had someone spotted her already? She was hoping to at least get a few minutes of looking around before a teacher arrived on the scene. Oh well - it wasn't as if she was short on time. "Uh, hey!" She said, whirling 180 degrees on one heel and trying her best to keep her expression unsurprised. "I forgot something here, that's all, hopefully the classrooms aren't locked yet - eh?"


She blinked owlishly at the person in front of her. She'd assumed the voice had been a teacher, trying to keep some random student out of trouble, but the green-haired girl had to be no more than a few years older than herself. "Oh! Sorry, I thought you were..." she paused for a split second - then pulled her phone out of her pocket to fill that space. "Hey, wait, what are you doing here, then?" She asked, eyes flicking between the screen and the other girl. "You're not at this school. Right? I mean, I'm pretty sure I'd remember you." She nodded at the stranger's hair. So what did that mean? Could she possibly be another magi? A witch might be here, after all. Her eyes flicked from the screen to the stranger's hand, trying to see if she was wearing her ring.

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"Oh, the cinema club meeting ran la-".Siena stopped short midsentence. From down the hall, she saw two girls talking. She recognized one of them; the younger girl was called Ashley. She and Siena had a club in common, and the girl liked to help all clubs, so it wasn't strange for the two to run into each other. Despite this, they had never really talked, besides some polite greetings and such. The other girl, however, was completely strange to Siena. Who was that? But there was no time for her to wonder this. Her tracking skills had always been sharp as a tack, so there was no mistake. There was a witch here. It wasn't the only one; somewhere else in the city, another witch's barrier had also manifested. "Two witches at once...?" The tall girl mumbled under her breath. She knew, however, there was no need to worry about the second witch. Aria would probably take care of it. "Well kid, today's your lucky day; you get to see an expert in first hand!" Siena winked at Kathea, before approaching the other two. She regretted having to do this so little after telling Kathea to be careful who she revealed she was a Magi to, but it was different for Siena. She was a veteran, after all; she was pretty sure Aria and herself were the oldest Magi in the city. Besides, why would a student and a completely unrelated girl be at the school building at this hour? They had to be Magi. "Excuse me!" Siena flashed a smile at the two of them. "Sorry for the bluntness, but I am fairly sure we are all here for the same reason. There's a witch barrier in there -" she pointed at the chalkboard in one of the classrooms, visible through the door that had been left slightly ajar "- and we are all going in to fight it. I figure it's gonna drop only one grief seed, so I hope we can all be nice and share, 'aight?" She emphasized the 'hope', intertwining her fingers as she looked to the two girls expectantly.


Damn. he was right. Aria was completely silent for a moment, but decided to huff like it wasn't worth her time and continued to move on.

Further down the path, the deep darkness of the labyrinth had gradually begun to fade. The once-open area had narrowed down into corridors, seemingly made of paper walls. Something glistened inside the walls - probably a flame. The small ember followed the Magi as they made their moves, its purpose seemingly being to light their way. Aria looked at it suspiciously as if it were about to attack, and continued on her way further down.

Eventually, she was at a large, rectangular hall, walls and ceiling entirely made of intricately folded paper. At the center of the ceiling, a cage was hung. Inside it... "The witch." Aria whispered.

Within the metal cage was a doll-looking thing. It seemed to be made of paper as well. It looked like an innocent plush doll, the sort you may find in a little girl's bedroom. It seemed unaware of the presence of the Magi, for now. Around the rest of the hall, there were large flying eyeballs, seemingly patrolling. Aria returned to the paper corridor, to plan her strategy; she wasn't about to burst into a fight unprepared. She just hoped that damn boy wouldn't get in her way.

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A shout sounded from somewhere behind Ashley. She flinched. Had someone spotted her already? She was hoping to at least get a few minutes of looking around before a teacher arrived on the scene. Oh well - it wasn't as if she was short on time. "Uh, hey!" She said, whirling 180 degrees on one heel and trying her best to keep her expression unsurprised. "I forgot something here, that's all, hopefully the classrooms aren't locked yet - eh?"


She blinked owlishly at the person in front of her. She'd assumed the voice had been a teacher, trying to keep some random student out of trouble, but the green-haired girl had to be no more than a few years older than herself. "Oh! Sorry, I thought you were..." she paused for a split second - then pulled her phone out of her pocket to fill that space. "Hey, wait, what are you doing here, then?" She asked, eyes flicking between the screen and the other girl. "You're not at this school. Right? I mean, I'm pretty sure I'd remember you." She nodded at the stranger's hair. So what did that mean? Could she possibly be another magi? A witch might be here, after all. Her eyes flicked from the screen to the stranger's hand, trying to see if she was wearing her ring.

Dang it.

