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Unbreedables Trading Thread ~New~

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Hello! I'm htt71 (obviously) and I'd like to see a place where all of those hoarders of the inbreed able dragons can come and trade for/out our valuable eggs for the other dragons. Easy as such!


As stated multiple times the only allowed breeds for OFFERING are unreadable dragons, but for trading you may offer anything.



I offer a chicken egg, and someone offers a bloodscale, this is fine.

I offer a bloodscale, someone offers an dino, this isn't.

Someone offers a chicken, you offer a magma, fine too.

Someone offers a thunder, you offer a chicken, not okay.


And just in case you needed a refresher of the unbreedables list, here it is:


Blue Dino

Cheese Dragon


Green Dino

Neglected Dragon

Paper Dragon

Purple Dino

Red Dino

Vampire Dragon

Yellow Dino


If you see something wrong with this, PM me, and if you see a mistake in spelling PM me. Anyways,

Happy trading!

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Except you can't trade Zombies and GoNs, so you might want to take them off the list...good idea, though~

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Closing while mods discuss.


edit: We discussed and topic will remain closed. Unbreedables can be traded in the rare and CB threads as well as the regular dragon trading thread for those that don't fit in the rare/cb threads.

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