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Shinsedai Shinobi (OOC Thread)

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Shinsedai Shinobi OCC Thread


Okay this is a thread to be used to keep the RP Shinsedai Shinobi free from clutter, Current accepted characters and also new characters are to be posted here.

All Questions regarding the RP Shinsedai Shinobi, cause there are bound to be some later on in the RP, are to be asked here.


General Rules of RPing still stand.


Shinsedai Shinobi RP rules

1. No Rinnegan- The rinnegan is banned full stop; please do not try to simulate this bloodline or we will figure out and your character will be kicked out to the recycle bin.


2. Uchiha and Kaguya Clan Limit- There will be a limit on some clans to stop hoarding because people tend to favor the Uchiha's. If you make an Uchiha, and are given the okay, whatever rank the Uchiha is at, you will start out with Sharingan Tomoe Level One, depending on the circumstances of the Character.


3. Starting Ranks- Will all be Genin unless special permission is granted. Like all people you have to work your way up the ranks.

If you post earlier, you will most likely be given a higher rank. We'll be in need for some Jounin Squad leaders for the Genin. Also, some Chunin as well. If you ask nicely I might let you be ANBU.


4. No Dual Kekkai- This includes dual kekkai and dual bloodline limit. No Ice and Metal, and no Byakugan/Sharingan combo. Doujutsu stealing is allowed but you may only have one doujutsu eye, you MUST PM me (Kursedfire) and the user who you will be stealing from. You MUST give a reason.


5. No Bloodline Expansions- None at all, even if you try it will be denied.

For those who don't know what a Bloodline Expansion is, it is a bloodline limit like Ice except instead of two elements combined it has three elements combined, so no on these.


6. Stats & Natures- The stats are at a maximum of 1000, you cannot go higher than this.

Natures, the five elements that ninja have access to.

Katon (Fire) is weak against Suiton (Water)

Suiton (Water) is weak against Raiton (Lightning)

Raiton (Lightning) is weak against Doton(Earth)

Doton (Earth) is weak against Fuuton (Wind)

Fuuton (Wind) is weak against Katon (Fire)


The stat points and natures per rank go as follows:


Academy Student-500 points, 0 natures

Genin-1000 points, 1 nature

Chuunin-1500 points, 1 nature

Tokubetsu Jounin-2000 points, 2 natures

Jounin-2500 points, 2 natures

Anbu-3000 points, 3 natures

Kage- 3500 points, 4 natures


7. KG/CM/Sage split limit- You will be able to have ONLY ONE of these statuses (With Permission) However you will not be able to gain a second so do not try. The statuses are Kekkai Genkai, Curse mark and Sage.


8. Death Rule- Killing is not allowed, after going through the rules, allowing to kill a character would just make things confusing.


9. No Jinchūriki's- No Jinchūriki's, like the Death Rule I put much thought into the decision and decided it would be fairer on RP's if there were no Jinchūriki's.


New Character Registration Form

[B]Name: [/B]
[B]Bloodlimit/Curse Mark(i):[/B]
[B]Birth Country:[/B]
[B]Village(currently residing in):[/B]
[B]Primary Weapon:[/B]
[B]Character Depth/Family:[/B]




[B]Technique Levels: 
[B]Ninjutsu:[/B] /1000
[B]Genjutsu:[/B] /1000
[B]Taijutsu:[/B] /1000
[B]Fuuinjutsu (Sealing Techniques):[/B] /1000

[B]Chakra Nature/s(iv):[/B]

[B]Health and Chakra Points (v)[/B]

[B]Jutsu's(vi): [/B] 


Update of Character Form

[b]Reason for change/s:[/b]



(i)- Please note these require permission

(ii)- Please, I'm Australian I don't do Feet and Inches. Please convert to M and Cm's in (----)

(iii)- Try to make it as thorough as you can, min of two paragraph's (about 10 lines)

(iv)- Please select from Fire, Water, Wind, Earth or Lightning. If your character is a Taijutsu user only, you will not need to select a nature, same applies for Charka points.

(v)- Maximum Health and Chakra

Academy Student- 50Hp, 20C

Genin- 100Hp, 70C

Chunin- 200Hp, 100C

Jonin- 250Hp, 150C

Special Jonin- 300Hp, 200C

ANBU- 350Hp, 250C

Kage- 400Hp, 300C

(vi)-The lower the rank of the character the less Jutsu's, please think about chakra levels when deciding Jutsu's.