Aimi instantly regretted calling the girl towards her, but she needed some information or a layout of the school. Then the questions started being hurtled towards her. As the girl started to look over the magi's delicate fingers she instantly bought a hand to her neck and started to flip the crossed necklace in her hand. Her soul-gem was located in the middle of the cross, and she could feel the heat as it glowed very slightly from the presence of a witch. However, she simply covered it with her hand and smiled innocently.


"I - uhm... graduated last year," Aimi nodded, careful not to mention the fact she had dropped out, "I just need a map of the school or something because I'm lost and I had a meeting with - "

Of course, before the green-haired girl could finish her sentence, yet another girl approached them and started yelling nonsense. Aimi's head turned immediately at the mention of a witch and she let out a groan. "Really! What if we weren't Magis, huh? Then there'd be a pretty darn confused human on our hands," was all she said, although she was partially glad that the girl had been so blunt about it. Her green eyes trailed down and up the Magi, taking in the details to see her new companion (in fighting witches, that was.) All she noticed was the girl looked younger than her. Great, she had to fight alongside two highschoolers. "But as long as this girl is a Magi," she pointed to Ashley, "I suppose we can."

Aimi was the oldest Magi in the city (she assumed) and didn't particularily like dealing with younger Magis, as experienced as they were. Although she had a child of her own, after a whole day of feeding and playing she sort of got sick of children - sure, these were teenagers, but there wasn't much difference.


"Excuse me." Aimi nodded politely as she took two fleeting steps backwards. She extended her hand outwards and saw the familiar pink roses extending up her arms, while feeling another set of roses growing up her long legs. Her civilian clothes transformed into a puffy, green dress and the cross pendant flew into her hand, quickly forming into a golden crossbow containing a replica of her soul gem. When the transformation was complete she rubbed her finger up against her actual soul gem, located in the fabric located on her dress. A grin spread over her lips as she saw the familiar rose petals flying around her and she crossed her arms.

"Your turn, girls."

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Seth wanted nothing more then to gloat at that moment, her lack of response all but signalling his victory in their little dispute. However he decided to remain silent, no point making more enemies whilst inside a labyrinth. Following behind her, Seth made sure to lower the intensity of the flames that followed him, dimming their light as much as possible, less she decide to start round 2.


Eventually making their way towards a large rectangular room, its walls and ceilings made of what appeared to be paper; a highly flammable material. Hanging from the ceiling in what appeared to be a bird cage was what he assumed to be the 'witch'; also seemingly made of paper.


Seth stood there for awhile contemplating his next move. Burning the place down wouldn't be an issue for him, the girl on the other hand...





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No ring - but when the other girl noticed what Ashley was looking at, her hand flew to her necklace. Ashley nodded carefully, eyes back on her phone screen, as she listened to the explanation. It sounded plausible enough, and now that she was thinking about it, she did remember a green-haired senior who'd been pretty popular with the guys back when she was in grade 9. But why would a recent graduate have to meet with someone else at her former school? She opened her mouth to answer - when another pair of girls interrupted the scene.


It was Siena, with... some kid she's seen before, around the music club? Before she could remember her name, though, Siena spoke up, and the half-formed greeting died in Ashley's throat. Her phone slipped from her hands and she made a wild grab at it, juggling it for a second before catching it and stuffing it back into her pocket. "Wait, you...?" She glanced at the green-haired girl (who still had not introduced herself. How rude!), but she was already starting her transformation and soon stood before the rest of them decked out in crosses and petals. Ashley gaped at all three of the other girls in turn, for once not occupied with some habit or another - before clasping her hands together and wringing them anxiously. "Wait. Wait up, you guys. So you're telling me that you, and Siena, and... music club girl - Kathy! Right? Kathea? Is that your name? - all of us are doing this witch-hunting thing?" She blinked several times in quick succession. "Wow, that seems really unlikely. I'd kind of gotten the impression that we were pretty rare, from that cat-thing at least. But - uh, yeah. I'm rambling. You're right. And we can definitely share, so here goes!"


She took off her ring and returned it to its gem form with a flourish. Taking a quick step back, she held it out in front of her - and dropped it. The gem sank into the floor as if it were water and a circle of orange light exploded around Ashley. She flung out her arms, her clothes melting into a white dress shirt and orange shorts. A cropped jacket and an overskirt, both orange with shimmering gold edges, formed around her, followed by a pair of slippers that appeared over her feet when she tapped them lightly against the ground. She grinned; and now for the finishing touch. She brought a hand to her neck and the light around her swirled into the form of a bow, her gem set into the centre. She made a grasping motion and pulled her mace clean out of the gem, striking a pose as she pointed it forward - and directly at Siena. "Oh! Whoops, sorry about that," she giggled, before stretching her arms out and taking a deep breath. Somehow, transforming always made her feel more alive.


