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Town of Salem

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I tried playing a few games the other day. All three reminded me of why I stopped.


Game 1 - My team (town) lost because nobody was actually playing, half of them were AFK.


Game 2 - Town lost because of stupidity, but we also made some honest mistakes. However, one team member took personal offense at us losing and basically went on an abusive tirade (which probably wasn't helped by me trolling him when we were both dead, but if you're gonna be THAT serious about a game that you devolve to spewing abuse at your team when it makes an honest mistake, you're not worth my time so you're gonna get trolled.)


Game 3 - Got godfather. Night one I go to kill Pepper, to which my Mafioso Salt starts begging for us not to because they're friends. Since I've seen this scenario before and the person that time immediately gamethrew and revealed the mafia because we killed his buddy, I switched to someone else. Later my suspicion is confirmed when Pepper the invest helps us Mafia win, despite having no way to know we were mafia :/ I HATE when we win because of cheaters

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So there was a massive breach, everyones data got leaked by hackers(who sold the entire database for shady people for 500 dollars) I suggest changing your town of salem password and if you used the same pass anywhere else its wise to change that too. They will(and have) use(d) that data in other websites. 

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