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Turf War OOC

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This thread lists all approved characters of the Turf War Roleplay.


Turf War: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=142203




1] Durppie

2] Lady Filari

3] Ainuri

4] Levarias (Female Waterhorse), Filius Sabrion (Male White), Erstwhile (Female Grey), Liseru (male Black)

5] Forest

6] Ainuri is a grumpy Magi that prefers to solve her problems by threatening to zap offenders into chickens and whatnot. She has actually done this a few times, and has a deserved reputation as being a dragon who isn't all that nice. Contrary to popular belief, she is capable of genuine kindness. Filari is aware of her second-in-command's harsh ways, but hasn't removed her from the post because getting turned into poultry is usually a surprisingly effective deterrent to would-be offenders. Also, Ainuri is seen by many as a foil for what ever madness Filari may do.

7] Ainuri is best in offensive magic (for attacking). She's not too bad at transforming other things into something else either. She claims those two aspects of magic just about fix everything (for her).

8] Lady Filari can teleport things like herself and objects. The shorter the distance, the easier it is for her. That is the only form of magic she can competently and consistently do. She finds dark magic interesting, but hasn't touched on it at all. For her non-magical abilities, she has duped many into thinking she is a childish simpleton that isn't all there.

9] Filari is uncertain that her forces can really take on Arikade's vampires. She plans to stock up on supplies and worry about other things for now. She is strongly considering fleeing with her dragons.




1] Username: Nimbus And JadeEyes


2] Warlord Name: Rakayah


3] Favorite dragon/Dragon you will be with most often: FrostShield, a male Guardian Dragon.


4] Other dragons: Reefninja, a Dorsal Dragon, who is mate to FrostSheild and a soldier; MadamBlue, a female Nocturne soldier who trains best at night, BlossomDear, who is a Breeding Female guard, and EmeraldLeap, a female Canopy Herbal Medic.


5] Territory: Their base is hidden in a grove somewhere at the heart of the Forest.


6] Dragon's personality: FrostSheild is protective, and has remained with Reefninja, MadamBlue, BlossomDear and EmeraldLeap for almost twenty years; they had been in the process of rescuing random, abandond eggs, up until now.


7] Dragon's abilities: FrostShield is proud, caring and has a strong sense of justice, and relies on Madamblue's ability for night attacks, and EmeraldLeaps extensive knowledge of herbs and remidies.


8] Warlord's abilities: Rakaya is a traveling merchant, and has a sister who often accompanies with her on her journey to gather one individual of every dragon species; she has found and raised five, so far.

She is a stragitist and problem solver, but a poor fighter; FrostShield makes up for that.


9] Decision on plan of action: Right now, their trade system has been disrupted, and have taken refuge in their grandfathers old Terrae Farm dwelling, which is didsused, with the old Terrae have long since become feral again.

They're formulating a plan for good, as of now, while rearing four adopted eggs they found abandoned.




1] Username; skullete-thetamer_1

2] Name you would like to go by as warlord; Amacules

3] Favorite dragon/Dragon you will be with most often; malifica, a magi dragon

4] Other dragons; starlight (blue nebula, intelligence), nubunium (male skywing, soldier), sanitat (female white, medicinal magician), and adulfi (female hellfire, B.F guard)

5] Territory (General Area: Mountains, coast, forest, jungle, desert, or volcano): deep in the hidden parts of the mountain.

6] Dragon's personality: malifica is an intelligent dragon along with starlight, but with her hellfire roots she is alos hot tempered at times. starlight is also kind and helpful, but in the field a ferocious opponent. nubunium is an audacious but loyal skywing. adulfi is extremely hot headed and get annoyed at the simplest things. sanitat is kind and gentle like starlight.

7] Dragon's abilities: malifica is well known for her psychic abilities, being able to control movement. starlight can fight perfectly well in the night as if in the day, using her mind and the environment around her. nubunium is a fast flyer. sanitat can heal using magic. adulfi is just has the usual abilities of a hellfire

8] Warlord's abilities: can tame even the most fiercest dragons, but still has her limits. a great fighter with two double handed swords. she bases attacks on strategy and speed. natural gymnast normally likes to keep peace with other clans but wil fight if necessary

9] Decision on plan of action: so far Amacules doesn't know what to do. for now she is defending the borders and is free to help others, when ever, where ever. if the problem gets worse she will stand her ground and fight. she is also stocking up on materials just in case.




