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I love Silver Shimmerscales, and am currently seeking 3G Silver Shimmers.Generally IOU-friendly. :)Check out my profile for extra information on IOUs, breeding requests, etc.I've had this Internetometer in my signature for so long that I just don't feel like taking it out, so feel free to give an internet.38594.png 2iqz7zk.jpgOkA54UH.png

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    In all honesty, my profile changes every other week, but more than anything, I like to be surprised with cool lineages.

    One of the top spots on my most wanted list: any even-gen common/uncommon/prize/rare from a plethora of SA's or prize dragons or just cool, colorful lineages in general.

    I breed for others by request, should the request be within my capabilities to fulfill and if the requester is amiable when asking.
    The link to a more eye-friendly version of my profile and well as my list of CB rare dragons can be found in my signature as the word Internetometer. :)

    3G Silver Shimmer from Spriter's Alt
    3G Silver Shimmer from (Lotus)
    3G Silver Shimmer from (Rogue)
    Any 3G Silver Shimmer from Green Copper
    Any 3G/4G Silver Shimmer from a checkered lineage
    3G Gold Shimmer from Purple
    3G Gold Tinsel from (butts)
    3G Silver Tinsel from Hero-King Marth x Red Copper
    3G from Spriter's Alt(s)
    Any Even-gen from multiple SA's or Prizes
    (Of course, a 2G of any would be absolutely amazing, but since there's a very low chance of ever getting a 2G, I'll stick to hoping for 3Gs)
    If you can get/breed any of these dragons, any help would be much appreciated, so I'd love it if you'd PM me so we could work out a trade/IOU. :)

    Mates I'm Seeking (*Priorities are Starred*):
    - 2nd Gen Silver for Fooft (https://dragcave.net/lineage/fO0Ft)
    - 2nd Gen Silver for Giseme (https://dragcave.net/lineage/gHSm3)
    - 2nd Gen Aeon for Fyupu (https://dragcave.net/lineage/fyupU)
    - 2nd Gen Aeon for Mibmeg (https://dragcave.net/lineage/m1bMg)
    - 2nd Gen Silver Shimmer from Male Shimmer for Charing Cross and Waterlilies (https://dragcave.net/lineage/xm5I4)
    - 3rd Gen Desipis from SA for Qitaab (https://dragcave.net/lineage/QTaAb)
    - 3rd Gen Ultraviolet for Ofoven (https://dragcave.net/lineage/05OvN)
    - 3rd Gen Marrow for Plunum (https://dragcave.net/lineage/Plunm)
    ***- 4th Gen Radiant Angel for Guliy (https://dragcave.net/lineage/Guliy)
    - 4th Gen Marrow for Emvieb Blackbone (https://dragcave.net/lineage/eM5Vb)
    - 4th Gen Radiant Angel for Fighting the Angels (https://dragcave.net/lineage/fgHTC)
    - 4th Gen Marrow for Irjen (https://dragcave.net/lineage/2rJ6n)
    - 4th Gen Marrow for Upy Ceb (https://dragcave.net/lineage/UPyCb)
    - 5th Gen Marrow for Tikohs (https://dragcave.net/lineage/TkOHs)
    ***- 5th Gen Terrae for Iauli (https://dragcave.net/lineage/iau1I)
    ***- 5th Gen Rosebud for Sir Navie (https://dragcave.net/lineage/5r9v8)
    ***- 5th Gen Shadow Walker from SA for Rum Kid Jiwjer (https://dragcave.net/lineage/jwJr1)
    - 6th Gen from SA's for Agdicel Thuwed (https://dragcave.net/lineage/agdcl)

    Lineages I'm Seeking:
    - Mutamore or Brute from checkered Mutamore/Brute lineage
    - Mutamore or Gaia from checkered Mutamore/Gaia lineage
    - Mutamore or Gold from checkered Mutamore/Gold lineage
    - Mutamore or Silver from checkered Mutamore/Silver lineage
    - Kyanite or Pumpkin from checkered Kyanite/Pumpkin lineage
    - Shadow Walker or Gold from checkered Shadow Walker/Gold lineage
    - Albino or Black Marrow from checkered Albino/Black Marrow lineage
    - Dark Green or Gold from checkered Dark Green/Gold lineage (especially if there's an Alt!Dark Green or two mixed in somewhere)
    - Aegis or Silver!Lunar Herald from checkered Silver!Lunar Herald/Aegis lineage
    - Radiant Angel from checkered Royal Crimson/Radiant Angel lineage

    Other Information:
    - I really love Silver Shimmerscales, but I also love Shimmerscales in general.
    - I love aesthetically pleasing color combinations.
    - I've recently acquired an interest in Mutamores.
    - I'm a sucker for even-gen and checkered lineages.
    - I treasure any and all dragons with lineages that have creative/themed names for their ancestors.
    - Looking for any codes that contain Juke, Jukia, Juka, Jule, Jules, Julia, or some other form of those.

    Favorite Dragons (on my scroll): Juka the Revolutionary, Silacauga, Balakrishna, Callie Magee, Pooge Spirits, El Pink, Yipta and the Stars, Jexot, Caballo Ceruleo, Caayak, Isn't It Ironic, Licenced to Die, We All Have Scars, Ouzina the Bama Baby, Texas Candy, Diquel, Guliy, Le Geez, Siziown, Nuhkip Spirits, Iauli, Because That's Stupid, Qi Daev, Eve Kabe, Oaxix the Purple Hearted, Baron of Acorns, Agdicel Thuwed, Pomnin, Igrit, Guided By the Fireflies, Take Me to See the World, Bumbling Nicaed, Jukin' Juke Jukej, Illya Netty, Jag Box, Ziniag Giligon, Lelyje Giligon, Setwojil Giligon, Grayfly Giligon, Tikohs, Rum Kid Jiwjer, Eat a Pint, Anvew, Ofoven, Plunum, Kaijla, Zeqims, Ill Hate...and a lot more, tbh.

    Favorite Dragon Breeds: Silver Shimmerscale, Mutamore, Royal Crimson, Bleeding Moon, Radiant Angel, Shadow Walker

    Other Dragon Breeds I Like: Fire Gem, Black Tea, Celestial, Deep Sea, Ember, Fell, Gemshard, Green, Honey Drake, Kingcrowne, Kyanite Pygmy, Magi, Monarch, Moonstone, Nebula, Nhiostrife Wyvern, Orchedrake, Plated Colossus, Skywing, Spirit Ward, (Blue) Striped, Striped River, Sunrise, Sunsong Amphiptere, Swallowtail, Terrae, Undine, Water Walker, Waterhorse, Blusang Lindwurm, Gaia Xenowyrm, (Alt) Dark Green, (Alt) Undine, Storm-Rider, Gold Shimmerscale, Arsani, Pumpkin, Black Marrow, Grave, Aegis

    Really, though, I'm very partial towards dragons that were released in the time frame I first played this game, from Nov. 2012-Sep. 2014.
    Since then, my activity times have been June 2015 and Aug. 2016-now.

    Recently Completed Projects:
    - 3G Deep Sea from Fem!Silver x Male!Deep Sea checker for bloodonmyfangs