IMPORTANT- I would like the characters to have a max of 5 elemental jutsu's, these do not include basic jutsu's eg. Clones, henge etc)


For more information on Plot and other guidelines please visit the RP Thread

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Current Accepted Characters


Kursedfire (Me)

Name: Satoshi Hyuuga

Bloodlimit/Curse Mark: Caged Bird Seal

Height: 175cm

Weight: 65kg

Age: 19


Alignment: Konoha

Birth Country: Konoha

Village: Konoha

Rank:Special Jounin


Primary Weapon:

5 Puppets

Kame- Large, Solid puppet used for defence. While slow moving it is covered by a layer of Sound steel, known for its durability and strenght.


Anata- Mainly hollow, small light weight puppet, easy to monuver around the field. Because it is a good size smaller than the average puppet, the master can move Anata in for quick lightning fast attacks to the enemy.


Shiru- Medium Sized puppet with many conpartments, this puppet is made out of a special wood which when used correctly can be used to store the users chakra and steal that of the enemies apon contact. Usefull for when low on chakra, The master can restore lost chakra quickly.


Totsugeki and Konbain (The Twin Dragons)- Two twin medium sized puppets made to be a specially for long range, due to their high storage of many harmfull items. Weapons used in puppets are Fire stream from mouth, posion gas, senbon, kunai, ninja wire, shuriken and many more. When Tosugeki is on the battlefield with Konbain they both can form a powerfull attacking combo,Dragons Breath Vortex(Doragon no iki no uzu)Tosugeki will release a powerfull stream of flame then Konbain will release a small but poten burst of spiral wind. The result is a vortex of flame.


Character Depth/Family:

Mother- Tenten Hyuuga

Father- Neji Hyuuga


Personality: He is a fun and outgoing Shinobi, taking after his mother more then his father, although strict when it comes to teamwork.

Known for Sulking in a corner and growing mushrooms when he doesn’t get his way.

Also Satoshi has a habit of bitting his nails when he is nervous.


Appearance: Short Chestnut hair, longs bangs cover White Hyuuga eyes. Konoha head band on forehead. Regular Jounin uniform. 5 large Scrolls attached to back.


Background/History: Satoshi, son of Neji and Tenten Hyuuga. Like his father he was a bit of a genius at the Academy and graduated a year earlier then the rest of his classmated. Even though Satoshi is a Hyuuga with a strong Bloodline passed down from his father, he prefers to use his puppets in battle, This doesnt mean he'll launch a surprise attack with his Gentle Fist Art.


When Satoshi first graduated from the academy in Konoha he was rather detached from the rest of the world only focusing on the mission and its completion, not for the safety of his teammates, Although due to the loss of his team mates on a mission he joined others in helping spread a new Nido, protecting the new generation.


Technique Levels:

Tokubetsu Jounin-2400 points, 2 natures

Ninjutsu: 700/1000

Genjutsu: 400/1000

Taijutsu: 800/1000

Fuuinjutsu (Sealing Techniques):500 /1000


Chakra Nature/s:




Health and Charka Points

Health: 280

Chakra: 150



Futon: Renkudan (Wind Release: Drilling Air Bullet)

Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu (Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique)

Katon: Hosenka no Jutsu (Fire Style - Art of the Phoenix Flower)

Katon: Karyu Endan (Fire Release: Fire Dragon Flame Bullet)



Name: Haruka Uchiha

Bloodlimit/Curse Mark: Uchiha Bloodline

Height: 127 cm

Weight: 25 kg

Age: 6

Gender: Female

Alignment: Konoha

Birth Country: Konoha

Village: Konoha

Rank: Academy Student soon to be Genin

Primary Weapon:


Fuma Shuriken



Character Depth/Family:

Sasuke Uchiha- Father

Sakura Haruno



Shy, easy going, and very gullible. Haruka looks up to her dad, and always wants to be with him, and be like him. She is definitely a daddy's girl, and wishes that he wasn't so serious all the time, although he can soften up and play with her occasionally, and she becomes completely elated when that does happen. Haruka sometimes comes with Sasuke to work when she doesn't have school, to observe and learn. She sees Naruto quite often mostly because of this, and so she sees him as a sort of Uncle.



Haruka has a face almost identical to her father, at least how he looked as a happy-go-lucky kid before his brother killed the whole clan. Her eyes are a bit bigger, like Sakura's, but they still have that same look that Sasuke's have. She is pretty small, as she is only six.



