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Windows and Mirrors

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When we read a book, or watch a movie, or are expose to any type of literature, there is always some type of antagonist. Having grown up in a "good", if you will, society, we have been taught to despise these people. When they are thwarted, we laugh. When they escape, we anger. We have always sided with the protagonist. After all, it's only natural. They protect us in our world of fantasy, mocking the face of evil. They will make even the greatest of sacrifices to leave the world better when they go than when they came.


But what about the antagonist?


It seems to be that nobody ever stops to think about it from their point. No one stops to think "Why are these people like this?" Are they desperate, where they abused? Did they just come like this? But sometimes, why have to travel off the beaten path. We know what they look like to us, but what do we look like to them? Changing sides may seem scary, but to understand the light, is to plunge into the darkness. Your life is a mirror, showing only you and who are close to you, but a window is your view of others lives. It is two sided, and to know those on the other side requires a closer look. Are you brave enough to look away from the mirror, and into the window?


Hello, I'm PC, and this WaM. Let's get to the point, shall we? Long ago, back in my n00b days, I thought about making a small mini-story (know as The Cypher Chronicles) and I think that at some point I posted it on some random forum, but I can't be sure. Irregardless, the idea came back to me for no discernible reason and I turned it into a DC forum RPG, known as Trapped. Trapped was based on about one fifth of TCC, and followed the later years of one of the main characters, Marley, and was planned to have short cameos from her twin, Darren. That RP is now smoldering in its own ashes. After some contemplation, I decided to put TCC, a.k.a., Trapped, back into story form. This time, however, I am much older, and far less stupid, and I plan on making this much longer. I'll probably have one or two new chapters up per week (hopefully) and whether you like it or hate it, I'd very much appreciate your feedback! And I thank you for sticking with me through this long derp of an intro.



My slightly short pilot

In the year of 1978, on a warm, July day, a small, frail looking woman walked through the front door of a large mansion. She seemed like she couldn't be happier. In her hands were two small, wooden baskets. As she entered the family room, a tall, lean man looked at her, surprised.

"Two?" he asked.

"Yes. Don't worry about looking stupid, the doctors were stunned, too." she said, placing the pair of twins on the couch. "But that's not all. This one, the one that wasn't predicted, is very special. Here," she handed the baby to the man "This one is a very special thing."

The man looked at it curiously. "It's an albino," he said "How did that happen. The initial shock of twins was enough, but now this? I've had more than I can handle by now. Put them in their room upstairs, I'll come by later. I need some time to sort this out."

The woman looked disappointed "Don't you want to at least know her name? We only decided on Darren's. A nice nurse suggested a lovely name for the albino."

"No. I told you to leave me alone so I can contemplate all that just happened."

The woman scowled "It's Marley," she said "And I think it's a wonderful name." Without even waiting for a reply, the woman went upstairs and put down the twins. "I still love you she said." With that she went off to her room and began to cry silently to herself.


It is now 1985.

Darren looked over at his pale sister. "You should stop stealing Mom's books," he said "You know they're very precious to her."

"Oh, OK, right away Mr President! Can I get you a martini with that?" Marley snarled at her brother "You'd think that in such a big house that you'd have tons to do, but no! Instead we have to get our ears bit off for stepping foot outside our bedrooms! I'd really like to see one more person complain about school being boring.

"Alright then, sheesh. I was just sayin'..."

"Here then. If these books are just sooo amazing, I'll give you the privilege of hand delivering them back to Mom." She threw one of the hard-cover books at Darren, which hit him square in the face with a corner. He rubbed his forehead, revealing blood. Instead of throwing the book back, though, he just sighed and looked at his blood-stained pillow. This was the third time this had happened, but he was too timid to ask for a cleaner pillow. Marley looked at him, and then at the pillow. She got up and began to find her way down to the first floor, without a word of what she was doing.

As she entered the kitchen, she noticed a bottle of whisky on the floor and her half-passed out dad on the table.

"Dad," she said "Darren needs a new pillow. His old one is filthy."

Her father looked at her, at first dazed, and then threw a bottle at her. "I never wanted you." he said "All you were was a mistake!"

"Well guess what!" she yelled back "Life sucks, get over it! Do you really think I asked for you? Because you can rest assured that I'd be better off an orphan fending for myself than dealing with you!" She ran off in search for the linen closet. She never found herself liking Darren all that much, but anything to tick off that idiot would satisfy her.

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Reserving for those just in case moments. Also, if the whisky offended anyone, I can change it.

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