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~Even in present-day, there is technology that we (the general public) don't know about. There are people that have 'disappeared' from the face of the earth. Maybe nobody cares. Maybe the case went cold. Everyone's story is different. Everyone at Fowl's Mouth Science Laboratory is different. It's called Fowl's Mouth Science Laboratory (just Fowl's Mouth, for short) because of all the waterfowl that live around it and because of its location near the mouth of a river. Nobody knows what that river is called. Or, if the scientists do, they don't tell the test subjects.

~Now, the conditions in Fowl's Mouth aren't bad; it's been recently repaired to decrease the amount of...undesirables (more on that later)... Fowl's Mouth provides rooms that are about ten feet by fifteen feet. Inside those perimeters is a little washroom (which is about seven feet by eleven feet) that contains a minuscule stand-up shower, a toilet, a sink, a mirror-medicine cabinet combo, and a scale that always seems to be a pound or two off. The bedroom itself contains a large bureau, a bed with white linens, another mirror, and a desk. There is a window, but it only serves to let in air and light. There is no hope of escaping though it, lest you get shocked in the process. There is also a door, but that's usually locked, except for when you are escorted by a loyal guard who works for the scientists. The whole space is pretty unsettling, though, because almost everything is white. The mirrors are the only thing that can show other colors, and the test subjects are dressed all in white, anyway.

~Outside of Fowl's Mouth, there is a river and miles upon miles or marshland. Occasionally, there are ships that come to deliver food and other supplies. If a test subject could pull off the miracle of escaping the labyrinth-like maze of hallways and locked doors known as Fowl's Mouth, it would be their only chance of survival. If the lucky experiment could make it onto the ship undetected, it would take them on a nearly three-month journey to civilization (I didn't mention that Fowl's Mouth is on an island, did I?). There, the experiment can do whatever he or she pleases, but he or she must bear in mind that there will always be people looking for him or her. While it is a serious upgrade to leave the laboratory, one must always be wary of law enforcement and government officials. Even common citizens cannot be trusted, for they might report the escapee to the authorities.

~Cities in civilization are clean and full of color and life. They generally have tall skyscrapers and historical cemeteries and buzzing tourist attractions. Traffic is heavy, so it's not recommended to travel by car through cities. The streets are often crowded with business professionals and locals and tourists alike, so it's best to move along to blend in with the crowd and not be noticed.




~Fowl's Mouth used to be an legitimate laboratory. It used to be used for studying waterfowl. Eventually, though, it ran out of funds and closed down. The building was soon after purchased by a man who was called Jeremy Knoll. He was very rich, very bored, and very intelligent. He was, however, no scientist, so he recruited many, many scientists who had been laid off due to a dip in the economy. It started back up again eventually, but the people he'd recruited were bitter, angry, and desperate. Because of his deep pockets, Knoll was able to pay his team of ten scientists off so they'd spend years researching some odd way to enhance the senses. Knoll's aim was presumably to enhance his own senses and use them to take over several governments to expand his empire or something like that (I said he was intelligent, I never said that he was sane).

~Well, at this stage in development, the scientists can enhance one sense. No one exactly knows how this is done, because the process is split up into parts and Knoll is the only person who knows the whole procedure. However, though the project is partially a success because it can enhance a sense, that comes at a cost. Though a sense is increased by 100% (doubled), another is decreased by 50% (halved). Due to funding issues, only one person can have a specific sense increased. For example, there wouldn't be two people with enhanced sight, because that would mean that they would need six subjects, and it's pretty difficult to just erase someone from the map and not leave a trail.

~So Knoll has his ten scientists and his fifty guards and his five test subjects and him living in that laboratory. Luckily for him, it's big enough to house everyone and all the equipment he needs. Unfortunately for the test subjects, it's also very well guarded and secured. Chances are slim of escaping, but it's known well enough that Knoll intends to kill his experiments once testing on them is over, and that date is fast-approaching. Anyone who stays is a sitting duck and is going to be killed quickly and painlessly, but they will never be able to see their old friends or family again. Escapees could very well be found and killed, but that is the risk they take in wanting to return to their old lives, or at least attempt to.




~Five test subjects will team up and create a plan to escape. They must do so before their time is up and Knoll decides that they are no longer valuable. The team must get onto a boat that's going off to civilization without getting caught and without missing the boat and being stuck on the island. The subjects will encounter kind souls who help them along and keep them hidden, but they will also find themselves in contact with relentless employees of Knoll or seemingly brainwashed citizens who report everything to the semi-corrupt authorities. It is unknown whether the experiments will be accepted back in their old communities or whether they will have to keep relying on their peers.


