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Cave Born Trading

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HAVE: user posted image  CB Yellow Zyu (Jungle)

            user posted image  CB Gaia Xeno (Jungle)

                user posted image  CB Red

               user posted image   CB Rainbow Copper (Forest)

               user posted image   CB Verdigris Copper (Jungle)

               user posted image   CB Chrono Xeno (Forest)

               user posted image   CB Aeon #1

               user posted image   CB Aeon #2

               user posted image  CB Aeon #3


WOULD LIKE: can combine ANY or ALL for any 2G or 3G checker of these, & can influence/incubate/hatch if needed, just PM me -

user posted image * 2G Undine from Male Silver Shimmer (Auto, unrelated to CIaude Monet, Ryker, Stark, Libration, Quantum Color)

user posted image Green Copper from Male Silver Tinsel (not from Kennu)

user posted image 2G Almandine Pyralspite from Male Silver Tinsel (unrelated to Aoife, Cameron, Balmung Fezalion)

user posted image Water from Male Silver Tinsel (unrelated to SIAEL, Balmung Fezalion, Glorious Aegis, Aoife)

user posted image Terrae from Female Bronze Tinsel (not from Agait)

user posted image Albino from Female Bronze Tinsel (not from Cielatahl or Peeling Banana)

user posted image Speckle-throated from Male Silver Shimmer (not from Kaito or Stark)

user posted image Sunsong from Male Bronze or Male Silver Shimmer (unrelated to Ocean, Marik, Lucky First Raffle, & King for Bronze; Rhapsody, Grimm, Kawa-no-Kami, Decepticon Sixshot for Silver)


ALSO looking for:

user posted image AN UNRELATED PERFECT MATCH FOR Elemental Shadow Music IS ALSO AUTO For ALL. (I realize this one is a long shot, but I want the same color SA's in the base of the mate, too, just not the same ones. -_- Please PM me to discuss if you can do this!)


Not really looking for other offers; reserve the right to decline.  Thank you!

Offer on Yellow Zyu

Offer on Gaia

Offer on Red

Offer on Red Copper

Offer on Green Copper

Offer on Chrono

Offer on Aeon #1

Offer on Aeon #2

Offer on Aeon #3

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Two-headed_Lindwurm_green_egg.png  Severely-ER-timed CB green Two Headed Lindwyrm (currently at 2 days 3 hours) 

Two-Finned_Bluna_egg.gif Tarantula_Hawk_Drake_egg.png Striped_River_egg.gif Spirit_Ward_egg.png  Messy and/or inbred Two-Finned Bluna, Tarantula Hawk Drake, Striped River, or Spirit Ward (10th-gen or higher preferred, won't accept less then 5th-gen) 

I'd like this egg off my scroll soon, so I'll also consider other offers as long as they are very messy.



Offer here!


(Note: I leave for work in 1 1/2 hours and won't be able to respond to trade offers for about 5 hours after that)

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Have Cheese  with unique code SIVLZ (Civils) Offer Here




CB Zyu (No Red or Black)

CB Xenos

CB Aeons 

CB coast or alpine pyral,

CB gemshard


CB Tetra

CB Dark Lumina,

CB kyanite Pygmy,

CB baikala,

CB kingcrowne,

CB sinii krai,

CB monarch,

CB schimitar wing,

CB amerald, 

CB greaterspotted,

CB striped river,

CB tarantula hawk,

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Astrapi_Xenowyrm_egg.gif CB Xeno Astrapi Offer

Pyro_Xenowyrm_egg.gif CB Xeno Pyro Offer



CB Xeno swap Chrono_Xenowyrm_egg.gif Gaia_Xenowyrm_egg.gif Thalassa_Xenowyrm_egg.gif

Any CB hatchies or incu-hatchable egg ( might accept eggs for rare/uncommon):