Not much as has really happened to Haruka in her short life. When she was only two, she stole a shuriken from her mother and threw it, hitting a tree with surprising strength, delighted, she picked it up and threw it again hitting almost exactly the same spot. When her mom realized what was going on, she yelled at her, but was actually really proud and amazed at her daughter. Haruka started pestering her father to teach her ninja things when she was a few months away from turning four. He agreed to teach her some basic, pretty safe things when she turned four. At five, she joined the Ninja academy, eager to train and impress her father. Haruka is a know it all when it comes to knowledge about ninja things, like the requirements of a Shinobi. With her father's skills and her mother's brains, she easily rose to the top of the class, though she does struggle with a few jutsu.


Technique Levels: Stats- Academy Student, 400(she's only six!)

Ninjutsu: 75/1000

Genjutsu: 70/1000

Taijutsu: 25/1000

Fuuinjutsu (Sealing Techniques): 65/1000


Chakra Nature:



Health and Chakra Points:

Health- 65

Chakra- 50



Katon: Komakai Kaki(small fire ball)

Katon: Kasumi Endu no Jutsu(flammable mist, ignites when touching sparks or fire)




Name: ShunRen Uzumaki

Height: 129.5 cm

Weight: 32 kg

Age: 10

Gender: Male

Alignment: Konoha

Birth Country: Konoha

Village: Konoha

Rank: Academy Student Soon to be Genin

Primary Weapon: N/A


Character Depth/Family:

Mother- Hinata Uzumaki

Father- Naruto Uzumaki


Personality: Quirky but always trying to be the center of attention. Ready to grasp all he can and all the knowledge available to him. Always being the "odd" child and trying to get noticed as himself and not his father. Hides his emotions from everyone to try and keep the "strong" face even in the face of extreme danger. Trys to make friends who like him for him. Very protective and has been known to throw himself into danger to keep another safe.


Appearance: Medium shaggy bright yellow hair. Despite his hyuuga blood he doesn't carry the Byakugan instead he has bright blue eyes. He wears black shorts with a blue open jacket with the fire symbol on the back of it and orange embrodery.


Background/History: Ever since his birth he had a very small connection to his inner chakra. Though it was certain he had plenty of access to chakra but something just seemed to prevent it from coming out at all even when trying to force it out. As he was growing up he had visited to academy and seen the shinobi hard at work due to the position his father held in the village. He began to train day in and day out to become one with his chakra but all seemed to fail no matter how hard he tried. Then one day he and his father were out meandering about they decided to spar around for fun. At that point it became apparent that he was abnormally good at taijutsu and was nearly as fast as his grandfather before him. His father was impressed and decided that He would enter the academy when he was ready to.


Technique Levels:

Ninjutsu: 0/1000

Genjutsu: 0/1000

Taijutsu: 500/1000

Fuuinjutsu (Sealing Techniques): 0/1000


Chakra Nature: N/A


Health and Chakra Points:




Jutsu's: N/A


ShadowBlade_ZX ~Inactive~

Name: Arashi Nakami

Bloodlimit/Curse Mark: Blood God Mark (explained in family)

Height: 154 cm

Weight: 42 kilos

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Alignment: Konoha

Birth Country: Konoha

Village: Konoha

Rank: Academy Student, soon to be Genin


Primary Weapon:


Chakra Katana - A simple katana with a circular black handle. It has a blue streak on both sides going from the handle to the tip and passing straight through the middle. The blake can be infused with chakra, which makes it lighter and faster to swing, also hitting harder than normal, but infusion with chakra tires Arashi out quickly.


Special Hidden Kunai Mechanism - This is a simple mechanism hidden in the sleeve of Arashi, which, when activated, shoots out a kunai that hits the enemy and then retracts through wire. The mechanism has been modified from Arashi. First, the kunai is at normal shape, but it travels faster and usually piearces through the enemy. Then, a hook bursts from the kunai that holds on the enemy. Arashi can now choose to release fire through the wire or to pull the enemy toward him.


Character Depth/Family:

Mother - Tomoko Nakami

Father - Yamashita Nakami


The Nakami are a newborn clan that has been created from an unknown clan and the clan Namikaze. They have a special blood limit or trait - the Blood God Mark. As it's name says, the Nakami have godly powers, though really limited. They have only two jutsus - Bloodlust and Godly Kunai. The first is D rank, whilst the second is D to C rank. The Bloodlust is a simple jutsu - whenever casted, the Nakami heats it's blood up, increasing it's will to fight and charging the next jutsu's damage. The Godly Kunai is more complex - the kunai is infused with a special power that makes it glow in a crisp, radiating white light. When thrown at the ground, the kunai explodes a bit weaker than a kunai with explosive tags but creates an illusion of the caster right where the kunai is. If infused with Bloodlust, the user can strap on an explosive tag and can lodge it into the enemy. Bloodlust cannot be used much - four uses before the Nakami needs to recharge, though not using any chakra, whilst the Godly Kunai uses up a little bit of chakra - 10 to 20 points every kunai.