Rules and Guidelines


-Keep your characters original, realistic, and interesting

-At least ten (10) sentences per post (unless something pops up; four sentence minimum, in that case)

-No powerplaying, godmodding, chat speak, etc. in IC posts, please

-No swearing, unless it is censored with a censorkip, which looks like this: censorkip.gif

-There is a PG 13 maximum limit in this board and all members are expected to abide by this rule

-Disrespect in this RP is not acceptable; please be warned that moderators will be contacted if things get out-of-hand

-Please use proper spelling and decent grammar, because this makes it easier for your fellow players to interpret your posts

-Character sheets should be PM'd to me; any that are posted here will be ignored

-I also ask that you only create one character until the extra spaces up to existing players

-Your character(s) should be at least fourteen (14) years of age and no older than forty (40) at the start of the RP

-If you haven't read the rules, please put 'pineapple paste' in the 'other' section

-If you have read the rules, please put 'I like M&Ms' in the 'other' section


Character Sheet


Please delete the text in brackets when filling out the sheet.




Enhanced Sense:

Decreased Sense:

Appearance: [picture or description or both]

Personality: [at least two sentences]

History: [at least five sentences]

Strengths/Abilities: [three, at most]

Weaknesses: [two, at least]

Likes: [at least one]

Dislikes: [at least one]



Accepted Characters


Username: RainDash

Name: Maria Abernathy

Age: 14

Enhanced Sense: Hearing

Decreased Sense: Touch

Appearance: [x] Her hair isn't that shade of red until they escape, and until they do, it is more of an orange than red.

Personality: A quiet girl, Maria prefers to talk very, very little. Often she avoids yelling, and rarely ever does so. When she does, she is either very upset or trying to relay something over loud noises (to her at least).

History: Maria was raised by her grandmother and grandfather after her mother gave her up, or tried to. Maria was raised happily, and was a very curious girl. She grew attached to animals easy, and often they trusted her as well, however, one day she wandered far from home. She wandered out the woods, chasing after a deer and had lost her way, she found her way back to the city, but couldn't remember where her grandparents lived. That was when she was snatched, when she asked an agent to show her home.

Strengths/Abilities: She can hear a pin drop about halfway across the room over someone talking and can't really feel hot or cold.

Weaknesses: Could burn herself, but only have a slightly warm sensation. If more than five people are talking at once, she starts to feel as though it was too loud.

Likes: Quiet, books, music, and animals.

Dislikes: Mean people, scientists, and loud noises.



Username: Mousia

Name: Kira Rose

Age: 19

Enhanced Sense: Taste

Decreased Sense: Hearing

Appearance: X

Personality: Kira is the type of person who's loud at times and quiet at other times. She's really got varying personalities, but is loud and proud for the most part. Around friends, she says the truth bluntly and without hesitation. However, she usually trusts her gut instincts about things and when her gut tells her that someone's not a friend, she's cold and quiet. Mysteries surround her even though she's honest about ninety-five percent of the the time. Perhaps it's because she teases others without fail, perhaps it's because she just likes it that way. That aside, she's loyal to her friends and selfless enough around people she trusts, but goes out of her way to get people back for things they've done to her. Perhaps the best way to describe her mentality is by using the popular phrase: 'an eye for an eye'.

History: Ever since Kira was little, she'd been opinionated. That hadn't really affected her until her fifteenth birthday. It was that day she'd run away. She had strong feelings about her parents and couldn't take it anymore. They really were a quaint bunch, but she resented them for reasons unknown. So she ran away on her birthday to make them think she'd just gone out with friends. By the time things got suspicious, she was long gone. But as she soon lost her way and tried to head back, she was taken by Knoll's crew. She'd been in the lab for about four years because the tests just didn't seem to work. They tried to give her better hearing, but ended up giving her impaired hearing instead. All they could do was improve her taste, but they kept her around to see where it went. Perhaps it would be a more useful sense than it seemed, but it didn't seem to be very useful...

Strengths/Abilities: She can tell the difference between people and places by smell and loud sounds don't bother her. She can be in a loud room and find her way around just fine.

