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♪Hello and welcome to Kiyye's Art!♪


Welcome to my art thread :3 Some of you may remember me having one a while ago, before my dreaded hiatus, but since then I have been out of practice spriting, and due to a computer accident lost my photoshop and artsy programs like that, I will no longer be doing sprite orders D:


Rules! There aren't many, but please read them:

  • Please, please know the difference between constructive criticism and just plain criticism! Constructive criticism is giving tips and advice so the person can improve their art, and being NICE about it. Regular criticism is being mean and judging someone's art, and saying "it's bad" without being helpful at all.
  • In the pony request forms, under the field marked And? put something that is your favorite color: example: My favorite color is blue, so I write "sky". My favorite color is pink, so I write "rose."
  • For pony requests, PLEASE use and completely fill out the request form. I will not take your request if you don't/incorrectly fill out the form!
I think the arts I will be doing here are: Photography and possibly drawing ponies?

Photography... Anyways I needed a new hobby, since I lost my drawing programs, so I decided to take a stab at photography (not literally!) So in this thread I'll post all my photos, available for:

• Your viewing pleasure (if they're not to horrible...)

• Constructive criticism! I really need tips and such, to help improve my skills!


I guess I'll also be taking requests for drawing ponies (from MLP: FIM, not real ponies!) but I can not promise they'll be any good! I'm out of practice drawing them, plus my drawings weren't very good to begin with, so feel free to not request any if you think they're crappy! I would appreciate constructive criticism on these too! I can draw them with pencil, or digitally using my iPad:


Pony request form:


[b][FONT=Geneva][SIZE=14][COLOR=gray]I'd like a pony![/COLOR][/SIZE][/font][/b]
[u][i]Name:[/i][/u] (optional) The name of the pony.
[u][i]Race:[/i][/u]  Pegasi, Unicorn, or Earth pony.
[u][i]Gender:[/i][/u] Female or Male (Note: I draw females better...)
[u][i]Mane:[/i][/u] Quick (or not so quick!) description of the pony's mane! Should include the mane's color(s) and shape.
[u][i]Tail:[/i][/u]  Quick (or not so quick!) description of the pony's tail! Should include the tail's color(s) and shape.
[u][i]Coat color:[/i][/u]The pony's coat color (body color). Also include info if the pony has designs on it's coat (ex. A zebra)
[u][i]Eye color:[/i][/u]Pretty simple: The pony's eye color.
[u][i]Cutie Mark:[/i][/u] The pony's cutie mark. Reference pictures help!
[u][i]Other important info:[/i][/u] Other details about the pony that weren't covered already. (ex. Wears bracelets, Has dragon wings.)
[i][u]Reference pictures: [/i][/u](optional) other pictures of the pony. While these are optional, they are EXTREMELY helpful!!
[i][u]Style:[/i][/u] I can draw ponies [url=http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-Dvaj2roLgBg/UH42Mrd3c2I/AAAAAAAAEqA/UWnNhQRK-E8/s1600/bbbff__s_wallpaper_by_thetidbit-d4xrw1q.png]BBBFF style (click for example)[/url] or regular, show style. (Note: BBBFF style is simpler and sometimes comes out better!) I can do these in pencil, or digital style. Digital takes a lot longer.
[u][i]Pose:[/i][/u] The pose the pony is in. The simpler the better!
[u][i]And?:[/i][/u] -----


Sorry it's kinda long ^^;


Here's an example, using my OC Melody Swirls: (Actual requests I do will be MUCH neater than this!!!!!)


user posted image


And now...... Photography! I'm really, REALLY new to photography and I don't know really anything about it ^^; Also, right now my only camera is an iPad mini, so I apologize if any pictures are low quality. Tips and such are greatly appreciated! Here are some photo examples (click for bigger):


user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image


You can find a full gallery of all my photos HERE, or by clicking the waving pillow pet gif in my signature! If you have a photobucket account, please leave comments!


Almost all of my art will eventually appear on my deviantart page too, HERE! Other art stuff that I might make will be here, not on photobucket, so remember to watch me wink.gif

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I'd like a pony!

Name: His name is Errinco =3

Race: A Pegasus

Gender: Male.

Mane: He's got a fluffy mane that spikes up like a crest. It's colored dark blue, kinda like the color of Trixie's coat.

Tail: His tail is flat and feathered, like an eagle's. Each feather on his tail has a white tip.

Coat color: He's brown. On his chest is fluffy blue fur.

Eye color: Sky blue.

Cutie Mark: He doesn't have one =3

Other important info: His ears are fluffy like a griffon's, and his snout is yellow. His hooves are yellow, too. Each feather on his wing has a white tip.

Reference pictures: None at the moment.

Style: Regular, please =3

Pose: Rearing up, his wings spread.

And?: I have quite a few favorite colors. Cyan and cerise are tied at the top.


I'm making a fanfic about MLP. That's why I'm requesting x3

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Just one tiny suggestion Kiyye:


You might wanna make the pics a bit smaller (they're stretching the forums baaaad) or make them links. Some computers (moblies/things) can't handle huge pictures and it makes it hard to load anything.


Thanks smile.gif


(I might request from you sometime too)

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I'd like a pony!

Name: Cherry Blossom

Race: earth pony

Gender: female

Mane: a rather wavy ponytail, about down to her hip, a nice bright red colour.

Tail: red like the mane, wavy and all the way down to the ground.

Coat color: light pink

Eye color: green

Cutie Mark: twin cherries like this: user posted image

Other important info: a little cherry blossom tree clip in her hair.

Reference pictures:

Style: BBBFF

Pose: just standing

And?: Thank you <3 (lime green)

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I'd like a pony!

Name: Taryn

Race: Earth pony (xd.png)

Gender: Female

Mane: Really messy and long, hair sticking out everywhere, bright red.

Tail: Messy and long, hair sticking out everywhere, bright red. Yellow tie in the middle of it.

Coat color: Yellow with black stripes.

Eye color: Green/blue/brown.

Cutie Mark: Bumblebee~

Other important info: -----

Reference pictures: ----- Sorry, I has none :c

Style: Nromal ^^

Pose: Upside down. xd.png

And?: Bumblebee biggrin.gif

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((I use a program called Artweaver. It's free and works pretty well once you get used to it. I use it for all of my drawings and commissions. It's not as good as any professional programs but I find that my drawings look really good anyway.))

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