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So to help out with my love of hoarding, and since I need to catch up on all these new-fangled rares, I'm offering art.


First though, please read the conditions to using my art

Artist: Altiboris (Angie)


Special: Usage of my art is allowed on and off site, but if it's fan-art, than first please see the original artist's rules. And of course, give due credit and PLEASE DON'T REMOVE MY SIGNATURE.


Use On Site: Yes

Edit for in order to fit on site (resizing, color cutting, etc): Resizing ok

Recolor for use on site (just because, shinies, etc): Ask

Derivatives for use on site (Ascended, la femme, etc): Ask


Use On DC Forum: Yes

Use as avatars/project banners/etc: If I made it then yes, just using my art and making a banner yourself? No, but maybe if you ask.

Edit for avatars/project banners (recolor, crop, scale): Scale ok, ask for others

Derivative fan art (Drawings of, plushies, etc.): Ask

Use of pixel version in merchandise: Not in merchandise

Use of derivative versions (drawings, etc) in merchandise: Ask


Off Site Use Yes

Edits (including recolors) for Avatars, icons, banners, buttons, etc: If you ask me to do it, sure, but if not, ask

Use as is fanart/avatars: Ask

Edit for fanart/avatars (recolor, crop, scale): Ask

Derivative fan art (Drawings of, plushies, etc.): Ask

Use of pixel version in merchandise: Not in merchandise

Use of derivative versions (drawings, etc) in merchandise: Ask


And now the rules

1. Be clear in what you want

2. Be polite. I normally take all orders, but not if you are rude

3. If I don't accept your offer, I'm sorry

4. Follow the rules on the conditions above

5. Be patient please, I do have a life outside of the computer, but I most likely will finish your art in a week or two

6. When you order, please put the password "Chicken Butt" in the form xd.png

7. Please fill out the form completely

8. Oh and it's not required, but I suggest you track/subscribe to this topic and check regularly for your completed art

8. Thanks


And now for the actual art


Flat Colored Quad


Fully Shaded Quad


Fully Shaded Quad2


Fully Shaded Chibi Human


Shaded Human


Fully Shaded Chibi Human2


Shaded Anthro


Fully Shaded Headshot Quad


Lines (XL)


Also, the sizes will vary from about 300x300 to 500x500 for full/half. You can ask for 700x700 or 1000x1000 by putting XL in the form, but that costs extra.



And the prices...


I only accept CB-3rd gen depending on rarity and hatchlings are worth more than eggs even if gendered


At the moment, I'm VERY interested in those Halloween dragons (CB)... If offered, they take priority over the other orders. A hatchling gets you whatever art you like, and an egg gets you a flat/partially shaded full picture or a fully shaded headshot/bust.


And second up are the Holiday dragons of course, which are always nice.


And after that come the rares ( you guys probably already know what these are)


I only accept hatchlings of the other dragons, and then only CB


First post what you have to offer and what you want, and I'll tell you if you need to add more or less or if I will accept it. If you do not know how much something is worth, than please ask before filling out the following form.


I will accept an egg if say you are waiting to breed your dragons again. Just say so in the form. But please understand that you won't get your art until then.


Use this form please


[b]What I want:[/b]
[b]Ref or Description:[/b]
Payment (please link unless otherwise specified):


Waiting list There are always slot by the way, this is mainly for my reference.


1. Verridith






Pickup Pickup your art here


Saphiredragon73 Farilla


Verridith Sable

Edited by Altiboris

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I'll be your first customer :3


Username: sapphiredragon73

What I want: fully shaded quad

Ref or Description: the second fox (the earth fox) it's Farilla, my OC :3 You can draw her with or without the ball, doesn't really matter

Payment (please link unless otherwise specified): Here :3 PM me for the trade link

Password:[/b] Chicken butt


Thakns biggrin.gif

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Before I snatch a slot fer m'self- it's best to ask this before. XD I can breed you anything on my scroll, what would you be interested in so I can begin trying?