Weaknesses: She's got a really sensitive tongue and can't eat certain things. Also, she sometimes can't her whispers and talks loudly because sometimes she can't hear herself talking.

Likes: Kira likes music, dancing, freedom, the color black, nighttime, and books.

Dislikes: She dislikes stillness, restraint, tradition, midday, bad smells.



Username: TMD

Name: Gregory Swieft

Age: 21

Enhanced Sense: Sight

Decreased Sense: Smell

Appearance: I see you...

Personality: You might call Gregory a geek, but he simply loves to read and get a taste of a good novel. He is kind and sweet once you get to know him, but he is fierce and angry when you get him into the mood, and getting into fights with him is a bad idea. He is sort of a rebel, and only wishes to see his family and friends again, which will get him, and those around him into trouble. He also is one of those types of people with photographic memory, and can absorb his surroundings or a few pages of a book in the matter of a few seconds.

History: Gregory was taken to Fowl's Mouth at the age of seventeen. From there, he was horribly beaten and striked at because he did not want to be controlled. The closest that he had ever been to escaping Fowl's Mouth was recent, when he was nineteen going on twenty. He hasn't tried to escape again because of fear what they would do. The last time he was chastised, people said they did something horrible to him, which led him to be paranoid and afraid.

Strengths/Abilities: Can absorb surroundings, pages of a book, people's information, in a matter of moments. Is very talented and smart. Very flexible.

Weaknesses: His thwarted sense of smell can't help him with smelling dangerous chemicals, which lead to him being easily poisoned if someone tried. He often lets his emotions get in the way of everything.

Likes: Candy, cake, pie, fresh air, girls.

Dislikes:Being hungry, guys who think they're all that, and annoying people, oh! And his sense of smell.



Username: Aquila

Name: Willow Blackwell

Age: 17

Enhanced Sense: Touch

Decreased Sense: Smell

Appearance: This.

Personality: Willow is highly antisocial, and does her best to repel anyone who would try to get close to her, physically or emotionally. She reacts violently when people try to touch any part of her, especially bare skin. Somewhat of an intellectual snob.

History: Willow was born in New York. Her father was an engineer and her mother was a professor of mathematics. She wanted to be an artist while her parents wanted her to do something more practical. After a particularly bad fight about it, she went running in the middle of the night to calm herself down, and was taken during this run. She has only been at Fowl's Mouth for three years.

Strengths/Abilities: Very good at sketching/drawing, and also at forging handwriting. She is ambidextrous.

Weaknesses: Terrified of small spaces, and sometimes gets sick because she can't always tell if food is bad until she tastes it.

Likes: Running, open spaces, heights, spicy food, birds.

Dislikes: Forests, people, surprises, being confined, her birthday.



Username: Katedj

Name: Vincent Carter

Age: 19

Enhanced Sense: Smell

Decreased Sense: Sight

Appearance: Vincent is very fit. He stands about 5'10" and weighs about 170, though it's been a while since he could check. He has pale skin that can become a dark tan with dark brown eyes and black hair.

Personality: He's very well-mannered and rarely loses his temper. Even when he loses his temper, he is still strategic. He takes people very seriously. His trust is great, but once broken is difficult to regain.

History: Vincent grew up in northern Alaska where the sun doesn't rise or set respectively for months at a time. His parents raised him to be very practical, spending much time outdoors. When his mother lied to his face about who his father was he left in a burst of anger. He was 17 when he left home with a friend to escape their troubles a while. They went to the "big city" of Nome, and when they related their story unwittingly to one of Knoll's agents they weren't there long. Vincent hasn't seen his friend since then.

Strengths/Abilities: His sense of smell is accurate enough to give him a rough idea of where it's coming from so he can easily track down scents. His memory is very good when he has linked a word and smell.

Weaknesses: When he smells something familiar, he has a distracting flashback. His eyesight is very bad, he can't really distinguish faces or objects. The world is a blur of colors. He can see his hand fairly clearly when it's right in front of his face. Rotten smells make him throw up and have a severe headache.

Likes: Nature, his friends, good food, the truth

Dislikes: Knoll, his guilt, the guards, most meat



Character List (A Summary)


Sense Enhanced

Sight: Gregory Swieft

Hearing: Maria Abernathy

Touch: Willow Blackwell

Smell: Vincent Carter

Taste: Kira Rose


The Senses


Please note that when I say "senses" I am referring to the five main senses that help us, humans, to process the world around us and not the other senses that help us process information about ourselves. These senses are sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste.


