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Cat's Art!

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Whoa. How long has it been?



Hey it's Cat again! Again....I have had a art thread before,but it died and I asked for it to be deleted and now as much as I looked for it, I couldn't find it, so here is my second shot.


~If you expect good art leave NOW!

I'm really bad at drawing, but that doesn't still mean I love to do it.

~It take me a very long time to upload the pictures(weeks maybe, so tell me if you have a clock ticking!)

~I do do (hehehehe) multiple mediums, but the more complicated the longer it will take!

~Random slot. (*internet high-five!*)

~I do not do extreme gore and romance.


I draw mostly everything, although I am still quite bad, if you request something really hard, I'll at least give it my best shot!



Yes, all my art is completely free and I do love requests! You could fill out the request sheet or just ask me to do a drawing. Either way I highly appreciate and would love for you guys to request. *insert adorable puppy eyes here*


Request sheet:



Clock ticking?:(do you need it in a certain time line)

Creature:(EX:Bunny, human, dog, cat)

Description/picture: (tell me what you want me to draw)

Medium: (Paints, Patel, color pencils, no color at all...)

Position: (Sitting, standing, eating, falling out of a tree.)

Size: (Avatar sized, Huge, medium, thumbnail, whatever you feel like~)

Speech Bubbles: (do you want someone/something to say something?)

Other: (Derp)


Or if you don't want to fill out a sheet:

(example conversation:)

Person 1:Can you draw mwa a dragon?

Me: Anything specific?

Person 1: Nope

Me: Awesome.

(I just made a conversation with myself...)


Mediums Easiest to Hardest:

1. Color Pencils

2. Paints



Have fun and request away! Well don't request away, stay here when you request. See what I did there...*hangs head down in shame and walks away*I accept more requests from the same person! Also, don't be afraid to critique!!! Although, don't get tooooo carried away. I try my best on each request, but like I said, I still suck. This thread is just for fun.


Examples of drawling:


This thread is trying to be brought back to life since the last time I was on was a very long time ago, I have drawn many more pictures and I am replacing them, that is why everything is work in progress.




Color pencil:










And for those of you who are freaking out, rolling on the floor and screaming "God, why?! She didn't post this person's request!" *dies* I may put it on my thread or p.m. it to you, calm down, Jeesh! tongue.gif

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Name: Drako

Clock ticking?: Nah.

Animal: It's... Something I created. A Soul Drainer.

Description/picture: Meet Lifeblood.)

Medium: Colored pencils

Position: Stabbing some poor sap through the chest with his tail, draining their life energy.

Speech Bubbles: Nope

Other: If you could find a way to do selective color, that'd be nice. As in, make everything black and white aside from Lifeblood's eyes, the blood, and life energy. The first two should be red, the life energy should be a light blue.

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Sorry Psycho Cat. I didn't see that....

Also what type of medium do you want it in?


And okay Drako tamer, I'm gonna upload the other requests and I'll get right to yours.

And sorry, but by a poor sap I don't really get what you want. A human? An animal? Another Soul Drainer?

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A human, preferably. If you can't do a human, then you can use an animal. Soul Drainers, ironically, don't have souls.

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Name: Andy12

Clock ticking?: No, no rush

Animal: Dragon

Description/picture: Can you draw me a male daydream dragon sitting on a cloud? Ooh, and can it be during a sunset?

Medium: Whatever you feel is best, although I think I would prefer colored pencil

Position: Sitting on a cloud

Speech Bubbles: No thanks

Other: Nothing


I would appreciate it if you could do this!




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Well, I don't know, the drawling came out quite small and with pastel the colors would smudge


Okay, here's the list:


1.sparkle10184(I just need to color and it will be up) (I'm done)

2.Psycho Cat (I'm on it!)

3.Drako (Ya, I need to get started)

4. Andy12


Did I miss anybody?



Drako, what do you mean by selective color?

And I kinda dialed the gore down a bit.

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I'll request!


Name: Koalaanoob

Clock Ticking?: Within three days if possible.

Animal: Bunny.

Description/picture: white bunny with brown splotches on it's eyes. Tail and paws are also brown. Sitting position, side view.

Medium: Color pencil or Pastel.

Position: Sitting with no background; side view.

Speech Bubbles: no

Other: no

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