Personality: Arashi is a friendly guy. He enjoys chatting with fellow genin and admires Naruto Namikaze. He feels that he is a big person and someday he will become like Naruto. Arashi also likes fighting. He has been practicing since from home and knows all jutsus of his clan that he can use as a genin and has a will to fight. Countless practices have toughed him up to fight, though out of them he is the frendliest chap you'll meet.


Appearance: Black hair that reaches the midst of his ears. The front of the hair is curved to the right in a spiky manner. Those are paired up with a set of deep dark blue eyes that reflect his childhood and you could lose yourself in. Wears a white t-shirt under a opened black vest. Pants are a dark grey with white stripes on the sides, finished with dark blue sandals.


Background/History: Arashi was a fighting kid, learning to fight from the early age of 5 or 6 years. He was raised a fighter, fighting day for day to earn his food. Then, he was softened up to learn the good side of life, the one of harmony, peace and good. Then, at the age of 10 to 12 he was at the mountains near Konoha training for his clan abilities. Now, he has returned to join the genins.


Technique Levels:

Ninjutsu: 400/800

Genjutsu: 200/800

Taijutsu: 80/800

Fuuinjutsu (Sealing Techniques): 120/800


Chakra Nature/s:



Health and Chakra Points

Health - 85 HP

Chakra - 65 CP




Godly Kunai

Katon: Ryuuka no Jutsu

Katon: Housenka no Jutsu

Substitute Jutsu

Shadow Shuriken Jutsu


woshiico0kie ~Inactive~

Name: Shiroi Yuki

Bloodlimit/Curse Mark: Ice Release

Height: 140cm

Weight: 45kg

Age: 10

Gender: Female

Alignment: Konohagakure

Birth Country: Land of Fire

Village: Konohagakure

Rank: Academy Student soon to be Genin

Primary Weapon:

Metal Fan- A small handheld fan that can serve as a Kunai, not to be thrown but as a hand-to-hand combat weapon. It also serves as a medium for some of her jutsus.


Character Depth/Family:

Mother – Kaori Yuki

Father – Konohagakure shinobi (unnamed)


Personality: She is usually reserved, since she cannot reveal much of her family’s history to other people. However, she will warm up to certain close friends, but will still keep mum about her family. She finds it easier to just not talk at all, rather than to keep on avoiding the topic of her family. She appears relatively cheerful, with a smile on her face most of the time. Many have mistaken her to be mute.


Appearance: She has long, raven-black hair, up to her waist, but she usually ties it up into a high ponytail with a white ribbon. She has pale skin and large hazel eyes. Her Konoha forehead protector is worn on her neck, as a choker. She wears a white tank top and a navy mini-skirt with black shorts. She wears standard shinobi sandals. Her metal fan hangs on her waist.


Background/History: Shiroi’s grandparents escaped to the Land of Fire during the extermination of the Yuki Clan during the civil war in the Land of Water. They lived as normal villagers until Kaori Yuki, Shiroi’s mother, ran away from home, due to an overwhelming desire to avenge her people by becoming a shinobi. As she(Kaori) grew older, she began to realise that her dream of revenge was one of selfish desires and not how she was brought up, in the Land of Fire, with the Will of Fire. She eventually gave up and returned to her parents’ home, only to discover that they have already passed away due to old age. With nowhere to go, she went back to Konohagakure, where she learnt the ways of the shinobi, to start a family there.


Hence, Shiroi was born from the marriage of Kaori and her partner. Shiroi was sent to the Konoha Ninja Academy to learn to be a shinobi. Kaori also placed her there in hopes that she would learn about the Will of Fire, helping her strengthen her personal conviction, as well as moral direction.


Technique Levels:

Ninjutsu: 800/1000

Genjutsu: 100/1000

Taijutsu: 50/1000

Fuuinjutsu (Sealing Techniques): 50/1000


Chakra Nature:

Ice (Water and Wind)


Health and Chakra Points:

Health- 100

Chakra- 70



Kirigakure no Jutsu (Hidden Mist Jutsu)

Hyouton: Tsubame Fubuki (Ice Release: Swallow Snow Storm)

Hyouton: Haryū Mōko (Ice Release: Tearing Dragon Fierce Tiger)

Hyouton: Kokuryū Bōfūsetsu (Ice Release: Black Dragon Blizzard)

Hyouton: Makyō Hyōshō (Ice Release: Demonic Ice Crystal Mirrors)



Name: Edmon

Bloodlimit/Curse Mark: N/A


Weight: average




Birth Country: earth contry



Primary Weapon:



Character Depth/Family:he is in a way related to deidara, deidara is one of is ancestors


Personality:altough he had a hardchild hood he tries to forget about it, and forget what people did to him, at firts he may be cold or not interested but when you get to know him he's not that bad after all. He likes to take on new challenges and likes to prank his friends, he also is an artist.




