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Touhou project

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As title says.

I'm not very good at games, and only got all the easy, MoF on normal. DS - Hatate player unlocked.

But I like the music very much (it would make the OP too loooooooong if I were to list all the touhou music I love...)

My favorite character is Youmu (and she is PERFECT with her master! Yes I love YuyuMyon pairing) Other favorite characters are Aya (so sexy wings aww!), Suika (honest and drunken loli xd.png), Mokou (hundreds of lonely years... love TeruMoko pairing) and Seiga (love the part when she left her husband for the world of hermits)

So what about you? laugh.gif

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Well, I'm also a fan of the series. I love the games and the official books and mangas.

My first game was the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. Currently I have all games (from 1-13 plus the spinoffs), but I'm not a big fan of 10-12. I hate it how you get thrown back at the beginning of the stage if you lose a continue and usually ragequit then.


So yeah, aside from the games, I also love reading the official books and manga. Wild and Horned Hermit is a really good one in my opinion.

Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red, Perfect Memento in Strict Sense and Symposium of Post-mysticism are great to get to know Gensokyo and its inhabitants how they are in canon, aside from all the fan stuff.

I'm currently reading Cage in Lunatic Runagate. I only have to read Inaba of the Moon and Inaba of the Earth and the three Touhou Sangetsusei series and I've finished all of ZUN's official work.


So yeah, some of my favorite characters are Suika, Utsuho, Nue, Remilia, Flandre and Mokou. But I also like some PC-98 characters like Sariel, Mima, Chiyuri and Shinki. I'm considering ordering Figurines of my favorite windows characters and already have a Mokou fumo that looks like this.

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I recently saw this topic and decided to bring it back into the light (I saw someone with Sanae in their signature recently, so I know there must be more smile.gif ), mostly due to the fact I love playing the bullet-hell type of games and Touhou is certainly fun. My first Touhou game was Perfect Cherry Blossom, and I remember a time when I couldn't pass the third stage on Normal. My, how times have changed since then.

I have a copy of all of the official Touhou games to date (except the third fighting game), but have not played Touhou 14 "Double-Dealing Character" yet. I own a couple of character plushes (Patch and Marisa, IIRC... I have to relocate them in my closet) and a lot of the OSTs (ZUN has such beautiful music). I have done this much so far in the games :


(Just a little explanation/terminology for those peeking at this -

1CC = "One Credit Clear/No continues used/The only way to get a good ending in nearly all standard Touhou games.

Extra = One generally VERY difficult stage where continues are outright removed and you have a specific starting bomb/lives set.

Spellcard = A unique attack from a mid-boss/boss. If you beat the attack without dying or using a bomb, you get a small in-game achievement mark and a score bonus.)


Touhou 1, "Highly Responsive To Prayers" : Beaten one of the game's paths (don't remember which one, but... ), used a lot of continues, so no good ending for me.

Touhou 2, "Story Of Eastern Wonderland" : Beaten the game with all three types on Normal 1CC, unlocked Extra and have seen the boss. Not defeated her yet.

Touhou 3, "Phantasmagoria Of Dim. Dream" : Used continues and have beaten the game with nearly all characters (only one ending for each, no bads). I forget who I have and have not cleared it with, though.

Touhou 4, "Lotus Land Story" : Have 1CC'ed Normal with all four shot types, 1CC on Hard with Marisa Shot Type-A. Have reached the true final boss of the Extra Stage, Gengetsu, but I am nowhere NEAR beating her yet.

Touhou 5, "Mystic Square" : 1CC'ed Normal with all four characters. Reached Alice in Extra, but have only driven her just below half-health before being kicked out.

Touhou 6, "Embodiment of Scarlet Devil" : 1CC'ed Normal with all characters. Gotten to Flandre in Extra and reached the 9th of her spellcards, but I cannot take her down.

Touhou 7, "Perfect Cherry Blossom" : 1CC'ed Normal with all characters, 1CC'ed Hard with Sakuya Shot Type-A. Cleared Extra with Reimu Type-A, Marisa Type-B, and Sakuya Type-A. Cleared Phantasm stage with Sakuya Type-A.