** though note I just tried to breed all of my rare CBs. Unfortunately, nothing for any of them. :P Sadfaic.

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Sapphire, thanks <3 I PMed you


Verridith, well, if I could have anything, I'd love to have a black marrow happy.gif preferably with a lurker parent. Lol but if that's not possible, just a black marrow would be fine.

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Ahh I don't think any of the Hallow dragons can be bred for Hallow eggs until next year ): Best I'd be able to offer you would be a year-long IOU XD and I'd rather not do that, because knowing me, I'd forget-


I can offer you an IOU for a Christmas dragon, however, if you'll take that. I have no waiting list, but I would have to ask; would you do art for an IOU, or would you wait until Christmas before you began the commission? Not sure how long I'd be willing to wait for a start xP


Others I'd be willing to offer would be breedings from my CB rares and my CB uncommons (like the Golden Wyverns and such)~

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Oh yeahh.... lol *faceplants* sorry forgot about that. Alrighty uhhh could I ask for a golden wyvern egg? With an alt black parent?

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Let me see if I can get an even-gen for ya (:


Fffff nope, both of my ones that would result in even-gens failed. I can breed you something a messy lineage, unless you'd like to wait a week?


I'll fill out the form in a few (:

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Sure happy.gif the sooner the form's filled out the better


And uhhh ohhh just noticed the second page *stares* do you think instead of a rare could I get a 1st gen frilled and a 1st gen magi? Sorry this is taking so long >_>

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Breed a 1st gen Magi and a 1st gen Frilled? I can't get you a Frill, as those are retired, but I can see if I can breed you a Magi from that kind of pairing (:


Username: Verridith

What I want: Hmm, perhaps a fully shaded quad? *

Ref or Description: I'd like you to draw my she-wolf Sable. (:

user posted image

^ some notes about the ref; as it wasn't drawn by me, there are some things that need changing XD The indigo coloration on her is actually what color to tint the shading. She's pitch black; but where light hits in the places where there's dark blue, she had more blue-tinted fur shading than silvery. Where there's no blue, that place will have normal fur shading.


Her eyes are also a bit different. One - the left one - is more of a yellowy orange, where the right one is more of a normal/reddish orange.


She also has a lizard companion, as seen with her here:



The lizard's name is Yazzu. He's optional, only draw him if you want. He's also much smaller that Fire drew him XD And Sable is also more delicate, though yes, she's that fierce when she wishes. <3



Pose-wise I'd like something maybe... thoughtful? I don't care about anything but that, take it as you will and run (:

Payment: Been discussing, of course XD






* If one leetle Magi isn't enough, I can always breed you something else as well (: Or attempt at catching a few eggs in the Cave. But I'm not that good at catching, so- XD

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Hmm looks good :3 lol uhh that would be great. And inn that case may I ask for a 1st, gen shadow walker? LOL I cant find any

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Can't breed halloween dragons ): Shadow Walkers are Hallow dragons XD


Would this be okay for the Magi?



(also LOL the names of those two are OCs of mine =P what's funny is that Taleens' mate is Nwalka's brother-)


What else looks interesting on my scroll? Just remember, holiday dragons are a no-can do ): limited breeding times, unfortunately

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Sure happy.gif looks good


and lol sorry I didn't know... been on hiatus for a bit...


Ohhh ummm well I noticed you have 2 CB 2Headed-dragons... could I request an egg from them? happy.gif thanks

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PMing you the code now (: I'll toss in a freebie Skywing 2nd gen, too, just for kicks & I don't need it. XD

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Thanks happy.gif but that's alright about the Skywing, I only have 2 eggs hatching within a day so there's no room xP

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Oh gosh hun, now I feel bad for not trading with you xd.png If only I saw this earlier, you have adorable and amazing art! *Is a softie for arts*

I *love* the sable commish! Maybe you'd have to do one of my characters <.<


I'll be PMing you for sure x3

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