  • Any gender: Aeon_Wyvern_hatchi.png Albino_hatchi.gif Almerald_hatchi.gif Antarean_hatchi.gif Aria_hatchi.png Azure_Glacewing_hatchi.gif Blue-Banded_hatchi.gif Bolt_hatchi.png Candelabra_hatchi.png Cassare_hatchi.gif Celestial_hatchi_corporeal.gif Copper_Dragon2_hatchling.png Copper_Dragon3_hatchling.png Red_Dorsal_hatchi.gif Ember_hatchi.gif Fell_hatchi.png Fire_Gem_blue_hatchi.png Fire_Gem_green_hatchi.png Frilled_hatchi.png Gemshard_blue_hatchling.png Gemshard_green_hatchling.png Gemshard_red_hatchling.png Greater_Spotted_Drake_hatchling.gif Green_hatchi.gif Guardian_hatchi.gif Honey_Drake_hatchi.gif Horse_hatchi.gif Imperial_Fleshcrowne_hatchi.gif Kingcrowne_hatchi.gif Dark_Lumina_hatchi.gif Morphodrake_hatchi.gif Ochredrake_hatchi.gif Olive_hatchi.gif Plated_Colossus_hatchling.gif Scimitar-wing_Wyvern_hatchi.gif Sinii_Krai_hatchi.png Spotted_Greenwing_hatchi.gif Stone_hatchi.gif Striped_River_hatchling.gif Sunstone_hatchi.gif Tarantula_Hawk_Drake_hatchi.gif Terrae_hatchi.gif Tetra_hatchi.gif Water_Walker_hatchi.gif Whiptail_hatchi.gif Zyumorph_coast_hatchi.png Zyumorph_forest_hatchi.png Zyumorph_jungle_hatchi.png Zyumorph_volcano_hatchi.png Chrono_Xenowyrm_hatchling.gif Gaia_Xenowyrm_hatchling.gif  Thalassa_Xenowyrm_hatchling.gif
  • Female: Carmine_Wyvern_mature_hatchi.png Coastal_Waverunner_mature_hatchi.gif Deep_Sea_mature_hatchi.gif Diamondwing_mature_hatchi.gif Purple_Dorsal_mature_hatchi.gif Glaucus_Drake_mature_hatchi.png Day_Glory_Drake_mature_hatchi.png Howler_Drake_mature_hatchi.gif Nocturne_matured_hatchi_day_form.gif Purple_female_hatchi.gif Royal_Crimson_mature_hatchi.png Sapphire_mature_hatchi.png Skywing_mature_hatchi.gif Spirit_Ward_female_hatchling_%28day%29.g Turpentine_mature_hatchi.gif Undine_female_hatchi.png Water_female_hatchi.gif Zyumorph_desert_mature_hatchi.png
  • Male: Anagallis_male_hatchi.png Balloon_mature_hatchi.gif Electric_mature_hatchi.gif Fever_Wyvern_mature_hatchi.png Fire_Gem_red_male_hatchi.png Frostbite_mature_hatchi.png Hellfire_Wyvern_male_hatchi.png Lumina_mature_hatchi.gif Lunar_Heralds_bronze_mature_hatchi.png Mint_mature_hatchi.gif Monarch_male_hatchi.gif Nebula_purple_male_hatchi.gif Neotropical_mature_hatchi.gif Spitfire_mature_hatchi.gif Storm_mature_hatchi.gif Sunrise_mature_hatchi.gif Sunset_mature_hatchi.gif Water_Horse_male_hatchi.gif
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~ CB green Fire Gem (freshly caught; on cooldown)



~ Not too sure, actually ^^; Offer what you feel it's worth


Please PM me if you're interested :3

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Have: CB Brown Copper

CB Blusang (2 hours till incuhatchable)


Want: looking for a influencable Silver egg or female hatchling for all. Can add a very low time Red Copper hatchling, he has four hours left till growing up though. As well as two CB reds! PM to discuss please.


Best Offers for individual eggs. Looking for hatchlings 




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