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Need to Spiff up your Lineage Project Post? Need to advertise your love for a certain dragon? Or maybe you just need a unique way to display all your banners. Well, you're in the right place! Here at the Banner Emporium, we take the bland old text links and make it into a colorful, fun banner! There is no limit to the amount of times you can request, so request away!



  • Dragon Couples

    user posted imageuser posted image

  • Love ♥ Dragons Banners

    user posted image

  • Small Project Banners

    user posted imageuser posted image

  • Lineage Project Header Banners

    user posted image

  • Signatures

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Form to Fill Out:

[Choice of Banner] (Signature, Small Banner, Header, ect)

[Colors on Banner] (Can be more then one color)

[Dragons on Banner]

[Text on Banner]

[Other] (Anything else you think I may need to know)


Waiting List:

1. ubbydubby

2. WinterOsprey



Finished Requests:





(Note: This is a test run, hence the messy post. I will be changing things around as I go along)

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It DOES say you are open...


[Choice of Banner] The I *heart* (Dragon type)

[Colors on Banner] Can the I be the color blue like a sunsong's eyes, and the heart be a dark gold?

[Dragons on Banner] Male adult Sunsong Amphiptere

[Text on Banner] Same text as the Love banners

[Other] Do you want payment?


That's it!

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I don't know whether you do non dragon banners D: but feel free to turn down xd.png


[Choice of Banner] Signature

[Colors on Banner] White/blue/red but a sort of frosty ice pastel colours

[Dragons on Banner] none

[Text on Banner] Winter

[Other] if it helps, the sig is for an RP forum and id like something to match this avatar:


user posted image


So icy, frosted roses on a white/blue soft focus background?


I'm being awkward xd.png tell me if you can't, because it's totally fine hahaha

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Thanks, ubbydubby and WinterOsprey! I will get to them as soon as possible. I'm having computer problems right now, so my computer isn't accessable. But, when it is, I will get to them ASAP!


ubbydubby: No Payment Necessary! n_n

WinterOsprey: I do non-Dragon banners too! ;3

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