1] Username: BoomSALMON

2] Name you would like to go by as warlord: Titus

3] Favorite dragon/Dragon you will be with most often: Thunderbolt , a thunder dragon

4] Other dragons: Lark (Guardian) Claw (Guardian)

5] Territory (General Area: Mountains, coast, forest, jungle, desert, or volcano): Jungle

6] Dragon's personality: Neutral and wise. Friendly to friends but hostile to enemies

7] Dragon's abilities: Can conjure lightning from claws and can conjure a storm but not before sapping a lot of energy

8] Warlord's abilities: Can throw a spear farther than any other in the jungle. Knows many evasion tactics.

9] Decision on plan of action: Stay neutral unless provoked, then join the enemy of the attacker's side.




1] Chicbecause

2] Dante Estelle Khalon (Everlasting star warrior)

3] Nebula, Star Hunter

4] (these ones are on y scroll!)Dangerous Undercurrent, The Bolt of Tash, Wrath of God, Scorching Red Crimson

5] Territory: Forest, Jungle

6] Seek and destroy. Extremely aggressive, hard to control, takes pleasure in the kill.

7] Can navigate using the stars, an extremely good hunter/tracker

8] An assassin skilled in knife throwing, martial arts and manipulation

9] Will work for highest bidder....




1] Username: elpdraws


2] Name you would like to go by as warlord : Kaylyn Jewel


3] Favorite dragon/Dragon you will be with most often:Thunder dragon Storm Lord


4] Other dragons: (all of these but the last 3 are on my scroll) Kegans Sun pygmy,I am hidden moon stone, I am not there anymore Magi, Ending sunlight sun set dragon, Clay stone statue nocturne dragon, and Fire lord magma dragon, Night wing nebula, black lotus golden wyvern.


5] Territory: Mountains, coast, and volcano


6] Dragon's personality: Calm,,at times aggressive,never turns down a challenge,


7] Dragon's abilities: skilled tracker,hunter,fighter,etc


8] Warlord's abilities:skilled swordsman , assassin, hand-to-hand combat, theif, aggressive negotiations


9] Decision on plan of action:find the source of the trouble and destroy it




1] Username:Orion97

2] Name you would like to go by as warlord :Orion

3] Favorite dragon/Dragon you will be with most often: Alsia Emberheart(Female Ice)

4] Other dragons: Emeraldan Legara(Male Gray) Talana Emberheart (Female Magma) Tempest Emberheart(Male Thunder) Fiderion Cor (Male White) Aurora and Serina Raptor (Both Female Blue Nebulas) Dusk Emberheart (Female Hellfire) Vagari Mentem(Female Black) Allen Winddance(Male Shadowwalker) Amber Davain(Female Magi) Tranquila Lagara(Female Skywing) Veritas Quicksilver(Female Whiptail) and many other but these are ones that you'll actually see much

5] Territory (General Area: Mountains, coast, forest, jungle, desert, or volcano): In the heart of the mountains

6] Dragon's personality : Alsia is very kind and smart, she is very loyal and will do anything to protect Orion and the others, she is very good with strategy and is kind hearted but also one of the fiercest fighters Orion has ever seen

7] Dragon's abilities: Alsia, Tempest, Talana, and Emeraldan can all change what breed they are but usually prefer their natural breed and they can breath fire and ice, they are each naturally strong and fast as well. They can also turn into human form as well, Alsia(tall beautiful red haired woman, flexible and skilled) Emeraldan(handsome man looking in his twenties, dark hair and strong) Talana(a fast and strong, brunette hair, athletic and fiery) Tempest(man in his early twenties appearence, dark brown hair, quite strong yet athletic, handsome and has a voice of authority so most listen to him without hesitation)

8] Warlord's abilities: Can turn into a dragon breed of his choosing but it's tiring to do often and breathe fire or ice depending on the breed, in human form he can use magic, such as fire, ice or lightning bolts, he has other abilities but doesn't use them unprovoked. He is kind, quite forgiving, smart, brilliant strategist, a fierce fighter as well.

9] Decision on plan of action: Build Strength and fortify, help dragons in need, gather materials and people and make the castle greater. Orion and Alsia(his first dragon, found when he was 13 and he's now 23) the castle was abandoned when first found and it's large, strong and beautiful for a castle, they have fortified and added to it over the years.




1] Username: ET4242

2] Warlord Name: Lady Kiacha (although those close to her will sometimes call her by her first name Cia)

3] First dragon: Lorcc a male Tri-horn wyvern

4] Other dragons: Estora, a female swallowtail dragon : Xano, male hellfire : Belle, female day glory (she is pregnant) : Pesca, male seawyrm Pygmy : Shade, female olive dragon.

5] Territory: Kiacha's little band has no territory of their own, they are nomadic, spending time here and there but never staying long. However she is most comfortable in the woods and jungle.