Sight: The person with an increased sense of sight will be able to see immense detail and even farther than a normal person. They will, however, be vastly affected by changes in brightness and any particles in the air that would get in their eyes.


Hearing: The person with an increased sense of hearing will be able to hear very fine sounds and some tones that are even outside the average human range of hearing. However, they will be affected greatly by shrill sounds and loud noises.


Touch: The person with an increased sense of touch will be able to feel minuscule details in objects and even the temperatures of people within a few feet of them. They will be greatly affected by stark temperature changes.


Smell: The person with an increased sense of smell will be able to smell the differences between different objects and even different people. This person will be very sensitive to strong smells.


Taste: The person with an increased sense of taste will be able to 'taste' smells, in a sense. Or 'taste' the air, if that makes more sense (think of a snake, if you need a comparison). This person will be able to 'taste' the difference between different objects and people, similar to how a person with enhanced smell could. This person will be very sensitive to strong tastes (like something that's too spicy) and strong smells (though they can endure more than the people with enhanced smell).

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The Big Escape


~The laboratory is very large and complicated to navigate through. As some subjects have been trapped inside Fowl's Mouth longer than others, people have different abilities as far as navigating the building goes. The hallways are organized with dead-ends and cameras and invisible laser triggers. One must be very knowledgeable to escape undetected, but it is possible. Though the journey is difficult, a year or two of captivity is more than enough time to obtain all the knowledge needed. Or is it?



The title is a link.



Lavender-grey rooms and hallways: guarded by cameras and/or human guards

Cyan-blue rooms and hallways: semi-guarded, but safer than the lavender areas

Dotted lines: doors

Red lines: invisible lasers (they trigger alarms in Knoll's suite and the guard's quarters)

Crimson-red hallways and rooms: not monitored, but extremely dangerous

Lime green rooms: not monitored and completely safe

Bright purple rooms: areas to be avoided at all costs

Red pentagons: armed human guards

Green stars: points where the lasers can be turned off with a password

Black circles and/or ovals: cameras that are always kept on

Yellow circles and/or ovals: cameras that are on for twelve hours a day

Cyan lines: glass

Navy-blue oval: torture area (torture methods change regularly)

Gray area: large air vent

Black area (in background): insignificant hallways and insignificant storage rooms and such

The following are significant or main hallways in the building:

1: Corridor N1

2: Corridor N2

3: Corridor N3

4: Corridor N4

5: Corridor S1

6: Corridor S2


Note: Knoll's suite and the guards headquarters are on the second level. That will not be a place that people will be taken to or anything like that, so I didn't include it for the sake of time and effort.




~Undesirables are basically just failed experiments. No one really knows what went wrong, but these people are put-down as soon as they're created. There have been some, however, who have lived long enough to tell some older test subjects what it was like. Some had their senses permanently ruined. Some weren't affected. Some were so unlucky to have their lives taken away before it was recognized that the test had failed. This, of course, raised the eyebrows of the few subjects that were lucky enough to survive for over a year in captivity. However, it is only when five semi-successful tests have changed five individuals that they all decide to escape, because they will be put down soon enough. Knoll recognizes the success of the tests somewhat, but they aren't complete successes in his mind. Time doesn't slow for anyone, and that is especially true for the unfortunate test subjects.

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(The RP is now officially open. Thank you to Soup for approving and Walker for cleaning.)