Touhou 7.5, "Immaterial And Missing Power" : 1CC'ed Normal with all characters. Almost 1CC'ed on Lunatic with Alice (reached Suika, then used a continue there, so I still got the good ending).

Touhou 8, "Imperishable Night" : 1CC'ed the game on Normal with all teams. 1CC'ed the game on Hard with Reimu solo. Beaten Extra with all teams + Yukari Solo and Youmu solo. Captured all spell cards except all Lunatic 6B cards (can't make it there), Apollo 13 - Lunatic level, Alice's Last Word - The Phantom Of Grand Guignol, and Yukari's Last Word - Profound Danmaku Bounded Field.

Touhou 9, "Phantasmagoria Of Flower View" : Beaten the game on Normal with all characters. Have not beaten Extra with Komachi and Eiki (since beating it with Komachi is needed for Eiki).

Touhou 9.5, "Shoot The Bullet" : Unlocked Extra, have not considered clearing every last stage at all.

Touhou 10, "Mountain of Faith" : 1CC'ed Normal with Reimu Type-A and B, as well as with Marisa Type-A. Completed Extra with Reimu Type-A.

Touhou 10.5, "Scarlett Weather Rhapsody" : 1CC'ed on Normal with all characters.

Touhou 11, "Subterranean Animism" : 1CC'ed Normal with all characters. Got to Koishi's third spellcard on Extra and I do not see myself beating Extra any time soon.

Touhou 12, "Undefined Fantastical Object" : 1CC'ed Normal with Reimu Type-A and both Sanae Types. Have reached Iku's Rainbow UFO card, but I cannot beat her just yet.

Touhou 12.3, "Hisou Tensoku" : 1CC'ed all three characters.

Touhou 12.5, "Double Spoiler" : Unlocked Hitate by beating the game, but like Shoot The Bullet, I do not plan on clearing every last stage.

Touhou 12.8, "Great Fairy Wars" : 1CC'ed every path (without the glitch). Met Marisa in Extra and was severely trounced.

Touhou 13, "Ten Desires" : 1CC'ed Normal with all characters. Completed Extra with Reimu and nearly completed it with Youmu.

Touhou Odyssey + Expansion, AKA Labyrinth Of Touhou : Haven't beaten second boss yet.

Megamari : Beaten the game... Three times, at least. (I like Mega Man-esque games)

Nitroid : Beaten World 3... And stopped because Aya and Hitate were such a nightmare boss for me, I didn't want to continue into World 4 just yet.

Super Marisa World : Stopped somewhere in World 3, but I can't remember why or where.

Touhouvania : Stopped after the fourth stage, IIRC. Been a long while and I should go back to it at some point.



Please, if there are any other Touhou players/fans, I'd love to find out. If anything, maybe I'll find a few more Hisou Tensoku people to battle against. smile.gif

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Isn't the song "Bad Apple" by the creators? Sorry if it isn't. I'm not very knowledgeable about this kind of topic.

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I just discovered these games like, a couple hours ago, and this thread randomly pops up for me.


I haven't played any yet, I hope to soon. I've heard music though, and I would play just for the music. But it also happens to be a style of game I really like, so hopefully I'll enjoy. *Needs to get around to playing*

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No, I totally don't like Touhou games. I don't have Cirno-related stuff in avatar/signature because I like it.


Sarcasm aside, I love the Touhou series. I really do. I have a Cirno Nendoroid and a Marisa plushie (which unfortunately is fake) on my shelves. The music is perfect, too.

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wow, this hasn't been posted on for a long time. I've haven't played one of the games yet.. but i'm in love with all the remixes of the characters themes.

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I'm new to Touhou. I haven't played a game yet, but I have seen full playhtroughs on Youtube and done research on characters.


So what's the point of this? Well...I wanna see if anyone else is a fan. blink.gif Maybe get to know you guys, make some friends, share tips, and other stuff.


I do have some questions too...


What's the best game to play for a noob?


Which game is your favorite?


Who's your favorite character(s)?


Do you have an OC? (Or two...or ten...or b'eleventeen...)


Have any tips for when I play a Touhou game?



Right now, I like...Flandre, Circo, and Reimu. I do like some other characters, but those are my top ones right now (SO many characters....*urk*)

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