Background/History: He is a descended of deidara so he can use bakuton ( explosion realse ). When he was a kid people use to call him a monster since he has a mouth in his hand, he would cover it up with bandages but people would continue calling him a monster and annoying him, since he's a long descend of deidara and that he was a run away ninja of his village and part of the akatsuki edmon wasn't very welcome to their village either,even if he never knew who was deidara and that he was completely deferrent from him people still rejected him so he decided to run away too. He is now a habitant of konoha, after talking with the hokage he finnaly could live in his new village and be a jonnin.


Technique Levels: Stats:

Ninjutsu:1000 /1000

Genjutsu:500 /1000

Taijutsu:1000 /1000

Fuuinjutsu (Sealing Techniques): /1000


Chakra Nature/s:




Health and Chakra Points:

Health- 250

Chakra- 150



Exploding Landmine

C0 to C4 exploding clay.

(Doton: Iwa Kyojin) – Earth Release: Stone Golem

(Doton: Doryuso) - Earth Style: Rising Stone Spears.

(Doton: Arijigoku no Jutsu) - Earth Style: Antlion Technique

(Doton: Tsuchi Kairo) - Earth Style: Earth Corridor



Name: Kaiser Kanryu

Bloodlimit/Curse Mark: Ryū Clan's Marks

Height: 1.55m

Weight: 46kg

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Alignment: Konoha

Birth Country: Mount Koryū (between the Fire, Water, Earth, Wind and Lightning areas)

Village: Konoha

Rank: Academy Student -> Genin

Primary Weapon:


Double Nija Swords


Used as main weapons and for some of his Jutsus such as the Kasai-chū ken. The swords are special swords forged by his clans eldest blacksmiths which are made specially for the Ryū Clan members. He uses wears them on his back in a "L" formation so one is drawn above the shoulder and the other from the lower back, the swords look like this only that the guards ressemble the open mouth of a dragon and the handles are black with dark red strings around them. Close to the guards, the swords have a special streak(*) to which he can press and get blood go through the canal on the center of the blade and fill it with his chakra through the blood. Since the swords are specially made for Ryū Clan members, they get empowered by the blood of one of them, making them work as a weaker version of the Dragon Blade, and thus each blow stronger and even makes jutsus performed with them stronger along with the power of draining a little portion of the foe's chakra.


Hidden Kunnai with "Chain"


A hidden Kunai under his wristbands, each of them attached to a special metal rope specially forged by Ryū Clan blacksmiths to be as fluent as a normal rope but to be as strong as the stiffest of steels. The kunnai is only revealed from its hidding when he wants to use it either as a projectile or cable device (to pull himself or enemies closer).



Character Depth/Family:

Clan: Ryū Clan

Father: Yōgan Kanryu

Mother: Yuki Kanryu

Sister: Kanrei Kanryu


Kaiser's family is well known among their clan. Being Yōgan his father knowledgeable for mastering the Yōton (Lava Release) by combining his Faire and Earth Natures. He acquired notoriability among the clan on a mission to maintain the clan's hidden village hidden. In said mission he was able to melt down part of a mountain to prevent tresspassers to find them. In that same mission he knew his wife, Yuki, Kaiser's mother and who helped him create the new "mountain" which was actually a melted down one can later colled by Yuki's Hyōton (Ice Release). Both they managed to protect the village and the Clan's sake and together they formed a family. Years later they got two children Kaiser and Kanrei, being Kaiser the eldest. Now Yōgan is part of the counsel that rules the clan's sake which only made the decision of letting his child leave the clan harder.


Personality: Almost always serious, he is very stubborn and quickly angered, but only in battles. outside them, he is an easy going person, retaining his serious look, he enjoys spending time with friends and fooling around, but always being prepared to battle when needed.


Appearance: Kaiser


Background/History: As part of the Ryu Clan, a powerfull but almost extinct clan, Kaiser wanted to become the greatest ninja of the clan. But even with their best senseis, he could not reach his goal, so he decided to move to Konoha to fulfill it. Since his markings could be easily be hide, he designed a way to hide them so he could join the rest of the people without catching their attention. Once in Konoha, and away from his family, he joined the Ninja Academy in order to fulfill his dream and to have his family and clan to be proud of him. He graduated from the academy by performing his "Katon Kage Bunshin" technique, a very powerfull cloning technique developed by his clan and that he managed to learn before moving to Konoha, mastering it during his academy years.