6] Dragon's personality: Lorcc is someone who is used to being in charge. Very commanding he takes hold of most situations with a calm level head. It is this same cool trait that makes him so deadly as an opponant. Typical of his breed he is not prone to joking, laughter, or really any other form of goofing off. It seems that the only sense of humor that he has is an almost undetectable sarcasm. As a leader his is fair if a bit harsh if he catches you doing something wrong or bad. With hatchlings and eggs however he is surprisingly tender. Against foes, unless Kiacha calls him off, he is absolutely ruthless giving no quarter and expecting none.

7] Dragon's abilities: Lorcc doesn't really have any special abilities besides the fact that he is a very good fighter, and he can breath fire. Estora is an exceptionally good flyer and so while she is not the best fighter she can hold her own through just her shear speed. Xano as odd as it seems is the battle magician of the group, while for the most part he is very even tempered in battle he can be very explosive so he channels that to cast strong spells. Belle is the diplomat and breeding female of the group, she is known to be able to talk her way out of almost any situation, her mate was a golden wyvern named Valavingi who was killed recently. Pesca is a medical magician, while he is very good at the healing arts he is very timid and often speaks with a slight stutter. Last but not least is Shade, she is another fighter who is none to fight using anything at her disposal, exspecially her poison spines, she will also guard the groups camp when needed, burrying herself under piles of leaves to keep from being seen.

8] Warlord's abilities: Kiacha's abilities are that she can firstly hear the voices of and tall to trees, however to get anything coherent from the trees she has to actually go up to one and either touch her forehead to it or press both her palms against it. Even then trees are know. To be very vague or very unconcerned either way they can be very infuriating to talk to. Second she is a very good shot with the bow making her a very deadly force at long or medium range, she is not bad at close courters and hand to hand combat however she believes that if she let an attacker even get that close she must be doing a bad job. The last thing is that Kiacha is a bit of a monkey child, once she makes it up a tree she will be gone before you make it to the first branch.

9] Decision on plan of action: Kiacha wish to keeps her small group out of as much trouble as possible however if push comes to shove she will do what she has to, to protect her clan.




1] Username: greatguy

2] Name you would like to go by as warlord: G'Lant.

3] Favorite dragon/Dragon you will be with most often: Thunder's Sound

4] Other dragons: Geralze, Yog-Saggoth, Guardian in the Sky, Imperial Blue, Spirit of Ashes, Bringer of Plentiful Harvests, G'Lant Healer

5] Territory: Mountains

6] Dragon's personality: Fiercely aggressive and loyal to the clan, Thunder's Sound is the proud second-in-command. He is rightfully proud, and is the strongest dragon in the clan. He was appointed after his predecessor, Geralze, stepped down from his post, so he is not actually the oldest in the clan.

7] Dragon's abilities: Nothing special. Like all Electric dragons, he can control electricity.

8] Warlord's abilities: Muscular and very intelligent, but nothing special1] Username

9] Decision on plan of action: Run

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Question: is it OK if I don't have any soldiers or magic users? I'm shooting for a fairly simple clan, but I don't mind including some magicians and soldiers.


Also, do we ever use this thread? xd.png

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I'm sorry for being on hiatus :/


Is anyone near a mountain-y place? I'm not sure where to go exactly, so traveling with someone would be appreciated.


I haven't really followed the RP...I'll be reading over the entire thing to figure out where everyone is.

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My territory is deep in the mountains, wanna do something cause I am so bored, since certain wo people have been role playing by them selves now adays

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Sure! You can initiate the encounter.


I'm thinking of providing support to the people who are fighting. My clan is too weak to do much about it, but it can still help.

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Okay, now I wish I had a Grey dragon. Oh well :/


Okay, things are picking up.



Btw, my clan isn't very...warlike. It's more of a defending militia, since the surrounding clans aren't too large. So in a fight or flight situation, flight is the answer 90% of the time.

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So...does everyone in each biome know each other? And is anyone still RPing by themselves?

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I see. And do we have a real, y'know, plot? Haven't seen much...happening.


Also, Skullette, could you please try to use better grammar? It's a little difficult to read your posts tongue.gif

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Let me try.


And we have a plot, but the creator is the bad guy with vampires that are stealing eggs, and dragons are disappearing, but the warlord of the vampires is doing something else

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I gathered that. But they aren't interacting with anyone else, are they?

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The warlord of the vampires is with Khalon, who is not the most respected and trustworthy person. Khalon has already unleashed a censorkip.gif ton of thieves on Titus's land and left them to die while she ran for it. My character and Titus are currently in his wrecked office talking about a possible alliance.

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Ah, OK. I'm trying to look through the RP and see the plot so far, but it's time-consumimg.

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