The facilities were cold. It was a normal day in Fowl's Mouth. The room was pure white. Not even a speck of dust was left to live. Kira sighed a little as she stared at the wall across from her bed. She kept her clothes in the bureau buried under the white ones supplied by Knoll. She had no idea why he wanted so much white. It made her eyes burn. She stared out the window at all the color she was missing. A single tear graced her cheek and she wiped it away as soon as it fell. Kira shook her head angrily and clenched her fists. Turning away from the window forcefully, she pounded her fists into the wall. Soon enough afterwards, guards dressing in white and red took her by the arms and sat her down in a chair in the chastisement room. She sat there for about an hour as small electrical currents gave her painful shocks. She didn't know what the side-effects were of that method and didn't particularly care. It wasn't like she had any hope of fighting it. Relishing the freedom as her shackles were undone, the black-haired girl was escorted to the cafeteria where the others were due to come in for lunch. She wasn't sure who'd survived and who'd died. She also wasn't sure why Knoll was so eager to increase all of his senses. She breathed in the smells of all the people who'd sat where she was before she had. Kira rubbed the plastic-covered tables sentimentally and sighed again. "I'll get out of here for you. I'll bust out of here... I promise you, sis. I promise you..." She spoke of her sister as if the other girl would have been able to hear. The girl had been the only good part of Kira's life at home, but the nineteen-year-old left her anyways. She figured it was safer for the younger girl to stay at home instead of tagging along. Kira had been right. But as a guard jabbed her with a club, she stood up with a jolt and stumbled towards the serving station. Her legs felt like jelly after the chastisement and she just wanted to sit. The experiment wasn't hungry. Although she knew that she wouldn't be fed often and that she should have taken every advantage to do all she could outside the white abyss that she resided in, Kira didn't want to. She'd lost almost all hope of escaping without another soul to go with her. Anyone... Anyone! Those were her thoughts most of the time. She hated being alone. She hated the guards. She hated the scientists. She hated Knoll. With his stupid grin and his stupid ideas. Why did he think he had the right to take whoever he pleased and do whatever he pleased to them? She ate her food crossly and pushed the tray away with distaste. She had a good ten minutes more to think before having to return to being alone. To her own personal Hell.

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It was fun listening to people talk. They warbled and whimpered and made all sorts of noises. The best was when they though she couldn't hear them talking about her family. Despite being fourteen years old, Maria was every bit much younger on the inside. Some people called her ten years old. She could be serious if she wanted to be, but the fact was, she was just pretending this place was temporary. Just a pit stop for her right now. Just temporary, she told herself. One of the scientist said 'lunch' and Maria snapped to attention. Lunch? She went willingly, skipping down the hall. "Are we going to have mac and cheese for lunch? Or maybe steak?" She asked, her voice cheerful and sunny. Soon she heard the Taste girl talking to herself, but Maria assumed that it was to someone, but when she entered, the girl was sitting alone. She ran over to the serving area and ran back to where the girl waited. "Hello." Maria said, her voice unconsciously barely above a whisper. Any louder and she would feel as though she was yelling, and she didn't like to yell at people. "Why aren't you eating? Is it that bad today?"

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(Accepted, TMD. xd.png)


Kira looked over at the young girl who sat by her. She tried to wipe the sour look off her face as she responded. Since she'd been living with her impaired hearing so long, she knew how to read faces and situations well enough to get by. The words sounded barely like whispers, so Kira could barely make them out. The black-haired young woman shrugged a little. "I dunno. It's okay, I guess. I'm just tired of it." Kira made note of Maria's scent so she could recognize it anywhere...or so she hoped. She just didn't want to be alone. She knew there were more prisoners, but she barely saw them. She didn't know how many there were or what they looked like. Only occasionally did she catch a whiff of their scents and sometimes she never smelled those things again. It saddened her deeply, but that was okay. She was used to a heavy heart. Kira sighed and closed her eyes to gather herself. "My name's Kira, by the way. Kira Rose. What's yours?"

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"You're tired of it?" Gregory walked up to them and settled down for lunch. His olive eyes were clouded over. It was obvious he was in a bad mood, due to the quirk of his brows and the angry twist of his jaw. He hated this place. He wanted some fresh air. "I want to get out of here as soon as possible. I'm Gregory Swieft by the way." he twiddled his fingers and looked away.


[sorry, lunch.]

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Kira turned her face towards Gregory with a scowl on her face again. "Who asked you to talk?" She had her brows furrowed and eyes narrowed. "I'm just sittin' here, talkin' to a newbie and you burst into the conversation." But she was intrigued by him. He wanted to get out too? She closed her eyes and sighed again. She couldn't be so mean. "I'm sorry... I'm just angry for being here. It's been a while since I've been outside and I was just in the chastisement room..." She tried to explain herself as quickly as possible, but soon realized that she was being too nice to that...Gregory... She pursed her lips and turned away. "Just so you know," she added harshly. "I mean, at least I have a reason to be angry. You're just sour naturally." She crossed her arms and eyed the guards. They would be quick to break up a fight if one broke out and she could see them shifting. She could see the cameras adjusting and focusing. She gritted her teeth against her anger and tried not to let on that she was worried about those things. The time was coming soon...


(No problem.)