Technique Levels:

Ninjutsu: 370/1000

Genjutsu: 80/1000

Taijutsu: 150/1000

Kenjutsu: 380/1000

Fuuinjutsu (Sealing Techniques): 20/1000


Chakra Nature/s:



Health and Chakra Points

Health- 100Hp

Chakra- 70C




Katon - Fire Shot (Ninjutsu, 火災サンプル - Fire Release: Fire Shot)

Kasai-chū ken (Kenjustsu-Ninjutsu, 火災中剣 - Sword of Fire)

Katon Kage Bunshin (火遁影分身 - Fire Release: Shadow Clone cloning technique, works exactly as the Raiton Kage Bunshin but with flames)


*Lack of a better word... is something like a part of the blade raises to form a small "blade" to cut and take blood to it.... If you've seen Blood+ you'll have an idea of what I mean


Kursedfire asked me to post this along my Character Sheet:


Kenjutsu: Kenjutsu (剣術; Literally meaning "Sword Technique") pertains to techniques that entail the use of swords, whether the users be shinobi or samurai. Kenjutsu can be used in combination with taijutsu, ninjutsu and/or chakra flow in order to achieve more devastating techniques. As shown by one anime-only instance, even kenjutsu based genjutsu can be used.



Name: Kaimaru -

Bloodlimit/Curse Mark: -

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 195lbs

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Alignment: The Land of Fire, Konohagakure (Konoha)

Birth Country: The Land of Rice Fields (reverted back to its original name since the demise of Orochimaru)

Village: Konoha

Rank: ANBU (Oinin)

Primary Weapon:Thin Katana


Character Depth/Family:

Mother – unknown

Father – unknown

Adopted Mother – Chisuka Hinra

Adopted Father – Sokan Hinra


Personality: Kai (as he is typically referred to) is a hard worker who seeks to excel in every area possible. He is very logically minded and practical, tending towards long drawn out plans and strategies. He enjoys playing Shogi with anyone who will play with him. He doesn’t talk about his past much with outsiders, but is always approachable with questions or just to be someone to talk to. He also always has questions and tends to pester those who he believes have answers.


Appearance: Kai has thick black hair typical of his clan, tanned skin though on the lighter side, and had brown eyes. His anbu mask looks like this http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=§ion=...f+mask#/d21vdbf when he is in full anbu garb he wears metal bracers and shin guards, a tight black top and shorts as well as a sling-sheath for his Katana and a typical tactical belt. His anbu mark is on his right shoulder (hidden with a minor disguise Jutsu when he’s not on official ANBU business).




Childhood ages 4-6: At age four Kai had wondered into one of the rice patties and been lost, at his low height he was as confused as someone wandering through a cornfield in late august. But being a child he was also not concerned, he merely kept on going and playing as he went until he emerged on the other side of the field near the foot of a mountain. As it did most of the warmer months of the year, it began to rain and he sought shelter in a cave in the mountainside where he fell fast asleep. He was discovered shortly thereafter by the owner of the cave, a she-wolf named Siska, a descendent of nin-wolves employed by the Land of Lightning Shinobi during the 2nd Great Ninja War.


Siska’s family had long ago forgotten how to speak the human tongue but they were still very intelligent. Siska and her pack had been hunted to the point of extinction by Orochimaru who had used them earlier on for his experiments with human/animal hybrids, one of which was Mizuki. Siska had been captured along with all the adults and had been experimented on, she escaped however after only a week and returned to find all but one of the packs’ pups dead from starvation. The lone survivor she nursed back to health but she could tell something was wrong inside her and when she found Kaimaru sleeping in her cave, she was near death.


When Kai awoke, he was lying with a wolf pup curled up next to him, yipping quietly and trying to burrow under his shirt. Nearby lay Siska’s corpse but he never knew about it. The pup hadn’t yet opened its eyes and was nearly starving. A few hours later after wandering through the field of rice once more, Kai was found by one of the villagers who had been searching most of the night for him along with his parents and the rest of the village that were able. He and the pup were brought back to his home and over the next two years he raised it and it became his constant companion. He named the wolf Kama.


