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The Three-Way War

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The Plot:

Humans and dragons used to live in harmony. They lived their lives without harming each other and even became friends. Humans soon learned dragons were much more powerful than they were. Scared and jealous, humans started attacking dragons. Using modern technology, humans forced the dragons into hiding. Soon dragons faded from human memory, becoming simple myths. None of the humans knew dragons were real. They didn’t know they were living in underground cities. They didn’t know they wanted revenge.


Dragons had plenty of time to form opinions about humans while they were hiding. The dragons formed three groups; The Red Army, The Blue Empire, and The Green Republic. The Red Army wanted to kill all humans, The Blue Empire wanted to turn humans into dragons, and the Green Republic wanted to live in peace with humans. The dragons argued with each other for a long time. The Green Republic wanted to let humans choose their fate, but the Red Army refused. They wanted to fight. Finally, the Blue Empire came up with a fair way to decide; All of them would fight for power. The humans chose their favorite color; Red, blue, or green. Humans joined the group who represented the color they chose. The humans that chose red were killed or became slaves, the ones that chose blue turned into dragons, and the ones that chose green stayed the same, but might become dragon rider if they are good friends with a dragon. The three groups start a war on Earth that would change the fate of humans and dragons, forever.


The Setting

The three groups of dragons all choose their own city to start out in; Red chose New Jersey, Blue chose Philadelphia, and Green chose New York. First group to conquer the entire world wins.


1. No Power playing

2. No Godmodding

3. Don’t make your character super powerful/perfect

4. Character sheets must be approved by me first

5. Keep everything PG 13

6. Try to use proper spelling and grammar

7. DC dragons only. The dragons don't need to be on your scroll and you can alter it's appearance (Different eye color, darker/ligher colors)

8. This rule is very important: Have fun!


Character Sheet:




Species (Human or Dragon? If dragon, what type?):



Group (Red Army, The Blue Empire, or The Green Republic?):


My Character:

Name: Enthra

Age (Dragons can be hatchlings, mature hatchlings or adults): Adult

Gender: Female

Species (Human or Dragon? If dragon, what type?): Rosebud dragon

Appearance: user posted image

Personality: Enthra is very kind and friendly, but aggressive and violent when angry.

Group (Red Army, The Blue Empire, or The Green Republic?): The Blue Empire


Red Army's Territory

New Jersey


Green Republic's Territory

New York


Blue Army's Territory


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Hi! I'm soupnazi and I'll be doing some critique on your roleplay since you have none yet.


The dragons decided to ask which color they liked most: Red, Blue, or Green.


A few questions here. First, who did they ask? The sentence is very vague about that. Second, how did they come to this decision? I can't imagine the Red Army deciding to ask humans to join them considering their position.


You need information on setting. It seems as if this is modern day our world, but you need to specify regardless as well as give us a place for the roleplay to take place; the world is vast, and you'll want to limit it to a specific city or region.

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Several questions:


1. Are the Dragon's limited to the approved DC dragons listed on the Dragoncave wiki? Or could people choose dragons on the completed list, or their own drawings etc?


2. If the answer to Q1, is official DC dragon's only. Would we need to have the dragon on our scroll in order to roleplay them?


3. Can users modify the dragon's features slightly? I.e slightly darker/brighter colourations?


4. For the green army, are Dragon rider's allowed?


5. I've noticed you selected places from America. But what if someone who want's to join the RP does not live in America, and therefore is not familiar with those three locations.


6. Since this is a "war" type DC roleplay, and there are three armies. Shouldn't there be ranks within the army, so that the hierarchy of command is legit/official?

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