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Arya10's writing Contest Corner

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Welcome to Arya10's writiting contest corner! Here, we will compete with stories with assigned topics by me. We need people willing to breed Prizes for winners. If you wish to sign up for this, put this: I wish to be a Prize Giver


Prize Givers:



Judges:Judges cannot compete!You will be judged by creativity and how well you stuck with a topic.Your entry will be here, and judges will choose the top 3 and 1 honorable mention




Swag General


This Month's Contest: Write a funny story about a sneaky weasel who tries to get into the Guiness Book of World Records


This month's entries:





How Prizes will be given:

You will select a dragon breed you want (with gifter's permission)

First Place: Rare or Rarest dragon on scroll

Second Place: Uncommon or most uncommon on scroll

Third Place: any common dragon


1 Honorable Mention will be selected amongst the judges, and will be able to select a common/uncommon dragon




Please LINK your entries to a separate place, so we don't clog the topic with long stories, so, you decide where you like to put it!800 word limit/3 page limit

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Yeah, I'm pretty sure this goes in multimedia.


But anyway, I might want to participate. This sounds like it could be fun! I need to stretch my writing muscles.

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I'd like to participate. I could also be a prize giver if that's allowed ^^


I wish to be a Prize Giver

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When's the deadline?


And I still cant find a place to link from, any suggestions?

Google Docs has a document option that you can use. you need a gmail account though, but you can upload it there and them provide a link for use to view, make sure you have the sharing option set to viewable or viewable to those with a link.

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