At the age of five he began to display telltale signs of chakra production and control. His mother, who had a minor ability with water and healing, began to teach him basic chakra control and as much as she could. He absorbed information like a sponge and, having no other real friends besides Kama (the village was both tiny and had been decimated by Orochimaru’s arrival), spent most of his waking hours practicing what his mother taught him, working on his writing studies, or helping his father and the other men out in the fields harvest the rice in the fall and plant it in the spring.


By the age of six he was able to control his chakra to the point of being able to walk on surfaces perpendicular to the ground but showed absolutely no ability with his mother’s water element. Realizing that the day had finally come for them to say goodbye to their son, Chisuka and Sokan began a three month journey to the village of Konoha where they knew Kai could receive proper training. In all this time Chisuka had never told Kai about the fact that they weren’t his real parents. She may have done so if she knew that he was a carbon copy of Itachi Uchiha, but that information had never been privy to her, she had merely been instructed to care for the growing embryos, not told what they were for.


Academy Days : Kai was accepted by Hokage Naruto Uzamaki and enrolled into the ninja academy, living by himself in a small flat as his parents returned home after a long goodbye. Kama remained with him and though he was a shy boy he soon became friends with Kaname Inizuka, a boy from the Inizuka clan that was a year younger than him and had a nin-dog named Juen. Kaname was constantly getting both himself and Kai into trouble though Kai never meant to do anything against the rules, Kaname always found a way to talk his playmate into helping him with his latest prank to pull in class. Even with Kaname as a distraction, Kaimaru excelled in his studies and liked nothing better than to spend the afternoon reading the scrolls that their teacher used in class and talking to Kama who Kaname was teaching him to speak with once he had found out she wasn’t just an ordinary wolf.


In his studies Kaimaru did incredibly well with language and mathematics, but was quite lacking in basic jutsu ability. He struggled constantly to perform the simplest transformation jutsu and preferred instead to study ordinary things like language, art, and anatomy, something his mother had begun to teach him. He had excellent chakra control for his age group, but transferring that ability into jutsu was something that took him a lot of effort. This disparity confused his instructor who couldn’t understand how the boy could walk on water with little effort, but couldn’t manage to produce the most basic illusion of a clone.


Kaimaru failed his first academy exam because of his lack of ability with basic jutsu. Kaname failed as well, but for reasons of not practicing more than lack of ability. Their second year both of the boys matured a bit, Kaname became slightly less harrassive of the teacher and Kaimaru took it upon himself to practice his jutsu diligently until he got it down and could graduate because he knew that Kaname would also be graduating this year and didn’t want to leave his only friend behind. Kai didn’t realize it had happened however and neither did Kaname. Kai was simply concentrating really hard on watching Kaname perform the jutsu and suddenly he simply found himself understanding how his chakra needed to be shaped in order for the jutsu to work. He proceeded to create a clone of himself and then of Kama. Being kids still, Kaname didn’t see this as strange; he merely was glad that his slow learner of a friend finally figured it out!


Their teacher, however, had been keeping a close watch on Kaimaru’s progress as he had made a hobby of finding out why the boy had such excellent chakra control and such little ability with shaping it in the ways necessary for jutsu use. He was notably surprised and suspicious when Kai came in one day, able to perform both the clone jutsu and the transformation jutsu nearly perfectly where the previous day he couldn’t do either. Asking the boy about it yielded no answers though, Kai merely stated that it suddenly had made sense to him and he saw how he needed to shape his chakra. Frustrated with his inability to understand one of his favorite pupils (one of the few that seemed to enjoy studying as a hobby and viewed it in a positive light… unlike most of the other students), he accompanied the two boys to the training fields and asked them to do exactly what they had done the day before, the day on which Kaimaru had gone from a zero to a near perfect on his jutsu techniques.


A Year Under Kakashi/Academy: Kaimaru still attended his classes at the academy and saw Kaname regularly, but in the afternoons he spent three hours a day training and being taught by Kakashi. Kaimaru learned a good deal under Kakashi not just about jutsu and being a ninja, but about life in general and philosophy as well. He constantly pestered the older ninja with questions and “why this” and “why that” to the point that Kakashi got the most rest when he was training the boy to do something physical in which he couldn’t spare enough attention to constantly ask his questions. He reached this point at about the same time the academy graduations were to take place. Both he and Kaname passed first and second in their class (though they were technically a year behind after having failed once).


Present Day: Kaimaru is living back in the village on a short break the ANBU have given him as they work up another target or target list for him. He obviously does not let anyone know that he’s a member of the ANBU or that he possesses the Uchiha bloodline. He lives under the guise of being a substitute teacher for academy, teaching classes on off days to give members of the staff a break. Kama is still with him as his constant companion.