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"I'm sour?" Gregory said, crossing his arms and turning up his nose. He looked down toward the macaroni and cheese. "Well, at least I'm not hissing and spitting at everything. You seem to hate everything that comes across your way. What's your name? Kira?" he smirked and tipped her head to the side. "What's your increased sense? Mine is sight. I can see everything in this room in a simple glance, and I can see a sign on the wall before I even get into the room, and read it at that." he prodded the disgusting looking food with a fork and frowned deeper. His olive eyes looked back at her. "Chastisement room? Well, look who's a rebel." he said with a smirk. "I've been there three times as much as you. And do you see me in a bad mood?"

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"You are sour, you jerk." She tried to shrug off his arrogance, but it didn't work. "Mine's taste, but you're an arrogant jerk who couldn't even understand the value of that sense if it was spelled out to you." To be honest, she didn't either. She could smell way more, yes, but that wasn't very useful. And then she laughed a little. A bitter laugh. "Have you? Doubt it. I smell their smells on you, but it's not that strong. See, you're just a guy who thinks he's all that. You think you can get anything you want and that you're the best. You think you know everything. But you don't. You know nothing." She stared at the place in front of her on the table. A sharp thing jabbed her back and gave her a shock and she jumped. But once she'd calmed down again, she did nothing further in response. "Four year of that gets under your skin."

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"Ha, I'm going to be twenty two in a few days. I've been here for five years already, and I've been trying harder than anyone here to escape." Gregory said, looking around at the guards. His fingers twitched, and he took a quick sweep of every guard. Seven. Three men and four women. They couldn't take any chances with these people... Who knew if someone leapt at them? He had seen that happen before. And if they didn't need them anymore... They would take them away and kill them. Or so he thought. He never saw them again. "... Soon, they'll kill us... They'll kill us all." he murmured. "I won't live to be thirty... Even I know that."

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Kira shook her head stubbornly. "Well you're obviously not strong enough to break out. I am, however. Maybe someone like you wouldn't know the way, but I do." The black-haired young woman smirked at him with a little laugh and shrugged. "They messed up on me so I have awful hearing now, but I..." She looked around at all the guards listening to them talk about escaping. "I at least know good food when I taste it." The grin was wiped off her face as she made her cover-up. Glancing at Gregory and Maria, she sighed. "It's a shame we'll all be so young, but maybe Knoll's kind heart will..." The words stung like poison on her tongue, but she didn't want to give Knoll any more reason to kill her. "Maybe he will find it somewhere in his heart to keep us around for a little while longer..." Kira's fist was curled into a ball to keep her self-rage contained. The young woman hated how her moods changed so quickly. She looked over towards Gregory. "So... What was your family like?" She desperately wanted to change the subject. The guards were making her nervous and she hoped she hadn't messed up too much...

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"My father beats my mother." Gregory said. "... I used to defend her, until I came here. I don't know anything about them anymore. She could be dead, or they could be divorced. How about yours? How is your family like?"


[my mom wants to watch a movie...]

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Kira shrugged a little. "That's sad." She thought about her family for a while. "I ran away. My sister's probably around fifteen now... She was my best friend. But my mom's in the Air Force and couldn't give any less censorkip.gifs about us. My dad's weak and can't do anything for himself. I left four years ago and I don't know how they are. I just hope... I just hope April's okay. I last saw her when she was just a kid..." A dim smile crossed her face. She stared off into the distance and saw her little sister again. "I'll show you a picture of her sometime." She sighed a little. "...My only regret of back then was not telling her where I was going. She thinks I'm dead. I'm sure of that. Always a pessimist." The teenager rolled her shoulders. "You're not half bad when you're not being a jerkface, Greg." Kira cracked her knuckles a bit out of habit. "Just remember not to be a jerkface and you'll get a girlfriend when we're all out of here. And I'll have my sister. You'll know where your parents stand and you'll have a life. I think I'll go to college and become a singer. What about you. What are you gonna do?"

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"... I want to be an artist if I get out of here." Gregory said, and looked away. "I've always wanted to be an artist. Go to Paris... Get a job as an artist and paint at a cafe..."

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Willow stood in the shower, letting the water run over her. She spent a lot of time here, enjoying the distracting feel of water running over her skin.The first time she had gotten into the shower after having her sense of touch increased had been a painful experience. The hot, angry water had blasted mercilessly into her skin, and she had nearly broken her neck leaping backward to get out. Now, she never let the water get hot enough to steam, and had fiddled with the showerhead until the water pressure decreased to nearly half of what it had been.



