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Saru's world.

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So I've heard I should open a topic my own *pokes Playdoh :3* thus here it is.

A lot of this is done YEARS ago... have a few stuff I made in the past 3 years but that's stored away since we're re-decorating my room </3


Memorial drawing for my grandpa.

Diva sketch from Blood+

Will from W.I.T.C.H.

Elf thing from a drawing book.

Birthday card I made for a cousin.

Birthday card for my niece.

Dude from an anime which I can't remember.

Pipkona... Piplup x Mokona... 'Nuff said <3

Dress... remade from drawingbook.

Dude... probably from drawingbook.

Catgirl... Drawingbook for sure tongue.gif

Haji from Blood+ Who doesn't love Haji? <3

Birthcard for my niece when she gave birth to a baby girl.


The Fight for the Magic:


*little note* NOBODY is allowed to use the sketches from The Fight For The Magic unless I have agreed on it. These are my OOC's for my story I have been working on for 5 years and I'll eat your brains if you use them without permission <3


At the moment I'm not taking any requests cause I really gotta finish my stuff for The Fight for the Magic otherwise there's no way I'll make it before my deadline >.<


I like to draw awkward things like letters that I turn into fish etc... that's why I call this topic Saru's world <3

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Awesome! You finally opened a thread, Saru! <3



La la la la, la la la la, Saru's world.




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Your traditional arts are fantastic, Saru!! biggrin.gif

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ahahaha thanks tongue.gif

give me something to make that does not need freaky hard anatomy and I'll be fine xd.png

like now with my cover for The Fight for the Magic... it's not working out the way I want it to >.<

I'll pm it to you tongue.gif it's quite a laugh if you ask me xd.png

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nice art =w=

may want to have your samples a smaller size, it took a long time to load

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yep I know... but I was having a fight with imageshack cause I had almost reached the limit </3 will update after dinner so that it's easier to load smile.gif


Cover art in progres:

Book cover sketch.

I can't get it right tho, and I'll have to digitalize it somewhere during the process :']


Edit 2.

These are the 4 main characters that are supposed to be on the cover.

Peigi & Kinomoto

Ula & Yoshino

*note* my friend made these sketches, wish I could draw like her so I could make a proper cover </3

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Working on my poster for Gackt..

Music note in the left lower corner, because music is what unites hearts: user posted image

And now the total with colored Dutch flag :'] user posted image


will update once I have more >3


out of paint..... >3

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Okay so since I'm home alone for 2 weeks and my soup has decided to take ages to get ready here's some art...


Meet the crown prince of Altaria: Roberto Button.

user posted image

Credits for this character all go to Be my princess, which is an android based sims game by Gree smile.gif


I know it's a bit blurry but since I forgot my whole charcoal kit I had to do it with my fingers >3


oh hey look, it's the crown prince of Dresvan; Joshua Lieben!!

user posted image

Credits for this character all go to Be my princess

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