HISTORY: that you know about if you are a…

Member of the ANBU: you know everything from the above except for the particulars of his childhood. (PM Rakashua if you would like to set up a prior relationship with him)


Hokage (leaf): same as ANBU (PM Rakashua if you would like to set up a prior relationship with him)


Jonin or Special Jonin (leaf): You might wonder at the resemblance between himself and Sasuke, But all you know is a little from where he came from and that he is now involved with the ANBU, though anything more specific than that you don’t know. You do know that right now he’s living in the village under the temporary position of being a substitute teacher for the academy and is being considered as a proctor for the upcoming Chunin Exams. (PM Rakashua if you would like to set up a prior relationship with him)


As a Chunin or Genin (leaf): You know almost nothing about him except that he’s older than you and seems like he should or could be a Jonin, however he doesn’t have a squad assignment. You theorize that this is because he’s one of the new teachers. You know that he’s friendly and approachable but not much else unless you’ve gotten to know him.


Accademy Student or Below (leaf): You know he’s fun, easy going, likes to take the class on fieldtrips, isn’t as strict as most of the other teachers, and is generally witty and energetic. He’s also a bit odd for an adult though and sometimes doesn’t seem to understand certain social graces. He loves to play shogi and talk about strategy.


Member of Another Nation/Village: He’s a complete stranger to you unless you have links to the Leaf Hokage, Sasuke/Sakura, or the former Akatsuki and can give a good reason for knowing what you know. Or, you may have met him on his travels during his first mission in which case you wouldn’t recognize him because he no longer looks like an old man. It’s possible that you might have met him however before he took that disguise and therefore recognize him as a refugee supposedly from the Rain Village (if so please PM Rakashua with your approved character backstory and reason for this meeting, again, I’m not against him knowing others outside the village or having relationships just let me know before hand). Or, if you are a member of another village’s ANBU allied with the leaf (sand for example) you may know him from interactions during his training or afterwards during his mission. Again, Rakashua would enjoy it if he wasn’t a complete stranger but please PM Rakashua first.



Kai possesses a photographic memory (just as a side note).

He loves playing Shogi.

He has some trouble with identity issues because he’s not supposed to have a unique personality that he can’t deviate from but at the same time he’s his own person no matter what.

In his grown up form he looks incredibly similar to Itachi in a disturbing way, but since he never met Itachi and his generation for the most part never knew what he looked like… this only affects him as much as it affects those he comes into contact with.

He favors Fuuinjutsu and has a hobby of experimenting with jutsu in order to both create new jutsu and find new uses for the jutsu he already knows.


Technique Levels: Stats-

Ninjutsu: 1000/1000

Genjutsu: 700/1000

Taijutsu: 900/1000

Fuuinjutsu (Sealing Techniques): 1000/1000


Chakra Nature:

Fire (primary)

Lightning (secondary)

Wind (tertiary)


Jutsu's: N/A


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((Gonna go ahead and approve this.))

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Ha, yes this'll be used just for your special rants. Any question about anything too.

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Believe me, you've barely seen the worst of my ranting abilities. But still, I feel like an idiot about Gaara coming back to life. I totally felt like the head ---> desk guy in my siggy smile.gif

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Here's a Banner for the RP,feel free to use if you wish. Currently woking on making it smaller.


user posted image



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user posted image


Made it 50% smaller. You can do it on Paint. Click and drag your image over to paint. Click "Image", then "Resize" to whatever percentage size of the original you want. Hope this helps. wink.gif

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Who hoo! Thanks


user posted image




@AppleCakes- If you wish to make a banner theres nothing stopping you. Make anything you want

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I was cehcking on the teams and... aren't the teams supposed to be two boys and a girl? Because if that is the case then, now that it is sure we will have two teams, you could out ShadowBlade's character in team one and woshii's to team two so the first team has two boys and a girl


Of course I can be wrong, I don't know if that condition must be actually tongue.gif

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It seems that way, but I don't think so. It most likely doesn't have to be like that.


I tried making a banner which I haven't done in a while, but it failed epically. xd.png


I'll try again tomorrow

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Hm Good point, It doesn't Have to be that way, with Two Boys one girl. Still need 1X AS->Genin, to make team two complete.

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Poll: Who would you like to meet up with at Suna's Outskirts?


1- Temari + Kankuro (1)


2- Temari + Shikamaru (0)


3- Matsuri + Temari (0)


4- Matsuri + Kankuro (0)


5- Other (Please Specify) (0)

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I have no idea who is Kankuro but since everybody else voted for him... well, Temari and Kankuro is fine by me

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