There was a shout and some banging on her door. Startled, Willow jumped and brushed her arm against the cold tile of the wall. She winced and shied away, then carefully shut off the water and reached for her towel through the open door of the shower. She hated the rough texture of the towels, and made a face when it scraped against her skin.



She dressed quickly and did her best to ignore the feeling of the clothes against her skin as she pulled her dark hair into a bun to keep it from tickling her neck. When she opened her door, two guards were waiting outside impatiently. They led her to the cafeteria, thankfully not touching her. There, Willow was surprised to see three other experiments. She glared and walked lightly across the room to get her food. She walked back past them and sat on the other side of the cafeteria. She would have stood if she could, but the guards didn't like it. Instead, she sat at the very edge of the chair, touching it as little as possible. She ate oddly, trying to avoid touching the cold fork with her toungue. She hated eating--the food scraped all the way down her throat. She perked up a bit and listened into the conversation when she heard the boy mention that he wanted to be an artist.

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Kira laughed a little as Gregory mentioned his dreams of being an artist. "I guess we both have impossible dreams, huh?" She grinned a little and tried to ignore the girl who was watching them. It was distracting and it put her off. Why was she so detached. The black-haired woman tried to focus on her conversation, but her eyes sometimes slipped to Willow. Her smell was distracting, too. It was a smell of water and cleanliness. It annoyed her. "Who would you paint? Me?" The young woman made a pose with her right hand behind her head and her left on her waist. The clothes the wore were loose and baggy so the experiments looked kind of like they were in hospital clothes. That annoyed her a little, but she grinned at Gregory as she dropped her hands to her sides. "Just kidding. But, in all seriousness, what would you paint? The Eiffel Tower is overused. Une femme belle? Une fille jolie? Ou la nourriture?" Bringing back her long-dormant French lessons was a difficult task, but she managed a few words. It made her feel back at home. When she took French in school and taught her sister bits at home. That had been the life... Why had she left it? If she'd just held on for a few more years...


(Translation: A beautiful woman? A pretty girl? Or food? [French])

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"I would paint all of those things and more." Gregory murmured dreamily. "... Anything to be free from this place. Anything to be in France, and to eat food and paint a pretty lady. And to just... Laze around on the beaches and all of that..." he smiled dimly and looked over at Willow. She had olive skin. "... Well... I guess that lunch is almost over..."



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Willow looked away from the three conversationalists but kept listening to them. The black-haired girl said a few things in French, and Willow guessed the meaning using her Latin lessons. The boy--young man, really--got a dreamy look in his eyes as he described going to France, prompting Willow to roll her eyes and let out a snort. A romantic. Ha.

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Kira rolled her eyes at Gregory's dreaminess. "You're really out there. Don't you have any drive to work for what you want? You're not gonna get anything just dreaming about painting, damn it. Go for it and work. It's not going to be easy." Her words were matter-of-fact and snappy. She stood up forcefully and took her tray to the stay of dirty ones. Gregory was right, lunch was almost over. When a couple of guards came to take her away, she took one last glance at the cafeteria and then went away without protest. As her door was shut and locked behind her, Kira grinned and rushed to the window, staring at the world. "I'll get out of here soon. I'll get out and I'll see you, April! I promise!" She looked at the world a few seconds longer before turning away with a smile and shedding her garments to go take a shower. She wanted to feel warm and pretend the sun was shining down on her again. When she was done fantasizing about the outdoors, she dried off and got into her clothes. Standing in front of the medicine cabinet, she stared at her own reflection. "All I see in the mirror is you..."


(Try to get in ten sentences if you can, Aquila. xd.png)

(Also, y'all can stretch out the lunch things to do what you need to do. After that, we can timeskip to another time that characters will be interacting, like lunch the next day or something like that.)

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(I don't know. Can he? Depends on which was you want to go with the character, but bear in mind that the more he's able to see and stuff, the more pain he'd be in while exposed to sunlight and even the pure white walls of the laboratory.)

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Maria visibly flinched and withdrew when Kira yelled. She liked to just listen to pitches, and not really to the words. Even if she held her hands over her ears, it would only result in more noise. It was like blocking out noise with more noise. The guards pulled at her arms, noticing that she was starting to fidget and fight. Maria went quietly though, when quiet returned to the lunch room. However, she knew that they were going to bring her to that room again, that room with the electric shocks...


[ugh, it's short because I'm tired...]

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