"Well, what now? No time to waste, right? Let's go!" Not waiting to see if the others were following her, she dashed toward the classroom, pushing its already open door further ajar. Taking only the briefest of moments to appraise the labyrinth entrance, she vaulted over a desk and jumped straight into it.


((Oh, Ashley. You poor, poor dear.))

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Good grief. Everything had suddenly turned out badly. Siena's face turned unexpectedly angry, facing the girl with the green hair. "Sure, those were some bold words for someone who ended up transforming in front of someone who might not even have been a Magi. I can deal with people confused by hearing about 'Magi' and 'witches'; dealing with people confused by seeing a Magi transform is a whole lot harder. For God's sake, this is basic. Did you make a contract yesterday?" She huffed, and transformed within a second; lengthy transformations had never really been her things. Then she muttered, still audibly enough for anyone standing in the hallway to hear, "Damn newbies." People who transformed in front of others annoyed her, but what made her the angriest was to be called out and then have that person make the exact same mistake. But that didn't matter; right now Siena had to go after Ashley. From the looks on the girl's face, she couldn't have been contracted for very long, so Siena couldn't afford letting her just go boldly ahead on a labyrinth. The dark-skinned girl rushed through the empty classroom, leaping into the labyrinth. "ASHLEY? Where are you?!" She yelled as she dropped in.


"Oi, you. Before you think about burning it. Look." Aria pointed at the cage the witch was in. It was made of metal; It wasn't going to let him burn the witch without a fight. But on the other hand, with some care and skill, Aria could probably pull the witch out of the cage and shred it to pieces with her long vines. The eyes would surely get in her way, but she could kill them; even if it would take longer.

Although... there was an easier way to get through this. The girl inquisitively stared at the boy behind her, her eyes glistening with malice behind the flower crown that covered them. "Kill the flying eyes." She spat, in tone of order, as she ran into the papered hall, preparing to grab the witch inside the cage with her vines.

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((Greetings, everyone ^^))


Zachy, standing alone in the empty park, observed her bracelet where her gemstone was set. It was acting wildly, the light shimmering and dimming rapidly. That had caught her attention while walking home from her archery training. A massive glob of energy - or a collection of many - was at the school. She had debated with herself for a long time whether to go to the school or towards the other power source, in the park. It might've been that the energy at the school wasn't malicious, she knew there were other Magis in this town, but still. There was something about the park that had driven her there, like an unheard call.

Concentrate, she told herself.

Zachy looked around wildly, checking if anyone was there. The park was as empty as a fair in November.


She tapped the gemstone and felt how her clothes changed in a burst of light and a gust of wind - her hair lengthened, feathers appeared and her wings grew. Zachy lifted her right hand, the one with the bracelet, and alongside another gust of wind, her longbow appeared.

Immediately after the transformation she saw the entrance. A wave of power flowed through it and made Zachy shiver. No matter how many times she went witch-hunting, it was always equally thrilling and horrifying to go into their domains. She was about to step into the barrier before she realized she was still carrying her training gear bag. Zachy, with a helpful wind, made her bag fly into the near bushes and hoped it would stay safe. Not that anyone would steal a bag full of sweaty clothes.


It was pitch black inside the labyrinth. Even though she wasn't afraid of the darkness, Zachy sighed out of annoyance and lifted her hand a little, so that she could observe her gemstone. It glowed faintly. Even that little light was able to brighten up Zachy's mood and she spread out her wings. There was something inside the labyrinth, were it a witch or Magi. It was better to find out than be left wondering, Zachy thought even as she took flight, manipulating the air around her to make her glide rather than fly - no reason to alarm the demons for nothing; and no reason to fly into a wall.

Speaking of which, there were no demons.

Zachy stopped mid-flight and hovered in the air, listening. The air was thrumming further away, but she couldn't make it out what it exactly was. She continued gliding, but much more slower now, stopping every now and then to check that she was going to the right direction.


Zachy dropped to the ground and pulled her longbow close as she started creeping closer, the feathers of her jacket gently brushing the floor and the wall.

Peeking around a corner, she stifled a gasp. There were two Magi, a female and a male by the looks of it, a witch in a metal cage and some flying eye demons. Even as she looked, the female Magi charged towards the witch with a snap of an order to the boy. The eye demons attacked immediately, most of them heading towards the boy.


A moment of hesitation passed, but then Zachy stood up and drew her first arrow, feeling the power in the tip of the arrow. It started to glow and when Zachy released the arrow it flew like a missile into the first eye demon.

"Hopefully I am not interfering with something?" Zachy smirked to the boy who was surrounded by flames.

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